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289153289153B0007V11TQACM0YD7UGQ5OMShoe Lady "Shoe Lady"0041266278400Great Product!It's a great, high quality product that I enjoy using over and over again.

I have tried a lot of other brands and this is the one that I stand by.
289154289154B0007V11TQA2KAVVVZPXDPF1Anne880051265760000The best!This is the only cocoa I use for homemade hot chocolate. I've tried others, but always go back to Droste - fast.
289155289155B0007V11TQA3M6AK5HOZCS70Pam "Pam"0051265068800Droste Cocoa - best everWe recently relocated from Portland Oregon to Nashville Tennessee. They don't have Droste Cocoa in this part of the US. I was so delighted to find it on I've used this product for hot cocoa for years and we love it !!! It's rich, much better than those cheap cocoa's you buy at the store. You won't go wrong if you like hot cocoa on a cold winter's night...just add a dab of Whipped Cream and you're ready to go.
289156289156B0007V11TQA2V0BRCOH06D8KAndrew J. Chabot "Chocolateman"0051262995200Best Cocoa to useDutch Process is the best Cocoa powder to use in any form of baking or if you just want a killer hot chocolate.
289157289157B0007V11TQA1HGU57VB6KSLNMaverick in MN "maverickldr"0051262217600The ONLY coca to bake with....I am an avid baker and have used many different types of cocoa over the years. This is by far the best to bake works well with splenda, sweet-n-low, and regular sugar. The cocoa taste is altered if you use aspartame or the phenyl....whatever. Price is higher than grocery store and lower than other high ends. I think its a fair price point for the amount of product and quality.
289158289158B0007V11TQA2SV0KMVHISJ0VSharon0051240099200Delicious Cocoa Powder!I bought this product previously, not realizing that I had an open container of another brand of cocoa powder which I needed to finish using. Once I opened the Droste Cocoa, I loved the rich chocolate flavor it gave my dishes. I quickly used up my first box, and recently ordered 3 more from Amazon. I highly recommend this product.
289159289159B0007V11TQA3CI9DSB6Z76JFLB "Helfenfreude"3541299369600For a "quick" cup of "real" chocolate milk, this is the best. For baking, don't use powder!OK, so I have and love this stuff for *cocoa* and *chocolate milk* so that's what I'm giving it praise for; for baking, I use chips that have only cocoa, cocoa butter, and sometimes sugar, never ever ever lecithins and other cheats!!More often, as I consider dessert a luxury to make sparingly therefore use the best, most purely produced stuff, I stay with my absolute favorite, CLAUDIO CORALLO 100% cocoa bars (makes Green and Black taste bitter even the sweetened, makes Callebaut taste sickeningly sweet, even the "dark")...

So I don't and won't bake with cocoa powders... very self-defeating in my opinion to use ANY powder. For chocolate milk or hot cocoa (which I tend to do a mix of this and bars/chips for, along with scraping vanilla beans and grinding cinnamon bark and sometimes scraping a touch of nutmeg etc into... or even a little alcohol of choice!), it's simple: take this, some sugar, and a tiny bit of top notch milk or thickener-free (no carrageenan, etc) cream and make a paste, add milk in small bits to make the paste into goo, and eventually, when the grit is thoroughly absorbed, add the rest and stir thoroughly--more work than instant junk but it's worth it... or add a few ounces milk to the paste then microwave 10-20 secs (microwave dependent) and add your cold milk and you're good to go (that way is much easier, though be careful not to "burn" the cocoa powder if you do it this way--takes very little time).

One thing to mention re: the complaints/criticisms is that you HAVE TO have unexpired stuff. Seems basic, right? Still, cocoa powder is EXTREMELY fragile, and not only must it have stayed in controlled environments (which is usually not the consumer's fault), but it can't be old, even if it's unopened (it's in a paper box with wax paper in it--that keeps mold from crudding it up, but it will not keep it fresh forever). This beats the frontiers and by a million miles that Ohlaska type stuff, also makes Rapunzel brand cocoa look bald in flavor... but it is powder. Don't ever expect powder to do what bars do, period. You take out the moisture, and you take out the fat, and you take out the protection against aging and quite a lot of what really truly makes moist chunks of chocolate different from cocoa powder... comparing it to bars is a bit unfair in my opinion; of course bars are different and better suited for baking... that's like saying milk powder plus water equals fresh cow milk :) Stick to this for drinking (what they rec you use it for anyway) or maybe little kid cupcakes, since they don't care but it's way more responsible than Hershey and less chemically-treated... oh, and if it's not super dark, just like with chips, it means it's gone bad/oxidized. If it isn't 4xs darker than hershey's powder, then you got a bad batch, so take it back and find a different retailer who doesn't either get it from a bad warehouse or who doesn't leave old stuff on the shelf. I HAVE had a bad box of it (and it's probably why I paid $8--they had trouble selling it), and it was oxidized and not like what Droste traditionally tastes like. All food has a huge variation unless it's processed so much (McD's or KRAFT) it's not really "FOOD" anymore.
289160289160B0007V11TQA3FODSPWN59YGAJim Cummings "jims50th"1251197331200Excellent cocoa!!!I bought two boxes to get me thru the winter. It's just me drinking it as it's too rich for my wife to drink(rathers Nestle crap lol). This is top cocoa for me as I wish I could travel the world to find the best. If you like chocolate intense, you'll love this stuff. Gonna try it as an icing for my moms homemade turtle cookies soon.
289141289141B0007V11TQAKDMB77OM881HJulie1151321056000Makes the best hot cocoa!Droste Cocoa makes the BEST hot cocoa! Very easy too. Just follow the directions on the box. I love it that it's simply milk, sugar, and cocoa. No artificial stuff like in the typical hot chocolate mix. I've tried other Dutch cocoas and so far I've found this one to be the best. I haven't tried some of the super pricey cocoas but I don't feel that I need to since this one is fantastic. (Side note-I've never tried using this for baking so I can't offer an opinion on that.)
289161289161B0007V11TQA1PXXU7S188825Robert L. Brewer "Brewerdvm"1251188777600Drsote chocolate reviewWonderful product, been looking for it for 3 years, excited about about finding a source. Thank you, Robert L Brewer
289142289142B0007V11TQA7Q2OZE6AQP7Xfran1151303171200Best product on the marketI used this product for years. Found it to be the best! Since moving to Arkansas I had been unable to buy it--but now online I can once again buy it online and use it again! I definately urge everyone to try it--they will love it too. Thanks to Amazon.
289162289162B0007V11TQA2VWSZPQQ9664SKiki "Kiki"0151335052800Superior product!I'm familiar with Droste chocolates from travel in Europe and recently ordered this cocoa mainly because I had come across a baking recipe that called for Dutch process cocoa and was unable to find it in grocery stores.

I'm very pleased with the rich, deep scent and taste of this cocoa product. Unlike many other cocoa powders, this has a wonderful chocolate taste without being too bitter. I've used it many times since buying it to make hot cocoa - opting for organic agave or honey as a sweetener in lieu of sugar.

I would highly recommend this product for any culinary uses!
289143289143B0007V11TQAYR1BKOW7ZIQNBaby Boomer1151301961600Serious Chocolate BiteThis is the best cocoa ever for hot chocolate. It has a strong chocolate flavor and a little bit goes a long way. I've tried many other quality brands but find Droste's pleases me the most. My opinion is totally subjective, of course.

I do not recommend it for cooking and baking. Too strong for fudge and cakes. That's fine. A one-use product is okay with me.
289163289163B0007V11TQA7LI39WD5OK1WDr. Steve0151331337600The best cocoa for making browniesIf you are making brownies, this cocoa is far superior to any other brand. Also great for making hot chocolate.
289144289144B0007V11TQAWLLO2VR7V0TTVee1151254009600yummyI am 81 years old and have been drinking this marvelous cocoa since I was a little girl. My mother only used the best
289145289145B0007V11TQA3BSPB5EUP70XIChocolate lover "K2"1151237939200Droste CocoaMy mother used Droste's and it still is as flavorful as ever. I am ordering from Amazon because my store discontinued it. Thank you for carrying it.
289146289146B0007V11TQAWY2PQD70BG03Knitting Fiend "Amy"1121223769600Chalky TasteI keep wishing I could love this cocoa, but I'm overwhelmed by it's chalky taste. I know others here feel very strongly for this cocoa and will disagree with me, but, following a hot cocoa recipe almost to the "T," I have consistently made the worst cups of hot chocolate of my life! I'm about to throw this cocoa out. My only hope is that it tastes better in baking, and perhaps my sister, the baker in the family can use it.
289164289164B0007V11TQA3UDNQ9A1D1EOQA. Caudle51041183680000Good, but not like DutchThis IS extremely good cocoa; however (regardless of what you've heard), it does NOT taste, nor produce results like Dutch process cocoa. In fact, in cookie recipes, it does not taste much differently than Hershey's. To this day, the best Dutch process cocoa I have ever used was that produced by Hershey's (in the silver can); unfortunately, they no longer make it. I have hunted for a replacement and nothing even comes close.
289147289147B0007V11TQA3OR9V6CW6L0MLShoppin Fool3451261958400Cooking with DrosteDutch-Processed or Alkalized Unsweetened Cocoa Powder is treated with an alkali to neutralize its acids. Because it is neutral and does not react with baking soda, it must be used in recipes calling for baking powder, unless there are other acidic ingredients in sufficient quantities used. It has a reddish-brown color, mild flavor, and is easy to dissolve in liquids.
289148289148B0007V11TQA36J0VHZ1295R4Lucille M. Iacovelli2321254960000FlavorlessI rate this on the same level as Hershey's Special Dark...
Both are nothing special.
289165289165B0007V11TQA3L4XAIFGZTZYLK. Thompson1551199923200So good it'll make you dumpWow! I can't believe how delicious and rich this cocoa is. I love to bake so much that I am contemplating Culinary School. I had bariatic surgery and that cocoa hit the spot. The taste is rich, refined, and just magnificient.
289149289149B0007V11TQA261K1MO13X0AOSteve in Santa Maria0031298592000Good and BadI recall using Droste's cocoa powder for making easy and delicious hot chocolate as far back as 1956. I dearly loved it then. After not using it for several decades I recently purchased several boxes on, mainly for nostalgic reasons.

It's quality still seemed excellent. It was delicous and easy to make.

But I was appalled--just now my wife brought me a large mug of Droste's hot chocolate--[A LONG DELICIOUS PAUSE] I was appalled that the powder came in a poorly sealed box, and not in a sealed bag or in a sealed container. The powder seeps through the cracks in the box, and it is a mess to handle or to store. I gave one box as a gift and had to enclose the box in a sealed plastic bag before gift-wrapping it! The Droste factory could do better.

Product is a 5. Packaging is a 1. Therefore I rate the experience as a 3.
289166289166B0007V11TQA1YLUNG0WGA0V1bakers0411318896000got only 5 when ordered 6 . 2 boxes leaking and appears to be filled with something else.odered 6 got 5. Two boxes leaking and appears to be filled with some other kind of cocoa. Would not use this vendor again. No packing slip.
289150289150B0007V11TQA301EBQ7UE9DXYIvy England0051297900800Droste CocoaI finally found this again! I used to drink it in Israel. It is the best cocoa with a yummy chocolaty taste! Low in calories too. A teaspoon is only 15 calories, and you only need 1 teaspoon per cup of cocoa.
289151289151B0007V11TQA1I99FCXS4RNA0citigirl "citigirl"0041297123200Corn-free, Gluten-free cocoaTo say we have quite a few food allergies in our family is an understatement... when we discovered my son was allergic to all things related to corn (including corn sugars like dextrose and sucrose and corn-derived products like most xanthan gums), baking became incredibly challenging. I wrote to Droste and was pleased to hear that their cocoa is completely corn-free. While it wouldn't be my first choice as a true dark chocolate lover (I usually go for the 72% dark chocolate bars and shavings), Droste's product has a rich enough flavor for everyday baking and hot cocoa-making when food allergies are a concern, and ranks higher in my book than the multitude of tasteless options available to most food allergy sufferers. Thank you, Droste!
289167289167B0007V11TQA16CGZAU5QPG6SR. Hayward01141204156800REAL HollandThe Droste cocoa Product was shipped promptly and promptly gave me a surprise. It was Droste - Direct from Holland!
With Dutch printing and all of the European signs of an imported item.
None of the website info. or photos gave any indication of this reality.

I have NOT used the product yet.
289152289152B0007V11TQAQO6AB5BWV6T9Aundria Carmichael0051279238400Excellent for cakes and cupcakesI think its a fair price point for the amount of product and quality. I am an avid baker and have used many different types of cocoa over the years. This is by far the best to bake works well with splenda, sweet-n-low, and regular sugar. The cocoa taste is altered if you use aspartame or the phenyl....whatever. Price is higher than grocery store and lower than other high ends.
289168289168B000VYJ4LGAO8GSGRRO2A9Gnhbuyer0011338422400tropical jelly beans not worth the moneyThus item is not worth the cost. You only get two bags of jelly beans and if it is because they are tropical flavored this is not worth it. With shipping costs it makes it worth. I suggest you find them in the store for a cost of under $3.
289169289169B001IZ4DTKA1TUCYEN0CXMUBB. Palmer "YaYa"2231268784000Stong stuffThe oil is very strong and pungent. I like it but wish it had a dropper inserted as getting the TINY amount needed for use is a problem. It will take a long time to use these 4 bottles but I think I will enjoy it.
289170289170B001TRB2BEA1RJHX15TFV9PKPHB "PHB"0051350086400Antonin Scalia's favorite sauce!I just saw Antonin Scalia interviewed by Piers Morgan. When asked what his favorite pasta sauce was Scalia mentioned this Sicilian sauce in a yellow can. Kinda funny, no?

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