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288121288121B001FA1KLWAZYS62CA5X6YZKatt A Shopper2251171152000A Must for Any CookWhen you need just a little it's always there without the worry of opening a can and having to throw it out because you cannot use it all. It takes me 2 to 3 weeks sometimes longer to use a whole tube.
288122288122B001FA1KLWA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"1151325116800Add Delicious Rich Tomato Flavor To Your MealsAmore Tomato sauce has been a staple in my kitchen for years. I use it in my Beef Burgundy recipe that is an adaptation of a Julia Child recipe. I only need one tablespoon so I don't like opening a can and then having to freeze the leftovers. I also like the flavor of this tomato paste much better than canned. It says it is double concentrated but I just use the same amount called for in any recipe. What I really like to do with this paste is to add it to some Classico Tomato and Basil pasta sauce to make a pizza sauce. It works really well. So this tomato paste is highly flavorful and very convenient. What is not to love?

~The Rebecca Review
288123288123B001FA1KLWA3A3JD22NU74Y3Alexander J. Graham "Grahamboat"1151293667200Not as expensive as it seemsI have been using Amore tomato paste for 10 years. I ordered it from their distributer in Pittsburgh, PA before Amazon carried it. It is very convenient to use for recipes that call for a small amount of paste such as chicken or veal Marcela, beef Stroganoff etc. It is great mixed with horseradish and Dijon mustard on a roast beef sandwich. I have used their sun-dried paste but don't like it as much. I still use 8oz cans for spaghetti sauce. I store the bulk pack in a cool basement and the opened tube in the refrigerator and have not had a problem with spoilage. It tastes great - not bitter or acidy. It is expensive compared to 8oz cans but the lack of waste and superior taste make it worthwhile - so I highly recommend you try it.
288124288124B001FA1KLWA2R1NUFEM50TDBA.K.Wrobley1151275264000I love this product!I have had this product before and I love it. Rich tomato taste...easy to use a little and keep the remainder in refrigerator for later use. I like to have this on hand all the time.
288125288125B001FA1KLWA2HW7K8ORYBCD9C. Gemmell1151274140800extremely robust flavornot only is Amore tomato paste an amazing flavor but it is very economically priced when you buy the 12 pack. When I am preparing an above average meal for company or a special occasion, I use this product. I highly recommend it if you want a deep rich, sweet tomato flavor that only a good paste can give you. It is very authentic.
288126288126B001FA1KLWA39CC8SWYBILWOLHK1151267401600Excellent product, are you listening Whole Foods?We got really tired of opening little cans of tomato paste, then having most of it go to waste in the fridge because a recipe calls for only a tablespoon, or something like that. Enter tomato paste in a tube. What a great idea! Now, it doesn't go bad if I need only a little at a time. I bought this online because my Whole Foods, which carries this brand, doesn't ever seem to have it in stock. I guess it's just that popular. So, I ordered it online. Also ordered the red pepper paste. Yum.
288127288127B001FA1KLWA3J96S0F9PUZB1T. Crowley1151240963200yummy & a great priceThis tomato paste is delicious! And Amazon's price per tube is at least a dollar lower than our local grocery store's. Even my picky-eater, tomato-hating, 12-year-old grandson likes it. He can't stand chunky pasta sauces and uses it as-is on his pasta. I like being able to use small amounts at a time for topping eggs, adding to sauces, etc.
288128288128B001FA1KLWA17JF933GAE1WNdspitt1141239580800good productThis is a good product, and handy if you don't need a whole can of paste. After I ordered it, I did find it in the produce section of my local market.
288129288129B001FA1KLWA20RN9YST29VAForengineer1151236124800The Cadillac of Tomato PastesI have several favorite recipes that use tomato paste, but they many of them only use a couple of tablespoon. With canned paste, I usually ended up throwing out the rest of the can after a week in the refrigerator made it taste like the can. I first used Amore paste when I lived in Europe and I loved it. It has a rich tomato flavor, no metal taste from the can and it keeps for weeks in the refrigerator. It's more expensive than the small cans, but considering that I don't throw any away, it's cheaper in the long run.
288130288130B001FA1KLWAYSUUFVMQFRXQPatricia Chandler "clemsonteacher"0051293667200Crazy about this tomato paste!I see from my Amazon records that I purchased 12 of these tubes on Jan. 4 of 2010. I'm ready to order again! We thoroughly enjoyed the taste, the ease and the storage provided by the Amore Tomato Paste. I used it in braised short ribs, spaghetti sauce, roast beef sandwich spread, vegetable soup - can't live without it now.
288131288131B001FA1KLWA3HJD9YL1GS4U6Mary Monk "Big Mom"0051290297600great productThis is the handiest product I have seen in a long time.
You don't have to try to scrape out those tiny cans, or throw any away.
I looked for it in all the stores in my area and could not find it.
I was so glad to be able to get it online.
288132288132B001FA1KLWA23W6ZZMF367PIWilliam S. Grigsby "Ycat"0051274227200Handy, tasty, waste freeI've always hated the eventual tossing out of partial cans of tomato paste - such a waste. So I finally went with these - a few more than I really needed, and a bit more expensive than the canned varieties. BUT, sooo much better tasting, way more convenient (keep one in the fridge), and no more wasting half a can or more every couple of weeks.

It also gives me a use for an old toothpaste squeezer device I don't need since that now comes in a pump. :)
288133288133B001FA1KLWAKY9EF9HWDYD1Mel Goguey "oldnshort"0051273449600convienceFor home use Amore tomato past is great. The flavor can't be beat and the convience of a tube is a money saver.
288134288134B001FA1KLWA2JV6SPLAXOF76L. Gomez0051271980800CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!So convenient and handy, no more hassle with opening and scraping a tomato paste can, well unless recipe calls for a large quantity. I use this stuff in EVERYTHING, adds so much to soups, salsa, chili, taco seasoning, whatever. I usually get my Subscribe & Save and share with my mom, she loves it too!
288135288135B001FA1KLWA13T2XF7ZIQOZ1D. Walawender0051270944000Love the tubeI have been looking for tomato paste in a tube for a long time because lots of recipes require a tablespoon or two and the rest of a can gets thrown out. I gave a tube to my daughter-in-laws and they love it too.
288136288136B001FA1KLWAFV52RBVRB5DBBrankica Cosic "BC"0051252713600Great productDouble concentrated tomato paste is great addition to cooking. Highly recommended for pasta sauces, stews, soups or just plain on the sandwiches.
288137288137B001FA1KLWA2GNA4VOLL8J7PLoretta C. Sacher "cathy78"0051250294400tomato pasteThese tomato paste tubes are great. You only use as much as you need, then cap the tube and put the rest in the refrigerator. These are so much nicer than cans of tomato paste.
288138288138B001FA1KLWA3265G4HYY40GMS. Bryant-Rubio "Snoozer"0051240099200Great way to use tomato pasteThis is a great way to save on the use of tomato paste! I always end up throwing away about half a can of tomato paste when I need some, but with it in these tubes you just squeeze out what you need, put the cap back on and put it in the refrigerator. Not only is it there for your next use it really saves time as well. I love it!!!!
288139288139B001FA1KLWA36SASTAZKZAIMPaula L. Milantoni "catgranny"0051238716800bargain basement pricingafter checking several sites that offer this product, Amazon came out on top for the lowest price.
288140288140B001FA1KLWA2VU4OO2X6BEPNDebbie Kendrick0051233964800Tomato Paste in a tubeI love this stuff. I do a lot of cooking and I no longer have to waste half the can. This stores in the refrigerator for quite a long time.
288141288141B001FA1KLWA1BUBS74XERX53Richard E. Bigelow0051231632000This stuff is great!I always like to use tomato paste in my cooking but hate to waste the remainder of the can. I wish I could find this at my store but this works for me.
288142288142B001FA1KLWA2VG9FR6Q12GWPwrittergirl0051229212800Great productThis is my first review. I love this product. It's easy to use and store. It tastes great too.
288143288143B001FA1KLWA2NPT61YVM17Y6Candide Haviland0051191542400No more wasted Tomato PasteThis tomato paste in a tube is the best. No more opening cans of tomato paste only to have it go bad in the refrigerator. It's concentrated so you don't have to use much to add flavor to dishes.
288144288144B001FA1KLWAKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena0051190505600Great packaging, excellent product!Have you ever wasted lots of tomato paste because you only needed a small amount from the can for your recipe? (The left-over can go bad very quickly.)

Amore Tomato Paste will end that waste, because you can close-up the tube after taking out the tiny amount that you need. Amore also tastes a lot better than the usual supermarket brands available.

This is a great product to try. Once you do, you'll never go back to the supermarket cans!
288145288145B001FA1KLWA377EXL882CI38H. C. Rogol0051173657600great tomato pasteexcellent product
288146288146B001FA1KLWAO2QXSLYMZF1UMWR0051171065600Fresh, tangy taste.Fresh, tangy taste. Love that I can use what I want and put the tube in the fridge.
288147288147B001FA1KLWAIX0Q5GBVTOD4MAMZELLLE "MID MANHATTAN, NYC"22131275264000RESPONSE TO "B. DAVIS" ON METAL FACTORWell, now I'm totally confused. Thought these totally eliminated the metal factor in cans [aside from the waste factor as well after opening]. I naturally assumed that the tubes were all plastic as many tubes are for other things, and that's why it survives in the fridge. Where do you store the rest of the tubes before using, before opening. Is it safe to be even IN the metal before open as CANS are not after an expiration date? This is a lot of money to spend all at once on tomato paste not knowing if even "IT" will go bad. Rachael Ray's and other cooks buy their supplies almost daily, not in `bulk' so that's fine for them but not for me, I always buy in bulk, not shopping often. Another suggestion is to flatten out the paste in a zip lock bag, freeze, then break off portions as used, being thin enough it's easy, OR freeze portions in ice cube tray then put into zip locks when totally frozen, or on any surface temporarily also putting into zips when frozen. But that also can be a pain, having to do that all the time. Seriously considering whether to get these, especially knowing they're metal tubes or even lined with metal. Can't find in any stores in NYC and getting very frustrated for a long time since I don't travel around to markets. I have many little cans of Paste always but think, "ahhh, why open one just for this" or for that and getting fed up not using them. Just threw out another remainder of 8 oz. can which I thought I'd use soon, but didn't and forgot about, in fridge otherwise I would have put the whole thing [in an empty marjorine cup] into the freezer for when I `felt' like making portions but forgot, therefore another almost full can into the trash. Enough already with the cans. It's 2010 and they should be more readily available, but guess the manufacturers love this 'can' game to induce more waste, therefore more sales. Thought the tubes were the answer, but now this makes me wonder about the metal in the tubes as well. I don't use things up that quickly for even the tubes to go fast, but thought they were at least safe.
288148288148B005FX6H54A2GFMTCXCEKIMSMarla Fleischer "BookMomBookStore"0051317686400Great idea! And yummy, too :)You know how some schools want "halloween" parties to be called "fall" parties, being sensitive to folks who don't celebrate Halloween? Well, our school is one of them...and this treat makes the perfect contribution to our fall-themed party. Even though it could equally be used to create spooky jack-o-lantern treats, it can also be used just to make pretty pumpkins that fit right in with our fall theme. And of course you can't go wrong with a rice krispies treat! Kids love them (and so do I). My daughters loved the rice krispies treats pumpkins (which were easy to mold with the enclosed molds and fun to decorate, too) and can't wait to make some to share with their friends.
288149288149B000NAAVF6A3Q7C0V12LS2WFL. Muir "Kubda"0331202601600APPLE PIE SEASONINGAPPLE PIE SPICE FRESHLY PACKED IN LARGE JARS, spices, herbs, seasonings

288150288150B004G8ZBH4A5OS7QT7KR25UK. Segan2251305590400Super Delicious!These are my absolute favorite gummy candy! I purchased these online because the grocery store stopped carrying them and there was a super good deal on them. Definitely recommend these gummy butterflies to EVERYONE!!

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