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289561289561B001EQ5GDKAOVU3VVD6J0PKKickin' Back2441181260800Gourmet CoffeeNot as good as the Kona coffee I had directly from Hawaii before, but still very good.
289562289562B001EQ5GDKA3PJ7F0ONIFUM8Robert Chin0141289347200Good but not the best maui coffeeIt's good, but not as good as the mauigrown coffee brand. It is quite a bit cheaper though. Too bad none of the best hawaii coffee brands are sold through amazon...
289563289563B001EQ5GDKA1SLJN1AIXERDAJBD "jbdevoe"2541175558400Maui CoffeePrompt service and I got what I ordered. I coffee is good, but not outstanding.
289564289564B001SB4FTWAD2WKFU73ZYUAndrew Titus2251324166400Excellent productThis is the best produced jalapeno product on the market, IMHO. Unlike the cheaper, imported brands, these are crunchy, and somewhat milder. This product has a complex flavor profile. Instead of just a hot and vinegary flavor, the jalapeno flavor stands out. The balance of heat and jalapeno flavor just can't be beat. I eat these everyday, actually.
289565289565B001SB4FTWA1HNE9Y9JBAN9YPietro0051338681600The best jarred jalapeno peppers I've had to-date!I consume mass quantities of sliced/pickled jalapeno peppers...I put them on and in everything, just I can speak from experience ;-)
I have tried just about every jarred brand offered in our local stores; I also buy my own fresh jalapenos and parboil them and then pickle them in a vinegar/water/oil/salt brine from time to time.
These "tamed" peppers are much better than the other brands, and as good as anything I have self-jarred.
First, (according to their website) they had these hybrid peppers developed by Texas A&M to strip out some of the hotness, so the taste of the actual pepper comes through better.
Second, they have them grown in Northern California (think: domestic produce & US jobs!)
Third, they apparently do NOT use any artificial food coloring (aka FD&C Yellow 40 and the like)...just turmeric, which is a natural herb/spice.
Fourth, the slices are not soggy and have a nice crunch, as opposed to many other brands (as well as canned ones, which are practically always soggy).
Now, we have not bought these online yet, but we have started to consider it, because Mazzetta's full line is hard to find in our stores (CT/NY metro region)...
One note: apparently not ALL of Mazzetta's products are domestic and/or all natural (eg, they import some items from other countries, and some ingredients do contain artificial food coloring), but this does not apply to their "tamed" peppers...just a small caveat when looking at their full line.
Happy peppering!
289566289566B000AXQHZOA1E19EIHC9BN4LMichael Braunstein1151266883200Chocolate Latte Heaven - I got bit with the coffee bugI really got into making the best possible Mocha at home and this syrup got me there. I got a really great Moka pot, an espresso machine, ground my own beans, but I couldn't find the ultimate chocolate syrup for my home made mocha until I found Torani. Now my coffee tastes better than ever.
289567289567B004LHZMJCA3PKIGJJ21X7HUTootiefruitie121211307059200Spearmint licorice lover---terribly disappointedI love spearmint licorice, especially the twisters and after a lot of research I was excited to find a site that was able to satisfy my yearning.
The packaging of the licorice was very flimsy, very hard to get off the licorice. Once you are able to get the thin cello off the licorice you are met with very hard, and impossible to take the licorice apart to eat. What little you could break off was hard and stale. Very disappointed in the product and am even more disappointed with the way the company has handled it (or I should say hasn't handled it) I contacted them and they haven't bothered responding to my correspondance. We paid a premium price for the licorice 8.99 a package and ended up throwing out the total product because it was simply unacceptable and impossible to enjoy. So, on two notes , I would be cautious about ordering from them, because there is a chance they won't bother to answer your correspondance and secondly the product they delivered us wasn't remotely like the old fashioned spearmint licorice that we enjoyed as kids. Be warned.
289568289568B004LHZMJCA2SKSS5GW8NGY0Stefanie Hutson91011307836800Oily, yellow, and disgusting...I recently created a candy buffet for 150+ people for a work event, and 2 items went over extremely poorly. This was, by far, the worst. The colors for the candy buffet were red, white, and blue - and these appeared to be white in the picture. Unfortunately, they were not even close to white. They were a sickly looking yellowish color instead.

Because I didn't have a lot of time and I needed every item I had ordered, I went ahead and put these out (I stuck them in back behind some other stuff). People still managed to find them, pick them up with disgusted looks, and laugh as they yelled things like "Who brought the rancid licorice??" and, "What the #*$ is this??" It was an after-hours party, as you can probably guess :)

The worst part is that the candy was extremely oily, and even at room temperature, it seemed to "sweat" even more oil. I've never seen anything like it. I'm not sure anyone ever got around to tasting them, but my guess is that they weren't good, given the odd smells and texture.
289584289584B0092VQ796A29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051349136000Amazing!Very sweet and delicious - rich and decedent - never new fig could be so wonderful!
I had to make a second matcha because I drank it so darned fast! My family was laughing at me when I began to make the second latte! They have seen me down matcha before but never quite as fast as this one!
Its sweet but not cloying whatsoever, tastes like something one picked fresh from the tree or ummm garden? Do figs grow on trees? I need to look that up! I have had fig only in a few forms before - jams, canned which were whole figs, and in puddings, but I am positive this is the best tasting fig ever for me!

I think this may become one I keep as a permanent selection in my stash. I am not sure I would say it is better than macadamia nut or butterscotch but its up there with them maybe number 3 or 4 in my favorites. I have been drinking so many new ones as I collect them that I need to go back and try some of my first matcha again.

I have also been sending out a ton of samples but its getting to that point I can't share as much anymore because my stash is beginning to thin lol.

I'm at the place of deciding my favorites and keeping only those in stock. This will be one of those.
So I was surprised as I really did not expect to love this one quite so much, actually I thought I would probably not favor it but alas I do. Go fig!
289569289569B004LHZMJCAH9XP57WG1W15Ms_Cookie1151325894400I love these!!As some of the earlier reviews state, this candy is somewhat sticky, but I love the way it tastes! As far as watermelon goes, it tastes more like watermelon kool-aid or punch, but either way, its sweet with a little tang. I think its worth it! If you have ever been to Georgia, these are as close as you can get to the licorice they sell at Stone Mountain. Nice!
289570289570B004LHZMJCA25S28VE9UHYPXPB no J0041343520000Favorite candyI don't eat candy very much, so when I do, it had better be memorable. Well this is arepeat order and will be followed with a gift order for my kids as well! Freshness is excellent, and flavorful-chewy and soft!They sell out often , so if this one of your favorites get it quickly!
289571289571B0024SE6ZGAK2KBFOYR6YLQChristian0051334707200The best Earl grey w/o the cafeine!If like me you enjoy several pots of Early Gray tea in the afternoon
but don't want the caffeine, this is the tea for you.

Great aroma and taste. I gladly pay a shipping premium since they don't
have it at our local health food stores. It's great to have Amazon
carry all those great Teas.
289572289572B002UMBIL6A223MAVW4LPADELisaNYC3341291334400Great gift ideaI gave these to my friend the wine-and-chocolate-geek for her birthday. She was thrilled. And she wasn't sharing! Clearly, these made for a wonderful and memorable gift.
289573289573B002UMBIL6A3H4SM3DXJZOCVJustin3411308787200They would rather lose a customer than use proper ice/temp-controlled packagingThe product arrived at the door, with the inside content completely melted. I called the company to let them know what happened, and their only response was that they were so swamped with product orders that they just had no choice but to ship out the product without proper ice/temp-controlled packaging. Seriously? This is chocolate covered wine grape they are selling! No refund. No credit towards next purchase. Needless to say, I would never order from them again. Shame, because it's a great product idea.
289574289574B002UMBIL6A1TZ5PK23RTK9MMs. Jackson0051330992000Great Gift & Great tasteI tried these grapes at a spa called Chateau Elan in Ga. They had samples out. Needless to say I bought a big box of them and a smaller bag as a gift for a friend. The big box I kept for myself. I love the taste of these. The chocolate is so rich and the wine only makes the bite even better. The smaller bag I gave to my friend she fell in love with. She couldn't stop eating them. They are gluten free which adds a light more temptation to eat them. Great gifts and I think they would be great for a party mixer to have off to the side for guest to enjoy!... Yum....
289585289585B002VYTDFGA31GN10OIYG5UXBelle Voce "I'd rather be singing"2221294099200Not the best out thereI have been using stevia since the late 80's (yes, it was banned by the FDA at that time). Stevia has changed significantly over the years from the dark brown, licorice tasting product that sweetened wonderfully but definitely added its own flavor (was the only form available in the states), to the wide variety of products available today. This looked like a very good price, until I used it. I have to use 2-3X the amount to achieve the sweetness provided by KAL's powdered stevia, so it has turned out to be quite expensive.
289586289586B002VYTDFGAI37PFEL22K02Ron Keen1251287964800SteviaThis product is advertised as 15 times sweeter than cane sugar....believe it. Whereas 3 cups of cane sugar was needed to make tea sweet to my taste, 1 level tablespoon of stevia does the same and no difference in the taste, and medical reviews rate stevia as the healthy choice for sweeteners.
289587289587B000GZCW0KA2HDBTYFSOVK2Cvelvetham10051339459200AWESOME!This is a great product that tastes great and the uses are endless! I have purchased sugarless and with sugar and both are great!
289588289588B000HDOPT2A3DN66RSL902HY@d!m00L@#3341257379200Good but not greatI tried the simply asia hot & sour soup for the first time today, and it was pretty good. To be honest I found the soup to be neither hot nor sour, it was actually pretty sweet.

So I decided to doctor it up by adding some lemon juice and some hot sauce to make it more hot and sour, and then it was a lot better. I also added some more veggies, tofu, and an organic egg to make it more hearty and filling.

This soup is actually pretty high in fiber (8 grams) compared to regular ramen, and it's much lower in sodium (570mg). So while the overall flavor was decent, the nutritional value of this ramen is better than most I have tried.

Over all I think this soup was pretty enjoyable. It's not nearly as cheap as regular ramen, but it has NO MSG, more fiber, and A LOT less sodium. It is also vegan.

I would purchase this soup again. To be honest, my personal favorite natural soup bowl is Annie Chun's Kimchi Soup, so if you are a die hard fan of ramen, but want to make a healthier choice, I would start with that one.
289589289589B000HDOPT2A31MZDU9PYDW2Pfoss1141314489600Sweeter than I like.This smells great but once I tasted it I found it to be extremely sweet. I really enjoyed the noodles however which were not dried but fresh udon noodles that are in a sealed bag. This makes a big difference in quality, I just wish it was a bit less sweet and a bit more hot and sour.
289590289590B000HDOPT2AX0H848UIQM6MNick L. Botti1151289779200Very good!I tried this the other day and it is my favorite soup to bring to work for lunch. It has great flavor, does not taste like instant soup if I ordered this at a Chinese Restaurant I would be very happy. Give it a try I dont think you will be disappointed.
289575289575B002UMBIL6A2GR703SUJY3CYvineyard gal0031324080000The merger of two favorites disappointsThe merger of wine grapes and chocolate had me anticipating a new high in my admittedly chocoholic life. The price seemed a bit stiff but based on the description I sent away for multiple boxes for Christmas gifts. Not one of my wiser choices. If you bite into the confection expecting to come upon a liquid center you will be disappointed. The experience is more like a chocolate-covered raisin. I give Bissinger's credit for a great idea but the the fruition fell short.
289576289576B0077QC3GOA12U3VG1E2THOUGraced3351333065600ADDICTING!i was introduced to these chips by a friend. i couldnt find them local, so i got them here. they are the BEST chips super addicting. even my sister who gags at the taste of onions LOVES these chips. the delivery was speedy and it is well worth ordering a box. super tasty!
289577289577B003QA0N6WA2VB7JIE7OAS6KNew York Gal!0051345420800Beyond Fabulous. Mouth Wateringly Delicious!These green olives are beyond amazing. Light. Fresh. Juicy and not too oily. Their flavor is actually addictive, which is why I'm delighted to have found them online. A friend gave me a jar, and I shared them with a friend a few nights ago. We ate half the bottle! You really can't stop yourself. They aren't super salty, so if that's what you're into, these won't work. But they are perfectly balanced flavorwise. Delicate and surprising. I say Get them! Can't wait for some I'm getting the 12-pack!
289578289578B003EMW37OA1S5XY51H25C8K. Gleason0611272067200Loaded with Palm oilOne of the most delicious candies I know of [as are the other ritter bars].
also a very ' hard on yr arteries' experience due to the oil.
289579289579B000AXQHZYA3L7B2PO18218FSally0051344902400Love it!Love the Torani coconut syrup. I use it in coffee drinks. Some coffee, ice, milk, chocolate, and syrup. No sugar needed. Enough sweetness comes with the syrup. Perfect!
289580289580B000AXQHZYA1WHELT97UU24WJENNY0051320537600Coconut syrupI use this in my coffee and in smoothies occasionally. It's delicious and not too sweet. Don't buy it without the pump, though, because otherwise you risk overusing it.
289581289581B0037AIHT6A37K6MNEQHFMZTErmelinda Mahitani1151307577600Amazing Roses! Perfect Gift!I bought these roses for my mom who went to vacation with my sister's. I got it for her Mother's Day present and she loved them. She thought the flowers were tiny as they were just starting to blossom. But when they finally blossomed, my sister said she loved it. I will definitely buy from the same supplier. Thanks!
289582289582B00434UJPKA1EJAQY5WF9CRGSAM1151332115200Remember Peanut Munch BarsIf you enjoyed the Snickers Peanut Munch Bar,
with a fistful of peanuts in every bar, back in the 70's.
Then you will enjoy this. Will buy again if they keep
selling it.
289583289583B00434UJPKA3UX6NTB7TLVS1marina320031339718400Kinda HardI bought this for my mom for mother's day. She said they forgot the baking soda. It was hard as rocks.

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