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289501289501B007OXJL8IA37B1BE3EJJMSLMisty0151318118400Great Coffee!!I am all about fair trade coffee! When i tried this coffee it needed nothing added to it. No cream no sugar. Just black coffee the way coffee should be drank. There is no bitter taste what so ever. Very smooth.
289502289502B000BB7CQIA349PJRAOKP3DFLisa Gump "Home CEO"1151137542400Wonderful afternoon treat!I did not buy this from this particular vendor, but I wanted to say this tea is really wonderful. Just as described, it adds a nice vanilla and cream flavor to the earl grey. I like it with a little sugar. I bet it would be good with a little milk as well.
289503289503B000BB7CQIAU2ZLD91VASIEQuynce0051199232000Tasty Earl GreyThe mallow flower gives this earl grey a sweet vanilla scent and mellows the flavor just a touch. But there are no sweeteners or fake flavors. This and the regular variety of earl grey offered by Special Teas is exceptionally smooth and full flavored. Great with a touch of honey and cream (I know, I know, you're not *supposed* to with earl grey, but I don't let tradition dictate my tea drinking).
289504289504B000BB7CQIA3L4Z2YYW7ZTA0Eileen M. Obrien0051195603200My favorite teaI order this tea on a regular basis, first, because I love it. Second, because I have to replace my personal stock. Anyone who drinks this tea wants to have more to bring home. It's that good, even for people who don't normally drink Earl Grey.
289505289505B0030Z95B2A272YETHAPNR4NV. Lucas6651265155200Dispenser carouselNeat way to keep a single serving coffee selection close at hand. Attractive sitting next to the Dolce Gusto coffee maker. Good quality.
289506289506B0030Z95B2A1RC907ZMN1A6NMarcella Twain5551286150400Easy to see all my wonderful coffee choices!With the Dolce Gusto coffee system, you get a lot of choices. I find myself having more different types of coffee throughout the day, and this carousel helps me make those choices. Everything is neat and compact and easy to see. It's also great if you have guests because they can see all their coffee choices right in front of them. I doubt without the carousel that anyone would say to me, BTW, could you make me a quick latte macchiato? But with the capsules right in front of their faces, it's easy to see they can have whatever coffee their heart desires. From a cappuccino to a hot chocolate or tea, it's like a barista in my kitchen. Love it. It makes the coffee capsules very attractive and easy to store and choose. Looks nice on the counter.
289507289507B0030Z95B2A2XPFBY2K5E8K0Somnambulist3351280793600Lovely *&* useful!I bought this for my Mom as a gift to accompany her Dolce Gusto maker & she loves how it displays the flavors & keeps her from reaching into a box. It doesn't *look* like it holds all it says, but it does!

You'll be happy with your purchase of this capsule carousel!
289508289508B0030Z95B2A11FRUJYG30TQORandy S2251329004800Might as well go ahead and order......face it, you (like me) are a gadgetaholic or you would not have bought a Dolce Gusto machine to begin with. So, you might as well have all of the nick-nacs to go with it. I found the Carousel to be nicely made, twirls beautifully and the capsules fit perfect. OMG did you see they have special Dolce Gusto cups, saucers, and glsses too! Sorry, got to go - if I click now I can have them here by Tuesday.
289509289509B0030Z95B2AMPAJU6GNKBYSPaul Manneck2251328140800Dual useThe unit is well made and works well. It comes without Cofffe, order the assortment pack of coffee if you want that. We use it with the "K-Cups" instead of the "Capsules" and it works fine.
289510289510B0030Z95B2AB90MXRGHU0IKPaul T. Castro Jr. "====TEXN's Rule====="1151296172800Pretty Nice and UsefulI like it. Its somewhat small and doesn't take up a lot of space. i really like it. I can store my 4 different coffee pods in here. I put them in a spiral. Its made out of metal and painted black. It doesn't look like the paint will come off. I've had it for few months now, its still looking like brand new.
289511289511B0030Z95B2A31777OH416IWMA. Bell "movie fanatic"0051344211200Nescafé Dolce Gusto Capsule CarouselThe Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsule carousel holds 30 Dolce Gusto capsules. I have not had problems with the soddering on the carousel coming apart like other reviwers. The capsule carousel holders are deep and hold the Dolce Gusto capsules perfectly. The only time I have had one pop out is when I bumped it pretty hard. It does not take up too much space on the countertop. I usually order a couple of sleeves so I had to order two of the carousels. The carousels cost $19.99 a piece.
289512289512B0030Z95B2A1OAWNQ2H2SW2KFatima M. Dy "fatima"0041335312000Dolce gusto carouselIts a good keeper for coffee capsules. However, I am wondering why it is an odd number of hangers at 25. Wish it could hold more capsules.
289513289513B0030Z95B2A2CYH03KQJ7E70Little Wolf0051332374400Perfect Capsule StorageWe have two of these and just love them. They spin very easily, making it easy to select the coffee capsule you need. They have a nice weight to them,so the carousel won't tip over when you spin it. If you have a Dolce Gusto Machine and are looking for easy, simple storage solution for your capsules, then look no further. This product is wonderful! Highly recommend.
289514289514B0030Z95B2A3MKZYDBPI6WPNThe Diva Obsession0051321660800Perfect Storage!This capsule carousel was the perfect addition to my DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Creativa Plus Coffeemaker, Red. It is very sturdy with a solid base and it beautifully showcases and stores thirty capsules. Its modern convince while maintaining what you need at your finger tips.
289515289515B0030Z95B2A38UBKOFR21D8IMichael J Markic0051317081600Handy and usefulWell made, easy to use and doesn't take a lot of space. Have all your favorite capsules in one handy and convenient location. Good purchase.
289516289516B0030Z95B2AOR4XZ61EUY0SD. Scott "Catlover44"0051296086400Nescafe dolce Gusto Capsule CarouselI ordered this to hold the little coffee cups. It works great and I keep it right by the coffee maker.
289517289517B0030Z95B2A1PZVPPQRJ6KQZGayeLynn Cosgrove1231325116800DefectiveThis was a Christmas gift for my daughter to go along with the Dolce Gusto and she absolutely loved everything and couldn't wait to get it all home and set it up. The only complaint I have is that the solder on the base must have come loose on two of the bottom pieces. I wanted to return it, but since she was fine with it, I let it go. Other than that, it's a nice looking piece and would have gotten 5 stars had it not been for the defect.
289518289518B0030Z95B2A1JWOZQTUC1444moondawgey1251293321600Nice Carousel!I got this as a Christmas gift for my mother to accompany the Dolce Gusto. It looks nice on the counter.
289519289519B002149OUKA2Q2GDB5XDYQV5From The Tree House1151307491200Dessert Salad GlazeSmooth, tangy, fruity, and addictive. Good color, sweet aroma. Very tasty. Exotic addition to dipping sauces, salads, or fruit tarts.
289520289520B002149OUKA3BSDITWB4NOMNSusan Landowski "SUEMLANDO"0051349481600Glaze for everythingStrong flavor that is especailly good with a berry salad. I have also used in cooking. Add a touch in spaghetti sauce for a unique tang, over chicken with sauted onion for great sauce and just use in salads. Because already in glaze form a little goes a long way.
289521289521B000S95OLSA1TF50JERM1STYEmily5651203120000Favorite CheerioIt tastes better than the plain cheerio but less sweet that the honey cheerios. This is the cheerio of choice at my household.
289522289522B000S95OLSA3H6PPWWDIC8KXCharles Burns1151233532800Favorite cereal of all timeI frequently have cereal for breakfast (sometimes lunch of pressed for time) and have tried many varieties. Multi Grain Cheerios is, in my opinion, the best tasting of them all -- the vitamin content is just a bonus.
To compare our tastes in cereal, I don't particularly like regular cheerios and I can't stand "Honey Nut Cheerios." I don't like most of the health cereals like Fiber One, though Total Raisin Bran is okay.

Even if you don't like most General Mills cereals, I think everyoen should at least give these a shot. Don't let the "Multi grain" prefix scare you off -- they do not taste like sawdust.
289523289523B000S95OLSA2WKN3HPIBEDTURabindra Nath Saha1151223424000Great TasteThis has perfect balance of sweetness & nutrients. Its a great breakfast item. I love it. I will but it again from
289524289524B000S95OLSA3EOF6TFSRRJLARalph Basile "rrbteach"1151218844800Happy Cereal BuyerI had been searching for this cereal in the stores for quite a while and found it on where I least expected to find it. I was happy, since I like the cereal very much.
289525289525B000S95OLSAVQI9AOMJV14HBeth1151208390400A nice alternative to plain CheeriosI ordered these when my toddler got tired of plain Cheerios, and she loves them (as do I). They have the right amount of sweetness, and I love that they are multi-grain. Definitely recommended.
289526289526B000S95OLSA85K2DJRBUZTJdajaK "shop-aholic"0151205971200GREAT!!Bought these for breakfast but have them as snacks all the time.. Great way to start the day, healthy and wholesome too!!
289527289527B005G984A8A2A0TWE9RFTRB3Pen Name2311334102400NOT HAPPYNot only did I not know these were from oriental trading, I also didn't know they were going to be this small. NOT what I expected and am NOT happy. These were for my sons first burthday do obviously I needed them to be perfect. Save your money and buy from somewhere else.
289528289528B001S3LWQ4A1NPH4AAIVOZK1Readergurl0021290556800I Don't Like the Blondies...I love the chocolate brownies that i've ordered from this company, but to me - the blondies seem wayyy undercooked. I know people love brownies moist and chewy, but to me they seem doughy and almost like raw cookie dough.

They have candies on them and caramel etc., and i feel they are a good product and company - it's just that i like my blondies cooked longer! I am going to try to bake one in the oven, altho i know parts of it will melt.
289529289529B001S3LWQ4AO5KPBUHGK8CNkgilbert "ksparrow"0051262131200YUMMY!Very good and taste homemade. Large Brownies and individually wrapped. Quick delivery too.
289530289530B001EO5WNGA15U2AJ39LFA3Alan A. Mapes "kayaker1"0051203897600Great sause for broccoli, sandwiches and more...My family loves this sause for sandwiches, veggies, and for crab cakes! My Mother-in-law first got it from her local store on Cape Cod, but they stopped carrying it. A web search turned up Amazon, to my surprise.

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