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288322288322B000ENUC3SA6UN2UTFAI7RMSRL0051333756800Truly Healthy snackMy kids LOVE Lara Bars. Apple pie is one of their favorites. It basically tastes like cinnamon. These are great for taking with us when we are out and about (I have 5 kids) and are much more healthy snack than almost anything else convenient. You can make them yourself easily but when you dont want to or cant, Lara bars are the perfect solution.
288323288323B000ENUC3SA2PFVDGU5JZN13tela0031333411200Not much to look at, but taste is great.When I first opened the individual package I was a bit grossed out honestly. It looked like a candybar-shaped turd.

But then I ate it, and the texture wasn't that great either so I was still grossed out with the image of the turd, but kept eating it. To my great relief it tasted really nice. There is a lot of flavor for how few of ingredients there are.

Also, I really liked the minimalistic ingredient list. My advice, just don't look at it when you eat it.
288324288324B000ENUC3SA2LLC1OGRHM7GKGodsgirlfromdixie0051332720000Delish!These Lara bars are absolutely delicious! A great healthful alternative to a candy bar. The cookie dough flavor tastes much like real cookie dough without the harmful sugars and artificial flavorings. Brownie flavor is excellent as well.
288325288325B000ENUC3SA1VZU3P8HPJ3XNbayleaf8390051331942400Yum!I have tried several flavors of Larabar and I like them all well enough, but the Ginger Snap is my absolute favorite. It is delicious and satisfying. Larabars are sweet, but a lot of bars taste too sweet to me. Larabars are less sweet than some so someone who wants a really sweet snack might prefer something different, but I believe anyone who likes the taste of ginger would enjoy this bar. It tastes like ginger spice cake. I love it.
288326288326B000ENUC3SA3V17XE3M5FKA6NOfun4U0051331337600D-LISHIf you like carrot cake, you will love these bars. All the flavor, none of the guilt. These bars are surprisingly satisfying. They really stave off the hunger for being such a small bar.
288327288327B000ENUC3SA3F7WHZDCEMHQZM. Moore0051330992000Tastes great!Several people have written in to say that their Larabars were old and crumbly. I just received a box of 16 Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabars and they are in date, moist, have a good consistency, and are delicious. This is a perfect mid-morning or after workout snack. I love that they are raw, vegan, Kosher, contain all-natural ingredients and have no processed sugar. These taste better, are healthier, and have a better texture than most lines of exercise-oriented energy bars.
288328288328B000ENUC3SA1V0741C5L1ZHTA. Santiago0051330387200Cashew Cookie... YUM!What can I say... buying on Amazon saves me $$$ and I love these LaraBars. My favorite has to be Cashew Cookie. 2 ingredient: Dates, Cashews. Delicious!
288329288329B000ENUC3SA24AXOW6ODDOGFPeggy Kinman0051330041600Yummy! Great for dairy free, egg free, soy free!These are sooo yummy and are made with just a few ingredients, and nothing complicated. I am allergic to dairy, egg and soy, and these are my go to snack to have around for those "on the go" moments. I always find that the cherry one is more expensive and gone at the store. Seems to be favorite!
288330288330B000ENUC3SA1QFJWV0A526EDBaklava No More "GF Mom"0041328745600Pretty Good Option for Gluten FreeWe buy these to keep on hand when time is short and we need a quick snack between school & sport practices. There are not a lot of gluten free options that are not high in added sugar. We like these and Think Thin bars.
288301288301B000ENUC3SATGD5QNAD6FANElizabeth101051149120000Delicious!I'm new to Larabars. I'm a bit of a junk-food junkie, and figured I should start trying to clean up my act by making healthier choices when snacking. These are just fantastic! They taste so good -- and not just good for health-food, but good, period -- and are really energizing. I plan on trying out all the different varieties of Larabar.
288302288302B000ENUC3SA21KH420DK0ICAcapemaychristy0051345593600Yummy!Started that "whole 30" diet which allows Larabars. What a treat for the palate! Tastes like a dessert - incredibly filling and satisfying. Two and a half weeks into the diet and I've dropped 10 pounds. I eat a Larabar every day. 100% fruit with no added sugar or chemicals. My personal favorite is the Coconut cream pie.
288303288303B000ENUC3SA2BJJNPJ3ICEMDWilliam Green "StargazerBill"0051345161600Best of the LaraBarsIt does indeed remind me of coconut cream pie. Tastes decadent but is far better for you than coconut cream pie
288304288304B000ENUC3SA3S0JTXKWHUBX0JOhn0051344988800One of my favorite barsTheir banana bread bar is definitely one of the tastier bars in the market for those who like the taste of bananas... The texture is perfect for a soft juicy bite
As for the nutrition, the ingredients used are wholesome and even the fat content comes from almonds & fruit..
This has become my staple breakfast for most work days
288305288305B000ENUC3SA210FNCUHEMOJFAmy0051344902400AmyI love these bars, they are gluten free and wonderful.....Shipping was good they got here fast. I was able to find these in the store but they have stopped carring this bar. It is a perfect dessert when you are trying to stay away from sweets. Its perfect.....
288306288306B000ENUC3SA1DR7LTJA2IZAVCory0051344384000ExcellentThe Larabar - Chocolate and Coconut Chew is awesome. This is the king of Larabar flavors. I eat these when I am craving something sweet and they always satisfy!
288307288307B000ENUC3SAAYQ70O2J6BGUbiscuitous0051343347200Yummy and nothing fakeVery tasty. No sugar or junk that I don't want. Just real food. Makes a great snack. I love them.
288308288308B000ENUC3SAWYNXWF5XPZVNsmitty0051342569600Great snack on the goA family member turned me on to Larabar and Kind bars, both are great products.
The Larabar, Apple Pie bar has the following ingredients, Dates, Almonds, Unsweetened Apples, Walnuts, Raisins and Cinnamon.
No Added Sugar, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher
1 Bar = 1/2 cup of fruit
What more could one want?
288309288309B000ENUC3SA2HTL3MZ1KY0YCmmachado10051341792000NomnomI can't have gluten or oates so this is a great snack to carry around if you're stuck on some kind of nutritional pariah boat.
It filling and a bit sweet (hello there, dates), but doesn't go overboard. If it went overboard you'd be leaving your nutritional pariah boat. That would be be unsafe.
288310288310B000ENUC3SA1FROPIN8DFQCKSavanna0051340841600LOVE LARABARS!My family Loves LARABAR they taste delicious and are a healthy snack.
We love every flavor and eat them daily.
Our house is never without a few boxes.
LARABAR is the best choice out there if you want to eat healthy.
Thank you for a Great product.
288311288311B000ENUC3SA15RBTNY6KXCX8hotcakes330051340755200WOW!I feel guilty eating these they are so good! Moist, chewy and just sweet enough but not too sweet. I will get this again.
288312288312B000ENUC3SA3P2U6PUOXO684jmautry190041340582400So goodIf you are looking for a healthy vegan snack, look no more! I absolutely love these bars and it's surprising that they are so healthy and natural and yet so good.
288313288313B000ENUC3SAN66F3Q4QNU43Donna Speaker0051340496000Cherry Pie LarabarI love the Cherry Pie Lara bar. Best and tasty bar for when my sugar is low. I recomend this Bar for diabetics low sugar only, as the carbs are about 30 for the bar.
288314288314B000ENUC3SAR3FQVK5RJGNQJim W.0041340150400Good Tasting Gluten Free BarThese are a tasty little treat to have every once in awhile. It is hard to find grab and go snacks when trying to eat gluten free and paleo. These are little high on the sugar side (all from fruit, no added sugar) but these are great if you aren't all that concerned with that.
288315288315B000ENUC3SARH1KPZ7JZDKUPrimerib0051340064000DelishThese little puppies are so good. My wife and I eat a strict diet and most of our diet consists of raw foods. These larabar a taste good and they are just dates and cashews!!! You can't find any other snack or meal bars out there without added preservatives or sugar!!!
288316288316B000ENUC3SA2Q7NC3HFIFPNXLina0051338681600Super tasty, pronounceable ingredientsI was on the lookout for granola bars that have ingredients that are more natural. I used to love Nature Valley bars, then I fell in love with the FiberOne bars, then I inhaled Balance bars. Now I think I've settled on Larabars, simply because they have such few ingredients and I can pronounce every single one of them. Even better, I can go to a regular grocery store and buy the ingredients, and if I'd want to spend more time in the kitchen, I could make them myself! (google for recipes, people really do make them themselves!)

Love that Amazon sells them in bulk (they can get quite pricey, depending on which grocery store you go to).

My favorite flavers are the Coconut Creme Pie, the Keylime Pie, the Carrot Cake, and the Cherry Pie. Soooo good! I don't leave the house without one or two of these in my bag :)
288317288317B000ENUC3SA36K5C7KOTRO72MamaK "mom of 3"0051338595200Delicious and HealthyI buy these for the whole family. Coconut Cream Pie is our favorite flavor. (We also like the chocolate varieties and Key Lime Pie.) My 5yo and 2yo sons think these are a real treat since they are so sweet. I love the simple, natural ingredients too. They are a little pricey, but healthier foods usually are.
288318288318B000ENUC3SA3VFNQBW7VY938Isabelle Rowe0051336694400Wonderful taste. Love these barsThis was the first time I purchased this flavor of lara bars and they are wonderful! If you love coconut you will love these. If it had chocolate it would have reminded to of my favorite childhood candy. Almond joys.
288319288319B000ENUC3SAX7TLYDU9O0I1daveybobabey0011336694400Bars were moldy!(NOTE: I purchased this box on July 8, 2012 -- not May 2012. Amazon must have used the date of a prior Larabar purchase.)

I think Larabars are healthy; I've been eating them almost daily for years, but I like only a few flavors, and ginger snap is the best! But beware when they have a strange, sharp flavor (it tastes almost chemical to me)! This was the third box I have purchased that had this problem (out of about 8 boxes total). It always affects every bar in the box. I was able to get a refund for the first two boxes, but not this box from Amazon (I don't know why not), so I am going through the manufacturer (now General Mills), but it is not easy (I have to mail back all the wrappers I have).

After finding mold on one of the bars, I had two of the bars tested by a food research company. I was told that the problem is the water content, the Aw, which was .717 on the moldy bar (from one lot) and .687 on the other bar (from a different lot), which tasted bad but had no visible mold (other bars in that box were later found to have mold as well). These bars still had more than 7 months before their expiration date.

Here's a quote from the food researcher: "Pathogens cannot survive below water activity (Aw) 0.86 so food borne illness is not a risk below this Aw. Between Aw 0.60 and 0.70 the microorganisms of concern are xerophilic molds and osmophilic yeasts...In summary, the Lara Bar labeled "Bad" had an Aw high enough to support growth of mold and yeast. The other Lara Bar sample also had fairly high Aw, high enough to support growth of mold & yeast. As a standard practice, we target an Aw of less than or equal to 0.60 for all shelf stable products (with pH >4.2) in order to avoid growth of all pathogens and spoilage organisms. All manufacturers should be targeting an Aw of ≤0.65 unless they are adding preservatives."

I don't know if I will give up on these bars yet, because when they do it right, they are really good!
288320288320B000ENUC3SA3OFS9BUH41GAWJulie M0051334880000Yummy!These bars are great to have around for when you're running late and need something filling for breakfast. They are also great to have in your purse or at work when you're surrounded by non-paleo options. Our family likes these because they are sweet without being overpowering and filling. The Cashew Cookie, Blueberry and Lemon bars are our favorite! We can order them by the case through Amazon, and have them shipped to our door way cheaper than we can buy them in our grocery store. These alone pretty much pay for our Amazon Prime membership!
288321288321B000ENUC3SAG7KEPUA63X9PKeri Jones0051334707200So glad I finally tried theseI have been wanting to try Larabars for over a year. Finally today I picked up a box at Sam's club (the only place even remotely close to me that carries them), and I couldn't be more pleased. The bar I tried today was Apple Pie. The ingredients in the Apple Pie bar are dates, almonds, apples, walnuts, raisins and cinnamon. That's it. All natural, real food. I will say that it does not look enticing, or actually even at all appealing, and the texture leaves something to be desired...but it tastes wonderfully natural and gives a nice energy boost. It will be perfect for before/after/during workouts, but has enough calories that if I am too busy to eat a meal it will suffice. Does it taste like apple pie? Only slightly. But people who aren't accustomed to eating apple pie really won't mind, or may not even notice.

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