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288811288811B000GWKO7GARUQJLJBXS88Karen E. Emanuel3451184371200The spice will grow!At first you think that these chips aren't all that Spicy, but the spice will grow on you with each bite. They are really very good!
288812288812B000GWKO7GA3MKD1JZEYH8J3P. Werwie "Punchneedle Chick"2351256342400The best tortilla chips I have ever eaten!!I can't say enough good things about Plocky's chips!! I have purchased this flavor and the black bean flavor Plocky's Tortilla Chips, Black Beans 'N Rice, 7-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12) and I love them! They taste better than more well known brands and are very satisfying. I have never eaten a tortilla chip that didn't make me feel guilty afterwards. Not with Plocky's...I always eat less and feel satisfied. I actually prefer these eaten by dips...and I keep a bag in my desk at work. I have even had them for lunch when there is no time to grab something. I bring them to work to share with friends and they love them too. I am a fan of Plocky's chips and will continue to purchase them on Amazon.
288813288813B000GWKO7GA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"2351202169600Such an excellent chipMy aunt gave me a bag of these and I was immediately addicted. There are actual pieces of beans in the chips and they are not overly salty like other chips. I love the zip, agreed they are awesome without salsa, and no trans fat!
288814288814B000GWKO7GAK5DB61C13CN7Seraxia0011344384000WRONG FLAVOR - got Country BBQ instead of Chili ChipotleI was so excited thinking they had my favorite discontinued Kettle flavor, but was disappointed when I opened the box and found this substitution. I am keeping them but would not have ordered 15 bags of this flavor. It is a very good bbq chip but I could get this flavor at the grocery store. Why oh why do my favorite food items always get discontinued??? The one star is for the substitution. The country bbq is a 4 start chip, but not the chip I longed for.
288815288815B000GWKO7GA3AIHN7XBD816PKathryn Waldrup0051284681600GreatWe love these chips. They can be eaten alone, since they are so crisp and tasty or with a dip. Every one that we have introduced the chips to, loves them. And the expiration date is for 8 months from now, so ordering 12 bags didn't come near to them going stale.
288816288816B000GWKO7GAWZG8HXBE8PNBdoraima0051278633600Plocky's Rice and Beans Tortilla ChipsI bought these chips, and wanted to try if they were tasty. It sure is! Unique and different flavor and the right thickness.

It remains crunchy, spicy and flavorful with a hint of tabasco and paprika sauce for heat. There are some rice granules embedded with the tortilla chips. However, some of the spices are lacking from this chip. But I liked this very much.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try a red beans and rice tortilla chips. Go ahead-- you can put other ingredients as nachos except the cheese. Maybe some el pastor, shredded meat, tomatoes, etcetera.
288817288817B000GWKO7GA3QAZDJ7NYH2C6M. Esmail0051265500800Huge fan of these chips!I Love these chips for its unique taste and incredible crispy texture. Used to get them at Henry's in San Diego, CA before we moved out of there and have been ordering them from Amazon since. Running out of them constantly!
288818288818B000GWKO7GA2OPEDFVLL22TPB Healthy "Healthy eater"0041256169600Plocky's tortilla chips--tasty and healthyThese chips are the only ones I found to be tasty and healthy. They have fewer fat calories plus higher fiber for those who want good taste and nutrition--the perfect blend!
288819288819B000GWKO7GA2M7DO3ICXZWF1Mary K. Herman "Marushka"0051250035200Plocky's Three Grain Tortilla ChipsWe love these. Can't always get them in local stores, they don't keep them stocked even though we are always buying them out. Strong enough to dip in any condiment, great flavor and grain texture.
288820288820B000GWKO7GA1KTR92SDR33GZP. Herbert "cal_herbie"0041248652800Tasty, but make sure you have gumThese spicy chips have a lot of great flavor but be warned, you will be left with some stanky breath afterwards! The first time I ate these was at night and then even after brushing and flossing I could taste them in my mouth the next morning. So just be careful about when you eat them, especially if you will be hanging out with people later in the day.
288821288821B000GWKO7GA1DMR4TXV10JBBA. Chrzanowski "Dwarf Mama"0051246665600Don't stop carrying these chipsThe first time I ate these chips was in Aruba in 2007. I couldn't find them in our area (CT) so you can imagine my joy when I found them on Amazon. I love these and hope you continue to carry them. Your prices are terrific too. I pay $2.99 in Aruba and they run about $2.46 a bag when I buy the case of 12 through Amazon. Good job!!!! Only problem is, now everybody wants them here and they steal my bags when the case comes in, but that's ok...sharing is good.
288822288822B000GWKO7GA15UN7OK3WRFXERich Wang0051244678400OM NOM NOM NOM!These chips are delicious. If you like salt & pepper flavored chips with a solid crunch, then you can't go wrong with these--they are the tastiest bag I've come across. The sea salt is easier on the palette than regular salt, in fact I have trouble cutting myself off mid-bag even though I normally enjoy a low sodium diet. I would feel like less of a lush if they had them in the 8-9oz bags.
288823288823B000GWKO7GA31UITXO8QXG3HJay M. Clayton0051243987200delicious and healthyI used to buy these at the local supermarket, but they are no longer carried there. Finding them on Amazon I purchased a box and found they were fresh and delicious as I remembered. For chips they are also very healthy. I definately will buy them again.
288824288824B000GWKO7GAQAEOMJX8ON8ARussell Oelschlager0051241136000Unique schrumshist and tasty Tortilla ChipsPlocky's Red Beans and Rice Tortilla Chips are really tasty. I shared a few bags with my daughter in Iraq. She said Ummm they are Good. They are good for you too. No artificial stuff.
288825288825B000GWKO7GA4FVWK4UTFQVTCow "cowguy6"0051236384000Music to My PalateWe like Plockys
They like us.
Plockys Plockys.
Mean no fuss.
Taste so good.
And healthy too.
Plockys Plockys.
Grab a bag or two.
Thank you Plockys!!
288826288826B000GWKO7GA2D8K0GPVMMSERYummycheetos25 "LeLe"0051236124800yummy!I Love these potato chip they r soooo good! =) sweet and spicy but not overwhelming just enough to work up the palate, not salty just enough to balance out the sweetness I will be ordering these again soon. LOVe IT!
288827288827B000GWKO7GA2U3DAB0WI8BLZDennis Wright0051230595200Kettle Organic Chipotle potato chipsThe best potato chips I've ever had at the best price I've ever paid. The service was respectable and the shipping free.
288828288828B000GWKO7GA3SV6IWK26XK6BS. Doubek0051220140800Best kept secret.I love this product. All of the different flavors are fantastic. My family likes the 3 grain the best. No more corn tortilla chips in this house!
288829288829B000GWKO7GACNON4BZACUULmommyofchristopher "mommyofchristopher"0051217030400Delicious and additiveLove these chips, and I don't even like black beans. Very tasty. Yum!! Plus, good for you!
288830288830B000GWKO7GA1UDZGQRPFHB5YJason G. Godin "Dog lover"0051215993600FANFREAKINTASTICThese chips are FANFREAKINTASTIC. They are with out a doubt the best chips that I have ever had. A nice sweet smoky flavor and then a little bit-o-heat. OH YA BABY.
288831288831B000GWKO7GA2ZCD6KO2YY9IZA. Crawford0051214265600Smokin'Nice amount of heat and smoke. Very tasty chip that goes great with a brew.
288832288832B000GWKO7GA34ZI3K5DNDSNELisa M. Redington0051211673600really good chipsThese chips are salty with a hint of sweet. They are crisp and crunchy. They are the best chips I've ever had!
288833288833B000GWKO7GA1Y1O4GJA3HXQFJelcy Romberg "Chocolate Breath"0051210204800Plocky's Tortilla Chips, Red Beans 'N RiceWe ordered these only because the Black Beans and Rice,which we really. really love, was out of stock. After about a week, we finally opened up a package and then kicked ourselves for not having tried them earlier. There is a little kick to them after you swallow them to let you know you have had a hint of hot pepper of some sort. We took them to a pot luck that night and came home with an empty bag. I used them, from another bag, as a garnish on a salad that I took to the pot luck and we came home with an empty salad bowl!
We will definitely order these again.Plocky's Tortilla Chips, Red Beans 'N Rice, 7-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
288834288834B000GWKO7GA2TW6FWJYTF8QMNancy Walsh0051209686400"Simply THE BEST"I was first introduced to the Red Rice & Beans chips in my hometown of Bethlehem, PA. When I moved to North Carolina I was unable to find these chips in my local area. On my trips back home, I would buy a bunch of bags to bring back with me to NC. Then I discovered that I could order them on-line and life was great. These chips are my all time favorite and everyone that I serve them to loves them just the same. You just gotta try them ... you'll be hooked !!! ..... Nancy Walsh
288835288835B000GWKO7GAISIJIUHHZNHQGG "reading tutor"0051201651200AddictedOk. If you don't want to get addicted, don't try Plocky's Red Beans and Rice Tortilla Chips! My husband and I started with one seemingly anodyne bag from a store. Now, we've just received our second case. It won't last long. Beware.
288836288836B000GWKO7GAC82F5LXJCR22kimberly0051199577600Perfect tortilla chip goodness!My husband (who, being Mexican, is very picky about his tortilla chips) and I absolutely love these! The texture is light and crispy, rather than thick and crunchy. He actually usually prefers a very hearty, cruncy chip (Like El Ranchero), but the flavor of these is so fantastic that we're both thilled with them. The bean, rice and corn base makes them incredibly flavorful, and they have a touch of onion and garlic in addition to that. We go through an embarrassing amount of them. I never, ever like plain chips, but these I can eat without anything else, although they're particularly amazing with a fresh salsa. I highly recommend these!
288837288837B000GWKO7GA3I7NZC5LUVPPWCarolyn Waters0051198886400These chips are addictive!Plocky's Tortilla Chips, Red Beans 'N Rice, 7 Ounce Bag (Pack of 12) I first tasted these chips while visiting relatives in KY. They are not available where I live, so I ordered them from Amazon. WOW! My friends and family are all addicted to them. The spicy flavor grabs you at the first bite. Once a bag is open, it is gone!
288838288838B000GWKO7GA14B8M117EUBLKShelly Kenyon0051180656000Best tortilla chips ever!!!We like these chips for salsa and quacomole better than any other cips on the market. They are even great by themselves. We will order these as long as they are available. Thank you for making them accessable.

Shelly Kenyon
288839288839B000GWKO7GA228P3VH7SFBHGJ1221219449600MehI guess there's no telling what will tickle the palate. I'm a huge Tabasco fan, and I love unconventional snacks. But these don't taste to me even remotely like the wonderful sauce they're made from; I didn't find them to have much of a kick at all. Practically bland, in fact. Even with my strong aversion to wasting food, I had to throw out or give away most of the case. Do yourself a favor and find a bag of these locally before taking a chance on 12.
288840288840B000GWKO7GA1AQ2W2R4SOVGNDe Profundis61011195084800The "Organic" Label is Misleading"Yeast Extract" is listed as an ingredient. Sounds harmless, right? Specifically, these chips contain autolyzed yeast extract, which is, on a chemical level, monosodium glutamate. It's just derived from a different source, but it has all the same toxic properties. Kettle still advertises their products as containing "No MSG" while they acknowledge that their chips are not safe for people with MSG sensitivities.

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