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289381289381B0009O1G7IA3RW7MDA9O1R3Orton Wisegarver "Displaced Hawaiian"5651171152000Excellent Supplier and ProductOrder through the Amazon website - product was shipped and we received within 4 days - Excellent quality -
289382289382B0009O1G7IA2QBRG3ULI91JNHestheone81111322179200OutragiousReceived this as a gift, and it was pretty good so I went online to order another bottle. I was astonished that anyone would have the gall to ask $21 for a regular size bottle of syrup. Seriously, this is crazy talk. Yeah, it's pretty tasty, but you would have to be an idiot to support these clowns in their attempt to pick your pocket like this. In Hawaii, the exact same article is about $5 and targets tourists, because anyone who truly wants this would just make some from scratch. It's not hard, the ingredients are easily available at any grocery store, and home made does not have the chemical aftertaste. It doesn't even take long to make, and you can easily have it done, fresh, if you start the same time you begin to cook your pancakes. You are not doing anything else except waiting for the tiny bubbles to form and start to pop, anyway.
289383289383B0009O1G7IA2UFTO2195NCCTPamela J. Moore3451162598400deeeeeliciousThis is great syrup, especially with Macadamia Nut pancakes. Brings back happy island memories.
289384289384B0009O1G7IATQAXOX8EZSP4RH0031344988800coconut syrupI had this syrup in Hawaii, thought it was wonderful. The one I ordered at first tasted fine, then developed a chemical aftertaste. I would not recommend this product.
289385289385B0009O1G7IA14RZM4J1DHG3QPaula P. Surian "PPS"0051341619200love coconut syrupWe used to have a store in town called Sun Jose Hawaii where you could buy all Hawaiian stuff but it closed a few years ago. So happy I could find my favorite syrup on Amazon.
289386289386B0009O1G7IA26IAMS342JRX9bonbon0051333843200Coconut SyrupMy daughter and grandson have been looking for 5 years for coconut syrup in the markets here in Portland, Oregon and in Green Bay, Wisconsin without success. Today for Easter my grandson received his Hawaiian Coconut Syrup in his Easter basket and was thrilled. He and his mother had pancakes for breakfast. His two little brothers had pancakes also but with maple syrup instead. Thank you Amazon.
289387289387B0009O1G7IA3KK2O8AFS3PPFewh1230051331856000Coconut SyrupI ordered this coconut syrup as a reminder of my trip to the Big Island Hawaii. I am very pleased with my purchase as this syrup tastes exactly like the one I had while on vacation. I ordered 2 bottles and when I am out I will be ordering more of this syrup. It has a very pleasant coconut taste without being overpowering. Highly recommended!
289388289388B0009O1G7IA1TVZBGYBLZ0WWChuckTesta0051325030400Great Product!!!The first time I had coconut syrup was in Kauai, Hawaii. That is why I ordered this. And I am very glad I did. It has a great taste and took me right back to that little breakfast spot we had while there looking out on the beach! Product was shipped fast and I LOVED it to the last drop!
289389289389B0009O1G7IA18LEH9H27TDW5Nana1251321401600Hawaiian SyrupThis item was just as described and arrived very fast. Was well packed. Would purchase again from this vendor. Very pleased with product.
289390289390B0009O1G7IA1MIY2CLXFN1H1CHICH1251306886400Delicious!If you've never tried coconut syrup on a Belgian Walnut Waffle, with sliced bananas, you're missing a "party in your mouth!" Absolutely yummy! But get the best from Hawaii.
289391289391B000633NXMA3F8SP8YJ6VOJ5Katherine Storm202151278115200This is a little embarrassing, but...When they say mammoth, they mean mammoth.

I thought I was buying a bone on the large side. Uh, the thing weighs a ton and looks like the shin bone of a cow. Or a dinosaur. It's 18" long. It would take my dog about a year of gnawing, but he'd be happy the whole time.
289392289392B000633NXMA7VCK76U0QOQ1gabsterzz "sodope"111251272240000Dogs loved it!i have a Pit Bull, Queensland Heeler and a mutt, they all loved the bone... I let them chew on it for a little while everyday.. sometimes big chunks break off and I usually take those from them (Im paranoid the piece will get stuck and choke them) .. I recommend you supervise your pup when they're chewing on these, just to be safe.. Highly recommended, especially for bigger dogs.
289393289393B000633NXMAWDM5U1HKARZ0A. Campbell "agc147"111251272067200awesome bone$11 is a great deal when 3 weeks later it is still keeping my parent's bull mastiff busy. Nothing else last more than a few hours. Would definitly buy again!
289394289394B000633NXMA28UDMHG53LMJ1MikeC5531222214400Truth in advertising!this bone is huge, and really does appear to be the thighbone of a wooly mammoth. looks tasty but a little messy. days/ weeks of chewing enjoyment for large dogs
289395289395B000633NXMA1AAP43653LCM9H. M. Adolfs4451265241600Lasts a long time!When these bones arrived, my dog KNEW that something inside the box was for her. On Christmas day, we opened up the box and unwrapped one of her bones. The knuckle fell off (i'm assuming it got tossed around a lot in shipping) but no worries, Munchkin ate that as well. We put the bone on her blanked she normally uses to play on to help keep the mess down. Munchkin, a 100-pound 8 month-old Newfoundland is STILL working on her bone. Lasts a long time and provides hours of chewing time!
289396289396B000633NXMA3D14HR4U5W2N1Kayak woman "Lynne"4451264809600Mammoth bones are HUGEI bought two of these for my daughter's dogs. They were literally "stunned"by the size. Her larger dog would not leave the bone. She finally had to take it from him so he would go for a walk! The smaller dog (30 pounds) could barely lift her bone. I highly recommend this product, if just for the amusement factor, but the dogs loved to chew them also. probably not appropriate for a small space or a tiny dog.
289397289397B000633NXMA197J9D87HGA5UG. Mello4451244332800Still working on this boneMy two Pitbulls are still working on this wonderful bone. The only negative thing is that its not sealed properly and little bits of skin and baked flesh peel off into the shipping box. My dogs KNEW what it was before I opened the box.
289398289398B000633NXMA1MD8U66TB301OCracker3311325376000Bad BoneI bought this item prior to christmas 2011, and once it arrived i gave it to my dog, who (of course) began slobbering all over it. He spent the next 2 days, after i threw the bone away, vomiting all over everything. I dont know if i got a bad item, or if they are all like this, but i would strongly recommend going elsewhere for your pets chew-toy needs.
289399289399B000633NXMA111HHCU86ONP1Texas "Simca"3351254096000The BEST!!!!My 3 Dobermans are in heaven!!!! These bones are HUGE. There is some smoked meat on them too. Even my picky dog loves them. I put the box down & went to the car to get some other stuff. When I got back, she was "unpacking" the box. They might seem expensive, but they are a bargain.
289400289400B000633NXMA1JOCFRO3UC0QERaven2251321228800My dogs love these bones! :DBoth my dogs are aggressive chewers. I usually give them rawhide everyday but I've been hearing that rawhides are actually bad for dogs so I decided I'd cut down on how many I give them.
I got two of these bones, one each for my dogs. I expected them to chew off some of the good crunchiness off of it and then leave it alone but no, they really enjoy them. They chew them up until the tops of the bones have fallen off and then they keep on chewing. It lasts my dogs for about 2 days but then they get bored with it and I'll feed them some other kind of bones or rawhide but they'll keep going back to the bones.
I've already ordered another order for them and I'm here to make a third purchase for them. So, I'm pretty happy with them.
On the side of caution..not only does the boney ends get chewed off, if you're worried about choking hazards, which I don't cause they're really big pieces, the bone does break apart after some chewing on it.
Also, these bones can be quite messy. I'm use to cleaning up after my dogs so that doesn't bother me much until they decided to lug the bones on to the bed and start chewing. I thought nothing of it at first because the motion of them chewing on the bones lulled me to sleep. But during the night I kept feeling these little hard pieces of bone debris. I woke up, turned on the light and my sheets were covered in a little snow fall of bone debris. So, I wouldn't recommend allowing your dog to bring them up on your furniture for that reason.
Otherwise, any aggressive chewer will really enjoy this bone.
289401289401B000633NXMA1H6SBO7R007I8A. Reader2251320710400Huge and messyI got this for my sisters jackabee in NYC. She was not happy about it. Apparently it makes a mess all over the apartment... But her dog loves it. And thats the important thing. The dog was a little intimidated by it, but very quickly warmed up to it and started dragging it everywhere. Much to my sisters chagrin. So I would say this is definiately for large outside dogs. My sister now keeps it in the dog food until she can supervise its consumption in a safe area. The dog didnt get sick from it or have any adverse side effects as some other reviewers indicated.

This bone is perfect for the large loved outdoor dog in your life!
289402289402B000633NXMAPQTZLZT94TZYAdam H. Willms2251317168000HugeI have a pure bred German Sheppard that is 7 months old and this thing is bigger than her head. She loves it and I will be buying her another one after she destroys this one.
289403289403B000633NXMA3DT0UTD8YE5Q3John P. Crowe III "Allana Wright"2251270425600it arrived quickly,It was just as HUGE as I thought it would be, my adult dog knawed off the ends and then seemed bored, untill our younger pup decided she wanted to play with it too, lol, it was/is worth the purchase
289404289404B000633NXMA2N27N16HYONS0Sharon Baxter2251265414400dog boneMy dog loves these bones and this is the easiest way to shop for them.
289405289405B000633NXMA1G5WCQK7UGXQ9Sue Fuson2251264550400Buster and MaxThe dogs loved this. They will lay and chew on the bone everynight. Best treat ever and it last a long time for large dogs.
289406289406B000633NXMA2M1FQIKXG71WGRainbow Bridge1151348185600smokehouse is an excellant brandI commented on someones review of this product whos dog became very ill, which caused me to look at some of the other negitive reviews and I would like to offer information about this product and my experiance with smokehouse. I have purchased this brand for many years. I have also purchased other brands. None of my dogs has every gotten sick from a smokehouse bone. At one point I purchased a bag of 3 bones that were a differant brand, when I opened up the bag a cloud of mold poofed into the air. Obviously I didnt give them to my dogs. My point is this the brand this happened with is well known and reliable, but that doesnt mean nothing ever goes wrong. Most people at sometime in their life have purchased a moldy loaf of bread, or cheese or even gone to a resturant where there was something very definantly wrong with the food. It may not happen often but when it does its dangerous, and unpleasant. But we still continue to buy food at the grocery store and go to resturants.

There are differances in opinions of even vets as to whether or not you should use properly cured beef bones or raw hide chews. I have never had a problem with the cured beef bones from smokehouse and I know of vets that recommend bones vs rawhide chews and rawhide chews vs cured beef bones. Yes pieces of bone can be broken off, swallowed, and then get lodged in the system, I also know of dogs that have had rawhide chews that have caused serious health issues. If a dog gets a large enough piece of rawhide swallowed, contrary to what some think it does not get fully digested and can also cause vomiting and even a blockage.

When you deal with food whether its for pets or humans things do go wrong.

The smokehouse bones keep my dogs teeth free of tartar, they have fun, Im happy and have never had a problem. I under no circumstances will give my dogs rawhide anything. Ive know of several dogs that have had issues with rawhide and only one dog that had a minor problem with a cured beef bone and it was not a smokehouse bone.
289407289407B000633NXMAGXB8JKGM6XCHR. Merikle1121340841600Upset TummyWhile my dog really enjoyed this for a few hours before going to bed the next morning she threw up all her dinner. This did not sit well with her tummy. So I don't think she will be getting it back to finish it. It still has quite a bit on it. Buyer beware if your dog has a delicate stomach. I really wish this would have worked.
289408289408B000633NXMA2ZEJ9ZKRG6FWCa consumer1111337385600Dogs won't chew itBig dogs, love bones but won't touch this thing. Not sure if it's bad or what but it is not a hit and not worth it. They love the stuffed bones but not this thing. Strange would have thought this would have been a huge hit.
289409289409B000633NXMA3OS1SO09S3WRJChrissy1151334275200Chevy hasn't left this out of her sight!!I've got a wonderful Lab that is more than capable and willing to chew through a wall if she doesn't have something to crush and keep her mouth occupied. This mammoth bone hit all the right spots with her (because she can be very particular about her bones) and this is a winner for us that's for certain. Its been 2 weeks ago and she is still going at it like its just came out of the wrap and that makes me so happy!

I am definitely buy things again and I've recommended it already and will continue to recommend it.
289410289410B000633NXMAEGO6A1AFDTAVaroundlsu1151329350400My Great Dane devoured this.I have an eight year old Great Dane and he thought it was Christmas the moment UPS delivered this to us. For the next three days all he did was work on this bone. A month later, it's scattered in small pieces around the house and he lays around still gnawing on the big knuckle at the end. The only negative with the flavored bones are they leaves a pretty big mess. If you can handle that you will have one happy and busy dog.

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