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289801289801B00436SFOKAO6BLAM73H3YZfarmboyWI "farmboywi"1131320796800Flavor name sounds great, taste not so muchThis creamer tastes like regular Coffeemate. Not enough cinnamon to convince me it's even flavored. I make up trays of various flavored creamers for a group every week and this is the least used one of the bunch.
289802289802B00436SFOKA2OR94VN7XQCUOEdward Scott "ewscott"1141307577600Yeah I like my coffee in the morningBut that first cup is made before my last remaining braincell becomes functional... kind of robot control. And when I dump either the refrigerated creamer or shake the powdered creamer into my cup, it's hard to control how much goes in. Often it's way too much. I'm never smart enough to measure with my spoon.

So these little pre-measured containers work a little better for me. Only problem is, I use a 16-oz cup, so one is not quite enough and two make a bit of an overdose, so I've settled for one. This huge box of them should last a long time at that rate. They're just as delicious as the refrigerated coffee mate, and a little better than the powdered, which to me tastes... powdered. I like them fine and per ounce, I got them at a better price than either the liquid or the powder. We'll see how long they last.

From Utopia, Texas... Enjoy your java!

UPDATE: I had to go away for a couple of months and when I returned, these didn't taste the same... chemical taste and not very enjoyable. I tossed them. I'd reduce the rating by a star or two if I could.
289803289803B00436SFOKA2AVTJPQVX4OWGtwistednlove0021347494400good product, BUT.....the creamer is very good, but the packaging was horrible. out of the 200 packs, i was only able to save about 185 of them. need to find a new way to package the product so us consumers aren't wasting our hard earned money.
289804289804B00436SFOKA21WUFR8AJR6VBPredrag0051333411200Quality CreamerThis is a bulk case of the same creamer you'd purchase at the store. Excellent, fresh tasting creamer delivered to your door and at a fraction of what other office supply companies charge.

If you have popped containers, blame your mail carrier, not Amazon.
289805289805B00436SFOKAVEJNN6TKMDRRold hen0011331856000Not what I thoughtI'm very disappointed in these. There's
WAY too much cinnamon and very little
vanilla taste. It took 4 of them to turn
my coffe a golden color, what a waste.
I won't buy these or any other single
creamers again.
289806289806B00436SFOKA2CNW95IQUL8QCcmbeth0051319500800This flavor is SO Good!I had not tried Cinnamon Vanilla (I know, buying a whole case was a little risky), but this flavor rocks! I love the portion control and the fact that it's portable and shelf stable.
289807289807B00436SFOKA12MM7HWZ8IHW8Legina0041300838400Love this Flavor!!I wanted to have this creamer at work, but could only find it in the big, refridgerated bottles... great for home, but not feasible when I have to leave my office and walk down the hall for my creamer for coffee... Then I found these! No refridgeration needed and I could port them to work! Only drawback was the $18 for shipping.. I feel that was a little steep.
289808289808B00436SFOKA10CQ4RIE8UEDPcafe0031289520000exploded tubsThe condition in which these arived was not to my expectation. I had at least 1/4 of the box unusable, due to exploded tubs. The product itself is very tasty.
289809289809B005LUREEOA1VE0KOBPRXPKXConnie R. Johnston "RaznDazln"0051346457600Not only are they great tasting, they are real fruit juice.I bought a box of these for the summer and loved them!! Not only did I get an enjoyable treat but they helped me lose weight. That was a bonus! I'm a night time snacker. Usually turning to chips, popcorn, cookies or something high calorie like that. When I got the Otter Pops I started eating them and found that it became a night time ritual all summer. Because there's no fat and only 40 calories I could satisfy my snack craving with 2-3 of these and only consume 120 calories. Over the summer I've lost 12 pounds! But most of all, they are REALLY good! I hope you get a chance to try them!!
289810289810B005LUREEOAL1FMYNNRQRHUrip off1611339891200rip offyou can buy these at any grocery store/ supermarket for less than $5. go to your local store instead of paying these highly inflated prices
289811289811B002AD9G8WA2OY3MCJQSRSUOMusashi&Koyama1251301961600Great taste - just like having sudachi at homeIf you are craving the juice of sudachi, then get this. It is perfect taste. Makes great tasting drinks and works wonderful in Japanese style foods. I bought kabosu, sudachi and yuzu and I love all three products.
289812289812B002Y5MM8MA1C4FN2VPG3G6IErica Gianakakis171711267574400Not the same "Delfa Rolls" I rememberI was very excited that 7 years later, they decide to bring "Delfa Rolls" or "Danish Ribbons" back. Seeing these reminded me of my childhood, so I bought a case. It took WAY too long to receive the package. It came a day after the latest estimation date. I busted into the box so fast. Ripped the packaging and dug right in. As soon at it hit my mouth I knew. These are NOT the same as they once were. They taste fine, but they are not the same. I think licorice laces you get at CVS or RiteAid for $0.99 are closer to the taste of "Delfa Rolls" than these are. I'm very very disappointed!
289813289813B002Y5MM8MA1R3MJXHKBZKM3Chakarielle "Chakarielle"101011269043200Broadway Rolls ! Scoff!! Yuck! Yuck!If I could give less than one star I would. These are not the way this type of licorice is supposed to taste!! When I found these on line, I was ecstatic! I, too, bought two boxes in my excitement. One box for me and one for my sister and cousins, whom have all ranted on how much we miss these Delfa, Danish, Broadway licorice rolls. I ran to my mailbox everyday for 5 days. Why it took so long to arrive is completely beyond me since Amazon items usually take a day or two at the most! When it finally arrived, I ripped open the box with my coat still on and car keys in hand. Patooie! It taste like sugar and silly putty (Yes, I still remember that silly putty taste from when I was a kid.) Yucky! Just regular 'ole licorice. I am very, very, very, very disappointed and I am returning both boxes!!!!
289814289814B002Y5MM8MA3CKK50I8TCLQTTatiana M. Riccelli101011268697600Broadway rolls a disappointment!I was so excited to hear they were bringing this sweet strawberry flavored licorice roll back....only to order two boxes and I could tell the minute I opened wrapper and smelled them, they weren't even close. What ever happened to the sweet original licorice taste from when I was growing up?? Licorice now tastes waxy and bummed!
289815289815B002Y5MM8MA14KC00SD6OYP2Steven R. Kutner4411276819200Do not buy themLike the others, I eagerly awaited my two boxes. I ended up eating a couple of rolls, and throwing the rest in the garbage. Do not buy them.
289816289816B002Y5MM8MA2EMSSKFMO799ZBarbara79163311316995200DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEYI bought these from another vendor and spent $22.00 which was a waste of money. They DO NOT TASTE ANYTHING LIKE THE OLD DELFA ROLLS. I am 49 years old and ought to know what they tasted like. Don't waste your money, the product isn't bad just not what I was looking for in a retro candy and craving from my youth.
289817289817B002Y5MM8MA2BRNGFZWHM982Author of KINGS & QUEENS3311302480000Not goodAs noted, the flavor isn't even close. But I have found a company that is making a red licorice with a hauntingly similar taste. Look up Tubi's Tire Tread Red. The smell alone will bring you right back to the original Delfa. Not the thin ribbon or the flexibility of Delfa/Danish Ribbon. Other than that, very close.

Red Licorice, Tire Tread - 7 oz,(Tubi'S Organic Soft Licorice)
289818289818B002Y5MM8MA1IDURMA722EOMJames S. Kosmicki3321279152000not the sameas the other reviews have noted, this is NOT the same flavor (or even coloring - the color is a pinkish color, not the deep red I remember). it's not bad as such, but don't tell me you've brought something back when you've really just recreated the look of the original. I don't remember Danish licorice in black, and the black licorice from this company is actually pretty good, but these red ones are NOT what you remember. I'm just glad that i found them at a bulk store so that I only bought one roll and not a whole box like I intended to here.
289819289819B002Y5MM8MA2DMUHKHXHMCVPsusankarami2211301356800broadway delfA rollsPatooey! Tastes like bug spray!! I had to wash my mouth out with soap after eating this. Fishers went on the cheap and just bought the name from the original danish manufacturer, not the recipe. Earth to Fishers--buy the original recipe!!Aren't you just a little embarrased how much people hate this? You can become a hero by buying the original recipe and reformulating this back to its origins. Note to the original manufacturer-please write a disclaimer to disassociate yourself from this horrible product!
289820289820B002Y5MM8MA1WUBO5UO2E3Bdave1111336608000major dissapointment . . . . . majorI was horribly disappointed when i received these. Wasnt till after the fact i saw there "new and improved flavor" blurb somewhere. WTF . . . . why bother bringing them back if they are completely different? Save your money if you are expecting them to be anywhere near the original Delfa Rolls. I ordered a case and was one of the first to get them when they came out, pretty much gave 'em away and pitched what was left. REPEAT THESE ARE NOTHING LIKE DELFA ROLLS other then shape. I guess what puzzles me the most is why go through all the hype and why change it at all? Isnt it just as easy to make them the same as long as they are going through the effort of marketing them as a re released product?
289821289821B002Y5MM8MASA0ZQZIJQH30alb1111325116800these are terrible, don't buyI wish I would have listened to the other reviews. I had to see for myself because I loved the delfa/danish ribbon rolls so much and I liked them a little on the chewy/stale side so I thought it was worth a shot.
Seriously, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR $$$$!!!!!
These taste NOTHING like the originals. They taste like cherry cough syrup would taste if it dried up!
I even had a friend try them who never had the originals and she took one bite and spit it out. I would not have even given these one star but you have to give at least one to review a product.
I sent the entire box back, I was so disappointed, delfa rolls were my favorite and I was so excited to see they came back. Well turns out they didn't......
If you are like me and have to try something for yourself please don't waste your time or money; and if you still want to try them make sure you can get a refund.
289822289822B002Y5MM8MAQYRDT71W7RIELori Giangarra1131306281600Texture of the old ones but not the taste.I miss Delfa Rolls! This was the second box I purchased. I was so excited to see the look of the candy but when I took my first bite I was disappointed. There is only one thing wrong with this knock-off. They use too much flavor. I had the pleasure to open one random package of these candies to find it having a pale color. I didn't think much of it until I had a taste. It was just like the old ones. It must have been one of the last ones on the line when the flavoring had to be replaced. It was soooooo good. But 1 out of 24 is not a good ratio. Wish I could get in touch with someone at the factory and tell them their error but it seems as if they are made in China. Oh, well. It is a good substitute but not a replacement.
289823289823B002Y5MM8MA2LM5ETYY2VB5FA. Taylor0041349740800I love themI have ordered this product three times, it isnt the same as when I was a kid but i still like them. I will continue to order this as long as the price contiues to be right.
289824289824B002Y5MM8MAL8RNP73OF7TXK. Rachko "Kimsole"0041325116800Not the same but still strangely addictingI have loved these from the beginning when they were delfa rolls and then danish ribbons. I was devastated when they were nolonger available and could not wait to try the "new formula" because they are not the same and they have a more artificial manufactured strawberry flavor. I searched for their return online since I am a fan along with my sister and husband and we adopted the new taste and it grows on you and becomes oddly addicting with the same texture that you love to unroll.
289825289825B002Y5MM8MA2ERVZIFGGZABJR. Lefebvre0151346025600Just like the old daysIt has been a long time since I had these as a kid. Sometimes when things disappear and then get reintroduced, its not the same. But the first one I had was exactly the way I remember them. I would certianly recommend these, they are very good.
289826289826B002Y5MM8MA15GN8XHVRTYHavionicbug0151343520000Broadway Strawberry Danish Ribbon Delfa RollsThis is the candy that I would buy at the IGA Lopez in Ironwood Mi. back in the 1970's and when I found it back in production I had to buy it. Great old fashion type of licorice and fun to eat. they fit in your pocket and easy to share.
289827289827B002Y5MM8MA2B5ITPM4QGU0KSlappyNote0151331251200Fantastic!Most of the reviews are mostly negative, but if your brand new to this candy......its sooo delicious! If you like a chewy, hardness..feeling like your jaw is going to fall off. This is the stuff! I'm 16 and never heard of this candy before, but i tried it once at a world market and couldn't stop eating them, there so addicting! They have a great mouth watering taste to them. I would recommend this candy to new comers.
289828289828B002Y5MM8MA1EUVQH3YKHJ2Nkrispy10231279411200Candy was dandy, but shipping cost was too much.I liked the candy just fine ( a blast from my past), but the cost of shipping/handling was disproportionate. I won't be making another purchase from you again any time soon.
289829289829B0016LULS8A29N2APFNVOUJRMS mom0051343088000Amazing flavorThis is by far the best mustard I have ever tasted. We bought the first time in Wine Country and fell in love with it when I bought it. It is great on anything. Great jalapeñ
289830289830B0043XJQ6EA3OFM4X05OCG9TJ. Sands "cruiser"2251327881600Lingonberry PreservesAnimal studies have shown how the lingonberry can lower inflammatory molecules, block oxidants from destroying tissue, and also help the body replace important antioxidants, like glutathione, which is a master antioxidant in our body. Lingonberry has also been shown to increase red blood cell and liver enzymes needed for antioxidant protection. We need antioxidants to protect vessels and nerve tissue, and also to help decrease the damage from inflammation. Proanthocyanidin extracts from lingonberries were also found to be effective against the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause a wide variety of infections.

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