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288421288421B000ENUC3SA3MURFYBXMRJ9OKrystal Ercolano "Dolce0909"0051269475200My Favorite!These are my favorite flavor. You can't really find them in the store. The price is pretty good as well.
288422288422B000ENUC3SA28SAYH7VX9Y6Ncache 'n' trek0041252627200Very tasty quick snackI keep these in my work bag I have very odd hours and no time for meal breaks on certain days. They are very good tasting and I the price was the bset I've seen.
288423288423B000ENUC3SA99QSLY0QF2YQJ. Calouro0041251072000Good tasting barThe taste is one of the better tasting Larabars I've had. It has a slight sour taste because of the dried fruit pieces, but it's less noticeable then some of the others. All and all it's pretty good. Definitely filling.
288424288424B000ENUC3SA1P2XYD265YE21Andrea "Readaholic"0051245196800Attention, Peanut Butter Cookie LoversThis bar tastes just like a peanut butter cookie!

It is truly amazing. There is no flour, sugar, eggs, chemicals, preservatives, or anything bad.

There are only natural, healthy ingredients.

This bar is suitable for vegans.

This bar is suitable for health-conscious people or people on a diet.

If you like peanut butter cookies, but don't want to eat them because of all the bad stuff in them, then this bar should fill the bill and satsify your craving!!!!
288425288425B000ENUC3SA17EBEEW9NZOOITrish "Jewelsonawhim"0051244419200Love them. Yummy combination of flavorsCocoa and a little spice. Well, might be a ,little too spicy for some. But, I loved them. They're just so expensive!
288426288426B000ENUC3SA16DQUZ8SV9IBMZoeenez M. Kemler "Zoe"0051242259200So YummyThese are so good...they taste just like peanut butter cookie dough..and they are good for you!!!
288427288427B000ENUC3SA2YLR4HOD38EVNAmanda L. Green "Noisiest Passenger"0041240704000You'll go bananasI love having a Larabar for breakfast each day. The banana bread flavor is delicious and full of healthy fruit and nuts, but after eating the whole pack, I was a little tired of it. Next time, I'm springing for apple pie.
288428288428B000ENUC3SA37TNGIYDGRXYXMelissa Adams0051223942400Larabar Fruit & Nut Raw BarsThis is my favorite Raw Bar. I cannot believe the price!! I see these bars for up to $2.00 per bar. I do automatic shipment on this product and get 15% off plus FREE shipping. I love them! Thanks!
Melissa :-)
288429288429B000ENUC3SA2843500EKO5YBMegan Gorg0051220227200Love Lara Bars!We love lara bars at our GFCF house. Lemon is a favorite of my 4 year old!
288430288430B000ENUC3SA2T5JLXL809G8BM. Bowman0051216425600Great Energy BarI took these on a ski trip for my engergy bar in between runs. They were so good (and healthy!) that my gluten eating friends and family fought over them when we packed our snacks every morning. YUM
288431288431B000ENUC3SAD5P7TIKU50MIS. Root0051215129600yummy!I am a fan of Larabars in general, and this is a really good variety! I keep Larabars in my purse, etc. for breakfast, snacks, etc. I have used other food bars, but Larabars are my favorite. I also like the lemon, apple pie and the chocolate varieties. These are real food!
288432288432B000ENUC3SA20KI7I9THS567Loryn "Loryn"0051213747200A PURE "ENERGY" BARIf you are into "energy" or "protein" bars, please try the Lara Bars. They contain no more than 6 ingredients such as walnuts, almonds and cashews to provide protein and the "good fats" as well as such fruits as dates, bananas, cherries and apple which give your body the carbohydrates it needs for energy. Compare them to any other bar on the market and you will see how the short list of simple ingredients adds up to great nutrition as well as great taste.
288433288433B000ENUC3SA37C8PLRD59IGTRed1Gem0051212969600I'm hooked!These bars ROCK! I've tried pecan,lemon,cherry pie, apple pie and choc. coconut and I love them all. This is my NEW HEALTHY candy bar. High time I replaced refined processed crap with something that tastes better and satisfies the same. Yeah, gotta watch the calories but they are GOOD calories!! No sugar crashes either - just steady happy humming! THANK YOU!!
288434288434B000ENUC3SA9V90QJLW457ASaranya Thanapichead0051212451200just so good!I love having snack all day long. and this is just perfect for me whenever I feel like craving some things small or on the go. it's yummy. not tooo sweet like other brand. I just love them. :)
288435288435B000ENUC3SA1G6SR27YE9WMOJ. Brewer0051212019200These are awesomeI love these bars. It is almost like eating a piece of cherry pie, but so much better for you. I wish I could afford to have them all the time!
288436288436B000ENUC3SA2PCQGMKUCXBU9V in FL0051210464000Love them!I can't say enough about the banana cookie larabar. I love them, they're all natural, and they're a great replacement for unhealthy snacks.
288437288437B000ENUC3SA33HCKBSJBAQCKL. Vernon "poohbear"0051209686400great healthfood barThis is a great healthfood bar that is very satisfying and tastes great! Even my picky eaters in the house like it. The cashews are wonderful and you can't even tell that you are eating dates! Love them! We eat them all the time for quick breakfasts or afternoon snacks. Enjoy!
288438288438B000ENUC3SA3HPZ6BIMNXSZRGabriela Perez "Oy! So many books. . . ."0041202256000excellent and filling little bar!I first bought Lara bars at a local grocery store, drawn by the idea of a bar that was nothing more than fruits and nuts. No additives. No added sugar. Yum!

I was pretty pleased by the taste of my first purchases, and I liked these a lot, too.

The taste of these is a bit tart (it's lemon, after all), but sweet at the same time.

The texture is very soft, but with the tiny crunch of minced nuts.

288439288439B000ENUC3SA1P44I61CP16BWCaroline Levy ""enjoy healthy living""0051200787200THE BEST ENERGY FOOD BAR & IT'S RAW!Lara Fruit & Nut Food Bar, Cashew Cookie, is the most delicious food bar I have ever tasted. Besides being so yummy, I love the fact that it's RAW and therefore all the nutrition from the dates and cashews is kept intact.

I always keep extra bars in my car or purse so that these tasty bars are always available to satisfy my hunger wherever I go. One bar will keep me going for one to two hours, which is a blessing when I can't eat a regular meal.
288440288440B000ENUC3SA32ZB8VVWCDU8MC. King0051200614400Simple Ingredients Make for a Great Food BarLara's simplicity is it's greatest asset. Delicious cashew and dates taste. I've gotten into the habit of keeping a few in my car's glovebox. While I have not tasted many of the other Lara Bar flavors, this one is superb.
288441288441B000ENUC3SA2LINNB0T986FUKathryn0051199664000My favorite energy barThis is my favorite energy bar. Most of the time I prefer to eat real food, but there are occasions (long hikes, motorcycle trips) when it is more convenient to stash a small energy bar that is not damaged by extreme temperatures or being squished, and does not need anything else for preparation or clean up. I also will frequently throw one in my purse if I am going somewhere for the day like a fair or expo where I'm not sure if there will be anything to eat besides hot dogs and nachos. I like that there are not any artificial flavors or colors, no ingredients I cannot pronounce or have to look up in a dictionary, and no preservatives. This is my favorite flavor, followed closely by the lemon.
288442288442B000ENUC3SA16KGGZY2VZ9O5DarnHeather0051199577600Yummy!I love Larabars but the Pecan Pie bars are by far my favorite. These make a fantastic breakfast or lunch on the go. I love knowing that when I hand one to my kids they are getting nothing but natural ingredients. My husband's favorite is the Cherry Pie and the kids like the Cinnamon Role.
288443288443B000ENUC3SA2UBWLYBCXI8D4Nat0051197676800Gluten Free Gourmet snack!Brilliant! Finally a product that is for gluten-free folks! It's delicious, fantastic snack bar (or meal on the run). Great for packing up in your desk, purse, car, or where ever else you need to reach for a snack. I have my Larabars available, so I'm never stuck without food. All of the bars are excellent, this one is especially good!
288444288444B000ENUC3SAGER2ENBXUP3PCandice White0051197158400Delicious, nutritious fast foodLemon flavor Lara bars are my favorite of all the Lara bars. They have a strong lemon flavor, are very satisfying and tasty, and only contain a few, real food ingredients.
288445288445B000ENUC3SA2SCCCVJ6SSUW0romanysoup0041188604800Gluten Free Natural Snack Bars...Gluten free
Dairy free
Non-GMO...that's just a few of the things that make these fruit and nut snack bars healthy and delicious!
288446288446B000ENUC3SA1DS23C74YBZ7TA. M. Kunard0051184889600Three ingredients - these are amazing!I love Lara Bars - all of them. It's amazing that they have so few ingredients but taste so good. I even like the chocolate Lara Bars better than a real chocolate bar ... plus you get good nutrition from these bars and don't have to worry about strange ingredients or additives. My husband and I buy these 4 cases at a time ...
288447288447B000ENUC3SA1WEN7AAEVKXBWVerano Azul0031181433600I love them BUTThe wallnuts and pecans used in the Larabars are often a bit rancid.

I also wish the Ginger Snap had more ginger in it.
288448288448B000ENUC3SA1L8O1760QA1MMauby0051179273600Yummm YummmI like this apple pie bar - good blend of flavors. YUM
288449288449B000ENUC3SA3042WJDYJ22S8Sunny Side Up "CoffeeBuzz"0051178755200Great tasting!I've tried several of the Larabar Bars because they were recommended by a nutritionalist and personal trainer. The lesser ingredients with minimal processing, the healthier they are. These fit the bill and they taste wonderful; slightly spicey chocolate! Great flavor
288450288450B000ENUC3SA2OU30AKABBS95M. Rose0051177372800Love this bar!The cashew cookie larabar is my favorite. It's nice to have an all natural non-processed bar that isn't stuffed with extra vitamins. The taste is simple and delicious. Works well for breakfast or a snack on the go. I didn't like the other flavors as well.

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