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290041290041B004303CYOA3DBYLJ8B4GWVEDaniel Mitchem2451287273600Convenience Meets Ridiculous Flavor!Forget all that you know about instant coffee. This stuff rocks! I don't always have time to brew a cup of coffee, so when I don't, it's VIA to the rescue! Of all the VIA flavors, mocha is my favorite. It's very similar to a mocha beverage from Starbucks with the convenience of instant coffee.

What makes it better is it's ALL NATURAL! No chemicals, no artificial flavors, no high-fructose corn syrup. A lot of mocha syrups (and many other flavors from brands) have artificial flavors, so it's refreshing to find one that does not.

290042290042B004303CYOA20VBAYY9ZH5ASDaniel2451286409600So good!!!I just picked this up at starbucks this morning and am drinking it right is awesome

It seriously taste like a mocha that you get at starbucks

The flavor is not intense, its laid back and very enjoyable

If you want a great instant coffee then go ahead and splurge and you wont regret it =p
290043290043B004303CYOA1FTV3V8WAAZTRliza01830141339977600For Instant its great!!I have read the other reviews and was super skeptical getting this today. I got the Carmel flavor and very satified with it. I'm surprised by the negative comments. I have tried other instant stuff and nothing taste like this at all. I will be buying from now on especially in the summer, since I prefer iced coffee. :)
290044290044B004303CYOA22684B5NBTWIRLondonLisa "ldowland"0151317772800A Price Increase on the Cinnamon Spice??!!?? Really!?!?Like many Starbucks fanatics, I have religiously ordered the Via coffees for almost a year now. I am deployed overseas and the Cinnamon Spice is truly the highlight of my day. Why is this particular flavor increased by almost $3 a box, while the rest of them are the normally priced $6.95? Thanks so much, Starbucks!
290045290045B004303CYOA14FKKQKHOPO2ZTorri L. Canda0151292716800VIA la caramelI absolutely love VIA. I think it's the perfect alternative to brewed coffee and especially handy when I am traveling or just need a quick cup. My favorite of the flavored VIA is caramel and I love to warm a little milk and mix it with my caramel VIA. It tastes like a yummy latte but is much more convenient as I can make it at home. I highly recommend all of the VIA products - finally a great tasting instant coffee!
290046290046B004303CYOAJ1O6LAET83CKRonald M. Karrels "rmk"0151292716800STRONG but GOOD!I have tried the Via's and they are Good but a little stronger than i like. I believe it calls for 8 oz of hot water. I dump the Via into a cup thats about 28-32 oz, then fill with HOT water. Wow that is an excellent cup of coffee. This even lowers the price per serving.
290047290047B004303CYOA3AUDWOBSTP14ILaureena B. "Woman-Mother-Wife"0151291766400Best instant coffee aroundMy favorite is the Mocha. It has a light chocolate flavor. You dont have to add sugar or milk. Just add water and enjoy.
290048290048B004303CYOA3KJ0CVNWAOTJNKay1311303862400Not goodI like the regular coffee Via- it is a decent instant coffee to keep around. I was excited when the Vanilla came out, hoping it would curb my vanilla latte cravings. Yuck. Honestly, this just tastes fake in every way. I tried making it with milk, like one of the bariestas suggested, but it really did not help. I have had the remaining packets in my cupboard for about 5 months and decided to try it again. Nope, still not good!
290049290049B004303CYOA1QXEHVHJJQCNPJ. Lee1341302134400For those transitioning from sodaI have been a soda drinker in the past for my caffeine fix. I'm trying to acquire a taste for coffee because, although still containing caffeine, it is not quite as bad for me as all of the artifical sweeteners in the diet drinks I was buying for myself.

I would normally swing by Starbucks and get a nonfat Caramel Macchiato. Since I am an ex-soda drinker, my tastebuds crave a lot of sweetness and I cannot handle normal coffee's strength. I decided to try the instant, since I am not a coffee connoisseur and it is a lot cheaper.

This does not taste like the Caramel Macchiato that I had been getting at Starbucks - it is a lot stronger. I know it's not a one-to-one ratio because this is a Caramel Flavored coffee, not a macchiato, but my coffee naivete thought it would be close enough.

What I try to do is make it with 12-16oz of water to temper the flavor down, and I fill about an inch and a half of my mug with some nonfat milk. It still does not taste as caramelly as the Caramel Macchiato, but it is healthier for me than the aspartame in soda. I should probably cut back on the sugars anyway.

I'd rate it 5 stars if it really tasted like Caramel, but it's more of a subtle overtone.

I see other reviewers saying it's too sweet, but if you're like me and you're trying to get off of soda, give this one a try. It's not as sweet as soda but still enough to satisfy your craving.
290050290050B004303CYOAWIBPIXDCV4E6$4$ "0211312329600
290051290051B004303CYOA3PY1XSKKTWG7SV. Chung "vc1188"1411288483200Practically All Sugar - Yuck!I'm the type of person who gets lured in by samples; samples always taste delicious to me (seriously, what's the psychological explanation for this?!). A barista offered a sample of the caramel-flavored coffee and I thought it tasted great. There was a $1-off-Via-plus-free-tall-beverage offer and I gave in. But it wasn't until I looked at the nutritional facts that I discovered there is an overwhelming amount of sugar. And sure enough, when I made my own cup of coffee, it was disgustingly sweet.

I am never going to pay such an exorbitant price for packets of sugar. It doesn't make sense for my wallet or my body. For the same convenience and lower prices, I'd much rather buy Nescafe's Taster's Choice, which I find much more aromatic and rich with coffee flavor.
290052290052B005IG5ODEA2FTGWMYLP4M8UBR "BR"2411328054400um, this is ONE over-priced small jarHmm the picture shows three jars as if this is a three-pack. So this ends up being just one very over-priced jar of peanut butter.
290053290053B001UOW6LQA37KG4UWXNN0PUThe Muffin Man2251300752000Simply No ComparisonI have tried many lime, as well as other citrus oils, over the years and have never found anything that competes with the quality of this product. It truly captures the lime zest flavor that bakers like myself are looking for. On top of baking, I use it for marinades and to flavor my favorite cocktails. I highly recomend this product to anyone who is looking for that "perfect" citrus flavor to add to any dish or drink.
290054290054B001UOW6LQA3FH800HJBZELQJennifer L. Obrien "Jenn O'Brien"1151329868800Delicious!I first started using Boyajian oils at one of my baking jobs. These are amazing and add such great flavor to our baked goods - especially cheesecakes! Be careful not to use too much, as it can add a sort of fake flavor. But used in the right amounts these are great!
290055290055B001UOW6LQA3PYOO7I9XV4UZL. Green1151252800000why mess with limes when you can use this?This oil is just amazing, it adds the most wonderful depth of flavor! I uses limes for garnish and this for the flavoring
290056290056B000KOWMSEA3AK2R0N3CKTUPSilver "Emeritus"2251315526400Sweetener No CaloriesNatrataste (the same as Equal or Aspartame) gives my coffee and cereal the best sweet taste of any artificial sweetener at a great price.

It is completely non-toxic because it consists of three amino acids linked together. (When amino acids are "linked together" in long chains, they become proteins. Proteins are what we are "made of".)
290057290057B000KOWMSEABWL9W0BYGGJYStarfire1151298160000SweetI have been using this product for several years and I think it is great. Other sweeteners I have tried leave an aftertaste, but NatraTaste doesn't. This is the one for me!
290058290058B000KOWMSEAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"1151296864000great product!good taste... good quality... fresh... great price... easy to get out of the packet... i am very happy with the purchase of this product over and over again. it tastes great in my iced tea and in many other uses. good quality product. i use alot of it.
290059290059B000KOWMSEAGG0HXKRG5HGOumeweall "Packrat"0051347235200Absolutely Great, but vanishing!I have been using this great product for years. It has NO aftertaste and I have enjoyed it in my coffee and cereal. I got a shock today. I went to purchase if from Raley's--not there. I went to two Save Mart stores, and Safeway--gone. No one is carrying this any more. They have some substitute crap in its' place. I will not stock up from this site. If you wants yours, you had better find it and get it QUICK! I don't know why the stores stopped carrying it, other than to carry their own brand, or a wanna be substitute.
290060290060B000KOWMSEA2Z1L7DY3C6P56Diana Beder "Diana Lynn Beder"0051346198400The BEST I've Tried! NO Aftertaste!I'm 64 years old, and have tried & used a whole lot of artificial sweeteners in my lifetime!
I finally stopped trying when I found Equal. I thought that was the best I could ever get.
Then someone told me to try Natra Taste! I have never bought any Equal since then!
The Natra Taste is so real tasting, that you can try it on your finger! No aftertaste!
Plus the price is MUCH cheaper than Equal. I have used it now for years and will be the ONLY one I ever buy again in my lifetime ;-)
290061290061B000KOWMSEA3GLQSR6MTHXGLDonna Kelly0051336089600natra taste sweetenerthis is better than equal to me, and the price is right, also put it on some strawberrys, and when you put it in tea, it is good tooooo
290062290062B000KOWMSEA3Q5WX3I9871OZJWF0051332288000More bang for thebuck!Why pay inflated brand name price for the same quality product! Actualy tastes better than equa for far less money!
290063290063B000KOWMSEAFODWD52OXO93E. Harvey0051318204800Satisfied customerKroger store i shop stopped carrying Natra Taste, so i looked it up on Amazon. I wish i had been buying this product from Amazon all along,GREAT PRICE, PROMPT DELIVERY, CONTENTS IN A1 CONDITION. Thanks E.Harvey
290064290064B0013LOWDQA2BAQGVVFURVDRCB232411305676800This product is not as advertisedThe picture shows: cheese straws, a jar, fake grapes and fake leaves. None of these were included in the package. There were no instructions on how to prepare the pasta neither here nor on the manufacturer's website. The quality of the products was very poor. It's not worth $62.18 at all (the items probably cost $15.00 at your local grocery store). I'll be asking for a refund and let you know if I get one.

Update: I did get a refund. That's why Amazon is great!
290065290065B0013LOWDQA3LHOEANJ11D9WNancy Kula6621329091200DisappointedI was disappointed with the gift basket. Dinner for two? My husband could eat the contents of this basket as a snack. The pasta is enough for one person (6 oz) and there wasn't a jar of sauce to go with it. The basket should be advertised more as an antipasto than a dinner basket since most of the items would typically be served before dinner, (olives, crackers, cheese, bread sticks, etc).
290066290066B0013LOWDQALJLKA0GN4FM4Douglas H. Lutz Jr.4431324684800Wine Basket picture MisleadingI had this basket sent to my sister. The picture shows you what's supposed to be in this package. There was a glass of something on the side with the top of a supposid bottle of wine in the basket. When it was delivered, there was no bottle of wine. Just some crackers and cheese...NOT worth the money. However, It was shipped in time...Not happy that it doesn't have the full decription on Amazon.
290067290067B0013LOWDQATSSVFIU94B3YLesli Durham2241324944000Gift SetI sent this as a gift to my daughter, she was very happy with it and loved the basket it came in.
290068290068B0013LOWDQA37579S2ELUXB9Ursula O.1111339632000ZERO RATINGI purchased this to give as part of our company gift to a coworker who was getting married. I paid over $80 - $52 for the gift and $30 for overnight shipping. WHAT A WASTE!!! The product is certainly not as advertised. The basket is so tiny, that it may be a decent picnic basket for a toddler. There were 4-5 tiny products inside. There was not even a note attached, that is had specified would be. I was seriously embarrassed to give this is a gift. It's worth about $10, if that. I had to run out to the store and purchase a few bottles of wine just to fill the sparse basket so it didn't look so cheap. WHAT A JOKE THIS WAS!!! We are a group of dissatisfied cutomers and will NEVER purchase from this company again.
290069290069B0013LOWDQA2XLICHNTXLQN5michael w calvert jr1111338595200so sadly disappointedBought this for my one year annivsary and was trying to guve it the benifit of the doubt. please dont make the same mistake. does not come with what is listed and i evwn went to main site so falsly shown. Stay away!!! Thank god amazon kicks butt i got a full refund.
290070290070B0013LOWDQAJ3OQ7IR93DMTHeather203051306800000I LOVE THIS BASKET!!I received this basket as a present for my anniversary and I absolutely loved it! It has everything you need in it for a gourmet dinner and more. It came in a cute basket that's reusable, and had an amazing hand tied bow in top, and when I cooked and ate the food inside it was delicious! The other person who left a review said there was no instruction on how to cook noodles but I honestly thought that was kind of common sense(LOL). Anyways overall this was a great gift and I highly recommend it!!

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