Amazon Fine Food Reviews

289344289344B004JLCRNOA1U2IE9A4Q1YHK. Lee1151337212800Chai for Chai LoversThis chai is an everyday tea for me. I discovered it while on vacation and had a hard time finding it in the stores. I use it in ice tea and drink it straight a couple of times a day. It uses white tea instead of black so the bitterness from black tea is completely missing and all you taste is the pure chai-ness. I save the regular chai for when I want the sweetened milky chai.
289345289345B004JLCRNOA25TZ9NQMCVEIEMargaret Drake "Maggie D."1151319760000Great AM TeaWe have recently started having a cup of tea in the early AM, well before coffee. It's a much gentler way to receive the day, and I really like this Stash tea. My husband is picky about the tag being able to be wrapped around the handle in such a manner that it doesn't fall into the cup, and these fill that bill. I like that black tea is included in the mix, as that gives the tea little more ooomph than just green or white. Very nice flavor makes this a good choice.
289346289346B004JLCRNOA5KVV7USI51I9LW0051350518400Always GreatIm never dissapointed in Stash's teas. Always great, White Chai is my favorite, I enjoy it hot or cold, but I mainly make it as a sun tea.
289347289347B004JLCRNOAG04S98Z530OTmanotea0051346371200Greem Chai TeaGreen Chai Tea by Stash Tea Co. is a great tea. I drink it every morning and even make hot toddies with it. The value of this purchase was exceptional.
289348289348B004JLCRNOA1VNK9UM9A1NHHBonnie0051329955200LOVE THIS TEA!!!I am so freaking excited and too pleased that amazon carries this brand of tea
289349289349B004JLCRNOA1FX2WGZM7NNV8tiger iris lady0041321488000Minty!This is good tea, but tastes too much the Merry Mint and other mint teas. I like the Christmas Eve better.
289350289350B000MOG512A74WV9OTFSJPGWilliam Yates "former litnick"2231328227200OKNot worth the price paid. OK but you can make your own with less trouble and it will taste better
289321289321B001O2F5WQA3Q3TYRO63YAZD. Rossi0051289865600Smells and tastes yummy!My son absolutely LOVES this food. He's 8 months and we picked up a few jars and he can't get enough of them. They taste delicious and they smell wonderful too... not like some of the other pasty baby foods he's tried before. Two thumbs up!
289322289322B001O2F5WQA19NDIRX5VXUUTMargo Green0051270944000Healthy Grammy loves Earth's BestI purchase Earth's Best baby foods for my GrandSon. He loves it, perferring it above all other baby foods his mom buys for him. I am confident that he is getting quality organic foods to begin his life. Amazon delivers right to his door within two days of ordering. How easy is that??
289323289323B001O2F5WQA1H19PLKOHN0PSjanedivided0051269993600Better Than CakeMy twins dislike most vegetables, but they have happily eaten these green beans since they were six months old. They're 15 months now, and they still prefer them to almost anything else I put on their trays, including cheese, fruit, and even their own birthday cake. They'll eat other green beans, too, but these are definitely the favorite (and clearly preferred to the ones I make myself).
289324289324B001O2F5WQA3VXJ08OO2HX4QChatty Mockingbird1211321488000Organic with BPAThere is BPA in the lids and company claims it doesn't touch the food so it's okey. Why do they even write ORGANIC 6 times around the lid? Not honest to their costumer. I wouldn't even give 1 star if l could.
289325289325B001O2F5WQAKK49Y5DWSENDZombieLuv0151248912000GoodMy 4 month old son likes this pumpkin apple combination lots. He eats it right down. I like the fact that it is an Earth's Best product, good price for good baby food, nice!
289326289326B000UGUWZMA2RMXE387YYLRLknaackville2251305936000ExcellentI had some rose bushes that I recently planted and after a few months I took them for dead. :( Shortly after applying this the rose bushes sprouted leaves and blooms all over the place. I would definitely recommend this product!!!
289327289327B000UGUWZMA3EUNYDKZ2Z8NJAgnes "Ag"1151314662400Best Rose Food On the MarketWhen I couldn't find this product, I used other Rose Food producst. Not one worked as well as this one. I finally found this online and my ROSES ARE HAPPY!
289328289328B000UGUWZMA8X1YI90JPSGPL. Curtin "flutelaura"1141289088000Rose blooms immediately responded!This product is easy to shake out and easy to measure. Within a week of application, I had rose buds on many of my rose bushes. The blooms weren't as large as normal, but it was late in the season so I'm not certain I can attribute smaller blooms to the product.

There were several plants that did not blossom but did grow somewhat. I look forward to another application in a month or so to see if it will jolt some of them to blossom more! I live in Florida so roses bloom all year round!
289329289329B000UGUWZMA18KR7DQMC9TM3Mike S0051346976000Rose Food ( the best ever)I have used many different fertilizers in the past, both dry and liquid. This is by far the best! You will notice the difference.
289330289330B000UGUWZMA2LWG5GAES9NMAkk0011346889600Miracle-Gro Shake'n feed Rose Plant FoodDisappointed in this Miracle-Gro product. I used as instructed and did not see any significant result. Not one of my better buys...
289331289331B000UGUWZMA2BWCHB66SN85ZLarrie J. Ausman0041337299200Rose FoodThis product is easy to use with the "Shaker Bottle" and takes all the guess work out of measuring the correct amount of food.
289332289332B0015DQG7WA3HLS7KY9PHQ5LMeticulous11151329955200I love these mints!Simply put, they are relatively strong for the "breath-conscious" person and the flip top can is convenient. They are strong enough (for me) to withstand my love for onions and garlic and I like the taste. I had to resort to buying online because I can't find them locally anymore. Not quite sure why that is, but to me they are worth searching for. I guess you could call me a "mint-a-holic!" ;-) If I had to compare Eclipse and Altoids, I would say Eclipse mints are equivalent in power, but they avoid the powder mess and are packaged in a smaller tin.
289333289333B0015DQG7WAIR02R7NKZJIVJeffrey Chu1151323302400Excellent customer serviceThe first shipment was lost but the vendor is quickly to respond with a new shipment after receiving feedback. Dustin made the point to explain where anything could happen to the shipment and I agreed with him. I based my satisfaction on the recovery process.
289334289334B0015DQG7WA2E6GJZKW2J6E0R. M. Hudspeth "student of life"1111319500800Not as advertisedBought these specific mints because they were advertised with the magic slogan "Now with Natural germ killing" which came on the mints that were sweetened with Xylitol (same as in the gums that claim germ fighting ability). These are not those mints any more - those had the Red Letters on the box front that also says "Now with Natural germ killing." These do not and are sweetened with sorbitol instead. I have had some great success switching to Xylitol in my toothpaste, gum and even as a coffee sweetener and was happy to find these again after not seeing them for awhile. Unfortunately I was disappointed.
289335289335B0015DQG7WA1LYXEUQBIJZIKWatson1151308182400Eclipse Mints - the bestEclipse Mints are very hard to find - for some reason retailers have pulled them, so Amazon is about my only resource.
289336289336B0015DQG7WA1EJ3JK4IDIRAVDebra L Dietrichson1141300752000Eclipse Peppermint MintsJust love the tins these mints come in. Can't find them in the stores anymore (at least, not this flavor).
289337289337B0015DQG7WAC8C9PT59CDW1M.A.R.0051330732800Best mints out thereI discovered these while in Costa Rica, bought them at a local store when my mouth was dry. Couldn't find them in the stores anywhere here, not sure why, so now I buy them in bulk on Amazon so I always have a supply. Love these mints.
289338289338B0015DQG7WA2NKUU5IOFP9OTMary B. Tatz0051316217600Sugar FreeWe like the Eclipse Sugar Free Mints. When you have a dry mouth, it helps keep it moist and tasting fresh.

I ordered one non sugar free by mistake. Can you cancel the non sugar free mints or change the non sugar free mints to
To sugar free.
Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Mary B. Tatz
289339289339B003CY45VGA3DVZQAVE4NOZRPetra Ortiz "Mother, Author, Entrepreneuer"2251289347200best tasting healthy Hot ChocolateThe dark chocolate flavour of this gourmet healthy hot chocolate is best in 8 ounces of hot water. Research 'ganoderma, 'any disease'' at pubmed, webmd, and the like but I have heard & read of many instances in which this brand of Hot Chocolate, because of its strategic infusion of 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum, has coincidentally positively affected many children and young adults with ADD and ADHD. Do the research online yourself, I'm just a messenger. :) But I do recommend you mix it in 8 ounces of hot water, after that, you can add your marshmallows, creamer & whatnot, but really, it's perfect all by itself in my opinion. I think anyone you hand this hot cup of rich chocolatey goodness to will love it, and thank you profusely, plus they will 'feel' alot better too. Gourmet Healthy Coffee flavours [black, latte, mocha] & Organic Green Tea are available too, but for children, and especially in chilly weather, you will make many people happy serving this brand. You'll see.
289340289340B003CY45VGA3B8YMO0S8Y9HIGood Shoes1151332201600Very Good Product: OrGano Gold Gourmet Mocha - One of a KindThe OrGano Gold Gourmet Mocha is a one of a kind coffee. If the
price does not get too pricy, then the product will sell itself.

289341289341B003CY45VGA1YWY60EMSS8OEChell0051325721600Loved it!!Loved this product. Taste good gave me energy and helped me drop a few sizes. Got here super quick and was reasonably priced.
289342289342B001682QUMA3C33IBETB125BHonest view "Honest"0031346803200Yeah right...The box says it's a complete kit, to make one pizza. But... you still have to provide the cheese. It's fine if you can only eat crust and pizza sauce.
289343289343B001682QUMA19ML1O08IVMMOnikki0051322611200reednikki71@yahoo.comI live in alaska and I received it on schedule. Great service and product and I will be ordering again soon

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