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288511288511B000ENUC3SA1V2KJE03N4AE1Samus5551192838400If I'm going to be executed, I want these for dessert at my last mealThe pecan pie bars are delicious. In texture and taste they are exactly like classic pecan pie filling. These things are so good I wrote the company fan mail. Hopefully they will not respond with a restraining order, I was pretty effusive. If you like pecan pie you should be pretty impressed by these bars.
288512288512B000ENUC3SA36YK9Y34NE7BIOhioGardener5551184716800Packs a big lemony punchAs other reviewers have noted, when they say lemon flavor they mean lemon flavor. But, my God, are they ever good! I've tried the cherry and the apple but the lemon are my favorites. You might even get your kids to eat them.

The ingredient list is the kicker--only five items (dates, cashews, almonds, lemon juice concentrate, natural lemon flavor). Not a bunch of artificial flavors, high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives and the like.
288513288513B000ENUC3SABKP2O7MIVSVTK. Kilmartin5551161216000a life saver for those on a gluten-free dietrecently diagnosed with celiac, I've had to restructure my whole vision of food and snacks and how to stay healthy. I've never had luck with nutrition/meal replacement bars in the past (can we say cardboard?), so I was leery when those on the celiac support boards kept singing the praises of Larabars.

I picked up my first one at Whole Foods, and was worried with the high nut content -- I'm not known to be fond of nuts. but after one bite, I discovered I LOVE nuts -- if they are in a Larabar. the cherry bars are sweet and sure at the same time, just like fresh cherries. the dates and nuts balance out the flavor experience.

unlike other bars, these are soft and tasty, and beyond filling! I can usually only nibble half at a time. but now, I have something to keep in my purse or in my desk at work for emergency food. everyone else can have a sandwich with their wheat filled bread, and I'm perfectly happy to munch away on my Larabar.
288514288514B000ENUC3SA3QWPNDJ7ET7BLDagger101251150675200The perfect snack.No gluten, no added sugar, raw, vegan... You'd think these would be pretty darn bland and nasty. Well, you'd be wrong. They are amazing! Sometimes simple and natural is better, and this is one of those cases. I far prefer these to any of the fancy energy bars like Luna Bars, Clif Bars, etc. They are simply nuts and dried fruit, they satisfy my sweet tooth and also give me the energy I need to get through the day. I eat them as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon stack. Cherry Pie is by far the tastiest flavor. It is tart and tasty.

I'm confused about why these aren't listed in Amazon's Gluten-Free section, though?
288515288515B000ENUC3SA3DPH7DOW5RLQ5K. Metelnick "always looking"7851154044800Rich and Satisfying Bars without Fake SweetenersI'm on the go and trying to keep healthy and fit by making sure I eat at regular intervals. I tried the "energy" bars and "nutrition" bars, but they all have fake sweeteners with that nasty aftertaste. Saw the Larabars in the grocery store and picked up a few different flavours to try. WOW!! All natural ingredients, taste fantastic.

And, even though they look small compared to other bars on the shelf, they REALLY fill me up -- all the protein in the nuts and the raw ingredients I think. I even got my picky boyfriend to eat one when we were hiking, and now he steals mine!

If you are a big chocolate lover, I would just warn you that these don't taste like a chocolate bar - the combination of cocoa and chili powder is really more like a Mole sauce you get in Mexican cooking - rich, but not at all sweet. And the chili powder is not enough to be hot or spicy.

I would heartily recommend these to anyone looking at any kind of snack or nutrition bar.
288516288516B000ENUC3SA32YUBZHE4ND5HJoyce E. Stotts "agapegirl"91141186704000WONDERFUL SNACK, BUT NOT ORGANICGee: Something relatively healthy that tastes this good has got to be a crime, no? The only prob. is that I adore these, but cherries are heavily if you're looking for Organic foods, you're better off with the Think Organic cherry nut bars. The problem THERE is that I am somewhat allergic to Cashews and the Think Org. bars are loaded with them! Larabars use Almonds, which is no problem for allergies, just for chemical sprays.

Darn it, guys, why doesn't someone come up with a relatively hypoallergenic product that is also ORGANIC???? When you do, your bars will be my most favored product of the century!!! Otherwise, the Cherry Pie Larabars are unbelievably yummy and raw food, which is always good.
288517288517B000ENUC3SA2I1FCE78576GMKathy A. Taylor "C.R.C., rehabilitation couns...4431181865600Chewy chocolate coconut chewWell, it's definitely chewy with a good texture. One bar is very filling. The taste is good but not great. I expected to taste more chocolate. Doesn't compare to the chocolate PureBar when it comes to taste.
288518288518B000ENUC3SA23PMJRVO5TMEDLinda Merrill "lynduhlove"4451173312000Good Snackin'These are top notch nutritional "snack" bars. With only raw natural ingredients you can't go wrong. And such few ingredients with no preservatives. Cinnamon Roll and Banana Cookie are the best flavors...
288519288519B000ENUC3SA2OCNYXGDJ9D9OB.O.B AOJN "would be gourmet"4451153353600Ginger, it's greatHow Larabar has put the bars together

is a gift to the world. The are delicious,

nutritious, healthy and easy to carry.

As a diabetic, I take perhaps 1/5 of the

bar with no guilt. I've tried

five, and I'm going to order a sixth!
288520288520B000ENUC3SA1LROTKVTVZ3E4Jason Rehmert4421313452800Ewww....The texture of the bar is good, like all Lara Bars. The flavor on the other hand was gross. One of my children likened it to "Chewing on a rotten Banana Peel".
288521288521B000ENUC3SA1OMOAUSDQUAM7Carl Johnston4441297987200Chocolate CoconutI cannot say enough about Larabars. Simple ingredients, whole ingredients, and a great snack. However, the one caveat is that the ingredients are not organic and that is why I am providing a 4 star rating. Some foods like Dates with very thin skins I would prefer to have an organic option. I wish that they would offer an organic version of this bar. However, they do taste amazing and are probably one of the best options out there if not the best. These are perfect for me at University for between classes when I am on the go and do not have enough time to go to the cafeteria quite yet.

I would recommend trying the flavors before you buy a whole package, however if your willing to take a plunge, the top flavors I have tried so far have been Chocolate Coconut Chew, Coconut Cream Pie, Cinnamon Roll, and Cashew Cookie in that order. Some flavors such as Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Key Lime Pie, I find can get old a lot faster and I would probably not go through a 16 box of them before I got somewhat sick of them.

+Very tasty (LOVE the Chocolate Coconut Chew and the Cinnamon Roll).
+Simple ingredients.
+Whole food ingredients.
+Small, portable.
+Price is very reasonable.

+No organic option.

The price at Amazon is superb compared to elsewhere, you probably won't find anything in this price range at this quality, from what I have experienced. They are a good snack when you are on the go, perfect for a University student at that. Simple, whole food ingredients, the way it is meant to be. Definitely recommended. Will get a 5 star rating once they release an organic version!
288522288522B000ENUC3SA23JC57DNBG8WVG. Mellott4451203206400know the factsThese bars are not marketed as a diet aid. They are organic raw food bars. Made mostly of fruit and nuts, Larabar products do not hide the fact that natural ingredients have calories and fat. But can they be part of a healthy diet? Definitely. Taste is subjective - I myself happen to enjoy the flavor, but none of Larabar's products are going to taste like a Milky Way. When you're tempted to go for the really bad stuff, it's nice to have these around, but it helps if you like the taste of the natural ingredients.
288523288523B000ENUC3SA142CJN2IB9C9QD. Wright111431279411200pecan pie?I will keep this "review" simple. Yes, this is a quality product but...
Basically this is a date bar flavored with a few nuts. If you like dates and nuts, you will like the pecan pie Larabar. If you think you are going to pretend you are enjoying pecan pie while eating healthy...I hope you have a good imagination. It tastes EXACTLY like dates and nuts because it IS dates and nuts. It's great if you like DATES and NUTS.
Don't be romanced by Illusions...and if you find that you are, remember..I TOLD YOU SO! Dates and nuts, dates and nuts, dates and nuts.
288524288524B000ENUC3SA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"81051182816000Vegan Natural Raw Kosher ChoiceVegan. Natural. Raw. Kosher. If you like Cinnabon-style cinnamon nut rolls, you'll love this one. Also like their Larabar Bars, Cherry Pie, 1.7-Ounce Bars, 16-Count Box and Larabar Bars, Lemon Bar, 1.8-Ounce Bars, 16-Count Box. This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" in Listmania. Your "helpful" votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
288525288525B000ENUC3SABIUVRQ0DVF49Amiee Lynn Wylie "XagirlnamedX"3351171670400...i love these bars. i've tried all the flavors and they're all pretty darned great. i eat them more for a snack than a meal because they aren't as filling as i'd like, but they're great for a snack or sugar craving.
288526288526B000ENUC3SA2W5G8XX9GRER3Karen D.3351168041600These are the bestI heard about these bars from the author of The Lupus Recovery Diet. She

sent me a bar with my recent CD purchase and I loved it. I have since purchased bars at Whole Foods and was so pleased to see them offered here.

The Pecan Pie tastes so wonderful. Just like a piece of pecan pie. My

favorites are the cinnamon roll and chocolate coconut.

I read the other review regarding calories and fat, but these bars are healthy and so filling. I have one for breakfast on the run, or as a mid

afternoon snack. With a plant based diet, I am not concerned about the calories and find the bars so satisfying. These are the best tasting bars I have ever tried. It sounds like a commercial, but I honestly am in love with this product. I have ordered 4 cases for our household. My kids love them too and they are way better than the cookies and other sweet processed snacks offered for lunches.
288527288527B000ENUC3SAKZUQIQAQKFPTShammy3351327190400Love, love, love the pecan pie flavor!I've been Crossfitting for about 6 months now, and I just started my first Paleo challenge. I never knew that gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free could taste so good! The pecan pie flavor is soo delish - I can't wait to try other flavors!
288528288528B000ENUC3SAAPYAGPEBTFTXAndre J. Tann3321314230400just okayI just thought I'd give these a try being all natural with such a short list of ingredients. Basically they are just okay... The flavor is dominated by the dates. I just use them as a snack bar, but I basically try to find something else to eat instead.
288529288529B000ENUC3SA2OIBKHW5SMCNETrent Wolodko "Trent M. Wolodko"3321313107200Disappointing, but to each his own.I heard nothing but raves about this bar and how it tastes "just like cherry pie!".

Ummm, perhaps people need to eat more cherry pie, because the cherry pie I'm used to tastes nothing like these... These tastes a lot more like someone doused a date and nut bar with sour cherry juice.

Too tart and WAY too sweet.
288530288530B000ENUC3SA1MZERVEQ4DAEKDerv3351276214400The perfect food?Maybe not, but these bars are my JAM, yo! Cashew cookie is my fave flave. I like the ingredients list: "Cashews, dates." No foolin'! These bars is for real! I eat one while I drink my coffee every dang morning. I eat one after I run (good carb:protein ratio, and lot's o'potassium). Potassi... yum! Some flavors aren't my favorite, so don't be judgin' if you've only tried one flavor. Like apple. Not that good. I tend to like the nutty ones (I think that applies to women, too). Pecan Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Pistacio. Pistaci, yo! And the Chocolate Coconut is good too- but don't expect it to taste like a chocolate bar from 7eleven because these bars is sweetened only by dates- they gots no added shoogs! RE-SPEC!! I buy in bulk.
288531288531B000ENUC3SA3S1YI6MC7832GReviewer3341269648000Good, but Flavor Names Not Always AppropriateI've grown to really like these bars, but the flavor names are a bit misleading. I've had the apple pie, which is appropriately named, the jocalat(chocolate) I think will be disappointing to most in the beginning if you're really expecting true chocolate taste, but the actual flavor does grow on you, and the pecan pie is really delicious but it doesn't taste anything like pecan pie. It's more like a very tasty, nutty, gooey date bar. So if you don't get your hopes up with the flavors, I think you'll like them very much, AND they are truly wholesome and are perfect for the Paleo Diet.
288532288532B000ENUC3SA1P2XYD265YE21Andrea "Readaholic"3351266364800Amazing New FlavorPeanut Butter and Jelly Larabars is a new flavor (to me, anyway, because I just discovered them in the stores here). They are really awesome.

I admit, I've never been a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with light bread, but I LOVED peanut butter and jelly on graham crackers. Now that I've gone vegan, I can't eat peanut butter and jelly or graham crackers, but this PB&J Larabar tastes just like the peanut butter and jelly on graham crackers that I used to eat. And even for non-vegans, these bars are still good - anybody can eat them. They taste just like whatever the flavor is, and are healthy (even though you'd never know it, because they taste so good!)

These bars are healthy, natural, soy-free, vegan, kosher. They have no added sugar, and no chemicals. It is amazing how something so natural and simple can be so good.

Larabars are good to pack for trips, lunches, or anytime you need some energy (or just food); they are convenient because you don't have to cook, measure, slice, or stir, and you don't need a container with a special lid. You don't need anything! You just open and eat!!! All the flavors are good for energy or hunger-control, but when I am really hungry, my favorite flavors are peanut butter cookie and peanut butter and jelly (the featured flavor in this particular review). The ones with peanut butter (not really peanut butter, but just peanuts) seem to give me more energy.

I love all flavors of Larabars (I haven't yet discovered a flavor that I didn't like), but I do have my favorites, depending on the mood I'm in. Like I mentioned in the prior paragraph, Peanut butter cookie and peanut butter and jelly are my favorites if I am really hungry.

All the flavors of Larabars are healthy, and even though they have no added sugar, they certainly crave my desire for sweets (because they do taste like they have sugar, even though they don't). I am not really a big "sweets" eater; I prefer salts. If I could just have salty foods all the time, I think I could totally give up sweets. But even those who do love sweets, I think these bars would satisfy their sweets desire, also, because they taste like whatever the flavor is.
288533288533B000ENUC3SADGUQM6A5AJDJObserver3341266105600JackpotThe Peanut Butter and Jelly LARABAR is really, really good. The company struck gold with this one. If you are a fan of those sandwiches, you'll dig these as an on-the-go-snack. I just have a few minor gripes: one is that I like to "stretch" Larabars (while still in the wrapper), because they're usually a little fat and brick-like and it makes them last longer/more fun to pick at, but when you smoosh this particular flavor out, it gets a quite crumbly (think pieces of peanut popping out); so, it's not as blended as other flavors. Also, it'd be nice if it were a bit saltier -- sometimes you just crave that, especially if it's a meal replacement and you're in a peanut-butter-and-jelly mood -- and a little protein-heavier. Finally, I really wish the entire Larabar line (not just Jocalat) was organic! That would really be awesome. But, these are nitpick-y things. You'll like this flavor -- a lot. In full disclosure, I haven't ordered them on Amazon, but I believe after eating my first one, I told whoever was in the room with me to please buy me a box of them because it was "SO. GOOD." So, go for it.
288534288534B000ENUC3SA29M5WQ364QNNVsinep210X23351260921600Get them by the case!These things are amazing. Healthy, instant, tasty, and pretty inexpensive at ~$1.50 per bar. They are free of dairy, gluten, meat, soy, etc and are raw, so almosy anyone can eat them.

Now onto the flavor analysis. The first flavor I tried was Key Lime Pie. It was really, really good. Next I tried Cherry Pie. It wasn't as good, but with its strong flavor I found it to be the perfect companion to a few pieces of dark chocolate. When I had women over (I'm a young single bachelor) I'd share with them some dark chocolate and a cherry pie larabar and they would almost get as much enjoyment from that as they did from me. I just opened my new box of Lemon and it is easily my favorite flavor so far. Incredible, I don't want to risk trying another flavor because lemon is so good. My roommate preferred the lime but says the lemon is his second best.

So to recap: these are good, buy them.
288535288535B000ENUC3SAFG4HIHMX312CSara M3321245974400Love Lara Bars, Just not this FlavorThe Cherry Pie flavor is, for me, far too tart. I really prefer the pecan Pie bar out of all the "Pie" flavors.
288536288536B000ENUC3SA1DC7LLVS8VKUUAaron K. Jerviss3351240790400Good Food.I take these with me hiking and camping all the time. It gives me good energy without the nasty corn sryup. Very tasty, and clean whole food. Dates, Almonds, Apples, Walnuts, Raisins, and Cinnamon, whats not to like?. Toss 3-4 of these in my day pack, Along with a lunch and plenty of water, and I'm good for the day.
288537288537B000ENUC3SA1EBVEXLLXVCMSJames Mccracken2251332374400coconut cream pie -- 100% PALEOThe coconut cream pie bars are 100% PALEO. And they taste AWESOME! Don't let the name fool you -- cream pie sounds gross! But they taste AWESOME! All the ingredients are PALEO: nuts (no peanuts), dates, virgin coconut oil. No added sugar, gluten free, soy free, no GMO ingredients. GET SOME!
288538288538B000ENUC3SANMA1H8LGEVBFKeithNYC "KeithInNYC"2241327363200Very tasty, chewy and satisfying, although a bit too high in fat for meI got these when Amazon was running a very good promotion, so it worked out to something like .60 a bar. These have a really nice, tangy taste (the cherries) and a really satisfying chewy texture. I like that it's pretty natural and simple ingredients (grounds nuts, cherry, dates etc.), but for my preference, it's a bit too high in fat. I like my energy bars to have no more than 3 grams of fat (or 4 max), while these have 8 (but then again, those lower fat bars don't taste as good as these). ;-)

I would try another flavor of these if there was another good sale and if I could get any that were lower in fat.
288539288539B000ENUC3SA3F1G6UH4Y39X2Linda G. Shelnutt "Mystery Novelist"2251305590400Essential, HONEST Nourishment in a Delicious Flavor AssortmentGinger Snap is my favorite of the Larabars. For me it seems to provide the epitome of potency these bars have available.

The combination of Ginger and Cloves with the nuts and dates, seems to give a cleansing, balancing, renewing, and empowering type of immediate, essential nourishment. I'm amazed at how fast this flavor will give me a solid physical strengthening when I'm lagging from having pushed too close to draining past ready reserves. After just a few luxuriously flavorful bites, I can feel an amazingly positive effect.

What I noticed with tremendous relief, and a significant amount of awe upon first reading the wrapper on these bars was the basic, clear ingredients listing along one side, with the "NO SOY, NO GMO" noted on the other side. I had begun to believe that I'd never see a label which would give me that type of refreshing feeling of finally being able to eat something without fear of how much it would contribute to an already painful situation of serious health issues. To find that it would contribute instead to healing and strengthening had literally rekindled a lost concept.

With the huge variety of simple, sane, satisfying flavor blends available in this line of tasty and true nutritional offerings, I enjoy asking myself what I most have a taste for at any moment when I need a solid [not pseudo with a skull-and-cross-bones price tag] energy lift. [I always carry at least 4 flavors in my purse.]

I don't know what else to say except that I feel blessed, and that I tremendously appreciate what Lara has had the inner wisdom, creative versatility, and visceral fortitude to accomplish.

Well done, Lady!

Live long and prosper,

Linda Shelnutt
288540288540B000ENUC3SAXLYU6GOOFFZ2John2241304035200Not preservative-freeThese bars do taste great without being too sweet. A much healthier alternative than candy bars or the bars with added processed protein, but they are not 100% natural.
Although it is not listed in their ingredients, the bars do contain citric acid. It is probably added as a preservative by whoever supplies their dried fruit. It took me years to track down an eczema allergy to citric acid and these bars trigger it.

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