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289621289621B0066FET1YA287VU7ENJATTjnjgoss0121347494400Not as good as the reviews.After reading the reviews I was excited to try this coffee substitute. When I received it I tried to brew a cup in my keurig k-cup. It would not brew in the k-cup, I think its too dense when it gets wet. So I then tried it in a regular coffee maker. I followed the directions on the bag and the beverage came out weak. It was undrinkable. So I tried the coffee maker again, but this time I added extra grounds and it still came out weak. Last I tried my French Press and it worked pretty good. The taste is not bad, its similar to coffee, but it does have an aftertaste. Whats missing is the bitterness in coffee that I like. I actually prefer Teeccino over this.
289623289623B0066FET1YA1CAAFWC6S3WJNvegaslovesliz1811344729600this is nto coffee, dont get yoru hopes upi was really disappointed in this "coffee" the flavor was weak- weaker then gas station coffee and the french vanilla flavor made it taste even stranger.. gross even. i was really hopeful because i need to cut all caffeine out of my diet (i have SEVERE anxiety) but id rather dink tea, nothing at all or just deal with the little buzz from defcaf.. then again, alot of people love it- i had to return mine so i just thought i should let you all know my opinion!
289625289625B000NQA1EGA27677TTKRFR70D. Garfield4451218758400Cento sardines the bestCompared to most other brands of sardines, Cento sardines are delicate and delightful. No crunchy bones or slimy fish skins, just delectable meat. Worth every penny.
289626289626B003M5WNKUAWSCOWZWDZ851Jackie6751284595200stopped the barfing himalayanAfter about 6 months of cleaning up cat barf, lots of trips to the vet, changing litter 3 times and food about 8 times, I finally tried Science Diet Mature cat Hairball dry food for my 12 year-old Himalayans. They had always eaten SD Sensitive Stomach, but my male big boy started throwing more than just hairballs...yellowish thin stuff that required lots of scrubbing on the carpets.

This stuff really works! I read lots of cat food labels and reviews before I tried this, but nothing worked and I was getting suggestions that I should put my precious Sherman down.

Now he is happy and healthy again. I don't know how this food works, but it surely did for my cat.

Thank you, Science Diet!
289627289627B003M5WNKUA11E4NXBYVXOCS57Chevy1131310688000Great Product - Not a Bargain at this PriceWe've used this cat food for years... LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Since I like to order from Amazon, I decided to give this supplier a shot. I was not paying attention, and it cost me. I paid the same amount for a 7 lb. bag from this supplier that I would for nearly twice that amount at Next time, I'll stick with PetSmart. I ended up paying about $1.50 per pound too much. Good thing my kitties are worth it!
289628289628B003M5WNKUA3TVZM3ZIXG8YWchristopher hayes111611291420800Filler food is empty, leaves your cat always needing moreThis review will make me sound really stupid, but whatever. I don't really care as long as people find out what's real and can avoid my mistakes.

I got my wonderful little sweet Bella Bean when she was a few days shy of three years old. She had been bounced around from house to house and eating whatever was cheap. I have had cats around me my entire life, for about twenty-five years now. My mother always just fed them whatever, the kinds of food you buy in the supermarket - Friskies, Nine Lives, Kit & Kaboodle, stuff like that. And our cats were always fine, at least in terms of their eating habits. They would eat in the morning, stop when they were done, come back, and eat some more when they got hungry.

My housemate at the time was working for Hill's and assured me that this was the best food ever made, so great, so on and so forth. I now know that she is an utter buffoon, but I initially trusted her judgment, which is so unfortunate because she doesn't think. She also had plenty of coupons for free or deeply discounted bags, which made it a much more attractive choice.

I first tried feeding the little Bean an unmeasured amount of Science Diet in a bowl, but that didn't work, as she would devour it in one sitting. So then I took to measuring it, and she did the same thing. Then I started parsing it out to twice a day. That didn't work either, because she would start going crazy in the middle of the day, running around, intentionally destroying things, deliberately spilling her water, crying, etc., until she got more food. So then I split it into three servings. Same thing. Then it got to be four servings. That was a little better, but it was too much maintenance and unrealistic to be around every day to feed her four times. So then it went back to three. All the while, I was trying to reduce the amount of food I was feeding her to less than 3/4 of a cup because she was a little chubby. Reducing was hell. She became even more hungry, but I figured she would get used to it. Not really.

For over a year, she would wake me up every morning looking for food in a serious way, knocking things off my desk, ripping up any paper she could find, scratching at the door and committing general acts of mischief. As soon as she got food, she was back to her sweet self, but only for three or four hours.

We thought she was bored, we thought she was a little nutty, and maybe even had a kitty eating disorder. She always wanted food. It was kind of funny but in the end it was just sad.

A few weeks back, we took her to a new (good, non-money factory) vet for her second checkup since I've had her. I talked with him about her being always hungry. He asked what she ate, and I told him the adult indoor Science Diet. Without saying as much, he basically told me that this food is garbage and I should look for something else. He said cat food should have a protein followed by a carbohydrate as the first two ingredients. Science Diet does, in a very loose, by-product kind of way - ground up slaughterhouse leftovers and corn dust. Then they put a bunch of vitamins in it to make it "healthy," instead of just using good ingredients from the beginning. Not that I care about spending money on the Bean, but this food is way too expensive for what it is.

So we began transitioning her onto Wellness indoor formula about two weeks ago. She is still eating 50 percent Science Diet with 50 percent Wellness (you really shouldn't just give a cat different food one day out of the blue) but SHE NEVER FREAKS OUT ANYMORE. It's amazing. And it's 100 percent because she is eating real food now, along with that sawdust and chicken hearts I still regrettable have to feed her. We have her down to eating twice a day, only 1/3 cup in TOTAL. She was eating three times a day, 5/8 of a cup in total. Now she eats some in the morning, walks away, eats some more a few hours later, and then looks for dinner about twelve hours after her initial feeding. No more knocking things over, no more trashing Dad's papers on the desk, no more howling, no more deliberately spilled water on the floor. It's incredible.

I feel so bad that I was doing this to her for so long. We really thought she was just being dramatic or whatever. But no, she was genuinely hungry because she wasn't eating any real food.

Do your cat a favor - buy her or him so food made with real ingredients, things you would eat - Wellness, Halo, Innova, Evo, whatever. Figure it out for yourself, but please don't feed your cat this. It's garbage.
289629289629B003M5WNKUA1TGAAWCAUZPDPDReviews0051336780800Great productI was very pleased that my elderly cat liked this food. He is a VERY picky eater. It also is healthy for him. He has kidney problems, and this food is one of the healthier foods for his condition.
289630289630B003M5WNKUAZ9JNOR41QWUNEdward Laporte0051334534400Very Good Cat Food...I have been using this particular cat food for over ten years. I have NEVER observed one of my cats (2) throw-up a hairball, nor have I ever seen a hairball in the house anywhere. This catfood works...
289631289631B000L1BP0WAH9TOKMVP4EP9D. Rowell5651200182400Peppermint Pig makes a great gift!The Peppermint Pig is a great gift for the holidays. Start a tradition of breaking the pig to ensure a happy and healthy new year. It's best when purchased with the velveteen bag and hammer - to make a clean job of it!!
289632289632B000L1BP0WA2YNOAM9K2U0UEM. Lion "M. Lion"2251325203200Perfect PigI did a Web search so I could buy a peppermint pig for my hubby for the holidays. He loves pigs. The best deal by far was here on Amazon. we are very happy with this wonderful pig and hooray it also came with its own hammer. Very fast service too.
289633289633B000L1BP0WA10JPGSEY6NF2EDonna Cline2251294963200Peppermint Pig Christmas TraditionI have been purchasing the Peppermint Pig at Christmastime for about 10 years. It has become an important tradition in my family. And, it is a fun gift to wish others a prosperous and happy new year.
289634289634B000L1BP0WAC4IG9KHSTR0JMiss Julia "Eve"4551262390400PerfectThe peppermint pig has become a fun tradition for our family at Christmas, and the velvet bag and hammer that come with it are useful all year!!! If your family has no traditon, other than thanking God for the birth of Christ, this, this is something you might want to try. After our meal when we are all settle into the family room to watch the children open their gifts, we place the peppermint into the velvet bag and break it up with the small metal hammer. As each child has their turn to open their gifts (we start with the youngest and right up the line to the oldest) they each get a piece of the peppermint pig and then the adults share the rest with their coffee. Try it, you will love it! The kids never get too old for this tradition.
289635289635B000L1BP0WA1H6JQBJXIAM5Ilatigo1151326499200Great Holiday FunThe Peppermint pig is a great holiday tradition. We plan on continuing to use a Peppermint Pig at our Christmas dinner. It would be a lot of fun to do at holiday parties with friends as well.
289636289636B000L1BP0WA8V79D0PW7Z2CJeff1151326499200New favorite Christmas TraditionThis is so much fun. I love buying one of these at christmas. It is a great conversation starter and a lot of fun.
289637289637B000L1BP0WA3GXJAYLA7MLKKRachel1151294963200Christmas Fun!Every year my family orders a peppermint pig for after Christmas dinner. It is a fun time for all smashing the pig into bits of sweet candy.
289638289638B000L1BP0WA2GZM7LNEBBGN2Jo0051325635200Peppermint PigExcellent product and wonderful shipping.
We have used this for years - part of our Christmas tradition and memories.
The grandchildren love smashing the pig.
289639289639B000RDN39UA1SJMAF4M4WCHBSuperbier0011279670400Check the EXPIRATION DATE!!!!These candies are great if they are NOT expired. I have ordered these candies from several different sellers on multiple occasions and I have consistently received expired products. Additionally, some sellers put company stickers over top of the expiration date so you can't tell when the product expires. Beware of the following sellers as I have had trouble with each of them: Toys Samurai, ABCTOY4me and ToysDiva. I have reported each of them to Amazon (4 different complaints in the past 4 months) and Amazon has done nothing to stop them from sending out expired products or products with hidden expiration dates. Good luck.
289640289640B0060R8QLCAA7IP6744GIK7Creativecontrol1111331769600Made my dog sick....I bought a bag of Chewy Louie for my dog (cause he was a good boy all week). I rarely stray from his regular food, but I thought he earned a treat. I gave him one strip in the evening before putting him to bed, and when I woke up to check on him, he was in the corner, and there was poop all over the place. It was runny, and just an utter mess. I hate to blame the product, but there was nothing else. I took him to the vet, and the vet said it must have been something in the food i gave him. I will never purchase this product, not recommend it to any dog owner.
289641289641B000NF2J4WA1LEOOBLTQ8OLXAll-access Customer "sylva"1151265414400SylvaI first had these in Germany several years ago and they are so creamy and good that I was happy to find a source in the US. They are wonderful.
289642289642B000NF2J4WA3FVAWZNKW9GXA.Trendl "What should ...0051299888000Hazelnut Milka is DeliciousMilka and its famous purple cow, recently purchased by Kraft, is an eastern European chocolate originally produced in Switzerland and is available in Germany, Austria, Hungary and other nearby countries. With hazelnut, the crunch and flavor has a pleasant exotic texture.

The hazelnut flavor is not subtle. For me, this is a good thing, and, as a result, I can devour two bars faster than I should.

Distribution is still weak in the United States, but can be found increasingly in larger cities. Usually, then, it is found only in international grocery stores, though it pops up in eclectic grocers from time to time. It has been around 100 years. Whether or not Kraft will change the recipe has yet to be seen. For now, the texture and taste are better than Hershey's and Nestle. It is a smoother, creamier basic chocolate, although they also make varieties which include yogurt, nuts and a version with Oreo Cookies. Buy a case of the hazelnut Milka and enjoy!

Anthony Trendl
289643289643B000NF2J4WA36H0DBSNJRAENmamamoose0051294531200milka candyWe have been enjoying this chocolate for years. It comes from Germany when family goes to visit family. It is so creamy and melts in your mouth.
289644289644B00012187GA2NL9K38G8N99GMichael Brookes5821243209600Excessive shipping chargeIf you want to spend $11 to ship an $8 item, this is the place for you.
289645289645B0031YVR4UA1F6PDXFPGUSYOD. Ury4451296864000Excellent flavorI have a difficult time finding these dinner kits at my local supermarket as we live in a very small town so I was thrilled to find them here. They take a very small prep time and come out just as good as your local take-out! (which we don't have either) The sweet and sour and spicy garlic flavors are great too. Can't get the Kung-Pao yet but I can't wait to try that one!
289646289646B0031YVR4UA2XRD24PBBNZVBAndrea J. Klaassen4451268956800Good MealThis Cashew Chicken kit has very good flavor and is easy to make. It doesn't include enough rice for my taste, so I add another half cup (before cooking). It makes enough food for two adults.
289647289647B0031YVR4UA23V78LZ7ZI62YLinda2251331856000foodIt is so easy to make, and if you add some of your own ingredients it is even better. Put some shredded carrots, mushrooms, pea pods, and water chestnuts, and more cashews, and you have a fantastic meals. I always make extra rice It is the sauce that has a great favor.
289648289648B0031YVR4UACRO7VUDC1RD4Beast1151323216000High quality product.I was pleasantly surprised when I tried a different flavor from the store.
I checked the website and found the product comes in a variety of flavors.
But when I tried to buy other flavors I found that the product is hard to find. I even contacted the company but they don't sell directly to the public. I recommended to my supermarket that they carry it but they couldn't.
During my reseach the company recommended I was happy to find the product available in diffent flavors and quickly ordered from Amazon. Their shipment was quick and I highly recomment the product.
289649289649B0031YVR4UA142Q4IOXG650XNortheast cook0051350777600Great Wanchai productI have purchased several of Wanchai products and all seem to be good. Only thing you have to buy is the chicken. This Cashew Chicken is very good and will serve at least 3 people.
289650289650B0031YVR4UA165KATOGV1TVFbella0051350691200The BEST of the BESTThis is the best product I have found if you want great meal. I used to buy this all the time, hunted all 6 stores in my town and couldn't find it anymore, had to purchase online because it had been discontinued by the manuf. I believe that this was a really bad move on there part, this is the greatest stuff I have ever found, don't know what I'll do when I can buy it online anymore!!!!!!!!

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