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289749289749B000WR4A48A1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"3441167868800Fun, Intense Holiday Tea****

Celestial Seasonings' Sugar Plum Spice is a delightful holiday tea. It contains hibiscus, roasted barley malt, roasted chicory root, rosehips, chamomile flowers, natural plum flavor with other natural flavors, ginger root, roasted carob, and cardamom. It does not contain caffeine, so it's technically an herbal tea.

Celestial Seasonings has been around a long time, and makes quality teas. All of their teas are free of preservatives and artificial colorings and flavorings, all are certified Kosher and none use irradiated botanicals, which I appreciate. Although they use "natural flavors" in their teas, these natural flavors are derived primarily from fruits, spices and herbs, and never contain monosodium glutamate (MSG). They use environmentally conscious packaging and sustainable sourcing. To remove the caffeine from green and black teas, they use a process called "effervescent decaffeination" (using carbon dioxide). Celestial Seasonings justifiably takes pride in being a company that makes natural teas.

On the package, Celestial Seasonings writes, "Take a sip of Sugar Plum Spice and journey with us to the Land of the Sweets in Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker. Here you'll find gingerbread houses, trees laden with sugar plums and days filled with sunshine. This is the land of the Sugar Plum Fairy, who is beautiful, gentle and kind. We created this tea to pay tribute to her. Sugar Plum Spice is made with 100% natural herbs and the festive flavors of plum and spice, with just a hint of sweetness." This tea is slightly sweet and full bodied, tasting just as you would expect from the description. The cardamom and ginger give it a little zing. Each tea bag packs a lot of flavor and I only need to use one at a time.

I recommend it, even if it's not a holiday. It's perfect for a cold or wet winter day.

289750289750B000WR4A48A2N681QCTDGWIIElyse3551201132800This tea is awesome!!My son's teacher gave me a box of this tea as a holiday present 5 years ago. Every holiday season I can't wait to find this tea on the shelves. This year I could not find it..I was so bummed and then went on-line and was still being made. I have tried may other teas and this by a long shot, if my favorite...any time of year!!
289751289751B000WR4A48A3EBHHCZO6V2A4Amaranth "music fan"0151292976000Christmas MagicSugar Plum Tea is a piquant, bittersweet accompaniment to Pyotr Tchaikovsky's classic The Nutcracker / Baryshnikov, Kirkland, Charmoli. While watching the enchanting dances, one can savor this spicy sweet tea. The plums aren't dominating, but it definitely has a spicy cardamom kick! Despite its zippiness, it isn't caffeinated. It tastes exotic and antiquated enough to flow from someone's silver samovar. This tea will have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head!
289752289752B000WR4A48A3NKZPZCX07959Jerome0331201996800Aromatic holiday teaCelestial Seasonings is well known for their all-natural, quality teas. This specific tea is highly aromatic, with slight notes of plum and cinnamon, strongly reminiscent of a cherry lifesaver. For this reason, we find the flavor barely palatable. There was a lingering aftertaste that we did not prefer. If you like a tart tea, this may just be the tea for you.

Celestial Seasonings guarantees their tea. They want to ensure complete satisfaction, or they will refund your money. A refund was not attempted for this tea since it was merely a personal preference; the tea is still high quality, and will be enjoyed by many. For more information, visit, which lists each their vast array of flavors.
289753289753B006H34208A2FSHGZXFZRDOEMaria3351327968000AmazingThese are by far the best M&Ms out there. I bought them from Target and now I can't seem to find them again. Had I known, I would have bought a lot more. These are larger, like the peanut ones but the inside is a raspberry chocolate with no different layer in the middle. The quality is comparable to Godiva!
289754289754B006H34208A1K0593NELZQ64D. Clemons1151331164800YummyFirst time I had these were in 2007, I have not seen them in a store since until I found them on Amazon. These are nice size packages and last a long time since there are six in the order, unless you share with your friends like I did. The price seems to go up and down, I only paid about $5 per bag. They are good but at a reasonable price.
289755289755B006H34208A3TV77S1WX6LE3David Mutchler "amateur player"1151327449600HeavenlyI bought a bag of these in my local store and tried them at the checkout counter. I raved about them so that before I knew it, all the checkers in the store and the customers standing nearby wanted a taste. All agreed they were heavenly! The sad part of the story is that they became so popular, when I went back for more, they were all gone - thank goodness for Amazon!
289756289756B006H34208A3O8QMHJE99RIKpattherat0111347840000too much raspberry flavorIt has too much raspberry flavor. Tone it down. I love raspberry chocolate but I would not buy another bag of your m&ms. Sorry.
289757289757B001FUY9WEA2Q99CTAE2733MMalinthea Rhodes0051227484800Great For Colds/FluThis tea is great, for the onset of colds/flu. I have used it for over fifteen years. I would never do winter without symfre tea.Helps to ease colds/flu, and promotes restful sleep. I enjoy the taste of this tea and I use stevia to sweeten. So enjoy.
289758289758B0000DG57QA2QWMT9F3LUSHCCory G.1251086134400Gooda for tha BourbonLa bourbena e autunno in australia foglio dimmi dimmi dimi, voglio supre dutto dimme non mi pice la turbon, mi pice la bourbon, le occhi azzuri, e gli nuvoloso e rosso e tu?

P.S. All hail the mightly .... SAFRA BOURBON!!!!!!!

289759289759B003LROPEGA2TY5K94ZTNN84controller1151324339200Love it!!! One of the best flavored teas.If you like bergamot flavor - this tea is for you. I have tried many brands, some expensive ones. This is one of the best teas, for me and all my family. It has very strong begramot flavor which makes tea so good. There are quite big tea leaves. Earl Gray tea lovers - please try this one, you won't be disappointed. Price is OK, about $9 per 8.8 oz (250 grams) pack in local stores here in North-East or Tri-State area.
289760289760B003LROPEGA1UGCI7NUETY7MElena0011322611200Terrible 'tea'Tea described as Pure Ceylon Tea. They forgot to write that it flavored!!
The flavor is terrible. It kills the taste of the tea totally!! I am not even sure there is any of real Ceylon Tea.
Can't drink it - was thrown out :(
289761289761B00124VRPUA297YMSYEPDX45~Ariel~212151287100800Sweet and long-lastingXyloburst Peppermint Gum, 100 count
Made in USA with materials from China (Non GMO)

Ingredients: Xylitol, Gum Base, Natural Flavors (peppermint oil), Vegetable Glycerin, Gum Arabic, Soy Lecithin, Beeswax

This was my first time trying xylitol gum and it was pretty good. Very intense at first and then fades, but not too quickly. The flavor does last awhile considering it's a more natural gum. I was debating between this and Spry gum, but a lot of reviewers said that Spry faded quickly. Glad I chose this instead. The pieces look big in the container (each is 1.5grams), but they chew down small so you might want to chew 2 at a time. Amazon also has a 500 count container, which is a better value if you can afford paying it at once. Xyloburst Peppermint Xylitol Chewing Gum 500 Count This also comes in blister packs (total of 144 pieces) and sometimes it's cheaper than the 100 count container Xyloburst Peppermint Blister Pack 12 12 Pc Packages. I used to chew Orbit Peppermint gum, but I think I'll get this from now on. Less chemicals and tastes better. And if you're looking for xylitol breath mints, try Ricochet Emerald Forest Ricochet Sugar Free Mints with Xylitol, Peppermint, 100-Count Tins (Pack of 6).
289762289762B00124VRPUA3TPY3X0H7EFUQPeggy7751296691200Great Gum!I ordered this gum in hopes of finding a healthier gum that tasted good and I was not disappointed. Around the same time I ordered some Peelu gum and was extremely disappointed in that. The Xyloburst is so much better. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy gum to chew!
289763289763B00124VRPUAWD0I113DDMWUE. Holmes "snack bar connoisseur"5551212537600Xyloburst gumThis is a great product...long-lasting won't be disappointed. Another plus is that the xylitol sweetener is actually good for your teeth!
289764289764B00124VRPUAGQ38TLCG679XSherlyn3351329264000Good Natural GumThis is the best Natural Gum by far on the market. I have tried at least 6 different brands and this one has the longest lasting flavor and a good texture. You won't be disappointed.
289765289765B00124VRPUA1UYDFM72RGZQJhefret2231350086400Great But Contains Titanium DioxideI just bought this product and see that it contains titanium dioxide, a controversial ingredient (possible carcinogen). Maybe it's OK, but I'd rather not take the chance, especially considering it is probably only used to improve the gum's appearance. Pretty superficial and not worth the risk in my book.

Everything else about this gum seems great. Love the taste and the 1 gram xylitol per piece.
289766289766B00124VRPUA53OMW3JG71N4Flip "Bedlington_Boy"2251327190400WOWPop two pieces in your mouth and you get a burst of
flavor that last for decent amount of time. After the
flavor has dissapated you can keep on chewing for at
least 30-50 minutes because it keeps its consistency
for that long. My first purchase was from Amazon but
I went to the manufacturers website and purchased
one peppermint and one spearmint both 500-count for
a great price. If you enjoy chewing gum,I chew four
pieces a day,you will enjoy this gum.
289767289767B00124VRPUA1AKW788238PWQTruth Be Told1151344729600Great GumAccording to the manufacture the xylitol used in this gum is produced in the USA from birch, not GMO corn from China. This gum has a pleasant taste it is not too strong or over powering. Xyloburst, like most xylitol gum does not have long lasting flavor, but it does last long enough and it does not get rock hard once the flavor is gone so you can chew it for a while. The gum does a great job of controlling bad breath/ refreshing your breath after meals. The added oral hygiene benefits you get from the xylitol is also a plus. I have been chewing this gum for a while and I have nothing bad to report,
289768289768B00124VRPUA1XOTEUV3NJUW5H. Bunn2351252713600gumThis gum is a great replacement for all the other gums out there that have aspertaine, sacrine,equal, or another sugar substitude except for agave or stivia. It is best to buy in the larger quantities because it lowers the cost.
289769289769B00124VRPUA2KUQ5F0KXSRRYShopping Shrew0051340236800REAL peppermint oil!!!!!This is the BEST gum I have ever had in my 46 yrs of being alive!!! It has natural peppermint oil. NO FAKE flavors or sweeteners in this stuff!! Their mints are awesome too!! I like xylichew Licorice gum for the same reason but Xyloburst lasts a lil longer:}
289770289770B00124VRPUA1E807WCM1PUPamazonop0051334793600love this stuff!I bought these because I am addicted to gum and I need all natural gum because the crap they put in regular gum is super bad for you...I am not sure if Xylotol really helps your teeth like they say...but if your looking for an all natural sugar free gum that tastes great and won't give you headaches, this stuff does the trick...I will buy again and again...
289741289741B005G2FC50A2A7KCCMWH19YYS. Harris "bifaerie79"3621319068800Salty!This coconut water is so salty, and actually has 120 mg of sodium per bottle (5% of your Daily Value)! I like that it is organic, it comes in a great bottle size, and that it really has a lot of great nutrients. In my opinion, although the flavor behind the saltiness is great, this is really not drinkable due to the sodium content.I guess coconut water just has a lot of sodium, but I've never had one that actually tasted this salty. However, I have had great success using this in baked goods and mixed drinks (alcoholic and non) it really masks the saltiness and I get all the benefits of an organic coconut water! I received samples of this product to review; I was not compensated for my review in any way.
289742289742B005G2FC50A3L8FH4QUNWTI0planet_051341319155200Refreshing!I've tried mamy brand of coconut water. Although this is not the best tasting one, it has a flavorful and refreshing taste. Great to drink after working out. Love the size of the bottle too.
289743289743B00434MRG4A2RCVAHTXAH38QIt's okay, I have a business card.0141344297600Pantry StapleOur family has always enjoyed this one-dish meal. I keep a bag of broccoli florettes in the freezer and usually toss in a handful. The vegetables cook up nicely and lend color as well as a bit more flavor.
289744289744B001YXNZEUAICV8FHNXCABSPatricia Bird3351334620800Best Potato Chips Around!Miss Vickie's are the best tasting potato chips around. And you can't buy them in stores. Frito-Lay won't sell them to you.

My favorites are the Simply Sea Salt ones. The only problem I have with this pack is that the majority of the bags are jalapeno ones, and this is my least favorite of the flavors.
289745289745B001YXNZEUA1JUIR28N40DK8Browser "Browser"0051348444800NaturalThese are the best non gmo chips that I have found. They are cooked in sunflower oil instead of the other junk out there. So far, they are doing a good job making a product that I feel is safe to give my kids. Its getting harder and harder in the USA to find anything pre packaged without genetically modified crud in it.
289746289746B001YXNZEUA2ZLWZUP0D44SSD. Chu0011347926400Expired Chips?!?I just received the Miss Vickie's Variety Pack of 30 today and on the bag it says to sell by Sep 25th. Now I though that the sell by date was Sep 25th 2013 not Sep 25th 2012. I tried a bag just to see and the chips tasted like their really close to their expiration date. They tasted like their about to go stale. I tried a different flavor just to double check and though it tasted alittle better it was also tasted like it was close to its expiration date. I gave it to some friends to try because taste is a personal preference. They told me that it didn't taste as fresh and was alittle stale. A friend referred me to this brand of chips. So I decided to try it out. Since I can't purchase this in stores where I live. I decided to just order it in bulk online. This way I can pack a bag of chips for lunch everyday for a month. Now I regret it. Now I only have 8 days to finish 30 bags of chips. How am I suppose to do that? Unless I want to become morbidly obese

I essentially just paid $25 for a box of chips with a shelf life of 8 days. This is unacceptable. Stay away from this vendor and purchase it from a store if you can.
289747289747B001YXNZEUA3T4N33HQ5AIY5Marilyn D. Kilrain0051303689600Yummy Chips!I looked in stores all over for my brother's favorite chips and I was delightsed when I found them on Amazon. How great is that! These delicious chips make a favorite gift instead of the usual candy or flowers. Prompt service was appreciated.
289748289748B000WR4A48AGNAC4J0EXMHQSusan M. Atkinson "snowfrost50"1151267574400Sugar Plum Spice Tea is The "Bomb"I discovered this flavored tea during the Thanksgiving holidays, 2009 at my daughter's house. I am NOT a tea OR coffee drinker but she pressured me to try "this amazing flavored tea" and the rest, shall we say is history! Now I just can't start my day without it. There is no caffeine, however, and all natural ingredients but the flavor is perfect and it stands alone! I would recommend this to anyone, even those "non tea or coffee drinkers". It was introduced as a "Holiday Tea" so it is not supposed to be available throughout the year and it is now almost impossible to find EXCEPT through Amazon. Thanks Amazon and your sellers for making it available for me, all year long!

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