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289021289021B000E1VF90A3D0HMC6RQT0N0J. Flood1141336348800Would prefer single serving to 1.5 servings......but that's my problem and you should just be aware of this if your counting calories. Of course if you're counting calories you probably are. I like the taste of these though and it compares well to other products that were long on dry bread stick taste and short on flavor.
289022289022B000E1VF90A1L01D2BD3RKVOB. Miller "pet person"1111240617600NOT Gluten-FreeThis product link was sent to me from because I have purchased other gluten-free products due to a medical condition. PLEASE read the "nutrition value" link and you will see that wheat flour is an ingredient.
289023289023B000E1VF90A1HM9ZCU43N6XDR. Newton "health nut"0051347235200Great Product - too bad they are discontinued :(This product was fantastic, but due to high demand and low volume they are being discontinued from the subscribe and save option. I was really bummed, but will hopefully see them back again soon.
289024289024B000E1VF90A1P45J6DB7NSHLJ. Walker0041332460800Pretzel sticksThis has become a favorite go-to snack for my husband. Has a wonderful bite of heat. Good protein snack.
289025289025B000E1VF90A3UREESIHYYSVBJustTheFacts20100031299369600Caution...180 Calories Per Bag!These are pretty good for a crunchy, high protein snack. The bag says 120 calories per serving on the front of it. This is misleading because the bags look like single serving bags, but they are NOT. Each bag has 1.5 servings, which means 180 calories per bag! The old Medifast Honey Mustard Pretzels were my favorite, but they stopped making them. The Kays pretzels are not quite the same, but similar tasting and less expensive.
289026289026B000E1VF90A1YWPJZ0XO16KCLinda Anzellotti "Price watcher"0051295827200Great TasteI have been eating Medifast meals for a year. Medifast changed the recipe to their pretzels and they were not as good. To my surprise the cinnamon pretzel that Kay's is a good if not better than Medifast and cost have the price. The calories and protein were important factor and are pretty much the same based on ounces.
289027289027B000E1VF90A3RO23BWEHTF6Jchakara0041292976000not bad for a protein snackCompared to all of the whey powders, protein shots, and protein bars, these are fantastic. They are not exactly a "perfect pretzel," but it is nice to have a crunchy protein snack. I have tried many types. These are pretty decent. The jalapeno is the key though. The butter flavor is not nearly as good!
289028289028B000E1VF90A330KRVT4D9GC8Margaret E. Fox0021249171200liked old recipe bettertHEY DON'T TASTE GOOD ANYMORE SINCE THE RECIPE was changed. And I bought a BUNCH that I have to eat, anyway.
Will be looking for another low fat/hi protein crunchy snack... GREAT customer service, though - so, no
complaints there. Thanks
289029289029B000E1VF90AA91O96C1Z18WM. Moran "sunnyside44"1351304467200When fresh they are fabuI have been eating this product for about 3 years now and have discovered that depending upon where they are from they can be stale or fresh.
When fresh they are crispy and with just the right amount of flavor to give that zing.
Unfortunately there are some dealers out there who are selling outdated product and these are the ones that are really pulling down the merit of this product in general.
I love them and have found them to be a godsend at movies, at home, on the road, you name it, but KAY LISTEN TO ME YOU HAD BETTER START DEMANDING YOUR PRODUCT IS SOLD IN A TIMELY MANNER.

AS FOR AMAZON; ITS THE SAME FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
289030289030B000H221K8A313C3BZKR67UOJanice L. ISAACS "Jan Isaacs"2251168560000Homemade slippery dumplins!I had purchased these at the store once - bought about three bags - used them up, and spent the next two years looking everywhere for them. I would go in every single store I passed to check out their pasta aisles. No one had them. Then my daughter connected me to Amazon's grocery. Lo and behold, I had them again!!!! They are wonderful in chicken broth, beef broth, or just in butter! Over vegetables as a pot pie they are tremendous. They cook up easy, just use some olive oil to keep them from sticking together and you have dumplins that are chewy and tasteful! The Amish do know how to make their pasta!!! My thanks to them! Jan
289031289031B0087ACSZKA38KRRY00H5TEYTrish0041350691200Good FlavorThis is one of my top picks for flavored coffees for the Keurig. I had no problems with the purchase.
289032289032B001FV2K6KA2A8L2XSHKBAI0A S3351318896000Its The Best Quality So FarI have been using Spectrums brand for a year now. I use it for hair, cooking, oil pulling, as a body moisturizer, and as a air fresher in my oil burner. Recently I made the mistake of trying other brands. I will never do that again. I'm from the islands so I know the true quality of unrefined coconut oil. I promise Spectrums Unrefined coconut oil is honestly the best quality, texture, and organic scent. I will never venture out again.
289033289033B00275QB0YAMBJQQSRCAOHSScott_Andrews0051322870400Love the tasteLove the natural smoke flavor, adds great flavor to meat mash potatoes and all kinds of great country style cooking or BBQ. Good on fresh smoked meat too.
289034289034B004OW4LAUA29UWZH2N0ZG0Llindusha "ostrich"0051350518400GoodThis candy helps soothe an upset stomach. It does not increase my blood sugar. Highly recommended. I am so glad I can get this on subscribe and save. No more looking for it and wondering when it will go on sale.
289035289035B004OW4LAUA24AZQNUXDOSD6bushie0051345507200delicious treatPerfect sugar free treat for our family because we have a diabetic family member. We watch our diet closely, but we do add this treat once in a while.
289036289036B00012POY4A2L9448EEHCLZQLeon E. Gibson1141261785600Parents love itGot this for my parents for the month of december along with a couple other red buffalo coffees. They seem to really like it and my mom says that it has a rich flavor, but at the same time doesnt taste like a synthetic flavor.

They love it
289037289037B001DTKJL2A3ADA8PUIN0O9CShirley Wikander "Artistic Endeavors"2251247356800Best you can buy!Found this first in Italy and it was so delicious I had to buy more. The company referred the US sales representative who was so helpful. We used to get it in Berkeley but since we moved to Missouri, I was thrilled to see Amazon carries it....
289038289038B000OCTJE2A18QHY1M497JOEAugusta610051345161600Great drizzle!I LOVE the lemon infused avocado oil. I used to be able to find it at the store, but now it is hard to find. It is great to drizzle over salads, eggs, tomatoes, in tuna salad and to toss with steamed veggies. And avocado oil is a good fat with lots of healthy benefits! My husband and son love it too!
289039289039B008269HJYA2KOBP0BPNASEXThe Nibble0041338508800A Delicious ChangeFirst of all, McCann's instant oatmeal is so much better than the big name brands. Second, the flavored varieties are not sugary-sweet as one has come to expect from instant flavored oatmeal, but are complex in flavor. In this variety, tart currants, crunchy almond slivers and just the right amount of sweetness provide a breakfast for an adult with a demanding palate. If you like the tart-sweet flavor profile, this is a thumbs up!
289040289040B0001NBGHMA3973EE29CLX13R. Anastasio "commuter train rider"4451264636800Good value and great way to start home roastingI received this sampler as a gift and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the beans and the nice variety. I use a popcorn popper and find it very easy and quick for small batches. The sampler is a good way to experiment to find out what coffee bean and roast style that you like best. The 8 oz packages was the right amount for my needs - I only drink a cup or two a day and do not want to have roasted beans sitting around for days getting stale.

Word of caution: you have no idea what beans they are going to ship to you in the sampler but since the quantities are small I did not think this was a big deal.
289041289041B0001NBGHMA2A61ENY2XIJAIClay Distler81051190419200Delcious! If you can find better coffee, I'd like to know where!This coffee is delicious. I roasted almost all of it about dark city to espresso roast (quite dark but not really burnt).
289042289042B0001NBGHMA17C2LVXV63A2ZMac6911286841600Mario CI roasted this beans full city, next batch full city+, the beans are dry as a bone, no oil at all.
Coffee tasted flat, no aroma, flavor thin and sour.
Roasted the Colombia Quinchia, the Mexico Chiapas, same thing.
This beans must be very old and dried out. I certainly won't be ordering from them again.
5 Lb. Organic Fair Trade Green Coffee Sampler
289043289043B0001NBGHMA2L7IUB7DNY48ZJoeMac2311327795200The packaging is wrongThese beans come in clear packaging. Light is not good for coffee. There is better places to buy green beans. Sweet Maria's rules. They are deep into coffee. Plus, the buzz words are stupid. Organic means nothing. Fair trade means nothing. Reputable, knowledgeable dealer means everything.
289044289044B0001NBGHMA3I2Z6HMWXAD9DJun Lou2331307318400No choice on sampleI reveived samples with 10 different coffee. Unfortunately I did not have choice to pick what kind of coffee that I want to sample. The coffee samples are most (90%) from South America. There are not popular in market. I wish the seller would let buyer to pick the samples. The coffee bean is in plastic bag. It is recommended to store in cloth sack if store over 3 months. That will be little trouble too.5 Lb. Organic Fair Trade Green Coffee Sampler
289045289045B0001NBGHMAWXXS0OB94U4AK. Abozeeter0051323388800Great BeansGreat if you want to try a variety of beans! All of mine were from South America, but I didn't mind. I've only roasted one batch but it turned out just fine.
289046289046B0001NBGHMA1H00CPJJXQC0PDenise Lagrand "dee-elle"0051317254400love this stuffThis is a very nice sample pack, makes for a nice variety for anyone roasting their own. I use a hot air popcorn popper and all varieties have been very pleasant.
289047289047B0001NBGHMA1GLKP3ZURKH69Craig A. Chambers0051277942400coffee beansI like this company. Fair trade coffee is important to me and I want to deal with a company that believes the same thing. It doesn't hurt that the company is located in the same state as I am. I would strongly recommend this company.
289048289048B007PQDYBOAQHFOJ40RDCAKhsajet "tejash_"0031344988800Ok but has a lot of sugarThis Muesli has a generous amount of protein and would be a great wholesome meal for someone on a mass building regimen.

On the other hand it also 17g of sugar per serving - a combination of cane sugar and fructose. This makes the cereal really sweet.

Its unfortunate that the ingredients label is not available on the website(as of my writing this review) to let buyers know the full contents of the package.
289049289049B0017WI3F4A2UC89CX61T8YFLinda S. Marty4451299110400No aftertaste!I love this product! It is one of two Stevia products that I have tried that doesn't have that bitter aftertaste. I love it!
289050289050B0017WI3F4A15Z0016Q051B0wishbow4451295913600Sweet and convienientThis is the second bottle of Stevia Glycerite that I have purchased because it is a more natural sweetness than others that I've tried and the convienience of just open the cap and let a couple of drops out. Also Stevia in general is helping keep my blood sugar under control.

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