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288631288631B001CGX3ZKA16VZQ0R04MCVNT. Fernlund173611255046400Beware many reports of toxic effects from NavitasConfirmed Goji Berry causing severe nausia cramping and intestinal pain.

I was introduced to goji berries during the summer as a friend I met had just opened a raw food cafe. His food NEVER (I mean never) gave me any problems it was all delicious and much of it was cacao and goji berries. He has very selective about his sources and does not trust many companies out there.(His Goji comes from Sunfood)

When I returned home from Alaska I decided to try more superfoods and bought a trail mix by Navitas that was Goji, Cacao Nibs, and Cashews. That day I had a green shake for breakfast and a banana for a snack then just a pinch of Goji Berries afterwards. Within the hour I was writhing in pain and couldn't imagine what it was.

This pain is severe. I wanted to die. It lasted about twelve hours. Including vomiting and diarrhea

Next day I had a big green salad for lunch and then feeling better grabbed another SMALL pinch of goji and within 20 minutes I was in the exact same pain. I knew then it was the goji and instantly typed "goji stomach ache" into google and found threads verifying it.

I called my friend and told him about my reaction and he asked me if it was Navitas. I didn't recall and didn't have the bag on me but he said he bet 100% it was them. He had similar reaction to their product and did hydrogen peroxide tests and found them to be rancid. Got home and verified his assertion.

Again, I never had this problem before eating Goji from Sunfood, but this Navitas is killing me.

BEWARE: Detox can be painful enough even on a quality Goji berry. You should start with very small amounts and I would recommend trying alternate brands NOT navitas.
288632288632B001CGX3ZKA2LBCL303TNH80E.B. "Ds-Ds"51521275696000Please inform yourself before purchasing any "superfood"Please do a little research before you spend money on any products making weight loss and antioxidant claims.
Simple Wikipedia search:
Marketers of these (açaí berry-based)products make unfounded claims that açaí and its antioxidant qualities provide a variety of health benefits, none of which has scientific confirmation to date. Quackwatch noted that "açaí juice has only middling levels of antioxidants--less than that of Concord grape, blueberry, and black cherry juices, but more than cranberry, orange, and apple juices."

Other than perhaps the placebo effect açaí is as beneficial as pears, to name a fruit.
288633288633B001CGX3ZKA1A3JYOT5UNPGDA. Black "ciru"0751260748800Shipping of the productI would like to ask the other customers who are subscribing if they find problems getting their products on time.
After we complained about the amount of Acai Powder being underweight. Indeed it weighed slightly over 4lbs, the problem was corrected, but then that was the last shipping we got. You all out there might want to really find out if you are indeed getting your 8lbs of the product. Navitas Naturals Organic Acai Powder Amazon Superfruit, 8 Ounce Pouch
288634288634B001CGX3ZKA2ATRX3JFJQG26rightwingish "Larry Evan Beckwith"32051238630400Acai RisingLike a Hot dog stand I will sell Guaraní
288635288635B004XTD0OCA31OWLPD040MBTAbhilasha Kashyap "Abhilasha Kashyap"0031340236800Nirav Puff Salty Pastry - 7ozOrdered Nirav puff pastry came as salty rolls, expected order was of sugary. Liked what received as I had plans for those.
288636288636B000GZU8WYA2X0N65UVKVRL6Nancy Dimick0051277337600Jane's mix it up pepperThis is an amazing spice it is awesome on everything from eggs to this product...wish more stores would carry it. love it...
288637288637B000GZU8WYA71QI8QQBBJTRJ. Austin0051213920000Best Seasoning EverJane S Krazy Mix Up Pepper, 2.5-Ounce Unit (Pack of 12)

I love this product and it is hard to find. I ordered it once directly from the company. When I searched for the product to order again, I was pleased to find Amazon selling it! Try it, you will love it! P.S. Jane's Krazy Mixed up Salt is good too! I just rarely salt anything anymore!
288638288638B001SB1XL0AYJQCDRIIY0GZD. Schott0051322265600Love itEveryone in my family loves this on toasted bread. Has a great mild taste. If don't think you like artichokes try anyway I have served to friends who say they don't an they loved it.
288639288639B000Z497TGA2YK47TF7298H7L. Appleton0051325808000RadicalI really like this product. It tastes like chocolate and it comes in a pretty yellow wrapper. What could be better?
288640288640B000Z497TGA80R7EDI5K1VWBellesMom0051302220800Yummy in My TummyThe Cadbury Flake bars were delicious and unfortunately they were gone all too quickly. It is a shame that they are not sold in the United States! Looks like i'm going to have to buy more from Amazon now :)
288641288641B000Z497TGA3NOE94QLHZ9N8Busy and active "prepared meals lover"0011302134400Non-flakey flakesThese Cadbury Flake bars did not seems fresh. They were solid, not flakey, as if melted and congealed. They also had a slightly "off" taste, although they were within the expiration date. I love this chocoate bar, so I was disappointed. I had to throw them away.
288642288642B000Z497TGA285YANVU4SLNKA Customer0011300492800Dry and oldIt's dry, half the bar is already broken before you open it.
It doesn't seem fresh and is close to the expiry date.
288643288643B000Z497TGA1ODOGXEYECQQ8Nuknuk0051297814400Unique form. Gloriously delicious!We have been looking for this chocolate bars for some time. Years ago, we received them as gift from friends who just came from Ireland for vacation. They are unique and delicious, made from layers and layers of milk chocolate ribbons shaped into a chocolate bar. A little on the sweet side, but the taste is glorious.

We thought we can find it easily and order through Hershey who owns the Cadbury name in the US. But that was not the case. Surprisingly, they are a rarity here.

Made in Ireland. There are no" Nutrition Facts" printed on the label (I guess it is not a requirement in Ireland).
288644288644B001ESHO42A7M6WFDEGLEYAYOOPERLADYDENISE4551234915200Turkish Antep Pistachio'sThese are the best pistachio's that I have ever had. I have already eaten all 3 of the bags that i bought. I have already ordered 6 more bags at different times in the past month or so.
I will not buy them from in town anymore. And I will always go to amazon to buy them.

288645288645B001ESHO42AL2ZXQP9IGFZXP. Gould0051296432000the bestI have always thought that Turkish pistachio nuts were better than the California ones. These are what many of us grew up with, even though we didn't know it. California ones are great. They are larger, sweeter, meatier. But the Turkish ones have a wonderful taste anda texture. There are only two problems, other than the addictive part: they are so expensive and hard to find.
288646288646B001ESHO42A1WTGZ4KWU5AT1jeannette "booklover"3511238803200no longer the bestThese were once the best turkish pistachios! NO LONGER. My order this week was awful. Unsalted-even though the bag said salted. Tasted like boring unsalted California pistachios. Last time I order from Superior Nut.
288647288647B001ESHO42ACGRDIOBJNU2ADonald A. Reaume "Dr 5150"1231309219200Tasty but way too expensiveThese were very tasty and seemed fairly fresh. But I would suggest looking elsewhere for better pricing as this almost cost $20 for 1 lb of pistachios with s&h added in. I noticed afterwards that other vendors sell larger quantities at lower prices per pound with less shipping costs. So yes these pistachios are amongst the tastiest and well worth trying but shop around for better deals.
288648288648B007D1T5DWA3J4RA45R38J9RR Clarke "Rob"0051337040000Some of the best coffee in the world.Right at our doorstep, in Puerto Rico, they grow, roast and grind some of the most flavorful coffee in the world. It has a unique aromatic taste, with lots of depth and a bit of bite. Well worth a try. You might get hooked on it.
288649288649B00112ILTSA2H6UHKG7EBVVTrobcrab6651214352000Great for TravelI am a big fan of the Amazing Grass Green Super Food. I mix these packets into o.j. on airplanes to combat fatigue and hunger while avoided the horrible airline food.
288650288650B00112ILTSAKK8W32KWGFUQMartin Brunelle "Jazzygemini"2251320796800Get your greens and your energy rush for the dayAs someone who takes many types of green products (Spirulina, Chlorella, Blue Green Algae etc) everyday, I have a pretty good idea of what a good supplement should be like, and this stuff really works well. It gave me hours of intense energy to concentrate on whatever I needed to get done. I looked at the ingredients and it has all kinds of good stuff like: Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina, Spinach, Brocolli, Chlorella, Rose Hips, Green Tea, Flax Seed Powder and more. I would recommend this for anyone who needs more nutrition in their diet, and needs more dark greens. This is a great supplement for those who don't get enough veggies (but a better idea would be to take this supplement, and eat your veggies). Tastes especially good with fresh apple or pear juice.
288651288651B00112ILTSA9FRC17SGGJH5Thinking Reacting0051348444800Very impressed and I don't get impressed easilyIm not someone who usually writes reviews on products but I have made an exception. This product really works. I have recently quit drinking coffee (ok I have one occasionally) and I needed something that I could drink in the morning that is healthy and provides energy. From my first time using it and every time since (I am now almost through my first box) I felt a boost in energy and mental clarity that lasted me throughout my morning and into the afternoon. This stuff really works!
288652288652B00112ILTSA399HID0JK717PK. T. Vereen0051344297600Well pleased!This is a great product and very impressed with the shipper. I would highly recommend this product, I do have an increase of energy and notice my skin and digestion issues has improved greatly. I recieve the canister for home (auto ship) and purchased the singles to carry to work. I have shared these with others including my husband (who was reluctant) but found out he was secretly adding it to his daily protien shakes.
288653288653B00112ILTSA2O22WRI6PLKZ6Grandma0051341964800Green DrinkIf you like Green Drinks, this is a good product to check out, it's priced right,is 80% organic, and taste good.
288654288654B00112ILTSA1VLFWVQMQOVIKJosephine Twelve0051341273600Drinkable supervitaminI got this on a lark after reading a food blogger rave about it - and it makes a HUGE difference in my morning. I haven't noticed any improvement in my skin or hair, but I can feel the difference in my body when I throw one of these in my morning smoothies. I have a lot more energy and I feel much stronger. Love this product.
288655288655B00112ILTSA173F5KJQHSGLKMAG0051341273600A quick healthy soluton!I love the small size of these sachets which makes it easy to prepare & drink anywhere, my favorite way to drink the powder is mixed with fruit juice or coconut water.
288656288656B00112ILTSAE8XKK3VRS819Ally Cat "Ally Cat"0041308096000Amazing Grass Powder Green superfoodTaste is good & it has good nutrients that's is beneficial for a daily diet. It's well worth to purchase.
288657288657B004ZKGZOGA2AMFH1I8R1D02phoebe sylverthorn0051351123200Works for my dog's itchy spotsMy Gaffney is a very fussy pup. She loves this new dog food and it is good for her. It tones down her hot spots so she is more comfortable.
288658288658B00016AQS4A3HHXCUDHP1SE7W. Paugh2351297728000Tastes greatTastes just like regular black tea only a little weaker. Don't get it if you expect it to actually taste like raspberries. I bought 6 boxes to use in the first half of my menstrual cycle for building a good uterine lining. It's organic, good tasting, and has health benefits without the caffeine. Can't go wrong!
288659288659B00016AQS4A19X3E3SY18HMUTiffany0041333411200Tastes goodI bought this tea to help my pregnancy, i think it may be hoping. but it does taste very good i like it and would buy it again and recommend this product to friends.
288660288660B00016AQS4A3T3DKJLEPTQY3Julystrawberry1251310688000Tastes greatI really like black tea and this is a great taste substitute while pregnant. I had to brew it stronger than recommended but it's great.

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