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288044288044B007JT7AEYA37JNUJSVAJKYNV. Cummings "victorc1978"0051344556800Works GreatThis shampoo does what it is suppose to, I did have a reduction in dandruff. The shampoo itself has a heavy scent to it while you are applying it, but does not remain long after rinsing. The only complaint I would have is that the bottle is top heavy and seems to want to always fall over, but other than that it does what it is suppose to at a reasonable price.
288045288045B007JT7AEYAEL6CQNQXONBXCute Chihuahua0041344124800Leaves my hair very soft and prevents itchy scalp and flakesI am very selective about what type of shampoo that I use because many do not agree with my hair and scalp. If I use the wrong shampoo it will make my scalp itchy and will cause flakes. A lot of the time shampoo will make my hair feel very oily as well.

I typically use an Anti-Dandruff shampoo about half of the time and then a regular shampoo the other half. I have been using Pantene Anti-Dandruff shampoo recently and it has been my recent favorite. However I think that I like this shampoo slightly better. It has a nice scent and lathers very well. It's also a thinner consistency than most shampoo.

There are two things about this shampoo that make it really good. First of all it has twice the Pyrithione Zinc as many Anti-Dandruff shampoos which makes it very effective. It also moisturizes my hair very well and leaves it very soft and manageable.
288046288046B007JT7AEYA3KZ7OH4VRL048Jonathan0031344124800Not bad, but nothing to write home aboutFirst, a setup about me. I'm a male in his mid-20s, with hair that tends to the dry side and varies between 3/4" and 2" between haircuts. Besides a comb, shampoo, and conditioner, I don't use any other hair care products.

Having had good results with the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Total Care Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounce I started using in May, I decided to give this a go. While this product did what it set out to do, it's nothing extraordinary.

On the plus side, I like the nice, thick lather this works up, and it does a pretty good job cleaning up even filthy hair (after a day of yardwork and woodworking in 95-degree heat, one wash got 95% of the gunk out and a second got the rest). I was not so impressed with the almost-waterlike viscosity of the shampoo/conditioner (if you hold your hand at a 30-degree angle the gel - I use the term loosely - will pour out of your hand). While the conditioning was decent for me, my standards are pretty low, and I ended up using the above-mentioned conditioner a few times after this product so my hair doesn't dry out.

All in all, for less than seven bucks, this does a decent job, even if it's not the best option out there.
288047288047B007JT7AEYA1F7YU6O5RU432Angela Streiff0041344038400Enjoyed by all the guys in the houseThis 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner has a great fresh scent and washes hair well, leaving it soft, but not greasy feeling. It lathers up well and washes out cleanly. A very guy friendly scent, not feminine. This shampoo is most loved by my pre-teen son, who prior to this had been using a more kid like version of a 2-in-1 shampoo. He likes this Clear Men Scalp Therapy quite a bit better, and has claimed the remainder of the bottle as his. The only issue I have with it is this brands bottles of shampoo and conditioner don't always ship well. After receiving 4 bottles of Clear Scalp shampoo/conditioner, 2 our of the 4 bottles had leaked just a tiny bit during transport. They are packaged in plastic bags to help in case leaking, but when it came to my orders, 50% of them were leaking in some way upon arrival.
288048288048B007JT7AEYA3U52V5ZAHZZKUWayne Crenwelge "teacher"0051343520000Fresh SmellingGot this recently. Normally I would use Head and Shoulders, but I thought I would try a change in shampoo. Glad I did. We all know Head and Shoulders works, but it has always smelled a hospital area. Well the Clear Men Scalp Therapy works just as well and it smells nice too.......much better than Head and Shoulders.

I am going to switch to this shampoo/conditioner from now on. I just flat out like it. I am still an old guy, but my hair looks and feels better.
288049288049B007JT7AEYA34CSXOGVYF94SJoel Avrunin "Electrical Engineer who loves S...0051343520000Clear Men is a better alternative to H&S - great smell and feel on the scalp - no need for separate conditioner eitherI have recently had the opportunity to try all 5 of the Clear Men Scalp Therapy varieties. I had all 5 bottles lines up in my shower, but of course, I couldn't try them all at once because some of the performance is based on cleaning ability, feel of hair afterwards, and lingering smell. So over the course of a week, I tried each shampoo to rate them. Meanwhile, my bottles of Head & Shoulders Classic Clean 2 in 1 Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner with pump 33.8 Fluid ounce, Neutrogena Therapeutic Shampoo, Original Formula, 16 Fluid Ounce (473 ml), and Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care with Eucalyptus Dandruff Shampoo 14.2 Fluid ounce (Pack of 2) watched in fear.

All of the Clear Men Scalp Therapy feature Pyrithione Zinc, the same active ingredient as the classic Head and Shoulders. It is an effective medicine for controlling dandruff. Clear Men brings the advertised "bio nutrium 10", a self-proclaimed blend that includes ginseng, tea tree, and mint.

The shampoo color is white (not blue like H&S), and is a little bit more runny. However, on applying it to my hair I found it was thick and felt almost like conditioner. It is not sudsy at all but does cover the hair very well. This formulation advertises it is "Dry Scalp Hydration". It does not have a strong cooling/burning feel like the CLEAR MEN SCALP THERAPY Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Cool Sport Mint, 12.9 Fluid Ounce, and does not smell as strong as CLEAR MEN SCALP THERAPY Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Strong & Full, 12.9 Fluid Ounce. It has a light aroma of tea-tree oil and mint and is a great every-day shampoo.

The shampoo rinsed out clean and it seems to do a good job controlling dandruff. There was no real lasting smell or feel to it. I didn't need a separate conditioner because this particular shampoo is a 2-in-1. As I rinsed it out, my hair brushed and controlled easily without the need for conditioner as well.

I like the Clear Men's line and would say that this particular one is one of my favorites. To be frank, I tried all 3 of the 2-in-1 shampoos and had a real problem telling any difference between them. They are all recommended, or get whichever one is the cheapest at the time.
288050288050B007JT7AEYA2WB4OWBUH2VQXHardyBoy64 "RLC"0041343260800Very Good ShampooI have constant mild dandruff and this shampoo kept it at bay as efficiently as Head and Shoulders, which is the brand I normally use. This lathers up nicely, requiring a small amount for a lot of hair. In other words, the first couple times I used this product, I got more than I needed because I'm used to the set amount of H and S that I need. This is nice because this makes the bottle last longer. The smell is not overly powerful and my hair felt clean for over 24 hours. I would purchase this item for continual dandruff control and I like how it cleans my hair as well. Recommended.
288051288051B007JT7AEYAGEKVD8JPZQMTM. Rodriguez "Cnyper"0041343260800Works very well!I use Head and Shoulders b/c I have moderate dandruff. This 2-in-1 works just as well against the dandruff. It is thicker than Head and Shoulders, so I only had to use a small amount (about the size of a dime-I have a short haircut). It smells less like soap/shampoo and more like cologne, which is nice. It lathers VERY well and leaves my hair clean feeling, even a day after. Overall, I think I am going to switch from Head and Shoulders!

Packaging Note: If you plan on ordering this on Amazon, be aware that it may leak in transit-Mine did leak a little bit, it was wrapped in a plastic bag so it didn't get all over the box/other items, but it was still messy and needed some rinsing off when I took it out of the box.
288052288052B007JT7AEYA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0041343174400Works Well - RecommendedThis Clear "Men Scalp Therapy" is good at stopping dandruff and does leave our hair looking and feeling clean, but it also has a fairly strong odor that tends to linger. We are long time "Head and Shoulder" users and have been pleased with how well it works on dandruff, but it does not provide the body this shampoo and conditioner combo does.

My hair is buzz cut short and my son's is over shoulder length long but we both tend to run to oilier side. I didn't notice too much of a difference in the effectiveness or look of my hair but my son's hair has become truly impressive with increased body (my wife says he looks a bit like a Viking now). The only down side is that we don't like the smell very much.


288053288053B007JT7AEYALQ4USPEQ9L5NShopaholic0051343174400Good shampoo....My husband has been using this shampoo, since it is marketed toward men. He has a mild case of dandruff, and normally uses Head & Shoulders shampoo. This product has the same active ingredient, which is pyrithione zinc. But it also has several other additives, including ginseng, tea tree, natural mint, vitamins B5 & E, sunflower, soybean, almond & coconut oils.

After using it for a few days, he stated that he likes it better than the Head & Shoulders shampoo he was previously using because his scalp is less itchy. I noticed that his hair feels softer than it was before, and it has a pleasant scent.

His only minor complaint is the shape of the bottle. It has a narrow base, and it slightly wider on the top. It is not very stable, and is easy to knock over while taking a shower.
288054288054B007JT7AEYA2XSY4L7GDHV4WRobert T. Brennan "Rob_1970"0051343174400Keeps the flakes out and leaves hair looking greatThis is a nice shampoo if you have mild to moderate dandruff. I have a dry, itchy scalp and some dandruff now and then, so this anti-dandruff product works great for me with occasional use. Clear Men is not as strong as Coal Tar or prescription dandruff shampoos, but this stuff leaves my hair smelling great (unlike coal tar shampoo) and the conditioner leaves my hair feeling full bodied. I really like the 2 in 1 shampoo products because I don't like wasting time using shampoos and conditioners separately. The shampoo comes out from the top (so no leakage issues), but you can flip the bottle when you are almost out and want to get the last bit of shampoo out. Although a little more costly than run-of-the-mill brands, this is the nicest 2 in 1 anti-dandruff shampoo/conditioner I have tried.
288055288055B007JT7AEYA25RTRAPQAJBDJTed0041343174400Good for dandruff, not as a shampooThis shampoo works well for dandruff. It does not leave my hair soft though. I regularly use the cheapest shampoo money can buy and my hair feels soft afterwards. I never use conditioner. This is more like dandruff treatment. I have to use conditioner when I use this product. I gave this product four stars because I think the main reason for this shampoo is to fight dandruff. It does that.
288056288056B007JT7AEYA3JVN244YWI3F3W. DEMEDIO "Wizard Extradionaire"0051343174400Good shampoo for dry scalpI call dandruff dry scalp. Clear Men Scalp Therapy really works well. It also cleans well and smells nice too. It is better than most non prescription products out there. What more can I say? I recommend it if you have dry scalp and it flakes. I also recommend this as a general purpose shampoo.
288057288057B007JT7AEYA2W9I628I6SE1UKort "Art, Music, Book & Movie Enthusiast"0051343174400Better Than Head & ShouldersI recently ordered both this and the Cool Sport Mint shampoo recently to compare them. Essentially they both work well and about the same. The Cool Sport Mint is the more "invigorating" of the two. When I leave it on my scalp for a couple of minutes, I can definitely feel a cooling tingle. This has a little tingle, but not so much. They both lather well. The scent is very mild. And does help control those pesky flakes. After a week of nightly applications, there wasn't a speck to be seen.

As a 2 in 1, it does leave my hair softer than if I were to use a shampoo alone. However, I found the conditioning aspect to be a bit weak; so it can't hurt to use a separate conditioner or even a leave in after your shower/bath. For most men who don't want to bother though, it should work just fine. I like the shape of the bottle and click top cap -- it makes for easy handling with wet hands. CLEAR MEN SCALP THERAPY 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo isn't the cheapest of the recent crop of anti-dandruff shampoos that have appeared on store shelves this year, but it is one of the more effective ones. I had been using the less expensive Garnier Fructis shampoos and while similar, they don't seem to work quite as well.

~ Kort
288058288058B007JT7AEYA71W7G4TCTH3TBBMoreB "Heather Coulter"0041343174400Similar to Suave For Men ~~My hubby was the guinea pig, since it is a product for men. Not sure what we can add that hasn't already been said but here goes.

The bottle design is nice, the top snaps closed perfectly; so that when you're about out it can be stored upside down - so you can use that last drop - without worry about having shampoo leaking down your shower walls.

The shampoo is rich, thick, silky and you don't need a lot to get a nice lather. Once in your hair it doesn't run all over the place - so I can lather up my hair finish other my shower duties, then rinse. After a couple of uses I didn't notice any buildup; seems to rinse clean.
288059288059B007JT7AEYA35NOFKHK8P2LUMaura Ann Rubies0021343001600Not the "One"A super strong chemical smell remained in the bathroom EVEN AFTER my teenaged son took his shower. It really was a shock. Also,it leaves hair a little on the stiff side. The "Cool Sport Mint" was clearly voted the only acceptable choice within the product line for our house thus far.
288060288060B007JT7AEYA14ENWEKTHCBXRR. L. Miles "Miles"0051342915200Cool FeelingI've been using this shampoo/conditioner for the last couple of weeks and it's without a doubt the best dandruff shampoo/conditioner that I have come across--better than Head and Shoulders.

While it's not as highly medicated as Head and Shoulders, it's just as effective and my hair doesn't feel weighed down or sticky. Also, my hair is softer and my scalp feels like it can breath.
288031288031B007JT7AEYA1VQI32QPYXU6FJosh Strickland "J. Strickland"1141337817600I love this stuff...I really enjoy the smell of this stuff, and it really seems to be working fantastically. The only reason that I am rating it 4 stars is because the mail lady stuffed into my mailbox and exploded the bottle, leaving me with only a very little.
But I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do.
288032288032B007JT7AEYA10YWQ4AAAE29OGayla M. Collins2331337731200Strong scent that lingersCLEAR MEN SCALP THERAPY 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner, Clean & Refresh, 12.9 Fluid Ounce is a very manly product. Thus, I had my husband use it and he is happy man with controllable thin hair. There is not that burning, tingling feeling of some dandruff shampoos; instead a smooth lather is produced with a rich conditioner as well. The scent is a spicy, heady smell and it lingers long after the washing. Maybe a bit too strong, but in all honesty I am not sure. I tend to like a softer, perhaps fruited scent to my shampoo's and conditioners. My husband found it very pleasant.

Try CLEAR MEN SCALP THERAPY 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner, Clean & Refresh, 12.9 Fluid Ounce and see what you think?
288033288033B007JT7AEYA2GY5WCU9PKTMIjennahw0051351123200great for ladies, tooI have been on a mission lately to try and eliminate some of the many products that we have to keep in the shower, so I thought I'd try this to see if I can share with my husband. Currently, I use Aussie shampoo and conditioner and he uses a generic 2-in-1 dandruff shampoo.

I have long (well below my shoulders) thick, slightly wavy hair and I am very happy with this! I sometimes have itchy scalp/dandruff, and this has helped that. It leaves my hair feeling clean and not weighed down, but still easy to comb out after a shower (some 2-in-1s make detangling tough). I've also recently started trying to only wash every other day when possible (using Suave dry shampoo on the days off), and this works fine with that routine - I don't feel greasy on day 2. I've found this to be more pleasantly thick than some 2-in-1 dandruff shampoos, which are very thin and kind of get all over the place as you squeeze them out of the bottle.

I also tried another variety of this brand - just because I was curious of the difference between that and this. I thought one might have a "manly" fragrance, but neither I nor my husband can tell a difference in smell or anything else. (The smell for both is just pleasant and clean.)

I think I might switch to this permanently - it eliminates some bottles AND a step in the AM!
288034288034B007JT7AEYAZFHSPEZUPGD2Carol M0051350000000Works well for son with eczema and seborrheic dermatitisMy 10 year old son has seborrheic dermatitus. It's like eczema on the scalp, with thick flakes well beyond normal dandruff.

The Clear Men Scalp Therapy is the most effective shampoo we've yet tried for him. The flakes are very much reduced when he's been using this product. It seems to have a soothing, moisturizing effect. This is a product we will stick with!
288035288035B007JT7AEYA2S26YGSVXBCFLMorley Dotes "morleydotes"0051349827200Works on the itch without getting the smell!I have relatively short hair (sometimes no hair), but my scalp gets itchy and dry. I have used several different shampoos and while they all worked decently, I really hate the smell! I don't want to smell like an old medicine cabinet after I shower. The Clear Men Scalp Therapy shampoo leaves my hair/scalp clean without drying it out and without smelling like medicine. I always shampoo twice, and I don't use much either time. I think this offers good value and I would recommend this to anyone with an itch or flakes! Give it a try, I think you'll like it.
288036288036B007JT7AEYA31P4BOR51YD0CGizmo0041348963200Very Nice 2-in-1My husband loves these 2-in-1 products and this one performs as well as his normal anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner. The scent is also quite pleasant. There's not much more to say about it other than it works just fine!
288037288037B007JT7AEYA339TP5W8PPQPHTimothy J. Gannon0051345680000This works at many levels and it lastsI have annoying and frequently recurring dandruff. It only appears when I dress up.)I've never used a prescription resloution. I've tried Head and Shoulders, Tegrin and Selsen Blue. They all work great for two weeks and then the dandruff comes back and the product doesn't clear it.

This product has kept me dandruff free for 6 weeks now and is a pleasure to use. The tea tree oil in it has a delightful effect I did not anticipate. I have recurring skin rashes, probably fungal, that I treated as necessary with tea tree oil. Since I have been using CLEAR the rash is resolved and my skin as well as scalp feels wonderful.
288038288038B007JT7AEYA1X3ESYZ79H59Echaos0041345593600good anti-dandruff shampooThis anti-dandruff shampoo contains Pyrithione Zinc (1.0%), which is the same anti-dandruff ingredient found in Head and Shoulders shampoos. Head and Shoulders is the shampoo my family (husband and sons) have been using for the past several years. They tried this line of anti-dandruff products and have had good results so far. My son says he prefers this line over Head and Shoulders because they smell better. They are lightly scented and I find that they are similar to the scent of the non anti-dandruff line we have tried from Clear.
I've heard before that adding conditioner to shampoo does not really work because the shampoo just washes it out. My son said he didn't really notice a difference between the shampoo and the combined shampoo and conditioner that he tried.
288039288039B007JT7AEYA10ZBR6O8S8OCYDat Hong0041345334400Nice smelling, and soothingI enjoyed using this 2 in 1. I normally like my shampoo and conditioner separate, but since I have short hair now, I don't really mind using a 2 in 1. The shampoo comes out white and it lathers and foams nicely. It reminds me of Head and Shoulders. It also has the same active ingredient. It does not have a powerful smell, but does make me smell clean. I always get a bit of flakes here and there, even when I use dandruff shampoo daily. I also use hair gel, so that could contribute to it. I will continue to use Clear products, and would recommend you try it as well.
288040288040B007JT7AEYAY3D7DG5L5WCKEdward Walker "ednpatty"0051345248000Smells and works greatMy husband loves this shampoo. His hair looks and feels great. His scalp is also feeling awesome and dandruff free. I love the smell of it.
288041288041B007JT7AEYA3HAA7H8PBVM78Joseph Oppenheim0041345075200Works fineI like this combination shampoo and conditioner. It leaves my hair soft and clean, plus I like that the conditioner is included in the product since it saves a step. As for the anti-dandruff claim, it seems true and the product smells nice.
288042288042B007JT7AEYA3CNM18PWKI1Z9Olga Bezhanova0021344988800Nothing SpecialI can't say I'm very impressed with this product. First of all, something is wrong with the lid, which prevents it from closing all the way. The bottle arrived in a plastic bag and about 20% of the bottle's content spilled into the plastic bag on the way. The bottle ended up looking messy and being slippery to the touch. I had to wash it before using it and it was dripping all over the place. My husband has almost finished the bottle by now but we still haven't found a way to get it to close all the way.

The shampoo and conditioner are not bad but they do nothing to eliminate dandruff. It's a little annoying to see the words "anti-dandruff" on a product which doesn't even remotely begin to do anything to fight dandruff. I fail to see anything special about this product and I don't think we will be buying it in the future. There isn't anything hugely wrong with it (except the faulty cap) but there isn't anything good about it either.
288043288043B007JT7AEYA28YBL28P03P8VBradley Nelson0051344988800Works great, smells goodI don't have dandruff problems, so I can't really speak to its effectiveness in that respect. But I have always been a 2-in-1 user. This works great and smells great. I usually use Suave's 2-in-1 and I don't think this product is really much different for me. It leaves my hair smooth and soft, so that's about all I need. And it's cheap!

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