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288691288691B0064KOSYEA3BTP0ZO559JLLadamvac0011345593600Terrible... the absolute worst!I love pretzels, but these were the absolute foulest things that ever entered my mouth... and trust me, I've eaten in foreign countries where everything is eaten. I can not express enough how bad these are. I ate one (or should I say chewed and spit out) and immediately threw out the entire 2.5lb bag.
288692288692B0017SVW2OAKH9U2NTNLE6UJ. Patton1151238112000Really fantastic coffee.This is the best coffee I've ever had. I think that's all I need to say for this review.

Worth the price.
Would buy again!
288693288693B002LNVKYYA3B44T61LV1N79BobbiK0051333929600The perfect reward treatMy Dog loves these treats and will do about anything for one, two or three of them! They are the perfect size for her small size as she does not like the larger mini sized treats, nor does she like the hard ones.
288694288694B002LNVKYYA2XB5P29LJ8Y6SSusan Royce "K9 handler/Lab lover"0051294963200Can't live without 'em.Small, crunchy, good for your dogs, product! Can't tell you how many we use daily with our 3 dogs - 2 Labs, 1 German Shepherd.
288695288695B002LNVKYYA29JUMRL1US6YPHTBK0051278720000Great Low Calorie Training TreatsCharlee Bears are small and low calorie, so you can use them en masse for training. We use them both for standard training (sit, stay, drop it, leave it) and behavioral training (no bark). They're not stinky or messy, so you can put them in your pocket, purse, or car without worry. We keep a small bag in the car for travel to reinforce when our puppy doesn't bark at people walking by, one by the door to reinforce when she goes to the bathroom outside, and a bunch of treats in a treat bag for travel.

The one downside to these is that because they're not as stinky, it can be harder to use them to get your dog's attention if he or she is distracted, like at the dog park or if you have a bunch of visitors. Our trick to get around this is that we put some stinky treats in the treat bag with these, and they'll take on some of the scent (We use Pro-Treat Beef Liver, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 21 Ounce).

Our dog loves all flavors.
288696288696B000X91F0MA2X50XV8GRZ4HGJohn0051229990400Nice coat less sheddingWe have a 9-year old lab mix and a 1 year old shepard mix. We tried this food because we were told it would do well for both of the dogs. They both eat it right up. It's small bits which is good for the older dog. Their coats look good. The food is pricey, but it seems like it is good stuff. Wish they would sell the 30# bag on amazon.
288697288697B000X91F0MA38K7PYO6IX37IA. Lawrence0051221782400Great for dogs with allergiesAfter being weaned off his Blue Buffalo puppy food, our allergy sensitive dog took to the Fish and Sweet Potato adult food very well. His skin and coat are still doing great and he loves the taste. We also like that it's easier to find at both local and chain pet supply stores, versus some other premium dog foods.
288698288698B000X91F0MA23N5GILA6AX04S. R. Schnur "srschnur"1251217808000No smelly gasFor my own dog I switch dog foods regularly, using a wide variety of natural American made dog foods. My daughter has a dog who passes unpleasant gas regularly. A pet store recommended this natural sweet potato and fish recipe to my son-in-law. Lo! No more nasty smells. Now, whenever I keep her dog I use use this Blue Buffalo product.
288699288699B004Q4AQDWA1X036J0POA30Adroxyahoo Com "Rox"0051331769600ExcellentThe tea smells amazing, and the taste is superb. The combination is really flavorful. I ordered 3 different rose teas, and the first order that I received with the buds alone did not impress me at all. This is the second order and I have a feeling is the best of the three teas.
288700288700B004Q4AQDWA7E85LH2I0TAPa metaphysician "of erudition"0051321056000One of the best...One of my 3 favorite, flavored black teas. I can't begin to describe the flavor, except to say that the rose essence is full-flavored and delightful without a trace of bitterness in this rich black tea. Not all teas are created equal, however. And although I haven't tasted any other brand of rose black tea, I have tasted several brands of jasmine green with noticeable disparity in quality and flavor. I'm VERY pleased with quality of The Tao of Tea's Rose Petal Black Tea, which comes in 4 oz. tins as well as this one lb. bag, and doubt it could be topped. The search ends here!
288702288702B003C1OMJEA2IFEU4WWS2WU2Sarah Hawker0011350172800Not received yet.As of today October 14th I have not received my Monster Munch. Where are my Monster Munch, I need my Monster Munch.
288703288703B003C1OMJEA3JO4XXP9ZB5KFC. Etherson0051337212800homesick delightsThe children I sent these to, said they were delicious and brought back happy memories of their life in Scotland.
288704288704B003C1OMJEA3DRP6MWWJIIADJeremy R.0051323216000Monster Muncher!These are just as I remember them when I was in the UK! I guess that should be expected since they are the same thing!
288705288705B003C1OMJEA2Z2ZUE7563ZVTIrnbru4u0041318464000unique crunchy tasteI miss these living in the states now. They are so pickly onion flavoured just so good. And nice and big chunks of the chip/crisp. If you have never had them you can tell on the photo how '3D" big chunks they are.

The only downside is that these bags seem to get smaller as there isn't that many in them, or maybe it's because I am so greedy.

Those that love a smack in the face, flavour profile of pickled onions, pick these up!
288706288706B003C1OMJEA2SB8DPH72UOM7Tim C.0041317600000Good flavorThese had good flavor and were a nice change of pace from traditional US snacks. Next time I am in Canada I would buy a bag.
288707288707B003C1OMJEA16KVN2SA5LWJDuncan Brown0041300752000delicious... just not very strong.i spent a few months in england & fell in love with pickled onion snacks... i seem to remember the flavor of these being stronger back then... they seemed a little weak.

still pretty tasty, i just love intense flavors.
288708288708B003C1OMJEA3IKDOBFQSKKWXSamantha "Bookwormextrodinaire"0051299196800Tasted just like I remembered!I haven't eaten Monster Much Pickled onion crisps since I was a child and these tasted exactly as I remembered. The Product arrived intact, not crushed, and were fresh and crunchy.
288709288709B004INAQNGANRNJC5K26X8WJBTown0051347408000DeliciousOur 3 cats all LOVE this stuff, especially the sauce. They prefer it over several other flavors and brands I've tried.
288710288710B00504SMP6A2F57VV8L7SHOJDebbie0031348358400laceynot real crazy but this product. They did not taste good but looked real cute in the little booties I made for the baby shower tables.
288711288711B003ZU8KBIA3POPX4JZQ439Cteacup1141309996800restaurant qualityI love that I can now make Thai tea in my own kitchen, it's so much cheaper than buying it glass-by-glass at a restaurant! I gave it 4 stars just because the bags were taped together for shipping and one had a tiny tear from the strain of being taped so tightly. Other than that, it was packed well and I received it promptly. Recommending to friends.
288712288712B003ZU8KBIALPI67HDWXUL2Charlie1151300579200Just like the tea in my local Thai RestaurantIf you're looking for the tea served on ice with condensed milk or hot at your favorite Thai restaurant, this is it! The package says to use 4 tablespoons of tea per cup and strain - so I bought this 4-pack (figuring that 4T per cup would use up the stuff pretty fast). I think that ratio is way too much. I use about 3 tablespoons in my 1 liter French press, and it comes out great. Just pour the water over the tea, stir a few times while letting it steep and serve.


- Charlie
288713288713B003ZU8KBIA39P4ZDB7XOJFZumpire540051345075200great productThis is a great product and is just the same as the Thai iced tea in restaurants. It took me a while to find this product, but once I found it, I've stuck with it.
288714288714B003ZU8KBIA2COY8HK5RN4M3Slacksandwhiskey0051340582400Thai tea fanaticSearched high and low for this. This Thai Tea is excellent. I love it. I drink it every weekend with my jewish relatives and it just seems to make me sink into my velvet carpet. I like to add a dash of mayonaisse into my tea before serving. Great tea.
288715288715B001CAR2JYA1UC7I2DMWP0NVA. Buchanan "AB"0011339891200Not as bad as the cherry, but still pretty badArtificially flavored, and it is obvious by the taste. This stuff is horrible. It's like the imitation vanilla extract vs the real thing, no contest. Blech. It's not as bad as the cherry, which tastes like cough syrup, but this is pretty bad as well.
288716288716B001CAR2JYA2T6QU2OHLWCJJ. Sims0011255737600Better Off with a Sugar SubstituteThis product really doesn't taste like vanilla. I bought it to use with my coffee, but it really is nothing more than glorified Splenda. I only use it now when I run out of everything else.
288717288717B0025UONE2A1HKYY6XI2OHO1S.S.2231321315200Good price, but ancient product.I bought these because of the price per volume... however, do note, the 'manufacture date' on the bottle dates these as having been produced 5/03/2001. That's over 10 years ago. I used McCormick's own date decoder, btw. I know imitation vanilla should keep 4-5 years if stored properly... but 10+ years seems to be pushing things.

I destroyed my taste buds through years of smoking, so the loss of potency isn't likely to be a big issue for me. YMMV.
288718288718B0025UONE2A1ST19ZZ5KMR6OJames P. Mcconnell "Irishmen Jimmy Mack"115128485440032 oz vanillaFantastic size
Amount is enough to last
I use ikt in powder milk with splenda
288719288719B0025UONE2AJU2DIVT72EK6Nancy A. Nadeau0051344643200Great buy for brand name imitation vanillaIf you do a lot of baking, you can save a bundle by buying this product, or you could share an order with friends.
288720288720B0025UONE2A3PNFF2U8X7XYRssfromsc0031340236800satisfactoryThe product was satisfactory, but out of 3 bottles, 2 of them came with broken lids. Not the fault of the manufacturer obviously, but poor packing

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