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289921289921B000CQY3FKAO6UYN4TKAEPHAnn Gables "happy2b"6651304121600A+ from picky eaterIn the interest of full disclosure, I didn't buy from Amazon - I bought these at PetSmart, but I wanted to do a product review because these treats are worth buying in bulk - they're amazing!

These little treats are wonderful. I am extremely picky about what my dog eats because he's had digestive problems in the past and also because I believe dogs shouldn't be fed the unwanted junk leftover from the corn/grain industry, food that has been irradiated, or food that is made in questionable countries (cough* China * cough cough).

Not only are these Newman's Own treats a good price, they are a good size and are indeed made with quality ingredients. As another reviewer said, you can literally see the oats and such in the baked treats (see the product picture I took). Plus, they're shaped like little hearts - adorable! The best things about these treats, however, are that (1) they're made in Canada from a company we all can trust, and (2) my dog absolutely loves them. These treats are made from certified organic ingredients with 7% fat (min). With all the pet food recalls and my inherent distaste for low quality, Chinese, irradiated, or high fat treats these treats are a winner!

Also, my dog is a terribly picky eater when it comes to treats (which is hilarious because he'd eat cat poop if I let him). He has never eaten any biscuit that was not literally made in a bakery from a boutique. This has cost me lots of money in the past (in finding treats he likes, and having to deal with the bags and bags of treats he didn't like such as Blue Buffalo, Mother Hubbard's, and Wellness bars). I bought a 13oz bag of these at PetSmart today for 5.00 (far less than I spent on the other brands), and my dog will not leave me alone. He literally dances to get my attention because he wants me to give him one of these treats. It seems like neither of us could be happier with this product. If I can remember, I will do an update once the bag is gone to see if this trend has continued.

Is there anything Newman's Own cant do?
289922289922B000CQY3FKA2C2GAU7Q74X5SBill4411255564800Whats happened in Oct 2011 not 2009Three years ago we found out our dog Bella had severe food allergies.Fish,potatos,veggies,fruit and a few other selected foods are all she can eat. I look and could only find Newmans Own Salmon&Potato treats for her to eat.Since then they come evey 2mths ,by Sub&save. Today when I opened the first package I was shocked. The normally,heart shaped treats that are light, airy, thick, and easy to break,were nothing but,dark,flat,hard to break rocks. So my question is "What Happened?" Not only was it one package but all six. If this is their new product,they lost a customer.But if it was a bad batch, I say how dare they send this out to consumers,take their money,and think its right.Today there are many treats made that she can eat,but I stuck with Newmans out of loyalty,because they were first in making a great product Bella could eat.And Bella really loves this treats.I hope Newmans can fix this.
289923289923B000CQY3FKA32CRUD991QQBRBethnay S. Wojahn "nutz for movies"4451237334400Great for dogs with allergiesMy little terrier is allergic to wheat and corn, and it's hard to find treats without those ingredients (which aren't good for ANY dog, regardless of allergies). Both of my dogs LOVE these treats, and they are very reasonably priced, especially here on Amazon. I also like Newman's business model, so I'm more than happy to support them and buy their products!!
289924289924B000CQY3FKA3I93LKN51G8YXJ. Richardson3351309305600Affordable Organic Dog TreatsThis product is a win/win/win! A healthy snack for my dog at an affordable price, and the proceeds go to charity. Outside of the many moral reasons to buy these treats, my dog also loves them. He rarely likes dry treats, but these are an exception.

The treats are heart shaped and about the size of a quarter. A couple of them are perfect for a small dog and one bag will last for several weeks. It's really a great value.
289925289925B000CQY3FKA1E3X8IV1RODU6Betsy3331267920000I liked it better than my picky dogs doI believe this to be a perfect dog treat and have great respect for everything that Newman's Own Organics does. Unfortunately, my two dogs (male 9 yrs & female 3 yrs) just are not impressed. I think perhaps if the 'cookies' were a little less dry and / or their excellent quality ingredients were just a little more aromatic that they would be more tempting and desired by my spoiled, but well loved dogs. If I break the cookie in half, it seems to release slightly more tasty aroma and I can almost talk the dogs into them.
289926289926B000CQY3FKA2NI7MMI6J7KKEEva K. Flores "eva"2231299369600mixed doggy reviewsmy dog Loves the Loving Pets Gourmet duck and chicken sticks but I am concerned b/c they are made in China so I wanted to wean him off those and found the Newman's chicken sticks as a similar treat. My dog has met them w/ mixed reviews, he is not crazy about them but will ultimately eat it. I feel more comfortable that these are made with reasonable ingredients and made in the US
289927289927B000CQY3FKAOEUN9718KVRDMM2251258848000Great dog snacks.My love love chicken and also peanut butter Newman's snacks. Great ingredients and great taste (I've tried one:)
289928289928B000CQY3FKA31IOGL64HTQJAwkuri2251208736000My Dog Gives this 2 paws!I love my dog and try to give her the best products that are out there. This product is organic and my dog loves them. They dont have a really nice smell to them, but my dog thinks otherwise... ;)
I would recommend these to any doggie out there.
289929289929B000CQY3FKA1E8OIGHITIMSJeanne Barkemeijer de Wit2251202947200Harvey gives 4 Paws Up!Harvey's the World's most picky eater, and turns his nose to foods most other dogs would woof down (pun intended). He loves Newman's Own Organics Dog Treats, which is great.

I love them more because of what they don't contain. No wheat, corn or artificial anything. Because the ingredients are certified organic I don't have to worry about pesticides and herbicides getting into his system.

My husband likes them because they taste good. Suffice it to say I live in an interesting household.
289930289930B000CQY3FKA3T3S48UAVTUE9JanFla "Martial Artist"2251181865600Yummy treatsBoth of my dogs love these treats. I am so glad I can give them something good for them that they beg to have! And no worries about what might have been put in them from another country.
289931289931B000CQY3FKA2BFTBQPO2EF9AToby "Toby"1111337644800treats are too hardI need some soft treats for reinforcement... this is definitely NOT it...
it is hard like rock candy, and my dogs turn their nose up at this product... will not eat it...
289932289932B000CQY3FKA2OAGPCQ39Z08TMK-481121329696000No matter how healthy it is... is nothing if your dog doesn't like itI supposed as a treat, this would do better than its dog food. But I was wrong when I received and tried it today. My dog does not like it at all. This treat feels like cookies and very dry. I got a small dog (Yorkshire). I don't know if big dog will find it delicious or not. Just my own experience.
289933289933B000CQY3FKAV12M7YTG5PZNKaren Remedios1141292976000Convenient, healthy treats for trainingWe use these treat sticks to train our Labrador Retriever puppy. They break cleanly into small bits, are easy to dispense, and don't leave a meaty smell or greasy residue on one's hand. The only downside is that over time, the sticks tend to get rather hard.
289934289934B000CQY3FKABOXSLVWRSSHJJ. Osborn1151290124800My Yorkie Loves These Treats!I purchased these treats because they were on sale, but also because they're made in the US with safe ingredients. My Yorkie loves duck breast jerky, but those treats are made in China, and I'm not sure I trust products from there 100% after the poisonous ingredients that were found in China-made dog food in the recent past. Of course, I didn't expect my dog to enjoy these treats as much as the meaty duck, but he reacts the same way to these cheesey treats as the duck breast! When I have one of these treats ready for him, his responses to commands (sit, lie down, etc.) are instantaneous - he really wants the treat! I was concered buying 6 packs at once without first testing them, but now I'm glad I have 6 for him. GREAT PURCHASE, and I'll be buying other Newman dog products in the future
289935289935B000CQY3FKA8NWJUAKUT0EARina Ikubura1151284940800perfect food for my old dog :)Our cocker spaniel is now nearly 10 years old, and the solid gold food I'd been feeding him suddenly changed its formulation over a year ago(with no notice on the packaging), and he became subject to unexplained stomach upsets. After the contaminated food scare even tho Solid Gold was not recalled, I decided to switch, and this formulation is perfect for him to not gain too much weight. Newman's own is a brand I totally trust and have bought snacks for my human baby as well for years. After a year on this food, my dog is doing fine, but I do notice a need to supplement with fish oil for a healthier coat. That may be age related as well. But the stomach upsets have stopped. And I feel better knowing I am not exposing him to additional pesticides and hormones by going mostly organic with this formula.
289936289936B000CQY3FKA11PZJGWQC5L4Lterrinole1151282089600GREAT VALUE! EXCELLENT SERVICE!i'm kinda new to amazon (only ordered books in the past)...and just set up the automatic service on this item for the best value! SO worth it!! you can't beat the price (seriously folks, the name brand pet stores sell this at more than double the price)!! i love newman's own organics, and more does my little, four-legged girl.
289937289937B000CQY3FKA267ABCQEG9R6BMyron D. Drinkwater1131268438400Dog TreatsNewman's Own Organics Premium Dog Treats were thought to be something that my two dogs (minature daschunds) would enjoy, however Heidi, the older of the two dogs will not eat these treats. She is usually eager to get treats but she turns up her nose to these. Max, the other dog will eat almost anything so he's getting to partake of the entire purchase. I will not be reordering any more of this treat because I need something that both dogs enjoy.
289938289938B000CQY3FKA2F73EYXBA52X6K. Heath "KAPH"1151253836800Natural Treats a product I trust
289939289939B000CQY3FKA356Z3YW26TAIDChris S. Phillips1151252540800My dogs love theseI have 3 beagles, and they love these treats. I have found them to be quite reasonably priced, especially considering the quality ingredients they contain.
289940289940B000CQY3FKA36VM8URGNDO5QM. ODell1151245024000A perfect treat!We were given a partial bag of these treats by a friend who no longer needed them. Our Boston Terrier loved them! Upon researching the product, and finding them to be a good product as well as a good bargain, we purchased 2 cases of them... not for our dog specifically, but to give them to our local Bank so they could give treats to the dogs in cars that came through the drive up window. (Our dog loves to get treats at the bank)... We have gotten great responses from our friends at the bank.
We appreciate giving treats that can be dependable and healthy for our pet family. Thank you!
289941289941B000CQY3FKA11UPNFYDICF3CRobin M. Vaughn1151189382400Your small dog will love these and you will too!Our pups just love these snacks, and we feel good about giving them to them
too! The perfect size and not too hard like some dog treats for small dogs!
I love how you can see the oats in them -- not junky, fatty fillers!
289942289942B000CQY3FKA3P0ORSJHA6EQMCarol Crawford1151188172800Doggie TreatsHigh quality with no bad ingredients. Our 3 dogs love them, and we use them for training as well as treats. Highly recommend.
289943289943B000CQY3FKA1KBSVJTXZHMCLucki1151176595200What a treat!Our dog loves these treats and we love how good they are for him. Amazon has also been the best deal we've gotten for them. Petsmart & Petco are a lot more expensive and don't have all the flavor choices.
289944289944B000CQY3FKA119RHKBUA1CXPK. Yang3421259884800Too Dry - Causes my dog to coughThis is very dry and brittle. My dog started coughing as soon as he ate it the first time so I am not giving him any more. Very disappointed since I like the Newman's Own Organic dog food a lot.
289945289945B000CQY3FKA2WURB9ALMMIQLEdna0051350086400Excellent.My dog loves these. As far as dog treats go, these are pretty healthy. I like that the sticks can be torn into small pieces for training/treats. They used to be more widely available. Now I can only find them on Amazon or Whole Foods. Please keep them in stock!
289946289946B000CQY3FKA20U1WREF776C9VS "Avid reader"0041348531200Newman's Own Dog TreatsMy dog likes these very much,and I am glad I purchased them. I shared them with a friend who has a puppy, and her puppy likes them, too. I think they are healthy for my dog. I do recommend them for a treat for anyone's dog.
289947289947B000CQY3FKA3HGMP3OGQUPEGSherry B "Sherry B"0051347321600Newman's Own Organics Premium dog treats salmon & sweet potatoGreat treats for allergic and sensitive dogs. They are scored for easy dividing. Our Labs love them!
Pair them with salmon and sweet potato dog food.
289948289948B000CQY3FKA2BC625J7XIY2CD. Milliken "dougyrdi"0031345334400I should have read more carefullyI have put 3 stars because my dogs are old and don't like cookies. I'm sure other people have had a better response from their pets. I didn't check the product description well enough to notice it. Even broken up into bits, my boys leave them sit. I guess it's back to jerky made for humans, so that I have a little USDA inspecting to make sure it's not Chinese poison.
289949289949B000CQY3FKA5Z6TIROUVA5OJ. Lai "JL"0031344470400Disappointed, Brownie does not like it at allI figured this would be great since Brownie loves Salmon, but he doesn't even want to touch it. I got him the Salmon and sweet potato one. He'd rather eat regular dog food than this which is quite weird for him. He eats everything he can get his paws on, including non edible stuff. It might be because the smell is not very strong. When I put it up close to my nose to smell it, I barely got a light whiff of salmon. Dog treats usually have a stronger smell which makes it more tempting for dogs.
289950289950B000CQY3FKA1DH3QDZX8Z7GOCharlemange0041342828800Pretty Good TreatsThese are hard treats shaped like hearts that you can break in half if necessary. They have decent ingredients though I try not to give my dogs anything with grain, the oatmeal and barley flour is not too bad. I only give one a day as a late night snack. My Doberman likes them but she is not too picky. My picky Shar-pei will eat them but is not enthusiastic about them (he prefers Merrick sausages). Overall, these are a decent snack for dogs as long as your pet does not have dental issues, these should be okay for them. I want to make a comment about the packaging. This is one of the few "zip-loc" type resealable bags that actually reseals without having to mess with it a bunch of times. It stays nice and tight and keeps the treats fresh.

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