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288661288661B00016AQS4A1EIWUJB1S8C9NS. Askew "Shop for quality & price"0151138665600As good as it getsI received the product in a timely matter and it was the quality product advertise.
288662288662B006H33J8EA19T60MWRYA6ZTHomunculus "nakedjake921"0041350345600Doesn't smell as bad as regular sticksOur dog, Molly eats a large bully stick every 7-10 days and it is refreshing when one doesn't have to endure the smell of rotten corpse. Don't get me wrong, this bully stick still smells, but the smell is ten times less intense than a regular bully stick.
288663288663B006H33J8EA26ZQZZLVUV6X6Mark Artisan0051350086400My Dogs Love This Oder Free Bully StickWe tried other Bully Sticks and this one is the best so far. Our dogs love them and compared to the other sticks on the market this one doesn't have the awful oder.
288664288664B003D3YT08AYQC8NWUXFKP1V. Hoffman111141285718400Good price on a nice yerba setBased on the picture, I was worried that the gourd might be a large one, since the pic shows a gourd that's only maybe an inch or so shorter than a 1.1-lb bag of mate. That would be way too big for single servings (I think it works better to have a gourd that holds just a little more yerba than what you need for the amount of mate you want to drink - I use 2 8-oz mugs of water with one gourdful of yerba).

But as the other reviewer said, this is a small gourd. In fact, it's smaller than any I've used before, but it's still big enough. The only qualm I have with the gourd is that the bottom is too round, so if I set it on the counter with the bombilla in it before I've filled it with yerba, it will roll over. This is probably common enough with small gourds - and I expect it varies from gourd to gourd, so yours may have a flatter bottom than mine.

The bombilla is the spoon style, and the filter part is actually curved slightly, like a very shallow spoon. This was unexpected, and I find I can use the bombilla itself to clean the yerba out of the gourd, which is convenient. The bombilla is all one piece - it doesn't come apart like some do, which means you can't hand wash the inside of the filter, but it should also remain as solid as it is when you first get it. I've had the kind that comes apart, and after awhile the filter would be loose even when it was screwed on all the way.

Also, Taragui is a popular Argentine brand of mate - this is the style that has the stems, and it's pretty strong without being overwhelming or too bitter. It's a brand I'm always happy to go to.

Finally, this price is well worth it. It's hard to find a balance between product price and shipping cost on yerba mate, and this is the best deal I've seen for what you get. (I would probably have paid $25-30 for a gourd, bombilla and 1 kg of Taragui shipped, at the site I usually buy from.)

Edited to add: I saw that another reviewer received out-of-date mate. Just wanted to point out that mine has its "best by" date in 2013, so apparently it's not consistent.
288665288665B003D3YT08A3HUJ64G17QARWDarth Pinche9941274313600Great yerba and mateFor the price this is a great deal.. The gourde(mate) is small, too small I thought at first, but then I realized that the size helps to make a better drink. The taragui yerba was very good as well. The bombilla that comes with the set is large, easy to use and clean.
288666288666B003D3YT08AOWXFBFVMMRPRKenneth M. Fields121321288742400Out of date yerba mateI've not yet cured the gourd or even tried this product, so it might be fine -- but I would like to point out that I purchased this product the last week of Oct. 2010, and the sell by date on the Taragui yerba mate is Nov. 2009 -- a year out of date! That's not quite how things should be done, I think.
288667288667B003D3YT08A2PJ751OQMWY99Jax222251313193600Bombilla & other perksDesired object was the bombilla. This package was a great deal so went for it. The bombilla is great. So is the gourd, haven't tried the mate yet.
288668288668B003D3YT08A3O9MUCPK6FIKQBob2231297209600Needs to update picture and get better packagingI ordered this starter set as I've heard alot of great things about Yerba Mate so since I had a couple other things to order I ordered this up as well. I've just received it and I only have two qualms about this set.
The first is that Amazon needs to update the picture of this product with what is actually shipped out. The gourd isn't anywhere close to the size of the one in the picture. It's about a third of the size from the picture. I understand that a big mate cup is not needed but if someone is ordering this item I'd say they may be disappointed with the difference.
The second issue is the packaging. Unlike the picture where the Mate and Bombilla are separated, the product I received had the Bombilla inside the Mate and held in the center by a cardboard insert. This led to finding a damaged product when I opened the box and found the Mate halfway up the Bombilla and pieces of the gourd in the box.
This seems like a great price for a starter set but you may be better off either buying everything separate or buying a second Mate cup just in case.
288669288669B003D3YT08AGSZJ7LJXBWXUR. Hunter2241297123200Good starter setThis is a good starter set at a good price if you would like to try the tea, mate, and bombillas. The tea arrived fresh and has a very nice flavor, not too bitter. The mate is a little different than what is pictured, and a little smaller. However, it is a gourde so it's understandable that they will vary in size. I like the bombillas, and cleaning it hasn't been a problem so far. Just make sure to rinse it as soon as you are done using it.

I took off one star only because the product packaging was somewhat sloppy. If it were to be given as a gift, I would have had to repackage the whole thing. The shipping was fast, and the shipping box itself was neat and sturdy.
288670288670B003D3YT08A2THRKTAP32DM0Lucas C1121311033600Almost great, but still bad.I thought that this was going to be a great deal when I ordered it, and quite frankly, it almost was. The yerba mate tasted good, the bombilla was fine too, no problems there. Unfortunately the mate itself had a sizable crack in it, so now I have to drink the stuff out of a mug until I can find a new mate. Not happy about this.
288671288671B003D3YT08AUB2UZXSVFIG5Matthew Piszczek1121295913600Arrived brokenThe gourd is indeed small, but it would have been fine if it was in one piece! The straw is not packaged like in the picture; it's inside the gourd in the box, held in place with a flimsy piece of cardboard.
288672288672B003D3YT08A2DQLQSNKZZ1QKE. Taylor1151294444800Good starter set for yerba mateThis starter set provides a lot of the yerba mate tea. The gourd needs to be "seasoned" - filled with boiling water once or twice before use. The bombilla is pretty good quality, but the holes are large enough to let some of the leaves come through. It's a good deal for the yerba mate starter.
288683288683B001ELL71KA2UQWTWSXICVJ2suzanne delrio "phoenix rising"0051340236800DeliciousThese are great! Delicious,moist and easy. You have to add your own pumpkin too! Highly recommend. Just be careful of the expiration dates when you receive them; half of the ones I purchased from a VT strore on Amazon only had 6 months left, the other 6 from were fine.
288684288684B001ELL71KA2S60VCE8DQVNWStephRN0051315180800Delcious pumpkin mix! Yes, it needs canned pumpkin!I received a box of dassant pumpkin spice mix in a goodie bag for a fall wedding last year. I decided to give it a try once I arrived back from the wedding. I am sure glad that I did! I am not much of a baker and this one falls into the "quick and easy" category. It does call for canned pumpkin which really isn't that big a deal for me. Otherwise, it needs two eggs, oil and water. The mix produces very delicious pumpkin bread with hints of nutmeg and spice. Excellent for fall baking! I plan to order another six-pack this fall for sure!
288673288673B003D3YT08AOWMXN2HTEHD3strah4611294963200gourd problemMy gourd came with a hole in it. I can't figure out how to contact customer service about exchanging it. I'll be disappointed if there's no remedy available for this problem.
288685288685B001ELL71KA2499SB2WPLUW1Stuart Schneider "Author of books on collecti...0051304035200Pumpkin cake mixIf you love the autumn flavors of pumpkin, you will enjoy this mix. Our friends really like it when served at our Autumn parties.
288686288686B001ELL71KA1D3VJTXCUTKRVCarol Woodland0051297036800Delicious Pumpkin Bread MixI like this mix because it tastes better than other mixes that have the pumpkin already in them. This mix requires the baker to add pumpkin. I usually add fresh pumpkin because my daughter grows them & I cook & freeze the puree.
288687288687B001ELL71KAPD1YAMY8PW2DLinda A. Buchek0051267488000great pumpkin loafI have used Dassant products for over 10 years. All their breads are amazing, but this is by far my favorite. Well, I guess the brownie truffle is a close 2nd. Great to have in the pantry next to a can of pumpkin. I enjoy it all year long, not just in the fall.
288674288674B003D3YT08A1FU8LGQM9RDPVWoods2311304380800Flawed and stale.The mate was stale and tasted horrid compared to my usual buys. The bombilla was not constructed correctly and just sucks mate grinds
288688288688B001ELL71KA27OEE278JDNWIS. Crawford0051258243200Great seasonal breadI really love this bread, and so does my family. I was very pleased to find a mix that allowed canned pumpkin to be added, and the bread has more authentic flavor as a result. I am disappointed that amazon doesn't have it in stock at this time for a reorder. I hope it comes back in soon. Sue C.
288689288689B001ELL71KA20DNGGAHQMSWIMargaret Thomas "tygerkittn"81311205366400add pumpkin?I started to make this last night, I ordered it awhile back, and I read the instructions. Add pumpkin? This is a mix. I bought a mix so I could make pumpkin bread without having to have pumpkin. If I'm going to add pumpkin I may as well use plain flour and make it from scratch. Waste of money for me. If you're the kind of person who hires a maid and then cleans up yourself, or if you buy a dog and then do your own barking, you might like it. I'd rather have a mix that's ready to go with the usual mix-liike ingredients of egg, oil and water.
288675288675B003D3YT08A3DFFD02RC9P4WGastona2331287273600Broken gourdI had been looking for a replacement gourd, but there isn't much Argentine influence in Reno. I turned to Amazon, and found this reasonably priced gourd/bombilla/mate combo. I was soooo excited, couldn't wait for it to arrive.

Once it finally arrived, I went to cure the gourd, and it starts leaking all over me. It was cracked down the side. Since I already put mate in it, I couldn't return it. Had it not been broken, I'm sure it would have made a great mate. The bombilla is nice, seems to work perfectly. The gourd is a bit smaller than what I was expecting, but still would have held a decent amount of mate.

Basically, I'm stuck with a broken gourd when all I wanted was a new one. It was a sad moment for me, but I guess that's what you get when you try to drink out of dried plant matter. The actual mate is still quite delicious, if you're into that sort of thing.
288690288690B001ELL71KA1W0HIZ7YHTAXAAdele Hansen2421268265600waste of moneyall this product is,is a flour,and a couple seasonings.very dry texture,you add pumpkin and eggs and large amount of oil.didn't need a mix to do this!!very poor quality product and I am stuck with 5 more boxes,ugh!!
288676288676B003D3YT08AKG5F7DQNNJ1ZTraves Blankenship0011351036800Gourd is trashThe picture shows a gourd that would likely hold somewhere around 12 oz of fluid roughly, maybe more. The gourd that I received is no bigger than a pool cue. The bombilla straw looks good on the other hand. It's made of metal. I haven't tried the yerba mate yet but it is fresh for another year according to the exp date.
288677288677B003D3YT08AZROHXK0RS1PPastor Ehirch0021337731200great tea bad Matethe tea is everything your want in your Yerba Mate.. but the picture shown has the mate almost as big as the bag of tea.. however its a pound of tea the mate is way too small.. i know that gourds come in all sizes so maybe i just got an unlucky one with a small mate but and it was so small it rolled around in the box and was cracked when i opened it.. and to add to the issue there is no returns on this item so i am stuck with a $100.00 bag of yerba mate i payed 20 bucks for and i still have to go buy another mate gourde
288678288678B003D3YT08A1PZ332G7K78FCtatianamai0031317772800mate for decoration, not useThe actual mate should be placed in a place for decoration. The border of where the metal rim meets the gourd is faulty, and hot water seeps out of it, and onto your hand. The bombilla is fine, and the yerba was as well. However I prefer Rosamonte Yerba.
288679288679B003D3YT08A9G2MF9OUX3VGBethany Kovars "-beth"0031295568000Great mate (yerba), awful mate (gourd)Taragui is a great yerba mate. It has a good mix of palitos (little wood bits, or stems like they say) and the actual mate. Seems to be the same stuff that's exported to Chile (where I got to know it.)

The bombilla (straw) gives me mixed feelings...
Negative: can't open it to clean the inside
It seems to let more tea up through the straw than I'm used to (I've mostly used those spirely ones, not the spoon type ones)
Positive: It's sturdy, and I'm not afraid of it getting loose after a couple of washings (as often happens with the openable ones)
It's spoon shaped, making it great for cleaning out the yerba (tea) after you're done!

The gourd is awful. It seems quite unsanitary (bits of mate get up into the metal rim, where I can imagine stays wet for quite long and just seems like a hot-bed of gross things growing. It's also tiny and quite tipsy... you can't really leave the gourd with the spoon inside of it unattended. I don't know if I'll continue using this in the meantime, or switching to a mug... but definitely having my boyfriend bring up a legit gourd from Chile!!!!

But... I wish Taragui sold individual bags of the mate con palitos here on Amazon... or even 2 packs... My boyfriend and I definitely don't go through 10 pounds of the stuff in a year...
288680288680B001ELL71KA35Q0RBM3YNQNFM. Hill5551265760000Fabulous Pumpkin Bread Mix (Yes, it needs canned pumpkin.)Dassant is one of my favorite brands for baking mixes, and the pumpkin bread is no exception. This mix has a delicious flavor with just the right amount of cinnamon and nutmeg. Yes, the mix does require canned pumpkin, but there really isn't any way to have authentic pumpkin flavor without adding the real thing.

Besides adding the pumpkin, the mix requires water, eggs and oil. Good additions to the mix include 1/2 to 1 cup of chopped walnuts or pecans and/or 1/2 to 1 cup of chocolate chips (mini-chips do not sink to the bottom of the pan.) The finished bread freezes well which is helpful if baking in advance. The pumpkin icing recipe on the box is quite good. It requires some of the canned pumpkin (the entire can isn't needed for the mix), butter, milk, vanilla, cinnamon and powdered sugar.

When I can find Dassant mixes I buy them and here's why. The Dassant ingredient list includes six items - enriched bleached flour, sugar, spices, salt, leavening and either soybean or canola oil. The list on a name brand spice cake mix I had in my pantry has 18 ingredients including partially hydrogenated soybean oil, corn syrup, artificial color and a number of unpronounceable items. I love to bake from scratch but sometimes I don't have time. Using a mix is a time saver but I still want it to taste free of chemicals and be as natural as possible. This brand makes that possible.
288681288681B001ELL71KA3TI8E6NCM4KZTDina BatEli2251228089600Terrific for Thanksgiving and holiday tablesI made this mix for Thanksgiving and it was a real hit. Had the pumpkin on hand as I had been planning to make a pie but this was better!!! Have used Dassant mixes before and find them consistently great. I usually bake my own bread and pies- but when time is short these mixes are the closest to homemade.
288682288682B001ELL71KA1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"0051349740800AMAZINGLY GOOD PUMPKIN SPICE BREAD MIXThis is the BEST Pumpkin Spice Bread Mix that I have found. Short of starting from scratch, I do not think that you can do better.
This Mix asks you to add some simple ingredients, which do include Pumpkin. I love to take a mix and "mix it up" with the things I like. I add nuts/lots of nuts. I add dried fruit/lots of dried fruit. (I think you could add whatever you have a yen for...chocolate chips do not sound good to me, but maybe to YOU!). Then just add a bit more liquid ad a bit more self rising flour, and even spices...whatever it takes to even out the taste so it comes out the way you want this to! You can really "do your own thing" with this bread and it will still come out and taste great.
I have even gone right down the list and made it just like the box said! Scrumptious!
I always cook this in a stoneware pan and it comes out evenly cooked throughout...just add more lenghth to your cook time.
Well, you can tell by my comments that I simply use this as a base to make multiple different kinds of Pumpkin Breads. My friends love all the varieties. I have already ordered extra boxes and will be giving Dassant Pumpkin Bread as one of my Christmas gifts this year to my neighbors and frieds.
So, I definitely recommend this. It is easy to make. It is easy to make different "kinds" of you own Personal Pumpkin Bread using this as the basis. It is a dream come true. Dassant does all the basics and puts it in a box. You add extras, or not, to make your own creation. Everbody thinks I am a great baker, but it is Dassant who does the basic baking for me. I love this and think you will also!

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