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289991289991B000WNGPD6A6E9IIKU5KPUYTBR9921283731200Not enjoyableI have used sugar-free Da Vinci syrups in coffee, protein shakes, and cheesecakes without much of a problem, but for some reason the Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie Syrup had a horrible aftertaste. Very Splenda-y. The pumpkin pie flavor didn't really shine through, either. I could sort of tastes the spices, but they weren't very rich or appetizing. If you want to make pumpkin pie coffee, use a Da Vinci sugar-free syrup of another flavor, like plain, vanilla, French vanilla, hazelnut, etc., and then add a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice (usually sold at grocery stores all year round), as well as a splash of heavy cream. I make a no-sugar-added pumpkin pie-inspired cheesecake with pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice only and the taste is much more reminiscent of a real pumpkin pie than this syrup.
289992289992B000WNGPD6AI33DKY7QXDQOK. Sirmans101141226793600not starbucks but closeI always look forward to holiday season just for the pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. I have tried many syrups in pumpkin spice flavor. So far this one is the closest. I have also mixed some of the pumpkin spice creamer from coffee mate, with it it's almost a perfect match. I would recommend this but don't use too much and you might want to mix it with a vanilla flavor syrup also.
289993289993B000WNGPD6A3HAZYIQ5X7EXMMrs. Potts "mrspotts"3311318032000da vinci sugar free pumpkin pie syrupthis is the worst. i was looking for a way to make a pumpkin spice latte at home, without all the carbs. this syrup is awful. it smells nothing like pumpkin - at all. and tastes like cough medicine. i couldn't recommend this product if i wanted to. i took a chance on it because i couldn't find it locally. you win some. you lose some. i lost.

i will say, however, that the vendor was wonderful. it was safely packaged and shipped quickly.

if anyone has any recommendations as to how to use this product, please feel free to leave a comment on this review. i would love to be able to use it. unfortunately, between the smell and the taste, i see no way to do so.
289994289994B000WNGPD6A1OUMXX2K2ZWRXkj1111289174400Did not like Pumpkin Pie SyrupThis syrup was a disappointment... Da Vinci Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Syrup, 750 ml ... it was horrible and did not taste like Pumpkin Pie at all or like any pumpkin pie flavoring at all.. it tastes like liquid cinnamon.. would not recommend to anyone.. go to Starbucks instead!!! I do like the caramel syrup and will buy that again..
289995289995B000WNGPD6A3I88L0CTVLT4SCharity1111288915200Yuck!I cannot even describe what this tastes like, but it is definitely not good. Even the scent of it is awful. I had to throw out my cup of coffee, which is something I never do.
289996289996B000WNGPD6AA2A8FVDJ6S8UR. L. Johnson5751215388800Cheaper than Starbucks...and less calories!I fell in love with the Pumpkin Pie Latte at Starbucks. When I found out that they used their own Pumpkin Pie syrup I was started on a mission. When I locate the syrup (Da Vinci) I wanted a sugar free version but it was not available. When I finally did locate the sugar free syrup my dream came true. Now I can have my very own Pumpkin Pie Latte anytime I want!
289997289997B000WNGPD6AWUAK5BXMNKSUAnonymous2311257465600Disappointing and unpalatableI don't think I have a particularly sensitive palate, but this was truly undrinkable. I couldn't detect any flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, or nutmeg. Instead, it had a strong plastic and metallic taste, with a clove overlay. I like some of their other Sugar Free syrups, but the Pumpkin Pie one was noxious. Try to taste a sample before you order a huge bottle.
289998289998B000WNGPD6A32OXFADYD3NNAunhappy gardener2351226275200pumpkin pie syrupThe sugar free Pumpkin Pie syrup is delicious. There is not a strong pumpkin flavor's more of a spice flavor and would be great to drink all year, not just at the Holidays.
289981289981B000CQY3FKA1E1HB8X7DP6NSharon Allen0041253145600a great treatI have 3 dogs( 28 - 45 pounds) who love the treats. Nice size to reward them. I take them with me when I travel to the beach or dog park.
289999289999B000WNGPD6AAGBND8PEGI1DSherry M. Kramer0011320278400Not So Pumpkin Pie FlavorFirst off I want to thank the vendor for his quick response to the order I placed. I would order from this vendor again. The problem I have is with the
product itself. It has a terrible taste, nothing like pumpkin pie or even a
pumpkin spice flavor. It's flavor was too high in sugar alachol tasting. THIS IS
289982289982B000CQY3FKAHUO32JRC3NZGBetty0051242518400Spoiled RottenI use these for house breaking. Works great. Even now that the girls are a few years old the go out first thing in the morning and then go to where the treats are and wait for their reward.
290000290000B000WNGPD6A3PVFHFITOBUUSDianne K. Sherrill0011259712000coffee syrupI did not like the Da Vinci sugar free pumpkin syrup at all. It leaves a strange after taste and more closely tastes like a fermented fruit flavor.
290001290001B000WNGPD6A2XIPA0AZEZSFYBook Fan1211241395200Yuck!The bottle I got of this tasted terrible. It smelled and tasted fruity...but not good fruity. The taste didn't even resemble pumkin pie in the least. It tasted strange!
289983289983B000CQY3FKATWZKPNP3ZVW3Julie K. Smithson0051228003200Wiggles Blue Heeler Loves These!When you have that "dog of a lifetime," it's even more important that your special dog get the best of everything. This product ensures that. No ingredients but the best, most healthful. What's not to love?
290002290002B004JQZH9AA2E4W77QYIOOXYB. V. Monroe1111308528000Bad coffeeWorst coffee I have ever bought! No flavor. No aroma. I had to throw it away it was so bad.
289984289984B000CQY3FKAAGQ2U8A8N4LDHD-DH0051201392000Yummy treats for our dogOur dog Maggie loves these organic treats. We give her only the very best and the healthiest of treats. Thanks Paul Newman.
290003290003B000P8HB36AXHJ9KIUYILEYMLB0051345248000Fresh and lovely.These arrive in bud, I think one was opening and they smell so good! They came with a vase. did I mention they smell so good. Ha Ha. Quite lovely.
289985289985B000CQY3FKA17INU4IPI2F8MDavid Owens3521263945600disappointedMy dog loves Newman's Chicken and rice organic dog food, which I have Amazon ship every 2 months. She also loves the Happy Hips brand of treats. I was excited to see Newman also offered treats, so I tried the Salmon and sweet potato. Unfortunately, she does not like this product, probably because it is in biscuit form.

Now I somehow have to make her eat these over the next several months, even if I have to grind them up and put in her regular food.
289986289986B000CQY3FKA12YIW46BTO3XFbocaz1251278115200Delicious!!These treats are so good I forgot they were for my dog!!! Really good with a nice tall glass of cold milk!!
290004290004B004303CYOA2XPDQ3CMATK67William H III262831286236800For Mixed Drinks OnlyI've been a fan of the original Starbucks VIA Colombian since its release, and had been keeping a close eye on my local retailer for the flavored varieties to be released, which they have inexplicably stocked roughly two weeks before the release date.

The notably larger and heavier packages are sold alongside the original VIAs, featuring only six servings per pack. VIA fans will note the "lightly sweetened" remark on the front of the box, along with the addition of cane sugar in the ingredients list. The packaging is otherwise nearly identical to the standard VIAs, so you'll have to look closely to notice it.

Mocha VIA dissolves quickly, much the same way as the original VIAs, but with a slightly milky hue. The mocha-coffee aroma is present, but the actual flavor of the coffee differs notably from the smell; both the coffee and mocha components are low-grade, with the sugar element coming in quite strong ("lightly sweetened" means the same thing here as it does with Iced VIA - almost as sweet as soda.) The overall impression is office-quality bitter coffee with some condiment chocolate powder thrown in and a remarkably heaping spoon of sugar.

This does not mean that Mocha VIA is useless; part of what made the original VIAs so popular was how many different ways they could be used in mixed drinks (VIA dissolves in cold water/milk/etc as well as hot), and I would wager that over time, there will be a sizable list of unique mix recipes for these flavored varieties as well. But without those recipes, most Starbucks fans who expect a rather complex quality blended coffee drink will be disappointed by trying to drink this straight.
289987289987B000CQY3FKA1LE0VZW800CS7Cynorita1231223251200eats a few buries a lotMy dachshund is very picky and spoiled. She will eat these from time to time but usually buries them outside.
290005290005B004303CYOA3QNKDBN3D8X4XAudrey T. Wang111351288656000VIA-licious!I religiously ordered my caramel macchiato every day around 3:52p. But now that I'm a mother and work from home the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Flavored Coffee are my practical substitution because: 1) I don't have the extra time to go to Starbucks and 2) a line item for espresso drinks is not in my budget -along with my heels and fun outfits have been replaced by diapers and more diapers. BUT what gets me through that sorrow is my new love for Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Flavored Coffee. These ready brew sticks conveniently fit my bill - just as delicious as my caramel macchiato (especially when I add my own steam milk and caramel syrup to the vanilla or caramel flavored coffee). If it weren't for these beverage sticks, I'd be dragging my poor child to Starbucks at 3:52p every day regardless if it's her nap time or not. They are just THAT delicious!
290006290006B004303CYOA27Z28J356JK85Meg C.7851289001600Tastes great, convenient, budget-friendlyI am a fan of the unflavored VIA packets and equally fond of the flavored ones. Caramel is my favorite. I used to drink caramel macchiatos regularly but gave them up when I eliminated dairy and soy from my diet. The caramel VIA packets fill that void more conveniently, with less calories and at a fraction of the cost.

I wish the packets were scored better for easier opening like the unflavored packets. But seriously, grabbing a pair of scissors to cut the packet is a lot easier than loading a 10-month old into the car for a trip to our local Starbucks.
290007290007B004303CYOA19D3N662QS9WDSara M. Miller "Book Mom"3321298332800Vanilla and Carmel are much too sweet...I'm surprised to be in the minority on this, but the Vanilla flavor of VIA is just too sweet. It tastes like liquefied marshmallows. I couldn't even finish the first cup, and I also gave one to a colleague with the suggestion to add a little extra water and maybe a little milk to dilute the shock of syrupy coffee, but she couldn't finish hers either. I love a Vanilla Latte made at Starbucks, and am also a fan of the Vanilla brewed coffee, but I wouldn't purchase the VIA (at least the vanilla flavor) again, and I gave away the remaining 4 packs. I am still on the lookout for an excellent instant coffee, so if I try any more flavors, I'll update this review.

Update: Also sampled the Carmel flavor which unfortunately I also find overbearingly sweet. What a bummer.
290008290008B004303CYOA2RII61MVDEDPIPhilip Yurchuk1111339027200Burnt CaramelFirst, I should state that I regularly buy other VIA instant coffees, Colombian and House Blend. Colombian is better, but I don't think they're too different. I even get the regular iced VIA every once in a while.

Second, when I used to go to Starbucks (which was for over a decade until I switched to mom and pops and small chains), my drink of choice was the caramel macchiato ("iced grande upside-down" to be exact).

So when I saw they made a caramel flavor VIA, I was excited to try it out. In short, it smells fantastic - but tastes nasty. I'm throwing the rest away it's that bad. It has a burnt taste to it, and while I think Starbucks frequently overroasts their beans (one of the big reasons I left), I believe the caramel flavoring is to blame. It tastes artificial, and that horrible taste stays with you. I guess I should have remembered the time, years ago, when I tried the Torani caramel syrup, which had a weird taste that was more butterscotch than caramel (avoid that, too).

In short, there's just no substitute for the real (?) caramel sauce they use in the store. If the caramel macchiato is your drink, too, buy the squeeze bottle of the thick caramel drizzle along with a bottle of vanilla syrup and use that with the VIA Colombian and some milk. A little more work, but much better results.
289988289988B000CQY3FKA2XJTG8JDORR17Maria0151292284800My dogs love themI have two dogs. One of them is a picky eater and totally unmotivated by food (much to the annoyance of dog trainers who have tried to use treats as a training tool with her). I have purchased other treats and found that I had to give them all to my second dog (who is in danger of getting fat!). Not Newman's Own Cheese Treats! My picky eater loves them and eagerly competes with my other dog for her share. Excellent product.
289989289989B000CQY3FKA2GDBQDUTOHDZ8junio "Hardtoplease"31711292371200Can you as a treat ...So thought that I read the reviews, and bought a box (small size) and chicken treats.

Small size dogs cannot eat... they're hard. No smell without a taste.

Have two small dogs cannot left the floor.
289990289990B0055BDVDCA2OMGWIMCWQCGNB. Perkins0041346976000Smoked TeaThat's really what it is as part of the process involved a pinewood or bamboo wood fire.

Part of this tea's charm is that it smells like a wood fire and tastes like those little bits of burned wood you'd end up getting stuck to the side of your marshmallows as a kid. In a sense, it's a liquid campfire.
It is indeed a strong tea but some of its edge can be knocked down with the addition of a little honey, cinnamon, or perhaps even a marshmallow-flavored syrup.
290009290009B004303CYOA3IB4CQ2QEJLJ8John A. Zack III1111329696000Tastes like it has pepper in itHi :) My husband is a big fan of Starbucks and he brought home the Mocha Via. He likes it but I think it tastes like burnt black pepper. Seriously bad. How can they sell it?
290010290010B004303CYOA35NVDQE4GJ6R6Gned "graduate"1111326758400yuckI don't know what this is, but it's not something I will ever buy again. Like the other reviews say, only the Columbian Via is good. Don't bother with anything else.

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