Amazon Fine Food Reviews

289853289853B000AYFCF4AUVMY6VGOB4T4Mac Pro "Local History Buff"2251245283200Delicious!Love these cookies! When I learned a couple of years ago that I was heading toward diabetes and needed to cut out as much sugar as I could I knew I needed a "sweet" substitute. I tried various products and found Murray Sugar Free cookies. I like oatmeal cookies anyway so gravitated toward their cookie. I promise I couldn't tell they didn't have sugar in them. I'm so addicted to them that I even carry them when I travel (wonder what the suitcase inspectors think?!) My grandkids even recognize MY cookies and now ask for them over the sugar-loaded kind. Trouble is, I can never find them. I don't know if they're just very popular or the wholesaler doesn't bring enough. It could be that I buyt 4 to 6 packages every time I DO find them. Murray says I can find them at Wal-Mart but never have although they do have the other flavors. Now I look to Amazon and they don't have them either! I have a hint of how drunks feel when they can't get their liquor! Please, Amazon, hurry and get a supply before I run out!
289854289854B000AYFCF4A2ATWKOFJXRRR1B. Merritt ""2251243641600Diabetics With A Sweet-Tooth --- REJOICE!When I was diagnosed with type-II diabetes about two years ago, it felt like a death blow. I mean, I love sweets. And my favorite were peanut butter cookies (my wife also made a mean peanut butter cheesecake that I still crave to this day but am able to hold off thanks to these Murray Sugar Free Cookies). I'd tried other sugar free items but they all had a seriously bad after-taste to them. The artificial sweetners were pretty bad.

But the Murray brand are pretty darned good. And I can eat about 6 of them that equal 32 carbs (I'm a tall guy --- 6 feet, three inches --- with a big frame). There's no horrible after-taste and the peanut butter flavor is just enough to satisfy my slavering pallete.

If you're looking for a quality cookie that won't shoot your blood sugar up into the statosphere, these are a great option.
289855289855B000AYFCF4A2UDBMXH1TUTB4NJ1151336521600Fab, as long as you understand what's in them!My fiance & I are following a reduced carbohydrate eating plan. Given that these are sugar free, they are great for when you need something sweet, but with a slighter glycemic impact than regular cookies.
They taste almost like Girl Scout Thin Mint patty cookies! They are NOT, however, low in calories, or free from ingredients that some may feel are "unhealthy".
Since people's ideas vary greatly as to what is bad for them & what is okay, there is some understandable controversy. In my opinion, most of America is over weight because they don't know HOW to eat, but that's just my take on things. Everything is conflicting. Low carbohydrate foods are higher in calories & vice verse. I have an extreme digestive sensitivity to Malitol (Maltitol), which is a sweetener used in most sugar free chocolate items. While these cookies don't contain Malitol (Maltitol),there are very few items available that are without it.
Bottom Line: They taste great! My suggestion would be to check the ingredient list & nutritional information each & every time you purchase, I recommend purchasing in a grocery store, rather than online.
289856289856B000AYFCF4AJZ4YEAAPCGIYCoolBodBoy "coolbodboy"1151317513600Excellent Taste!The cookies have an excellent taste and texture. I took them to a friend's house and they had no idea the were sugar free until I told them. I snack on them at work and willl be trying other varieties by Murray.
289857289857B000AYFCF4A29313797NGT9LEddie Wannabee1141244073600Good enough!For people avoiding sugar, Murray Sugar Free Cookies Oatmeal, are good enough! This whole thing about sugar free products got me intrigued and confused at the same time. Some products that advertised as being sugar free have a lot of other sources of sugar, like alcohol, that are high. The feeling I get with Murray's is that they are reliable in their claims. I see them in all sorts of reputable publications and that gives me encouragement regarding their advertisement. As to the taste I can say they are pretty good tasting. Have tried their other ones and this one and the chocolate are the ones I favor. Who am I? Hungry hungry all the time for sweets but I realize not all sugar free items are created equal. For now a decent 4 stars rating!
289858289858B000AYFCF4A31ASDA3Z5BCYZLeigh1151243468800Delicious!I ordered these cookies for my husband as he's diabetic and loves peanut butter treats, so it was no surprise that he really liked them. What was surprising, however, was that I liked them, too! As a rule, I do not like peanut butter anything, and can barely stand the smell of it. But these cookies aren't your typical peanut butter cookie. They are pleasantly fragrant, delicately buttery and crisp (no mealiness like most others), with good-sized pieces of peanuts mixed in. Just delicious!
289859289859B000AYFCF4A5QVDN2CPZ05EJESSICA "CHRISESMOM"1151240272000tastes great !theses cookies are good , oatmeal seems to be my favorite and best of all you would never know they were sugar free if the label didnt say it. i will purchase this product again ,they're that good!
289860289860B000AYFCF4A198JRUIP09HX5V. Gera "deal hound"1141239926400Do NOT taste like sugar free cookies.Good stuff. I despise the taste of processed sweetners and I was hesitant about what they would taste like, but I was not disappointed. They are very good. Highly recommended.
289831289831B008S5LTE0A1IW9LSLZFW9FKAverage Joe Schmo0051342569600Really Good Juice!I love passion fruit juice and this is a very good product. Each bottle makes about a gallon. It is low in sugar and low on glycemic index. Has a lot of potassium and is a natural relaxer. Makes great cocktails too if it isn't relaxing enough for you straight up! Fast delivery and great product!
289832289832B0001FUFTAA1LAP13JJSJY3PAshley N. Castro "movie crittic"1151184544000what the hellthe faygo company would shoot through the roof and possibly sue for selling their product for more than what it is worth.
289833289833B001SAZEWAAI00S9IUGAA0ZM. Harris2251326758400An Outstanding Balanced Strong Cup of Black TeaI love a very strong, unsweetened (though I live deep in South Eastern Sweet Tea territory) cup of black tea.

I love this tea because you can brew a very strong cup if you like - but without any worries about over-brewing bitterness and such (such as with Typhoo et all) It also doesn't "stack" poorly. I.e. I brew 6-8 bags in my kettle and cut it half to the fridge container (so figure 4 bags per pot) and the extra strength from multiple bags as well as extra time it still comes out very clean strong tea.

As in drop the bags into your kettle and in five minutes you're done. Forget and leave them in for 60 minutes? No problem - barely a difference (I'm making iced tea so I don't hover over or immediately pour after normal steep time).

All in all - an outstanding cup of black tea. And as strong and you like it. Buy it by the 12 pack as it's somewhat variable in availability.

12 pack Lifeboat, Tea, 80-Bag (12 Pack)
Single pack Lifeboat Tea (80 Tea Bags)
289834289834B000LLXBK4A1HSMPPV1RS8H7Lynnet2231280793600Love these olives!!!! But the amazon price .....These olives are great, the taste, not too salty, not too hot. The texture of the olives is firm, not mushy.
But the amazon price seems too high , I got these at Meijer and Kroger for $3.69 a jar .... I'd buy them in bulk and super saver from Amazon, but not at this price .

289835289835B000LLXBK4A2CG9HGAPQ46NPRoy Duhamel "roy22791"1151271721600Best I have TastedI found this brand and type in my favorite local grocery store. I had been buying the store brand, hand placed regular olives, for some time. But from the first bottle of these I found the flavor indescribably good and the jalapeno stuffing not too hot to spoil the other taste pleasure. On top of that, another local store sells the same brand and type for 37% higher cost - and, Amazon sells them in a 6 pack, with the individual cost about 16% more!
If you like these, check out a local Kroger owned store for their price.
289836289836B000LLXBK4A38O3OTHQ04HULErnom W. Hansen1151267574400ErnieThese olives are the best olives that I tried. They have just the right amount of kick. Not when you first eat then, about a minute later. BRAVO
289837289837B00736KATAA248LSBZT4P38VJoseph R. Kennedy0051342483200Best Peanut Butter I've Ever EatenI fell in love with Skippy Super Chunk in 1994, and when I discovered the honey version of that, I was even happier, but this Natural version of that has a nicer texture, is healthier in my opinion, and tastes at least as good as the old hydrogenated version I ate as a teen. I recommend this as the best peanut butter that can be had.
289838289838B003LPOUZMA2TCNIW64AL47OKRISTINE0051316649600deliciousThis mayonaise is very good. I would definately recommend to everyone. It is very rich & has a lot of flavor.
289839289839B003LPOUZMA1BEU8FCL6JI4TLinda "ln5229"0051298851200Best Mayo Ever!i was introduced to Duke's Mayo in North Carolina and haven't had a reliable source until Amazon. It reminds me of the home-made mayo my mom used to make.
289840289840B002KO69ZOA249LHUAX530KKDeborah "Queen of Hearts"0051281398400WonderfulWonderful and spicy but don't buy here unless you have money to burn. Go to your local Indian Grocery store. Thats were we buy this product. Its a dollar less plus no shipping cost. Enjoy! Its good.
289842289842B000UY2TU0AFC0UE4FIH9GYp reek "Trish"1151219881600great productfantastic cocoa powder with rich flavor. all you can ask for in a powdered cocoa
289843289843B0000E5JRWA2CI870LLLI0PPPatron Anejo4451096416000Use your bean.........and buy Camellias when you're making Red Beans and Rice. As a New Orleans expatriate, I can verify that no other brand of bean produces the same results (ie, thick, creamy gravy) when you're trying to cook this dish. Simply sort (very few bad beans or dirt in this product), wash, soak overnight, then throw 'em in a pot with onions, celery, bay leaves, a little minced garlic and water (a pretty good recipe is printed right on the back of the packaging). Add salt, pepper, cayenne and tobasco to taste. If you like a heartier variety, throw in a hamhock, andoille sausage or some diced ham that's been browned in a skillet. Serve over rice. It's the Monday lunch and supper of choice in New Orleans for over a hundred years. The best buck-and-a-half food bargain there is.......
289844289844B0000E5JRWA12PEEUG7CN2BOB. Kalafut6851069718400The genuine articleRed beans and rice is such a simple dish. Everybody in New Orleans eats it on Mondays, from cab drivers and port workers to businesspeople and Tulane kids.

New Orleaneans (native or adopted, displaced or otherwise) know that red beans and rice is a very subtle dish. The beans at Dunbar's, Mother's, and Ye Olde College Inn (all famous for the dish) are all different, and everybody's mother has her own recipe, too. There are many variables involved in getting it to come out just right, from the choice of meat to the number of bay leaves to add to the pot.

The most important is in choosing beans. Red beans and rice cooked by displaced New Orleaneans elsewhere doesn't always come out as creamy as people in the city are used to--often they're thick and starchy and the beans need to be put in a blender to get anything resembling the gravy in the authentic dish. One reason for this is that Americans outside of New Orleans and the Deep South really don't eat beans, red or otherwise, and the beans sit on the shelf and toughen. The second reason is that the "red kidney bean" popular in New Orleans is not the same thing as the kidney bean used in three-bean salad or Texas chili. It's smaller, hence it cooks faster, gets creamier faster, and has a more intense color and flavor.

Camellia beans are authentic Louisiana red beans--the small variety--and they're probably the most popular in New Orleans. They enjoy such a good reputation because they're almost invariably fresh and they produce the creamy pot of beans that, more than any other dish, reminds us of New Orleans.

289845289845B000AYFCF4A3NVAY16BI7DAODeeter8951169164800Great sugar-free cookie!This is a delightful cookie with a great taste and low saturated fat. Anyone with a sugar-restricted diet would enjoy this and other Murray Sugar-Free cookies (especially the chocolate creme's). These only have around 3 grams of carbohydrates a piece!!
289846289846B000AYFCF4A1B5IJMKRE8X5OMadonna4451215993600my mother's favorite cookieI have yet to try this product personally, because it is not currently available at our supermarket. But my mother, soon will be 94, mildly diabetic and a long-time customer for sugar-free products, says they are the best! For some reason our store carries the other Murray varieties, but not this one any more, maybe because there are so many kinds. Mother picks out her own groceries, and was in the habit of buying these about every other week. She bought two other Murray's packages this week, but really wanted the peanut butter. That's why I went searching the internet for them. After I receive them, (12 boxes!) I probably will keep at least one box to try for myself. (It would be nice to be able to buy an assortment from Amazon rather than so many of one variety--that would be a lot for a 94-year-old woman to eat, even if they are that good!)
289847289847B000AYFCF4A27MOT4ZIUAKIWThe Jaundiced Eye6711320969600No Health Benefits and Grossly Overpriced....Read the Nutrition FactsMy wife just brought home a $3 package containing 5.5 oz of Murray Sugar Free Pecan Shortbread cookies, thinking the high price was justified on a health basis. It isn't. Read the Nutrition Facts (per 3 cookies): 160 Calories, 11 Grams of Fat, 3 Grams of Saturated Fat, 18 Grams of Carbohydrate....the same, or worse, than most cookies containing sugar. These cookies may be "sugar free", but the implied health benefit is completely imaginary. Furthermore, at over 50 cents per ounce they are the most expensive packaged grocery cookies you can buy, which is completely unjustified by ingredient cost, and flavor, which is adequate but not exceptional.

It's an unfortunate fact that some companies prey upon consumers who seek or need "special" products by forcing them to pay huge premiums for the product. Using Murray's formula, a can of Diet Coke should cost at least $3....but it doesn't, simply because production costs do not justify the premium and the market will not tolerate such an unconscionable mark-up. Neither should you. Don't let your health or dietary concerns override your common sense and lead you to pay preposterously inflated prices for "special" products that, upon close inspection, provide no legitimate benefit.
289848289848B000AYFCF4A33SF0MD1XMGZCynthia Sisson "advocate mom"81051236902400Healthy familyI was looking for something sweet that I as a diabetic and my husband and son could all share. Usually if it says sugar free then it means it has a chemical taste. But not these cookies they taste just like the regular cookies. I highly recommend them. You do not have to be a diabetic to eat them. They are made with splenda and I use splenda in a lot of things, I also use the brown sugar splenda in my cooking. These cookies are great.
289849289849B000AYFCF4AJQDIT55SZ3ZXkindred spirit5651237507200Yummy~My treat instead of High Sugar Cookies.First I will make note this page says sweetened with sorbitol, they are not. They are sweetened with Splenda.
I think they taste as good as any other basic vanilla creme cookie. I like a bite of sweet at night but sugar keeps me awake so these fit the bill. The special that was going on when I got them made it a great deal. They cost up to $3.99 a pack where I this is a SWEET deal.

They still have calories so you cannot eat the whole bag but they don't spike your sugar. Three cookies are 130 calories and 6 gms of fat. They are very sweet anymore and you may feel sick.
289850289850B000AYFCF4A2QG4B0FCPOGW5D. Downing "Nettie"5651234396800Cookies YUM!These shortbread cookies are little drops of heaven. Have you ever noticed that smaller food seems to taste better? One pouch is one carb and very satisfying. No meaasuring is always good too.
289851289851B000AYFCF4A31ASDA3Z5BCYZLeigh5651233878400Even non-diabetics approve!I purchased these for my husband as he was recently diagnosed as diabetic. I eat them as much as he does! There is no strange after-taste as with some sugar-substitute enhanced foods. We highly recommend.
289852289852B000AYFCF4A2TMS1YC8SNFVKathleen Dodge "HurricaneK"2241247961600The best gingernaps, the best sugarfree cookies.I love these cookies, wish I could find them, I buy lots every time I find them.....but I do eat them. Help! I need more!

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