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288331288331B000ENUC3SATYSYL1XX0FIFSam's Mommy0051328486400Cashew one is the bestI loved this bar. The cashew one is my favorite. I hated the cherry one and apple one is tolerable. It is definitely filling and it is tasty.
288332288332B000ENUC3SA2R1NFDKF4ZL96Charles L. Gilmore III0051326672000I Love ITI love these bars. They are healthy, tasty, filling, and worth every penny. I offer it to all my friends and associates whenever they ask me about a healthy snack that tastes great. I highly recommend it.
288333288333B000ENUC3SA1VYKA22BCQS09sylvia m klages0051325894400Num, num, num!Larabar fruit bars are good, especially for we who have many food allergies. But their Chocolate Coconut Chews are REALLY good! I think I'm eating a tasty, moist brownie. Yum!!!

288334288334B000ENUC3SA3P43AQRC7DTV7Domestic Engineer0051323216000yum!I really enjoy these bars, and it was nice to find them for a good price. It's nice to find a snack/energy bar that is just food.
288335288335B000ENUC3SA1WFQZKTENV2TCJelly0051320105600I love larabarsI'm in college so I was looking for an healthy snack to take to class.I wasn't sure about this product when I first tried them.Now, I love them. I admit your taste buds do have to adjust to the natural flavors, especially if you are use to other bars that have a lot of artificial ingredients. The local Kroger's had these 10 for 10 and I have tried almost all the flavors. The apple pie, cashew cookie, and lemon are my favorites.
288336288336B000ENUC3SA3SZC0I95QULASMegan0051319760000HeavenlySo these bars are made of real things, and most of those things are organic! Or all, I can't remember. I don't like over processed food, and so this bar is perfect. It's DELICIOUS too, of course.
288337288337B000ENUC3SA1C88279OPP89RSharon0051319587200These are my favorite barsThese bars are all natural. Even diabetics can eat them. They're based on dates, but you can taste the coconut too. I eat them nearly every day. They're a little calorie dense, so you have to be careful.
288338288338B000ENUC3SA1ET4EYSY696K0Dareu2move0031319500800Love Larabar!This isn't my favorite flavor, but still pretty good. Larabar is an awesome product. Minimal ingredients and raw. We keep them stocked.
288339288339B000ENUC3SAS6SH2JM2YY3HR Schmidt0041317772800Nice snack bar alternative!Well, if you are following the "only eat processed foods with five ingredients or less" rule, this product, Larabar's "cherry pie" fits the bill. There are three ingredients: dates, almonds, and cherries.

As a sports snack, it has 200 calories (70 from fat), 5g protein, and 5g fiber. It's not a high protein bar for muscle building, but it does have the calories for glycogen replacement.

It's not really crumbly or melty, so it transports well. And if you are looking for a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan snack, this may be for you. Most of us will snarf it down in about 4 bites. If you need something that takes longer to eat, look elsewhere.
288340288340B000ENUC3SA2L2G946WCAWIWB.A. "mastiff luv'r"0051317254400Larabar Cherry PieThis is the first Larabar bar I've tried and I'm very pleased. The flavor is excellent and very fresh. Nice product and I might try other flavors.
288341288341B000ENUC3SA2GC5JELY3N07Vbman0051316217600Best Tasting Fruit and Nut Bar I have ever eatenTrying to find an alternative for breakfast, I stubled upon these Larabars. After deciding on the Apple Pie flavor, I found one of the best tasting alternatives to breakfast I have ever eaten. Each bite is massive amounts of apple taste. The bars are well spread with nuts but the fruit taste is where it is at. The only downside is that the bars are kinda small so you will have to eat multiples.
288342288342B000ENUC3SAF1HWYCKEWM5Mshaun mcneil "Vampiresuck"0051315872000Pecan Pie - Better HotThese are delicious, thick almonds (*with skin, which for me tend to get stuck in my teeth, so fyi) and they have a nice spice kick to them without being to much.

I'm an athlete who is constantly looking for easy on the go snacks and fats - these cover that little two hour window for when something comes up at the last minute - be it working late or driving across town for something, etc.

I live in Dallas TX and these arrived in the middle of the summer when it was 110 degree's outside. I grabbed one fresh out of the box so they were hot and I later found then to be better hot and soft than at room temp. I would suggest giving that a shot. (I leave them in the car after a break at work and let them heat up that way, I have never microwaved them - I would imagine that would ruin them)
288343288343B000ENUC3SAWGWAOYYNJ069Sarah Alli Brotherton0051315872000Very yummy.I love Larabars- I like to keep one on me in case I get super hungry when I'm out and about because the protein and fat content makes them very filling. Because I'm gluten intolerant and also do not eat highly processed foods, it can be pretty difficult to find something to eat away from home, but when I get really hungry I get ill anyway. Larabars have saved my butt more times than I can count- I like the coconut cream and peanut butter chocolate chip ones the best and they have a little less fat too!
Plus, only a few ingredients. Perfection!
288344288344B000ENUC3SA3IZ7UCM5XATWZA. Galdi0051315872000healthy, delicious, and convenient!Larabars are a great option for quick sustenance. One of the healthiest bars on the market, you can be sure that they are well balanced and not too high in sugar or fat. If you know you like a flavor, get the box from Amazon! Saves money in the long run!
288345288345B000ENUC3SA1F12UUM7M7WV3MHM0051315440000Best-tasting larabarsThis is our favorite flavor, we order in bulk from Amazon instead of paying a lot more at our local grocery store. We are doing the paleo diet and these are great "sweet" tasting snacks.
288346288346B000ENUC3SA2VIGDICAKZJXZamazonia0051314748800Love Lara bars!I've tried almost every flavor and Key Lime is my favorite. Getting the entire box through the "subscribe and save" option is a steal!
288347288347B000ENUC3SA1F1A0QQP2XVH5TomWilly0051314748800Brief review - Taste great, no itch!These taste graet for a health bar. Of course, you'll miss all the tasty high fructose corn syrup and sugar, but it's palatable enough. The main reason I like these bars is that I don't get the allergic itch I get with some other health bars. If you have any food or nut allergies, you know what I'm referring to. So far so good!
288348288348B000ENUC3SA2QVVA5EOPBRI5Richard Aston "Graveyard"0031314576000If you enjoy cherries.... Then these are for you. A lil' too sour for me - I'm more of a date guy - but worth a try. A short list of simple ingredients
288349288349B000ENUC3SA3SV6NEZTM2RSZKiki0041314403200Taste Great and Very refillingI really like this banana bread bar. It's very tasty and refilling. The texture of Lalabar is different from all other bars I had before. It's soft, full of fruits, dates and almonds. I would like to purchase again this product!
288350288350B000ENUC3SA1ZHONBEKJE7TQAmy L. Hudson0051314057600I love CinnamonI LOVE Larabars! The Cinnamon Roll is great tasting even without the unneccessary sugar! If you love cinnamon, I would recommend this Larabar to you.
288351288351B000ENUC3SA2R0AC4P9A9MEJR. Scholma "Bobo"0051313884800Always a hit....My wife and daughter have Celiac Disease. Finding good-tasting and nutritious snacks is difficult. These bars always go fast when I get a box and I feel good about what they are eating. Hard to beat that. I've even had a few myself. And they have tried several flavors, and Cherry Pie is their favorite. Just plain good stuff.
288352288352B000ENUC3SAZR2SDVMYAJWPCameron Olson0051313798400Great Food Bar!I love these food bars, gluten and soy free they are a healthy and good tasting breakfast. Banana Bread is my favorite.
288353288353B000ENUC3SA2RKAQF1164AIWH.A.E.0051312934400Healthy Yummy GoodnessWow - these are unexpectedly delicious! Yes pricey, but you're getting a lot of healthy nuts and fruit in this bar. And as far as I know, safe to eat when you are following the Paleo diet. A great occasional treat -- yum! The texture is nice and soft, just a little chewy and not too crumbly.
288354288354B000ENUC3SA3DWGIDZUA8PE7Laura Louise Harden "Taterbug"0051312934400These are the bestI love larabars but these are one of my favorite flavors. Crunchy nuts with that little zing of ginger and spice, very yummy.
288355288355B000ENUC3SA1J87P15HH42Z0Jo0051312329600Larabar fruit and nut food barsI love this product. I'm on a gluten=free diet and these are not
only tasty but they allow me to stay on my diet.
288356288356B000ENUC3SA3UWDRIOZZFLH2M. Kaltenach "Skygirl"0051312243200YUMMY!!!These bars are so good!!! They really do taste like coconut cream pie and are so good for you! I love that they taste so good and my kids love I don't feel guilty letting them indulge! Can't wait to try all the flavors they make!
288357288357B000ENUC3SA3OS12Q1G5FLGZNyle F.0041311724800So sweetActually too sweet for me but they do the job in an emergency. All the good things are packed inside, I know they're the healthy choice but lots of water needed to get them down. Nice packaging and this is the place to order them if you're looking for a discount.
288358288358B000ENUC3SASA5RSXOAVT12L. Christensen0051310688000These are very tasty!We do a lot of hiking and backpacking. I was able to find this product that all members of the family will eat. They taste just like a cherry pie but not loaded with sugar like some of the other "healthy" bars are.
288359288359B000ENUC3SA31DS0BCPX0PNFIrene H. Stanley "Booklove"0051309737600HappyI am so happy to find a place where I can purchase Larabars. I have to get gluten-free and I love these snacks. Thank you for carrying them.
288360288360B000ENUC3SAKFA5MTR7PZ18Clawther0051309132800larabars are a stapleLarabars are easy to pack, pleasant to eat, and aren't filled with a bunch of crap. I always keep some of these with me as an emergency snack.

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