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289651289651B0031YVR4UA3PPDU4GU9J2KZBlackbttrfly220041344124800Excellent dish -a little priceyMy whole family LOVES this Cashew Chicken, and it is fairly easy to prepare. I used to b able to buy it at the grocery store for about $3. a box, so this was double the price, but I can't find it at the grocery store, so I paid this exorbitant price for it. Probably will not purchase it from here again!
289652289652B0019K980IA1LBGXE29GG1IRCoffee Ramblings "Billy"1151349568000Love It!Wow! I have never carried much for French Vanilla, but the International Delight French Vanilla is one my favorite creamers.
289653289653B0019K980IA2IM6KBCBHDMVSmuriel camarda "Book Worm"0151334534400Hmmmmmm! GoodWe enjoyed product Arrived quickly do not enjoy writing review would prefer a check list of comments more like feedback from ebay good luck to all from Muriel in California
289654289654B0019K980IA120PNWS9F7GK1Sw "littlelemons"0141225929600great for officeIt's nice to keep in my drawer at the office. For me though one creamer is not enough and two creamers is two much for our office coffee cup sizes. However, they are tasty.
289655289655B0019K980IAZRK50YB3ORRZStephanie M. Corby "Being"0141225843200Yum & convenientI take these into work so I dont have to think about keeping a container in the fridge that someone might use or throw out... theyre yummy and convenient
289656289656B0019K980IA2TGJXH38KC03Tproofer0231326499200not crazy about iti am use to the powder kind, and do not care too much for this kind....i would like to cancel any future orders coming...
289657289657B003YNANBQAMYJIVO837H5VRussell D. Greig0051284163200ExcellentGreat jam, just like we were back in Hawaii. Cost less with shipping than if we bought it there. Perfect packaging and shipping. Will order again.
289658289658B005ZKPA2SA1123GA5M6UDTUMeng0051347667200Haribo Happy Cola!This drink tastes JUST like those Haribo Happy Cola gummies..... Which are awesome. If you like those cola flavored candies, you will definitely like this soda.
289659289659B001TM2A60A1ZGGPEVTDZBPLLove My Kindle3351279152000High Quality dog food!I have fed my dogs this food for over 12 months -- they love it and have no problems with digestion. I also feed my cats weruva brand food -- they love it as well. Online reviews of this product give it consistently high marks. Sorry that some of the amazon labels have been misleading -- i.e., showing pictures of cat food when searching for dog food. However, with the exception of one ingredient (taurine is added for cats), the cat and dog food ingredients are pretty much the same. This food costs a bit more than grocery store brands, however it contains fresh ingredients -- no grains are included. Grains are often the cause of allergy and digestion problems. It is prepared in a "fit for human consumption" approved manner. Since feeding my pets this food, their coats have become soft and shiny and their eyes are bright and clear. It is my opinion that in the long run, the possibility of fewer physical problems resulting in fewer vet bills, make feeding my pets weruva food very cost effective.

Please folks, post reviews that are about the quality of the product. It is misleading to post a 1 star review because amazon mislabeled a product. Some people might bypass a product based on a star rating without actually reading the review.
289660289660B001TM2A60A3N6VBAVGRAKP47 "7"1231337126400Recipe has changed and our pets only give it 3 stars now. This used to be their favorite.Well, Weruva had the magic formula in the past. Their Marbella Paella was at THE very top of our pets' list of favorite foods and they eat about 10-12 different brands/flavors of canned foods, all premium brands without grains and crap fillers. The old Marbella Paella recipe and the new both had mackerel as the primary ingredient and water as the second ingredient. The previous recipe, which is still what's incorrectly printed in Amazon's description as of this writing, contained calamari, shrimp and mussels as third, fourth and fifth ingredients. Now calamari, shrimp and mussels are entirely absent in any amount from Marbella Paella. If you ask me, this is such a fundamental change in the recipe that it constitutes deceptive marketing for returning customers like myself. And I DO feel deceived.

And there is no question that our pets notice the change. They used to DEVOUR the previous Marbella Paella and leave cleaned bowls behind and ask for seconds. Now they walk away leaving their bowls half full the way they do with non-Weruva brand foods. Sure, they'll eventually come back and finish up. And that's how they generally are with their other foods. So no, they don't dislike the new recipe. They just seem rather indifferent.

It is VERY disappointing how far from grace this recipe has fallen. From paragon to mediocrity in one shot. Lame.

Hey, Weruva, change the name of this product or restore the previous recipe. It ain't cool to ride the success of your previous recipe and deliver this sorry impostor in its place. Talk about a LITERAL bait and switch. Very uncool...

Still, most other truly premium pet foods that have healthy ingredients and are void of grains and preservatives, etc. typically get snubbed by our pets and the new Marbella Paella still does actually get eaten so it gets 3 stars whereas other premiums typically get 1 or 2 stars because our pets simply won't eat them. The original Marbella Paella, of course, would have gotten 6 stars if Amazon would allow that extra star.

Sad... but at least the little ones still eat it...
289661289661B001TM2A60A3LBZZ51VPK6HCSanne0151280448000It is great cat food, my cats love it.It is great cat food, my cats love it. It is certainly worth the money!
289662289662B001EQ4DXEA31W1EH05CX0P2Sarah Walker181951246492800Great for care packages!!If you're looking to send something to a soldier overseas, send Crystal Lite. It's often included in care packages that we receive and there's still never enough. I'm actually buying more right now. The "On the go" packets are the perfect size for water bottles.

I'm in Afghanistan right now and it's already hitting 115 degrees. It's a great alternative to soda and doesn't have the calories of Gatorade.
289663289663B001EQ4DXEA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle121241228003200Tired of plain water? Enjoy this lemonade on the goI love lemonade but 2-3 in one day is too much sugar. Crystal Light is a nice replacement. I drink more of this in the summer than Crystal Light's peach tea.

The On-The-Go packages are easy to carry and I keep a box at my office and several packets in my glove box. I've reviewed several of the Crystal Light and Lipton drink mixes. My favorite flavors are iced tea, peach tea, lemonade and raspberry lemonade. All of these are a nice change of pace from drinking plain water and I've found that I enjoy them best when they are slushy cold.

Here's my recipe for a perfect drink: I add the drink mix packet to my Rubbermaid Chug Bottle, an inexpensive water bottle perfect for Crystal Light and Lipton packets. Then, I add 12 oz of water and fill the rest of the bottle with crushed ice. After 30 seconds of shaking I've got an ice-cold drink.

Bottom line: Are you tired of drinking plain water all the time? You can save money by skipping bottled teas. These drink mixes are handy at home, at the office and on the road - anywhere you want to avoid drinking your calories.

Crystal Light On the Go, Peach Tea
Crystal Light Ice Tea On-The-Go
Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade On-The-Go
Crystal Light On the Go, Green Tea Raspberry
Lipton White Tea Iced Tea Mix To-Go, Raspberry
Lipton Green Tea To Go, Mandarin and Mango
Lipton Green Tea Iced Tea Mix To-Go, Citrus
Lipton Green Tea To Go, Honey & Lemon
Crystal Light On the Go, Raspberry Ice
289664289664B001EQ4DXEAM1DNS6MLPN98Diana Ohene "Humor Mistress"111151246233600crystal light lemonadeWhen I first had this lemonade I loved it, so I found it on amazon and ordered it.
My first shipment wasn't good. Some of the packs were open and some of the packs had hard powder in them. I emailed amazon right away and told them the situation. They replied less than 20 mins later and said they would send me a new shipment, free of charge, and with free 2-day shipping.

The 2nd shipment was perfect.
Amazon has awesome customer service. I've never had an issue with shipment until now and I don't care because I know amazon will handle it.
289665289665B001EQ4DXEA2W0O92FZFHJOJRonnie G.3341234656000Lemonade On the Go~Tired of plain old bottled water? Need something to spice it up! Then you are looking at the right product! This sweet and sour concoction is pleasant to the tongue and it's definitely a taste you won't regret!

1) This contains SPLENDA so if you don't like splenda this isn't for you

2) Don't put the whole packet in unless you want really strong lemonade . .It tastes just fine with half-a-packet . .Plus, if you do that then you will extend the life of your Lemonade to go pack!
289666289666B001EQ4DXEA3A77RIYVNT3ZSCC "Amazon Prime Addict"2251308787200I love LemonadeI love drinking lemonade. I don't like drinking just water by itself. So this seemed like the perfect solution and even better that it tastes great. It's a sweet lemonade and refreshing. Can't go wrong with this one.
289667289667B001EQ4DXEA46U025WV64BSslapshot871151307836800RefreshingI love this flavor of Crystal Light - both in the cannister and the To-Go packs. Some lemonades are so tart that they end up giving me heartburn - no so with Crystal Light. One pack of this in a standard-size bottle of water & it's perfect! Not too sweet....not too tart. Because it's more difficult to dissolve in cold water, I tend to make up a few of these with room temperature bottled water...then place the mixed bottles in the refrigerator to chill. That way, I can take the bottles on-the-go cold. 5 stars to Crystal Light for their Natural Lemonade flavor!
289668289668B001EQ4DXEA14R9XMZVJ6INBamf00011151274572800use it for the gymI love this on the go idea, I take it when we travel, and use it regularly for the gym. I actually use one packet for 2 regular sized water bottles, and still find that they give a strong lemonade flavor but with no chemical after taste, and no calories! I don't like the taste of water and find this makes it far more palatable. I use this and the pink lemonade regularly and rebuy them often, so would happily recommend them to everyone.
289669289669B001EQ4DXEAVGEWSTY0GQZ7J. Kadrmas1151252713600Convenient, cheap ... tastes good ...Another of my staple purchases ... I drink at least one of these a day and they're so handy. The lemonade is the only flavor I can tolerate in large doses, so I always get them on Amazon. I'm just about ready to place an automated order.

They've become a good substitute for sugared soda ... I'm trying to cut down but can't quite seal the deal, so these help. If you like them, and drink them a lot, there is no reason to get them at your locale store. Get them here!
289670289670B001EQ4DXEA2U4GCCMZN2Z35Girl Next Door1151246665600Great for something different with less calories and no sugar!I hate wasting calories on drinks and consuming so much sugar but I love lemonade so these are the perfect remedy! I'm currently deployed in Iraq and I got a box of these in a care package from a friend. The packs are easy to throw in my pocket and take anywhere. I'm a lot more inclined to get my daily dose of water with these packs!

289671289671B001EQ4DXEA1DKPKUGDHBP0FLins "Lindsay"1151238976000Great Lemonade!I absolutely love the crystal lite on the go packets. They are perfect for work, home, etc. I got these online because they were always sold out at my grocery store. I love the lemonade. Its true, you really dont have to use the whole packet but I like mine tart so I do. I also have the peach iced tea which is great! Perfect if you are like me and trying to cut calories.
289672289672B001EQ4DXEA6VPK7X53QNAQAnjana Nigam2351245024000Great natural tasting flavor, every one loves it - great way to make kids drink more water.Till I tasted this product in the big C warehouse I never thought it would taste as good as it does. I kept it would taste rather unnatural like kool-aid. But one sip and I was hooked.

It is a great replacement for all the diet soda I was drinking. This somehow seems much healthier and has less caffeine. One pack is perfect for a bottle of water. I am trying to not buy too many PET bottles nowadays due to recycling issues so I just carry a water bottle and keep adding this pack, it is a good way to drink water.

I was noticing that with diet soda I felt dehydrated often and I was getting headaches, recently I also learned that diet cola is particularly bad for the system so it was time to switch. This flavor is particularly nice as it tastes just like fresh lemonade. I also bought raspberry lemonade but did not like that one as much as this flavor.
289673289673B001EQ4DXEA16MTF36307916J. Sharp0051343088000great productgreat product, tastes great, love being able to buy in bulk at a good price, rivals generic prices. well worth it!
289674289674B001EQ4DXEAMOUJN6032FJMOddyssey0051332115200I drink water nowI drink water when I am at work and these little packets help! I hate the taste of plain water for some reason. But using these packets I drink plenty of water for the whole shift!
289675289675B001EQ4DXEA12E0Y64P3KT1KD. Heymann0051322956800Love this lemonadeOn a diet and want to drink a lot of water. I bought the 32 ounce Contego water bottle on Amazon (highly recommend that as well). Now I fill to 32 oz line and put in two of these packets. Shake it up and I am drinking a quart of no calorie delicious lemonade.
289676289676B001EQ4DXEA2BM3B3243C4H0Laura Cuomo0051318809600Crystal Light On The Go Natural Lemonade, 10 Count Packets (Pack of 6) by Crystal LightAbsolutely love this stuff. I carry it around with me when I want something to add to my water. Packets are convenient. The price cannot be beat on amazon as they sell for more in the stores. This is my favorite flavor and I am on auto ship so I never run out.
289677289677B001EQ4DXEA1MYMOYL5NH5K3D. Barber "Real reviews....?"0051282780800Great if you add regular club soda... makes it taste like grape sodaAdd some club soda to this and you have yourself a grape soda. The other flavor that is great with club soda is pomegranite/cherry (note: not all crystal light flavors are good with club soda - experiment). But these are my favs.
289678289678B001EQ4DXEA1EIE8CS5SZ105Pamela K. Bartay "Deal Finder"0051265414400Crystal Light On the GoLove the Crystal Light on the go. Great for the kids lunches and very convenient. Much better price from Amazon than at the grocery store.
289679289679B001EQ4DXEA1RRW69AWLNLYALRM0051238716800What's to review?You either like this product or you don't. I do. It was shipped promptly and packed well. I'm supposed to be on the subscription plan, so I should be getting more soon. Good deal.
289680289680B00473P8SKA3BOCUP1YDSWMHDon W. Ward0021343001600Great flavor, butthe number one ingredient -- literally -- is high fructose corn syrup. And that really sucks because this is otherwise great sauce. It taste great and it easy to cook with, and everyone loves it.

But I just will no longer consume products with HFCS. I'm begging Sweet Baby Ray's to sell a version that is HFCS free.

Kraft's Bull's Eye brand contains no HFCS and this is a point of pride for them. Sweet Baby Rays can do the same. PLEASE

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