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289351289351B000MOG512A2AMHK9NQPQ0RWskip1141329436800Popover made easyVery easy to add water and one egg. Simple and easy to make in 20 minutes. Adding items to the mix doesnt provide the same results but the basic turned out very good.
289352289352B003XUE9Q0A2MLP4UGTF1RX4M. FUSCO "yawnmower"81051314403200Great productIf you like the traditional Beefaroni, as I do, you will love this product.

The whole wheat noodles are a bit more 'al dente' than the white noodles of the regular issue Beefaroni. Good texture and a great, familiar taste. Great buy, too, relative to the price in most grocery stores.

Comfort food.
289353289353B003XUE9Q0A1HPCAMVOSZWB2Wifey Girl "Wifey Girl"5651325116800Delicious!My son loves it. He said it tastes better than the original one. He likes whole grain bread & stuff like that but he usually stays away from the whole grain pasta products. However, he really likes this canned whole grain pasta a lot. He's 12 and hard to please when it comes to food, so that's saying a (whole grain) lot. :)
289354289354B003XUE9Q0A2YN8XPTHXC41Qvejigirl0051351036800Great dealThis is a good deal on a 12-pack. Good for stockpiling food and the expiration date shows 2014. Easy to store.
289355289355B003XUE9Q0A2B25BGEREHW9XMakuahine0041348704000Whole grain!On the whole, my family eats a pretty healthy diet. The majority of our food is organic and healthy. However, we also have really busy moments sometimes, where this Whole Grain Beefaroni comes in handy. I am glad that Chef Boyardee made the effort to product a whole grain product. My teens really like it and I don't mind them having it once in a while. This is one of the only canned pasta meals that doesn't contain MSG. And, the Amazon price for the pack of 12 is the lowest I've seen anywhere. Thanks Amazon!
289356289356B003XUE9Q0A1U6RD0KJPNTYVglennon .5821330732800BUYER BEWARE!!!When I saw this product on Amazon, I thought "Great" some whole grain noodles from Chef Boyardee, NOT! Oh, yes, there is whole grain, but it is only 52% whole grain. Let's see, a 15 ounce can has two servings and if you eat the whole can that's 62 grams of carbs! So, I guess I'll save these for a time when I need to boost my blood sugar.
289357289357B003XUE9Q0A29GWIJL72GXXZjon1231321337644800Yuck!Was on a subscribe and save deal and an incredible sale price so I figured why not, how bad could this stuff really taste. Well, I was quite surprised to see just how much icky flavor they could put into a small can and have it sell so well for years. It will be my 'natural disaster' back up food I guess. Not sure how else to eat it unless under a situation of starvation and no other options.
289358289358B000CMH0N6AA48AFIWU80VFTox grad2241173312000Good mix of Yogi teas, with alot of licoriceI like yogi teas and figured that an assortment during the winter would be nice, however I found that 3 of the 4 teas contained licorice root which i am not particularly fond of tasting. However, if you like licorice root, then this is a good assortment!
289359289359B000CMH0N6A1H16KX8Z5H0AUJaime M. Vega1151195689600Perfect Mix!I have always loved the Yogi Tea Collection and was really happy to get this Cold Season Sampler. It has all of my favorites together in one box, so that I don't have a bunch of boxes on the shelf getting old when the cold passes. Great Combination!
289360289360B000CMH0N6A2M4U5L2AW8PKFE. Hacibeyoglu3451189641600Excellent Winter Selection of Yogi Tea!Yogi Tea Cold Season Tea Sampler is the real deal! $16 Yogi Tea Cold Season Tea Sampler lasted me all winter, and helped me deal with sore throat and stuffy nose problems. Each box comes down to $2.64, which is the best possible deal in the market. Besides, the selection consists of premium tea. As long as you don't despise the licorice taste, you will find the tea varieties to be tasty and extremely helpful for your respiratory system throughout the cold winter months.
289361289361B000CMH0N6A3HPZ6BIMNXSZRGabriela Perez "Oy! So many books. . . ."3451180656000excellent teas---especially for respiratory symptomsI get some nasty chest congestion when I have a cold or the flu, and the other day, when I felt the crud sneaking up on me, I used one of these teas in order to help with the congestion I knew was about to get bad. Well, normally my congestion would progress and become horrible, even making me run to my asthma inhaler (the only time I really need it is when I have a respiratory infection). But after a couple of cups of this one tea, I found myself indeed breathing a bit more easily. I can't prove it was just the tea that did this, but I can tell you that the progression of my congestion wasn't as bad as usual, and all indicators said it would be bad (I can usually tell by how bad my throat is at the onset).

Also, my sister used the one for throat comfort and found it made her own creeping crud FAR less horrific than usual. Both she and I typically begin respiratory stuff with throat problems, and the pain in our throats can get pretty bad, so it's something special when she can find a tea that helps with that.

We basically agreed that while Yogi teas are not panaceas, they are helpful in easing some of the symptoms, and that might be enough for most people to get through the cruddy cold season with their sanity more or less intact. :-)
289362289362B000CMH0N6A3JXQ91A1MWFQ6C. Conner "Crissy Conner, Co-Owner/Creator at...0051326412800Great for when you are sick or to help your immune system!Love this product! All the flavors in the sampler come in handy. I got everyone at my office addicted to these teas and we were ordering them by the case. I have a few friends who refuse to drink hot tea, but once they tried these they fell in love and said it was the only hot tea they liked! No honey or sweetner needed, they are perfect the way they are!
289363289363B000CMH0N6A13GG9TSUP1C9OJasmine Young0041306454400First thing I reach for when I"m sickI drink bags and bags of the echinacea tea when I feel a cold coming on and then drink throat comfort and breath deep if the cold sets in. I try to avoid the Cold Season bag because it tastes kind of funky. I like this pack because I feel like the cold season does help me, even if it does not appeal to my taste buds. It's also a great way to try 4 different Yogi teas at an awesome price.
289364289364B000CMH0N6ACDB5Z7DSM6RVkanoodle0051289088000Best cold tea ever.Just wanted to say this is the second year I have purchased this tea. It works amazing to help reduce your cold symptons. I purchased extra and passed the on to my co-workers. Will buy this item again and again. Thanks Yogi Teas.
289365289365B000CMH0N6A32CT91J9PUVBMssm "It's the life for me"0051197331200Sooo GoodMy throat had been sore all day and I'd been drinking tea with honey at work. When I got home, I brewed the Throat Comfort and immediately the soreness was gone! It never came back.

It's not the best tasting tea, to me (although my staff love it. I gave them each a box of the sampler and told them there's no excuse now for them to call in sick again :)

My husband hates tea but when he was sick with sore throat, stuffy head etc. I made him drink the Throat Comfort first, then the Cold Season, then the Breathe Deep. His throat immediately stopped hurting, he stopped sneezing and was able to get some sleep. I think he recovered sooner than he normally does too.

Good stuff!
289366289366B000CMH0N6A1S43C5E45XQNB. Rahn "Mrs. Rahn"0051179273600Very good teasI have used Yogi teas for years and have never had a bad experience with them yet. These teas really work. Highly recommend them.
289367289367B000CMH0N6A1Z15BM0V863HECurious in Seattle0151318118400Question about productI love these teas for the cold season, but I can't find a place on this page to ask a question about the product.

Yogi Cold Season Tea Sampler, Herbal Tea Supplement Variety Pack, 16-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6): Can anyone tell me how many of each teas you get in this shipment? There are only 4 teas, but you receive 6. Before I order it, I wanted to know how many of each teas I would be receiving in the sample package.

Thank you!
289368289368B000CMH0N6A2MFTMY570XK6FMike Hall31211292025600Beware: Terrible taste, possible side effects, buy at your riskI've had very good luck with some of the teas sold by Amazon (for example, Good Earth and Triple Leaf brands), but not with this product. Contains four different types of teas specifically formulated to combat the sniffles.

Breathe Deep: Tastes like jasmine incense (though licorice root and eucalyptus leaf are the top ingredients) with an unpleasant lingering aftertaste.

Cold Season: Very powerful smell, taste, and aftertaste. Ginger root and licorice root are the top two ingredients.

Throat Comfort: Licorice root and fennel seed the top ingredients. Can really taste the fennel and soothing to the throat but gave me stomach upset and a headache.

Echinacea Immune Support: Peppermint leaf and lemongrass are the top two ingredients (note that peppermint is not recommended for those with GERD). Echinacea root is the third ingredient. Can taste the top two ingredients. It is not an unpleasant tea, but does have an odd aftertaste.

There is a pattern here: Licorice root is prominent in these teas' formulations.

Buy at your risk: They cannot be returned under Amazon's grocery policy, though Amazon did kindly refund my money after complaining. Yoga does not have a customer satisfaction statement on the box, so don't know how the company would handle customer dissatisfaction.
289369289369B000UXVJ1QA1JOANG98KBFKURachel Himes6751247788800Great price. Fresh tasting. Mild.If you use a large amount of sundried tomatoes (for pesto, salads, pastas, whatever), you cannot beat this price.

When shopping for sun-dried tomatoes there are generally the kind that are moist-dry (as these are). They are plump, slightly juicy, but have a concentrated tomato flavor.
Others are leather-dry and more shelf stable, but have to be slightly rehydrated before using them.

These are milder tasting than some, but still have excellent flavor. If you need "strips" for a recipe you can easily cut these with kitchen shears or add to pesto to make a fabulous pizza or pasta sauce.

They are not the kind that are soaked in oil, which is favorable in my opinion. It makes them easily to work with and lower in fat for healthy cooking. It is rare to find a "dried" tomato this juicy without being soaked in oil.

They do require refrigeration after you open them, so you may want to consider sharing a bag with a cooking friend because of the sheer volume.
289370289370B000UXVJ1QA1RJPRWURXC3MNC. Gozzi "Curley Girl"3441230422400Lots of tomatoes!I love sun dried tomatoes to cook with and have not been able to find them reasonably priced in the stores. This is a great place to buy them. The tomatoes are a bit big and must be cut down for cooking, but at least you can have them when you want them. 5 pounds is quite a bit - would be nice to have about a 2.5 pound size instead.
289371289371B000UXVJ1QA1RW9IZSO1Z1DPE. Scherer2311282348800Not Good at allThey have a odd bitter taste and are way to large. I have tried several different ways of cooking them, but all my receipes end up with that same odd, bitter taste. Would not recommend.
289372289372B000UXVJ1QA3DZUD1421NH1YM. M. Bwany2311261872000Bad taste, tough, not worth itI am not sure if it was age or something else, but these just suck. Yes, I did refrigerate them right after opening the bag. I am sure it didn't help that Amazon sent them via Fedup-with-Fedex so they wasted away in Fedex's rotten warehouse for about 2 weeks before finally making their way to my door.

Tough, very tart, odd odor. They certainly weren't edible as-is. Trying to hydrate them to get rid of the tartness didn't do much good. Tried to use them to make a sauce - cooking made them tender but the odd taste and aroma persisted. I am sorry that I wasted my money on this product.
289373289373B000UXVJ1QA3GRRBTAUEI10SJ0051345852800Great snackingSundried tomatoes are loaded with lycopene which has been reported to ward off cancer. I even just snacked on these, but I just really like sundried tomatoes. Having so many was really helpful as well because when you buy them in the store you have to be conservative with using them in your dishes. Great in pesto.
289374289374B000UXVJ1QA35W3JQYP0M655Ambergris "John Thomas"0041310083200Good For Soups, Stews.....Great PriceSun dried tomatoes are kinda in a class by themselves as far as a product, and flavor. Some fruits and certain olives are sun dried, but tomatoes seem to be a favorite that are easily available. I'm a lover of tomatoes in any form and sun dried is no exception. Like a lot of other dried products I use these mostly for hiking and camping. I've never been one to settle for just hot dogs and canned meals on a hike. I actually look forward to the open fire dinners on a wilderness trip as much as I do the hike itself. Sun dried tomatoes make an excellent and flavorful addition to camp soups and stews. I use them often as a substitute for tomato powder that is mostly to give a soup a tomato broth flavor. Although these tomatoes come in a nice "fun" size suitable for just eating as is, I don't really eat them, or recommend them that way. If you like your sun dried tomatoes as a snack, or in salads, I would suggest you buy one of the more expensive brands. The expensive ones are a little more tender and a smidgen more flavorful than the Roland's. But if you like using sun drieds in a soup, stew, or casserole, I highly recommend the Roland's. The price can't be beat here on Amazon for a 5 lb bag, and once they are warmed and simmered in a big pot as I use them, trust me when I tell you they all pretty much taste the same. They are very convenient to tote along on a hike in your back pack, and are very much appreciated in a hot stew over an open fire way out yonder somewhere. Go for it and enjoy...
289375289375B000UXVJ1QA3H9ZOIRKG07YBZhara um NIkko "Haflacrat"1251277942400Chewy bits of sunshineBrilliant color, tangy taste, and a chewy texture that is just right. Roland Sun-dried tomatoes in the 5 lb bag have exceeded our expectations, especially for a dried tomato that is not packed in oil.

Other brands that we've had were hard as rocks, some aspired to at least be leathery. Some other brands have had a bizarre and unpleasant chemical flavor and unwanted smell. Not here - Roland Sundried tomatoes in the 5 lb bag are moist, flavorful, and opening the bag was an aromatic treat that made us think of our favorite pizzeria.

One note - it's not a reclosable bag, and it's rather hard to use 5 entire lbs of tomatoes at once. Re-bagging into ziplocs will be needed. Quite worth it for the price, tho. Good stuff.
289376289376B000UXVJ1QA1MZNS0XJQKTXPQuido Sarducci "Quido Sarducci"1211255478400Bad, these are just badI've tried the Roland sun dried tomatoes in garlic and olive oil previously and they were good. I thought I would try these next. I ordered these a couple of months ago and decided to open them up and put these in a salad. One bite and I spit them out. These tasted like plastic and I was concerned that I was going to get poisoned. I don't know if being vacuum packed in a thick plastic bag is the best thing. The whole 5 lb. bag is sitting in my outside garbage. My money was wasted which is a shame since I've tried other Roland products and have been very pleased, especially there Balsalmic Glaze.
289377289377B000UXVJ1QA3GK5OPQD0SCPUStephen M. Gelinas1231228176000pretty good for the priceThese tomatoes are ok. I've tasted better though.Large bag must be refrigerated once it's opened.Great price!
289378289378B00850F5L6A1DNSV07AENM6Flmay0051344297600Love, love, love itCrunchy and perfect! Natural ingredients with great taste of sea salt. My children and friends love it too. I would strongly recommend. Will be buying this again.
289379289379B00480KJQIA2O1EW7WHQD3ZHSourz0051349913600AWESOME!!This tastes absolutely AWESOME!! I took a case for my hiking trip for 6 people. I was hoping to return with 1/2 the case, all 15 bags finished in less than 2 days.
only down side is MSG. but for this taste, i dont mind a little MSG.
289380289380B0009O1G7IA2EBBERRYVVJ5WArt7851263254400Wonderful stuff.For the most part, I'm not real fond of coconut. I didn't even know they made coconut syrup til I ate at a pancake place in Hawai'i. Mmmm, is that stuff good! My recommendation: buy a bottle right now.

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