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289231289231B000JE26YKA1BKT3SOTKZW77mrs.story2251197849600DIVINE!Mmmmmm! I just picked up a bag of these at the store. I am so pleased that I selected the peppermint bark.

Don't cram the whole thing in your mouth, chomp away, and swallow. You'll miss all the good stuff. Chew slowly . . . the mint and chocolate will mingle (and how I LOVE dark chocolate!) . . . and then there are the little crunches from the itty bitty pieces of peppermint. Mmmmmm . . . my mouth smiles and goes to heaven.

These are perfect. I plan to get more before the holiday season is over!
289232289232B000JE26YKAEI8CWKQZ4PG9Paige1151289347200Yummy!! My favorite holiday candy!The mixture of peppermint, white chocolate and milk chocolate make this one yummy chocolate square! They make me think of xmas and are a must for the holidays!
289233289233B000JE26YKA2YYT9G338I3BUBecky Mcelravy1151265587200some of the best peppermint bark, ever!!!!!!!my daughter and i LOVE anything peppermint. for years, i have put peppermint bark in her stocking as a xmas gift. this is her favorite (and mine, too) bark by far. yes, she'll be 19 this year, but i'll continue to buy ghiradelli bark for her every xmas.
289234289234B000JE26YKA2LXW5OGJP0AJJDeanna L. Pierce "Deanna"1151228003200Best holiday chocolate treat!Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Limited Edition 60% Cacao Peppermint Bark with Dark Chocolate, 9.3-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2) is such a delicious holiday treat. It has the tiniest little crunches of peppermint scattered in the white chocolate which is blanketed over smooth 60% cacao dark chocolate. I was already a fan of Ghirardelli's chocolates, but this is definitely my favorite for the holidays. Buy a few extra while it's out because peppermint bark season comes but once a year!
289235289235B000JE26YKA17LBUXOA1VNZFMichael Nichols1151162684800Great holiday chocolate for a gift or for yourself.My girlfriend first introduced me to peppermint bark. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first because when I've eaten peppermint(I guess like a candy cane) in the past, it gets all stuck in my teeth and takes forever to get out. Well, Ghirardelli has fixed all that. The peppermint pieces are so small, it's not a problem to eat them. The chocolate/peppermint ratio is also perfect. You can taste each part and it just melts in your mouth. I highly recommend picking up a bag of these.
289236289236B000JE26YKACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"0051324771200Delicious LuxuryThese chocolates have two layers, the first is chocolate and the top is peppermint. The combination is incredibly delicious and habit forming.

They just melt in your mouth and have a clean, natural taste.

If you like good chocolates and peppermint, this is just right for you. These are made in California, here in The US and I just love them.
289237289237B000JE26YKA3AQPQFQT04K6ZL. Stanzione "lstanzio"0051322438400Excellent FLavorI found this item in my local supermarket for around $4.50 per bag. I saw them at my local Hallmark Card store for $10.00 each. Definitely check out your supermarket first before buying them anywhere else.
289238289238B000JE26YKA3K2JPGF8RAUEWmelville "melville"1211292716800Waxy and flavorlessThe numerous 5 star ratings on here sound like they come from ghiaradelli marketing dept. This peppermint bark is the worst I've ever had. Waxy and tastes like cheap chocolate that skimps on quality. Peppermint oil not even listed as ingredient and instead Filled with preservatives and artificial coloring and flavorings. Save your money and buy some quality chocolate instead.
289239289239B000I9R0AGA1P3ESGS4XZPSOMaryjane Heyer5541159142400strong flavorthese are a little bigger than the standard mint - they're about the same size as an Altoid but shaped like ovals. The flavor is really strong and chocolaty with a bitter chocolate aftertaste (rather pleasant if you like the aftertaste of dark or semi-dark chocolate.)

the tin is a little clunky - a hinged-top tin - but is kinda cute in an old-fashioned sort of way.
289240289240B000I9R0AGA2IQ36ULLGJDH0Flaming Kimono "Occasional Reviewer"1141273622400Tasty but Not BuzzyI originally purchased these caffeinated mints for a 13-hour driving trip. They taste more minty than chocolaty. While driving I need to take three at once in order to feel a slight kick later on. They have found another use on campus for not-so-interesting classes. For that situation one keeps me entertained enough to not doze off just because I become focused on eating something.

Overall I do not find these to be effective enough to justify another purchase.
289241289241B000I9R0AGA236O3DK9B1EAXZhi Wei Tan1151246924800best of both worldsthose mints really do taste like chocolate... and there is a great minty taste to it... not sure how wired you will get when you eat em but they are yummy... its like have portable mint chip ice cream in pill form....

only down side is that there is a slight after taste of... something... i think its the caffine
289242289242B000I9R0AGABQC12EH9T9JYC. Steindam0051342656000Love these mintsThese are my favorite mints. They are a great pick-me-up in the afternoon. I have to watch my sugar, so I appreciate that they are sugar-free, too.
289243289243B000I9R0AGA2HICFJKDEV17Rsweetgirl0031336608000way to expensivethese mints were good but not worth the price i paid plus the ridiculous shipping not really for someone who is looking to freshen their breath more like an overpriced candy and who really wants that
289244289244B000I9R0AGA1ZNKXGZM1RPS5Julia0051335139200Penguin Caffeinated Chocolate MintsThose mints are yummy and only 3-4 of them give me a boost so I can study more. Usually take them to school when I have test in early morning to help my brain to wake up.
289245289245B0031P8RHYA2QWVZPP6X6V88NiteOwl19651151284508800Great Kona Coffee at a Great PriceAs a follower in great coffees, I found this Kona to be
very well priced, (to the other current prices on the market for Kona)
As well as being very fresh, and full in taste.
I highly recommend this brand / seller, and will buy again!
Shipping was fast, and Quality was perfect.
289246289246B001VNEBEQA144LF2QWLG1ZLCraig Jackson8831308441600Fantastic price there is some impurity
289247289247B001VNEBEQA2Y8MLODHOO5IDquanarose6651315872000I Love FrontierThe Frontier Celery Seed Whole, 16 Ounce Bags (Pack of 3), that I purchased directly from Amazon, is without impurities. The seeds smell divine and taste even better.

Since these are whole seeds, they should stay delicious for quite some time. I am thrilled to have 3 lbs. of these seeds, as I can use the extra to make spice mixes for gifts. Thanks again to Amazon and Frontier.
289248289248B001VNEBEQA3UF4K552BJ1VCHappy Rafters0041349481600Lots of celery seedYou get 3 one pound bags of celery seed, for the normal user this would be a lifetime supply! I have shared a bag with a couple of friends and one bag is plenty for me but the price is so good. In the stores if you want celery seed it is about a third of the price or more and you just get a little bottle. I add celery seed to a lot of my soup recipies and some salad recipies. My friends were delighted with the gift!
289249289249B001VNEBEQA3HZ5HFFWSUA9AE. Rippel0051338249600Lots o' Celery SeedI got a whole lot of (excellent quality)celery seed for a low, low price! I recommend the product but offer this caution: be prepared to freeze 2 of the bags or share with friends.
289250289250B0057FT87OAXFSTG66N6IB6Toy Boy0051337904000Just like I remember as a kid.......I grew up with Nalley's as a kid outside of Tacoma. The plant has moved to the midwest, so it's bittersweet to find these on Amazon. But I've moved to the east coast. Still, the quality of this chili is what I still remember. I bring these along to simmer when we go camping. The flavor is still great, and the prime shipping and cost is a great value.
289251289251B006TACZD0A1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"0051351123200SPINACH EATERS, THEY AREMy kitties are SPINACH EATERS, THEY ARE! And they love this Purina Pro Plan Chicken, Pasta (little balls of Pasta) and Spinach...little Spinach leaves are seen here and there. My cats like this well enough that they will eat it on an every other day basis. It isn't SO GREAT that they will eat it every day, day in and day out. But, if it is on a rotation where they get it every two or three days, then they will eat it and lap it all up. I do not mind rotating the food to keep them happy. So far, it has just been a matter of figuring out what they will eat and how often then will eat it. Then, with Amazon's wonderful Subscribe and Save capability, I just order and have items shipped every one, three, four or six months. I have finally found enough foods that I am able to order these and just sit back and watch them roll in!
Some of the kitty favs are:1, Purina Pro Plan Adult Cat Food, Turkey and Cheddar Cheese Entrée, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)2.Purina Pro Plan Adult Cat Food (Indoor Care), Salmon and Rice Entrée, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)(THIS SALMON IS AN EVERY DAY FOOD). 3.Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys for Cats, Florentine Collection with Garden Greens, 12-Count (Pack of 2) 4.Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Chicken in Chicken Consomme (12/2.8oz Cans)5.Fussie Cat Premium Chicken with Vegetables & Brown Rice - 24 - 2.82-oz. Cansand 6.Halo Spot's Stew Natural Canned Food for Cats, Chicken, Shrimp and Crab Recipe, 5-1/2-Ounce, 12 pack. IT HAS TAKEN A LONG TIME TO FIGURE THESE OUT. My kitties like many of the Pro Plan foods, and also really like the Fussie Cat offerings which are new to us!
So, my kitties, say Thank you for reading all this. Hope it will help you find things your kitty will like too. My cats are big lovers of the "Chicken" offerings. They Do like this Chicken, Pasta and Spinah meal! So say: Gabriella, Trinity, Wisdom, Mercy, and Yellow Kitty!
289252289252B001DB31BKAG9AUOW1X2THPJ. Young1111265760000Disappointed and angryI ordered this product and it came later than any of the other items I purchased around the same time. A week later. I ordered before Christmas and did not receive the product until the very end of December.
I just now was able to start using the "soapwort" a week ago. Otherwise, I would have had this review up a lot sooner.
There was absolutely no sudsing from these roots. They just made my creation smell like musty dirt, but gave no amount of sudsing.
I tried to rub a few root pieces in my hand with water to see if there would be sudsing, and no. I tried soaking the roots overnight in cold water and looked for suds in the morning - none. I boiled the water, added the roots and steeped overnight. Nothing.
This was a huge rip-off. This was my first purchase from this company, Kismet Kreations. I wish I had purchased things before and had good results so I had something better to say, but this is what I've gotten on my first purchase, and if things are not made right, it will be my last from them.
289253289253B001E52WNSA2MF0DRO3CR209Janet W "janet"182051200355200Sugar Free Cafe ViennaI would love for Amazon to offer Sugar Free Cafe Vienna.......I hope someone else reads this and agrees...I am having a hard time finding it.
289254289254B001E52WNSA393SW83L4WH3GmcHaiku "nmi"5541213142400"YEP! THE WORD 'SILKY' NAILS IT!"If you are experiencing exhaustion from preparing for weekend guests, stop NOW and ban all list-making for a day. Then practice total relaxation with a mug of SILKY Cafe Vienna. (Five ***** for addiction)

You don't even need to visualize the Austrian Alps to have that feeling of being poured into a hammock. With International Coffees there is the advantage of NO FUSS preparation, NO CLEAN-UP, AND an 'indulgent' hint of cinnamon. HOWEVER, make sure you are purchasing the regular /NOT/ "sugarFree" - - because the latter CLUMPS; there is no other word for the dismaying change. With the "sugarFree" tin you are paying the same for far fewer ounces, too!!

Actually, the indulgence tastes mighty like SUGAR, but
REVIEWER mcHAIKU hints (tongue-in-cheek): "You will enjoy the taste more if you DON'T read the List of Ingredients!"
289255289255B001E52WNSAMLE03PKIOKLQD. Emerson4451286582400Misleading InformationReceived the following notice for subscribe and save:

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and we are not able to continue your subscription.

Upon investigation of the subscribe and save offerings, this product is listed, however, the price has been raised.

When canceling a subscription and it is still available, why mislead the recipient by saying it has been canceled by the manufacturer and not state it cannot be offered at the same price?
289256289256B001E52WNSA32WJDZT9QTKQ6Tanya Gutierrez "Coffee Addict"4451256428800Great coffee mixI was the kind of person that had to have my Starbucks in the morning - until I tried Cafe Vienna! It truly is just as good as Starbucks but not as expensive AND I don't have to drive anywhere to get that perfect cup of coffee! All you do is add water! Very convenient if you are always on the go and don't have time to wait in line...
289257289257B001E52WNSA2Z9EWUDWJRE0FBev "Bev Horn"3341283990400I want my SUGAR FREE again! (That gets 5 stars!)I've always bought the sugar-free. It's been available at Albertsons and now it's not. I've emailed the company twice (Kraft) as they say it is still available but no one gets back to me. I'll have to learn how to make my own version of it. Any suggestions on what to put in it? I've tried adding cinnamon but that didn't even taste close!

Since woman are the main drinkers of this beverage, you'd think sugar-free in all the flavors would be a logical marketing decision.
289258289258B001E52WNSA3W2IG60XR160VG. ellis "g.e.."3331283904000why the change?I have a cup of this every morning...I have for 27 years.
I understand they had to make the package smaller...To make more money...
But why did they have to add more sodium to the receipe???
It doesn't taste the same!!!!
Everything changes I guess:(
The old one would have got 5 stars.
289259289259B001E52WNSA2MQFT5DS12B0LL. liang "Roadwarrior"2251284768000Coffee ReviewBest price in town. If you like this kind of coffee, buy them from Amazon.
289260289260B001E52WNSAJ0JXEHFC6CA8M. D. Gonzales "Miche"2251272153600Nom Nom NomThis is the only powdered coffee drink that I buy at the stores.

It has a unique taste, and it's quite addicting.

Because it hits the spot during the summer, try drinking it chilled.

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