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289471289471B007OXJL8IA1XQDKSZC31W3USharon V. Richardson "MadMom"3351305331200Love this coffeeI bought several cases of this is my go-to coffee in the mornings. I like the idea that it is Fair Trade, and it is really good.
289472289472B007OXJL8IA1BMCL773ZUF32MadScientist "Ed"2251322870400Excellent CoffeeWhat amounts to "good coffee taste" is a matter of personal preference. In my opinion, this is an excellent coffee that is very smooth with a nice medium dark color. I drink my coffee black with no sugar so I actually enjoy the coffee flavor and not the additives. I use the Keurig B60 to prepare a 9oz cup.
289473289473B007OXJL8IA3VS51PU0SOJAIKenneth M. Thomas2251316736000Good cup o joeMakes a great cup of coffee, smooth full flavor better than Green Mountain Our Blend and Not bitter like that Starbucks crap.
289474289474B007OXJL8IA1XPSHPNNSAFFBSmittynyla1131339372800This is very weak coffee .. but it's all a matter of tasteUntil recently, I've purchased Diedrich Colombia coffee, but K-cups no longer are available. They were purchased by Green Mountain, so I mistakenly assumed that this would be a similar blend. It is not. It is substantially weaker and seems only to have a vague coffee flavor.

Coffee is all a matter of taste. So it's a bit unfair to give this 3 stars if the recommendation is being read by people who are looking for very mild coffee. If you are, this coffee may be a 5 star for you. But I'm still looking for a good replacement for my Diedrich Columbia coffee.
289475289475B007OXJL8IAGFV9F4CI93S3Logical1151326240000One of my favorites ... Similar to "Donut Shop Original"One of my favorites ... Similar to "Donut Shop Original".

Here is list of my favorites starting with the boldest/strongest.

Emeril's Easy Bold
Newman's Own
This one Fair Trade Colombian Select
Donut Shop Original
Daybreak from Caribou
289476289476B007OXJL8IA35IH27CRIFKWRJanet R. Dane1141322179200Smooth cup of coffee.I am a moderate, one cup a day coffee drinker, so i want that cup to be good. This is my favorite, so far.
289477289477B007OXJL8IA3TL67WG2HMFV5J. Sawyer3441302480000Great Cup of CoffeeThis makes for a great cup of coffee. It is possible to get two cups of coffee out of one k-cup, however, bear in mind the second cup will not be quite as strong as the first.
289478289478B007OXJL8IA16GO22LDGNOOOJerilyn L. Kozak0051349740800Green Mountain Fair Trade ColombianThe coffee arrive on time and the quality was as good as always. I have ordered this product several times and it has always been as advertised. I will order it again in the future.
289479289479B007OXJL8IA5640W3BA38VZJohn Peterson "Dad of 3"0031349308800Good coffeePretty pricy and just ok. It was lacking flavor and punch, but it was consistently ok. I'm going to keep looking foe a better cup.
289480289480B007OXJL8IARRT8PU15DLOTsls "sls"0051346457600ColombianI've been drinking coffee for 41 years and this is the best Colombian I've ever had. It is a great morning coffee, while I prefer Nantucket Blend as a great afternoon pick-me-up.
289481289481B007OXJL8IA2N2D09UPJJ6ZEL. Parsons0051344556800K-cup CoffeeMy husband loves this coffee. He says it is the best he has tasted so far. For everyday enjoyment this Green Mountain
Coffee Fair Trade Columbian Select is the K-cup coffee to buy.
289482289482B007OXJL8IA30266S1S7M0IDStill Sewing0051342915200PERFECTThis product was exactly as stated and just what we wanted for the price we paid. We were completely
satisfied with our Amazon Purchase.
289483289483B007OXJL8IA1J2SJ9HU8TM9VM. Gavrilov "mmarielski"0021342742400too weakI bought this brand before and it was great in other flavors and I usually love Colombian coffee, but this time the coffee is too weak, has little flavor and it tastes stale. I have to actually two pods for one coffee cup which makes it expensive as well.
289484289484B007OXJL8IA3R7R8ARVN2P3DA. Kehoe Jr.0011341705600Weak and lifeless. Worst of the Colombians.As with most Green Mountain k-cups, this is weak and bland compared to any other k-cup. Highly disappointing. Just a splash of cream and the coffee turns almost white. If you like weak coffee, you will like this. If you like flavor, go with any other cup but this one. Even on the smallest cup setting this coffee is pathetic, and I cannot even imagine it on the other settings. The Dunkin Donuts, Puck, Starbucks, and other Colombians are far superior to this.

Bottom line: Green Mountain Columbian is about as good as water with brown food coloring. My Siamese cat likes to drink coffee, and even he would not touch this. Good kitty.
289485289485B007OXJL8IA3S85C3LIRJQX3Kyle0041339718400Favorite GMCR CoffeeI'm not someone who likes a coffee with an overpowering coffee flavor so if you agree with me, then I would highly recommend trying this.
289486289486B007OXJL8IA3JVZY05VLMYEMDeborah M. Patterson0041338681600Good cup of coffeeThese cups make a smooth medium strength coffee using the 10oz size on your Keuric. Of course you can make it stronger or weaker depending on the amount of water used.
289487289487B007OXJL8IA2DFVL02AF1R39M. Rees0041332806400Notes from a Dunkin' drinkerI have been a dedicated Dunkin Donuts coffee drinker for years. To frame how I feel about this Green Mountain Colombian K-Cup I feel it might be best to share how I go about making a cup of Dunkin' coffee when I'm at home.

I use a coffee scoop to measure out my coffee. To my tastes, the perfect home brew is 7 mounded scoops and 7 cups of water. I put all this in my Cuisinart 1200 and come out w/ 6 cups of java bliss. I use sugar and milk in my coffee; when I make my coffee as stated it get a satisfying mocha swirl of coffee and milk. Just by sight I can tell my cup is rich.

Now, using that as my baseline, I find this K-cup to be very satisfying. I have tried MANY kinds of regular coffee K-cups, and this is the first one that makes a satisfying cup of full bodied coffee to my tastes. Granted, I brew on the 6oz setting. If you take your coffee black maybe you can get away w/ the 8oz setting. The cup reminds me of my beloved Dunkin' (note I said reminds, its clearly not Dunkin' but I don't mean that in a bad way). It doesn't end sharp or bitter like the very popular Coffee People Donut Shop. It has a muted finish, reasonably full body for a K-Cup, and nice flavor. When I pour in the milk, I can take more than a drop before turning the cup white - which tells me the cup is rich.

Its my go to cup when I'm not brewing a pot.

I love this stuff. I highly recommend it if you like your drip coffee as I describe above. Why not 5 stars? Well, it doesn't taste like the Dunkin' I brew from a drip machine, that's why ! Its at least on the same field though ...
289488289488B007OXJL8IA1WJR10UO750SVDave0051330819200TastyI thought this a nice evenly tasting coffee with no bitterness or after taste. I enjoy it and will buy more in the future.
289489289489B007OXJL8IA1YMLK018UZDEMMonina0051330128000Coffee HouseThe Colombiam fair trade coffee cups are of an excellent taste any time you fill like taking a cup of coffe you will enjoy,the rich taste it provides a given a 5 star reading.
289490289490B007OXJL8IA3PPS6TTB9WPCIV. Tanna0031327881600Good testing coffeeThis is the first time I tried Columbian coffee from GreenMountain. It is a good tasting medium bodied coffee and I would buy it again. 4 stars for taste.

I subtracted one star for K-cup packaging. I have come across 3 K-cups so far that have either closed the water flow completely or allowed a very slow drip. My Kuerig has worked fine before and after those bad K-cups so I know it isn't my machine.
289491289491B007OXJL8IA3QLBR76USFS8Xajm0021326758400Not my favoriteI'm not sure if I got a bad batch, but this does not make a good 8 oz cup like most other K Cups that I've tried. I've had to reduce it to a 4 or 6 oz cup size to get a cup of coffee that is not like coffee flavored water. I like a medium cup of coffee - not too strong or too weak. I generally like the Green Mountain brand, but this is a weak, flavorless K Cup (and I have tried many, have found very few bad ones).
289492289492B007OXJL8IA2QNHF6YQIU82PBender in the Burgh0051326240000Green Mountain Fair Trade Columbian KcupsThis is a nice medium roast coffee. Would recommend if you like something that's got a rich flavor that's not too strong or bold.
289493289493B007OXJL8IA17HA24PXHO2O5Alexzandria Townsend1251323820800DeliciousPerfect medium blend coffee. Definitely a must try if you have not had it yet!
Not only that, but with Green Mountain you are supporting the Fair Trade initiatives!
289494289494B007OXJL8IAOH2MM6KK27EAKatsrus2003 "(Sue)"1251320451200A great cup of coffee!The Green Mountain coffee has a nice robust flavor. It's not too strong or weak. You can tell it's made from a better quality of coffee beans. I would highly reccomend to coffee to my friends and family. And I would buy this coffee again.
289495289495B007OXJL8IA3I86D9QU07VDRL. Sears "Loving my Blush"1251319500800perfect start for the morningGreen Mountain Fair Trade coffee, which i got for being a bzz agent, tastes great and makes you feel good while drinking it. I enjoy fair trade coffee because i like knowing my money is going to actual farmers at a fair price. But most importantly, the coffee is smooth, the taste is rich and it makes my morning go a little better. I highly recommend this. I have tried the Nantucket flavor, too, which i really like. Ful
289496289496B007OXJL8IA39CU6ONPGLXUCChaminade "Lover of books"1241318809600Green Mountain is a Great coffeeI am a bzzagent and received this coffee for free from bzzagent.I have been drinking my Green Mountain coffee fair trade k-cups for several days now and I am happy with them. I am so glad this coffee is fair trade but I wish the flavor was a little more to my liking - it has a little bit of a weedy after taste to it. I like how smooth it is but it has just a little back bite that would make me choose another coffee. It is not a bad drink, just not my favorite. This is definitely a medium to light roast coffee - if you want something darker, try the Sumatra Green Mountain cups. But if you like a more mild coffee that doesn't need much cream added to it, this is the coffee for you.
289497289497B007OXJL8IA1YA3NTTVN4VYLsammydj1251318636800Just a good cup of coffeeI am a Bzz Agent. The Green Mountain Fair Trade Colombian K-cups are very tasty. Even though it is considered a "light" roast, I found the strength just right, and I even add milk. There was no bitterness or aftertaste either. I recommend the Colombian when you just want that "good cup of coffee".
289498289498B007OXJL8IA2LFVGH0FJ7O9P. Christie1251318636800Nothing but goodWhat's not to like???? I pop this little Kcup in my Keurig out comes a delicious cup of Columbian coffee. It's not too strong our mild, just the right balance. No bitterness just deliciousness!!!!!
Plus, I can feel good about where it came from because it is fair trade. Green Mountain not only helps support the farmers, but the community and environment as well. It's a win for all of us.
I received a free sample of this via Buzz Agent and so happy I got to try this one out.
289499289499B007OXJL8IA3I3GRS81QB8EIMochaCraZ691241318377600Great aroma and taste for a medium roast!I got a chance to sample this(bZZaGENT!!!) Green Mountain Coffee Colombian Fair Trade Select and it was a little light for my taste. I liked the aroma it had a great taste, but I think it's more for people who enjoy a lighter cup of joe. I found it was great for like a mid-day coffee break. Like if you were looking for a not-too-strong/ not-too-light type of break. So if your that type, you'll definitely like it! Overall I enjoyed it but would've preferred a darker roast.
289500289500B007OXJL8IA1HSRZ5HVMYLMYTen 1 Pogo Pen0121343692800really bad coffeeThis coffee is nothing like I expected coffee so weak it looks like tea. It taste like I am drinking water with sugar (if I add sugar)

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