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288865288865B001BOXBAAA3W3Y1XEAMH3E5P.A.Max111151311120000Wellness, Indeed!Upon researching dog health I was appalled to discover that most dog foods (especially the most popular brands) use grains (as their main ingredients) and fillers. I then found a few lists of "five-star" dog foods, compared them, and chose to give Wellness CORE a try.

Admittedly it is much more expensive than the popular commercial brand we had been using but,"according to the web site of one of the most popular brands of dog food sold in the U.S., the feeding instructions tell you that a thirty pound dog would need to eat around three cups of food per day. The cost of this pet food breaks down to being about $.67 per cup. So that means Fido would eat $2.01 worth of dog food each day according to the recommended feeding instructions on the label.

But on the other hand, from a web site of a high end, all human grade ingredients, all U.S. ingredients dog food -- the feeding instructions tell you that a thirty pound dog would need to eat around 1 ½ cups of food per day. The cost of this food is about $1.16 per cup. This food seems to be about twice as expensive as the popular brand. However, according to the recommended feeding amount, Fido would eat $1.74 worth of dog food each day. That's a savings of $.27 per day to feed your dog a high quality, human grade ingredients, no risky imports dog food." [[....]]

It's true! My dogs eat half of what they used to and their bowel movements have also decreased by half. (I read that because the good foods contain the true nutritional needs of a dog as opposed to the bad foods that are relatively low in delivering their nutritional needs that dogs would "go" less frequently by feeding them a good food. This is because dogs would expel the unneeded grains and fillers in the bad food more often). I walk and feed my dogs in the morning and in the evening and both dogs would "go" 2-4 times between both walks and both meals. Now my 60 lb pit mix "goes" just once daily and my 20 lb terrier/lab mix "goes" just twice.

I also read that bad foods contributed to a dogs allergies and bloating. My pit mix would have these huge disgusting "eye boogers" all day long no matter how often I'd wipe his face and my terrier mix had these dark (his coat is a sandy color) tear stains from his constantly watering eyes. Not anymore! The "eye boogies" have disappeared and the tear stains are gone! Although I never noticed any bloating in my little dog I did notice that my muscular pit mix had a "fat" stomach. Needless to say that is gone as well!

Lastly, I noticed that both dogs have been shedding less and that their coats are so much softer and shinier. What pleasant surprises! Having a skeptical demeanor it's actually VERY surprising to me that there have been so many benefits to purchasing a quality food. I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase! Thumbs up Wellness Core!
288866288866B001BOXBAAA2Z4HOWGB3O2NPNYC Nomad "mfoto"9951287187200Excellent Dog Food!!I have 2 allergy-prone French Bulldogs & it took many many years of experimentation with every type of dog food. Finally a year ago... I came upon this product: WELLNESS CORE OCEANFISH & it was the absolute best food they ever had. I am 100% pleased with this product & their health, as a result. My bulldogs are fed this product 2x per day; I mix a little dry with the WELLNESS Oceanfish wet + a little water. Their allergies have improved & they haven't been bored eating this everyday... They have now been on this food for over 1 year & I highly recommend it! Great for bulldogs in particular!
288867288867B001BOXBAAA3IQZI7GLMBCY2Christine Bet "Christine"9931275523200Best Dog food ever.We switched from wellness puppy to wellness core and our boxers just love the taste. It not only has great taste, but the ingredients are pure and so healthy for dogs. We noticed a signifiant decrease to their flatulance and their coats are so shiny! Definately recommend to anyone who considers their dogs health above a bargain priced dog food at the supermarket.

Update 3 August 2011
** Although the food is still fantastic, the last three orders I've purchased through Amazon have resulted in bags that were partially sliced open and leaking kibble all throughout the inside of the shipping box. The first two times I thought it was just a coincidence, no big deal. But this has become a recurring problem and it poses health concerns for my dogs now. Since I love amazon, I'm willing to try it one more time however if it happens again, I'll be searching for my food elsewhere.
288868288868B001BOXBAAARQIR102F4ZKBJager "Jager"8851233273600Healthier DogsHealthier Dogs, less stool. Dogs are not grain eaters, most commercial dog foods get our pets sick with corn and wheat in their diets which compromises their immune system. Check the ingredients and compare for yourself. Wellness uses human grade ingredients, not fillers.
288869288869B001BOXBAAA3D0HMC6RQT0N0J. Flood7751243987200Very pleased with the Core line.I have a 2 year old wheaten terrier that's been on Wellness Core for about 6 months. Very happy with the results, he's a very fit and and active dog. Wheatens are supposedly not good with wheat oddly enough. This is one of the highest rated foods by and it's pretty easy to find locally now. I haven't found this through a Prime vendor yet but I keep hoping.

***Update -coming up on 4 years soon and this formula is hard to find at local stores. I like giving him the variety of the different flavors...
288870288870B001BOXBAAA1WIB1NVR21IMLEightpackjack5551294444800Clear skinMy Yorkshire Terrier had some skin problems when I had him on dog food brands I bought at local stores. I did some online research about possible causes and found food quaity and ingredients could be the cause. Wellness Core was recommended by several people as a good alternative. I started Charlie on Wellness and within a month no more skin issues and he actually like the food. It's dry food so helps with his teeth as well.
288841288841B000GWKO7GA3NCTCNAUYCH6Hjesse girl0131278374400Kind of BlandThese were not flavorful enough for my taste. It seems that all the seasoning falls off the chips and sinks to the bottom of the bag. Too bad, because I really liked the idea of a healthier potato chip. I would not buy these again.
288842288842B000GWKO7GADD87VB66Y0DQL. Pray "bargainqueen"0151277337600Delicious chipsPlocky's chips are made of several whole grains and have a touch of sweetness. They are a little lower in fat and sodium than regular tortilla chips. The flavor out performs any tortilla chip I have ever eaten. They hold up great to salsas and dips. Nothing wimpy about them. I just wish the company made a bigger bag! Love them. Usually found in the organic foods section of the grocery, but seem to be difficult to obtain as the shelf is always empty. Order by the case. You'll be glad you did as they disappear fast.
288843288843B000GWKO7GA2GS0QUCV2KVMPStephanie J. Myers0141209686400Broken chips but tastyI love these chips and ordered them after I had some in Florida. My case of chips came without any packing inside. All bags in a box with no cushioning at all. Needless to say most of the chips were broken and I would not order them again. A great item but if they can't package to aid in minimal chip breakage then one is wasting their money.
288844288844B000GWKO7GA1D0P49A1MQO1OJSY9951 "JSY9951"0151209340800The best chips ever!!!I received this chips in a gift basket and absolutely loved them. I searched high and low, but was unable to find them until I saw them here. I immediately ordered a case. These chips are light, crispy, flavorful, and good for you. I love them with dip, in chili, or just plain. Once you try them, you'll be hooked!
288845288845B000GWKO7GA3J6N95DIJTPVHB. P. Mayeux "bpmayeux"0151203811200Excellent Tortilla chipsThese chips are truly amazing. They have it all. They're light, crisp, great tasting, nice texture, AND they're all natural... AND low in fat and sodium! Need I say more? I recently bought a bag of them at a regular grocery store, and couldn't belive my taste buds. That's why I excited why I saw them here on Amazon, and decided to buy a case!
288846288846B000GWKO7GA3MALNCOVF5COPOverseas Mom0151203206400Black Beans Never Tasted So Good!!!These are the most fantastic chips I've ever had! I could eat the whole bag myself! They're made with lots of whole grain and beans, and make a complete protein, so I have no qualms about feeding them to my kids as snacks. They are great! The only problem I have with them: The bag is too small!!! We need a bigger bag!! :)
288847288847B000GWKO7GA1ABDQ02BCIGYQHM3721173830400Not, my favorite chipI did not like these potatoe chips. It's hot, and sweet, with an overwhelming taste of garlic. It's also a bit salty.
288848288848B000GWKO7GA1KBNKFKAWYV7LCharles R. Bock0251186704000Very Timely DeliveryThey did a very good job with shipping the order quickly....Nothing like Ace Hardware who took a week to ship
288849288849B000GWKO7GARLTWKV2AUJ2Fkoboilila1421237939200Very Tasty - BUT BEWARELong story short - these are very tasty. We have purchased a number of flavors from this brand, this is my favorite.

BUT... as noted by another reviewer - these contain MSG in the form of "Yeast Extract".

It has become a popular means of hiding MSG lately by calling it different things, as a person who now finds himself having to use more caution in what I consume I find the whole process of hiding in plain site very bothersome.

Also, the bag is not very large, but half of it is air. This may well help in shipping, but when paying a premium price for 'organic' it just seems more deceptive.
288850288850B0029XPSSKA7CAFO5RHQVTGB. Roark2241334534400raclette cheeseCheese was very good. The bad thing is that you can only order one pound at a time. If you want more than one pound they ship separately and the cost is horrid!
288851288851B000OF7MBGA1YPRLAFZLSAS0Dan Van6651200096000Great for a convenient cup of coffee!I have a small single cup coffee maker for those times when I need a quick cup of coffee but don't want a whole pot. All right, that doesn't happen very often - I can usually handle a whole pot. But when I want a quick cup, I don't want to be grinding beans, getting out a filter and going through all the same steps as making a whole pot. These filter packs are the perfect solution at a great price! The coffee is almost as good as Starbucks for a fraction of the price.
288852288852B000OF7MBGAQBDJXDVBWW8SWilliam Rossini4441223251200Island Blend CoffeeGreat tasting coffee a good deal for your money, many different blends to choose from. Goes great with my 4 cup coffee maker when I'm on the road
288853288853B000OF7MBGA27K3YEEHL76U9Bill Mims1111222128000Mountain Blend Coffee 4 Cup Filter PackCoffee is very weak,I have to use 3 packs to make 4 cups of coffee.
288854288854B000OF7MBGA3GB38MC6ZSGPDNStory1151193875200Excellent convenienceVery satisfied. It was delivered earlier than expected. I bought this so my elderly mother wouldn't have to mess with loose coffee grounds. She loves the convenience and the taste. I will be ordering more.
288855288855B000OF7MBGA36799MFLN1DWVkriscraft0051344643200easy coffeeI like just dropping the filter pack (or two or three)in my coffee pot, filling the water chamber... tasty coffee- no mess.
288856288856B000OF7MBGA3HXT4P8NFA3KCRobert "Okc spike"0031344384000Drinkable, not greatThis coffee is ok, but nothing great, at least in my opinion.. I will not throw it away, but neither will I order any more. It has that sharp aftertaste that I don't care for. It isn't as strong as I expected it to be, which could be one reason for my disappointment. If you like mild coffee and just drink coffee for effect this is a decent and well priced product. I enjoy coffee and drink it for taste as much as effect. The packets are easy to open, which I appreciate.
288857288857B000OF7MBGA2HBT3VRUU6HG3Diane M.0011338076800Weak CoffeeBought this coffee to take on vacation to use in the little 4-cup pots that are always in hotel rooms. My husband, the coffee drinker, said it was very weak (even using two packs at one time). I threw away the rest. Save your something else.
288858288858B000OF7MBGA1LAJCVFFDMIXYCrisco9310051263859200Good Coffee at Good PriceThis is my 2nd Order of Island Blend. I had used another brand for years so it took a few days to get used to a new taste, but its just fine. The envelopes are easy to tear open and very convenient.
288859288859B000OF7MBGA143NLH46NA8QNRebecca A. Bybee "Rebecca A. Bybee"0021222992000Has an unpleasant taste....I was disappointed in the quality of this coffee. It has a weird whang to it - a bitter taste. My husband tried it and said the same thing. I don't know if I got a bad batch or what, but I won't be using this coffee except for emergency backup (when I'm out of good coffee).
288860288860B0009WSCQIA2EI4VOT1F8V62Esa Soy "Mady"0051350345600Yummy!I saw the making of this candy on the travel channel with Anthony Bourdain and it looked so good I just had to try it. So I went online and to my delight they had it on Amazon. Yes it's expensive but worth every cent. It's smooth, sweet and melts in your mouth. I recommend it highly.
288861288861B001BOXBAAARQPQ8LF5NTEZkeysgirl161651281744000great foodMy dog and foster dogs have done well on this food. It is the best priced quality grain free food there is to my knowledge. Amazon's price beats my local stores (including Petco when you factor in the sales tax I pay when I buy in the store). As an Amazon prime customer I was thrilled to see this included in free 2 day shipping- absolutely can't beat this deal!
Amazon shipped it in a cardboard box about the same size as the bag and it arrived with the box looking quite the worse for wear. Since Wellness comes in a Mylar bag the bag itself was fine and I was home so brought it right in. If you were not going to be home when this was delivered and your deliveries are left outside I would be concerned about other animals getting to it. Even with the Mylar bag my dog can rip into this in no time flat and racoons and rats (I live next to a wooded area!) love dog food! Probably not a big deal mid-day but just something to consider. I would not buy food that ships in a paper bag from Amazon- at least not a larger bag (>15lbs) but that is just my experience/opinion. I am thrilled that amazon offers this and would order again from them but will make sure I am home when it is to be delivered.
288862288862B001BOXBAAA2ZM0DD9ECO86JSRC "Susan"161651277683200Dogs love itMy Boxers had HORRIBLE gas while on Science Diet & Royal Canin Boxer Formula. I switched to Wellness CORE & now there is no more gas. Their coats are nice & soft, they have lots of energy, they enjoy eating it, and I can breathe freely. :o)

I highly recommend this dog food.
288863288863B001BOXBAAA3A84PZSD9J6ALS. Jurado161651229212800Best dog food ever!Since switching to Core my dog no longer has any sign of the skin or digestive problems that have plagued him for years!
288864288864B001BOXBAAADBBSN68NTDIIRoberta G. Macler "RGM"303421284595200moldyI have used Wellness Core for a long time. I did a lot of research before choosing it. However after getting a new bag that was moldy I started doing some research. The company has been bought out and many many consumers have complaints about the quality control of the food now and in some cases their dogs have been getting sick on it. I am not saying not to buy it but just beware that it is not the same company anymore.

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