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290251290251B004DP8KAAA3L6VNGS0KY65Fcars enthusiast2251342310400good price for great productThe person who gave this only 3 starts really should check her math. The difference in price at Target and at BJ's is for a different size. I happen to subscribe to check plus and appreciate the customer service at Amazon. All three places charge approximatly $1 per once reguardless of 22.4 oz or 34 ox packaging. At amazon, I get 2 day free shipping and one touch purchasing with my smart phone. With twins at home, I go through a lot of formula and never had a problem receiving my murchandise on time and at a great price. As far as the actual product, well its as good or better than any of the other similac's
290252290252B001G0N5S2A1B3E0NUL1G74UBishop Warhamer1131302220800Something newThis was very salty so I cut it with an equal amount of water. I was surprised that there was still plenty of flavor.
290253290253B0050WG2JGAFLVVR79K31VCcjmonkee0041331769600Choccccalettty!!!Don't taste any rum,(hence 4 out of 5 stars) but boy does it taste like Chocolate! I'm a Choco-holic, so as long as they used quality Choc. (which they certainly did) I'm Good! Also, would prefer it if they would tell you HOW MANY balls you get as opposed to the weight. 8 Huge ones were pretty good for the price of quality Chocolate. Came fresh and cold,Yummm :~}
290254290254B0041QEJWYA1CN4N0CIE7PC1J. Wang3421310342400Potent, but not a blend I likeI am a huge fan of Shirakiku brand shichimi togarashi, but I can't buy it in bags anywhere any more, so I thought I'd try this "See Smell Taste" brand. While this brand does have a lot of flavor and is very fresh, the flavor is overwhelmingly Sichuan pepper, that's pretty much all I can taste with this brand, so I didn't like it at all. In the Shirakiku brand, the flavors are balanced so on one of the seven seasonings in the blend comes through too much.
290255290255B002TACHPKA2CPM6WTF7PO3GRed Xala "~23~"0051335830400The quintessential Belgian ale!Chimay is the gold standard for Belgian ales. Chimay red, with an alcohol volume of 7%, is full of flavor without being overly heavy or cloyingly sweet. If your beer preference is for pilsners or American "light" beers, I would recommend passing on this one. However, if you have a taste for micro brews and lesser known foreign ales, I strongly recommend giving this one a try. The 750ml corked bottle is the perfect size for sharing with a friend. Serve with a nice cheese platter and an artisian loaf of bread for a special added touch!
290256290256B001AYEAR4AFR4Q0EDGPYHBRea "Rea"5551318982400goood pepper!what a delight, nice and spicy..has a good bite..I can imagine this in some ranch or bluecheese dressing...yum!!! nice buy, and if you love good deals, this is a great deal!
290257290257B001AYEAR4A1DBU4663YBWPAJeffrey S. Bain1151331596800Great Black PepperI love black pepper on most of my food. This Coarse Black Pepper is about the best I have found. It goes really good with about everything. It has great texture, taste, look and etc. I am not good at reviews, but I do love this pepper. Try it and enjoy.
290258290258B002I7MSOOA2DDLPNIMR2PLREduDesign0051284940800Why does it cost more per unit to buy in bulk then individually?Why does it cost more per unit to buy in bulk then individually?

If an individual 17.5 oz box costs $5.49 at this site, why then does a pack of 6 cost $50 or $8.33 a box?
290259290259B0026LIZZIA321T6JY1QFLD6L. Duprey4451252713600The Best Yet!!We have an 18 year old Siamese that has had hairball issues her whole life. We have tried every suggestion our vet has made, invested in most of the hairball products out there. Prior to the IAMS Adult Hairball Care, we used the regular IAMS hairball formula. It did the job, but this new Proactive Health Adult formula appears to work more gently, therefore, she seems to be more comfortable and the throwing up hairballs has stopped almost entirely. It is also interesting to find out that when given a couple dry foods, side by side, that she will always go to this one. We have fed our cat this product since it made an appearance in our area a few months ago and the convenience of getting it through Amazon is a bonus!!
290260290260B0026LIZZIATYUQROTHLNYVLaurel3351282176000Healthiest cat everA while back, when my cat was around seven years old, I noticed he was starting to drink more water. I know what that means -- his kidneys were starting to struggle with the protein load; something which affects all cats if they live long enough.

With other cats, as they aged or started showing signs of trouble, I switched them to Feline KD Prescription Diet, something available only from vets. it's healthy for them, but it's expensive, inconvenient to get, and the cats don't like it very much. Since my current boy had been eating Iams all his life, and this "Active Maturity" had just become available, I thought we'd give it a try. It's been great.

His water consumption went back to normal. He looks fabulous and incredibly healthy -- perfect teeth, perfect eyes, shiny gorgeous fur.

My only complaint might be that he likes it a little *too* much, if you know what I mean. I'm in danger of having a fat cat who begs for more constantly. (He's licking my arm to try to convince me to feed him as I type this!) But that's more a problem with the cat, than the food.
290261290261B0026LIZZIAZ4T61QUJHA9EPatrick K. Miller "Keeper of Nothing"4511263859200Meow.I have a cat named Charlie who loves this food. I have found that he looks healthier and his coat looks nicer when I feed him Iams then with other foods. He also seems to love this food and gets excited when I go in to the kitchen... that's his time to show off (I think) that he can eat.
This comes in a 5 pack and Amazon shipped it right away, so no complaints there.

Edit: March 20, 2011

I can not recommend this food anymore. Too many recalls and the ingredients are garbage. I am using Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul and my furry friend looks better, lost weight and is more active. To Iams... you have lost a customer due to your outsourcing and horrible product quality control.
290262290262B0026LIZZIAW8BZUR2T8R37Nmay0011343779200Item advertised is for "Active Maturity Hairball, and what is received is called "Mature Adult Hairball". DeceivingTwo times this has occured. What is advertised in the product name is not what is received in product "name" as stated above. What it says on Amazon, packaging of this cat food shows Active Maturity Hairball, and what is received is "Mature Adult Hairball".

Please correct and please package the package of five bags so that the box fits the product some with proper padding, and the box is not ripped open when received due to the over sized box and no padding sufficient.
290263290263B0026LIZZIA3JK5LI7BHOH9GShopper0051324425600MeowThis brand and kind is the best for senior cats. It keeps the food down and rarely any vomits. It is also healthy for the cats.
290264290264B0026LIZZIA2FFK54FE4K69VM. F. Karsh0251289433600the cat's meow!!!!!!!!!!I have never had a problem with and my purchases. This time, my favorite cat's dry food, all 5 packages, were delivered right to my door. The price was right and it beats carrying all of them from my local pet shop.
290265290265B002ESMQN0AM1H9HW5AAPW1WARezDOG2251333497600I buy everytime it goes on saleWhen it goes on sale and is comparable to 8oclock I usually stock up as it is some really good coffee. The Colombian Supremo is spot on, dark and sweet with very little acidity and super smooth, perfect for espresso.
290266290266B002ESMQN0A2ZKXGAW9W0C40Christopher A. Dowling "tintinet"0051343692800Amazingly, my current favorite!Astoundingly good coffee. Great aroma, freshness, rich clean robust flavor. What coffee ought to be, IMO. A terrific value at 60 cents/oz.
290267290267B004DSKCIAA1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"0051322611200Wonderful Pumpkin TasteThese are great. It is just like having Thanksgiving Day any time you wish: breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. Not as smoothly delicious as a real Pumpkin Pie, but close enough without having to do any work to get it: eat heated or cold. I love these things and wish they were available all year long at a reasonable price. Alas. They are Seasonal. So get them while you are able and enjoy them to the hilt. I order some every year. It is November and these are still fresh and tasty. By later in December, my experience tells me that they will have begun to lose some of that fabulous fresh Pumpkin Spurt of Taste. So order now for full enjoyment. I love them and hope you will too!

In time for the holidays, Gingerbread is also available. You may wish to also give them a try!Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Printed Fun - Gingerbread (Limited Edition) - 12 Pastries, 21.1-oz. Box

May 2012: In late April, I was looking through the Pop Tart Selection and saw that these Pumpkin Tarts were still available. Now, my brain told me that they had been originally baked probably in October of 2011; maybe as late as November, 2011 if I was very lucky. But, my desire for these Pumpkin treats overcame my thoughts about their being about 6 months old if any were still available for sale, so I ordered another set. Pretty darned good still. They are fatter and plumper to start with than the regular tarts, so that gives them an edge on keeping their fresheness. In all the boxes, I found only 2 tarts (1 package) that were stale. The rest were Almost as good as they were when they were originally made. For a short amount of time, my rational mind said I should give some serious consideration to what Kellogs is using as a stabilizer to keep these fresh. BUT, then, I thought, YOU are the one eating PopTarts. Just be like Alfred E. Neuman...why worry! If you are not eating fresh fruit, or a health food bar, or a slenderizing shake, then you aren't fooling anyone but yourself. So, being driven by my desire to have something that tastes Pumpkin and Yummy, I continued munching my Tart that was, at least, 5-6 months old. Pop it in the toaster and it is like New. So, if I could give these another Star, I would. Still Recommended!!!
290268290268B004AXZEW2A3TI1W53SU3IKRCarload3351334707200Good tasting and easy to use in pancakes.I purchased this because I could not find it locally.
It is handy and easy to use in pancakes, sauces etc...
290269290269B004AXZEW2AD28DT80OK93River "Book-smart Blonde"2241335916800ConvenientI bought this so I could make soda bread whenever I wanted it without having to keep a quart of buttermilk on hand at all times. This is perfect; the soda bread came out great and I couldn't tell any difference. Four stars instead of five because the container is flimsy and while I would purchase it again, I don't know if I would say I "love" it.
290270290270B004AXZEW2AHE23TL0A1U2KUnhappy0011342828800MessThe container had been crushed and taped back together. The powder was everywhere and a total mess. Never ordering this again.
290271290271B004AXZEW2A107VKWCI8SN8GCatherine B. Silver0051341273600Great product!I always keep this on hand and love it! Many baking authorities recommend it for use "in a pinch". I use it all the time and the results are comparable to fresh buttermilk. No need to be in a pinch - works great!
290272290272B0065QF3I2A1M93QFYGH4D6Jwrlindstrom0051347926400My favorite sweetener!!!I have tried quite a few sweeteners and landed on Sweet Leaf stevia as my preferred choice. Then, on Amazon, I discovered the SUGAR LEAF stevia/cane sugar blend and was hooked. It offers great flavor (to my taste buds), low calories and dissolves completely in hot and cold drinks. I highly recommend it!
290273290273B0065QF3I2ASRGDPHAGYRNLL. Jonte "Artist, Writer, Flibbertigibbet, Ed...0121343347200No thanks.I've been looking for ways to reduce my overall sugar consumption. Based on the reviews of other Stevia products, I thought this might be a good solution. Sadly, no.

Maybe it's my taste buds, but this product (indeed, Stevia in general) tastes fake to me. Sadly, it's not just a little difference, it really, really tastes off, and not in a good way. Also, the aftertaste is really assertive and unpleasant.
290274290274B004WP4U0UA168XYIB5MVHMUPar3foru1141308700800Great ProductWe ordered this salad mix and it was great. THe container size isn't as large as last time but it still is a good value and it makes the very best salad dressing.
290275290275B004WP4U0UA155PGW50EBZQWsusiehomemaker0051346457600fantastic german salad dressing and/or marinadedelcious german salad dressing that makes a wonderful marinade
290276290276B004WP4U0UA7F1MEJ5EHZ8NAmirah0051346284800Simply delicious each time I use this dressing! Amazing!Wow! Is all I have to say to this salad dressing. I would def. recommend to everyone. It's delicious . My family and I can't eat a salad without this dressing! I first tasted this on a trip to Europe (Sweden) , since than I've been hooked. Please all , give it a try expensive but worth it. way better dressing than the fattening leading brands out there. And I will continue to order as needed for my familys pantry. :)
290277290277B004WP4U0UAMJPUVOFX1CH9sim0111338422400bad bad bad exprincefirst they send the wrong box , after that i keep the wrong one and pay more for the one i need gust what happen they send an open box. and the salad dressing mix was all over the post office box , it was the worst exprince for me and i will never order form them again!
290278290278B000EMD1MSACD0ZQ2EPQ6UMJennifer M. Chambers "M"171831177113600give and takeI actually enjoy the taste of this stuff, but it does not taste like green tea, to be honest. It also tastes better if slightly diluted. Here's the real PROBLEM: Any of these colored drink mixes -- even the sugar free ones -- are being found by dentists to be just as bad for your teeth as sugary drinks and soda. I stopped drinking these mixes after I learned that. If you're looking for healthier, this isn't necessarily the option. Go with real tea.
290279290279B000EMD1MSA3LGAA75UJTUZFatinfl111211250380800This WAS a great productI have been using the full line of Lipton's Green Tea to Go for a couple of years now, and just love it. Have also turned countless friends onto it as well. Love the benefits of green tea, being able to avoid soda...and that it is sweetened with Splenda. Splenda was the primary reason for chosing the Lipton line. But NOW all that has changed and Lipton has made the decision to switch to Aspartame...which doctors tell you to avoid if you experience headaches. Aspartame is not very good for us, folks...but it must be cheaper. (Google it and see what you find!) Lipton has fallen out of brand loyalty for me and it is a window into their practices that they would switch to a lesser, more controversial ingredient. I'm sure there is plenty of marketing spin they can site for this reason, but facts are facts. I'm told by friends that Jackie Chan has a line worth checking out, now that it's Lipton no more for me.
290280290280B000EMD1MSA3LJ51X25ELKF9a reviewer "a reviewer"8911235520000Aspartame!!!!I am so disappointed that the company switched last July from using sucralose (splenda) as the sweetener to aspartame! Yuck!!! I loved this tea and drank it all day. NO MORE!!! I have no idea why a company would switch like that and I hope they change it back!

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