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290329290329B000NMCOYKA2LZ0FHKY4CIS5Gregg Luhring "Gregg Luhring"171951292630400Anniversary GiftMy wife loves Dubble Bubble. Things are a little tight this year so we decided not to get each other anything for our anniversay and that we'd go out for dinner and a movie instead.

Since our anniversary is around Halloween, there's always bags of candy in every store around that time. On our day, I was picking up some office supplies at the local discount store and saw a bag of DB in with the other Halloween candy. I grabbed it cause I knew she'd like it. Just to be weird, I also picked up a little glass decorative kitchen jar and when I got home, I put 6 or 7 pieces of gum in the jar and hid the rest of the bag.

I gave her the jar and told her that it was the bottomless Dubble Bubble Candy Dish. She thought that was kind of funny but didn't pursue the reasoning. She took a couple of pieces with her and we went out to our dinner and movie.

She only eats a couple pieces a day, so I watched the jar and when it got down to 2 or 3 pieces, I added 4 or 5 more while she wasn't around.

Well, the bag lasted for about a month but then I needed to replenish the supply. So I found this giant tub of 380 pieces that should last until the end of April and then I'll get another one. The bucket is great. When sealed, it keeps the bubble gum scent in and hopefully the gum fresh for 6 months.

By the way, she's never said a word about the bottomless bubble gum jar but she eats 2 pieces a day. I've never mentioned it again either but every couple of days I add a few more pieces.

Dubble Bubble Tub Original Flavor 380 Ct - 5 Stars!
290330290330B000NMCOYKAJGU56YG8G1DQE. Kennedy5651312934400Just Like I RememberDubble Bubble really takes me back. It's just like I remember- hard to chew at first and the flavor doesn't last too long, but they do blow great bubbles! These are great as a gag gift or as filler for pinatas and the like! Sure to be a hit with kids or nostalgic adults!
290331290331B000NMCOYKA1T50QI4QZGBZ3Diana Beekley2251322697600Dubble Bubble - greatThe quantity and price are a diffient win. The gum was fresh which was a concern of mine ordering it online, but it was excellent.


290333290333B000NMCOYKA1ZSF5CJ0A4CIOFancy Trimmins3451247702400This is the best!Ok, so I'm addicted to bubble gum. I like this the best. Each piece is a decent size so I don't have to chew like a cow because there is too much gum in my kisser. It doesn't stick to my teeth like many other chewing gums do and when I'm in the mood (oh, and all alone) I can blow the greatest bubbles! Makes me feel young at heart again. Oh, did I mention I'm old??? Like almost 57 :)

11/12/10 - back for more. Just for kicks, 2 weeks ago I decided to try that sugarless gum The Biggest Loser tv show raves about so I got both the bubble gum and the watermelon flavor. Must admit the flavors are excellent and last a long, long time. I just didn't like the texture of the gum or the way it stuck to my teeth when I tried blowing bubbles with the bubble gum. I gave it to the neighborhood kids (with their parents' permission of course) so now I'm back to order more of my favorite, never to stray again.
290334290334B000NMCOYKA3F2926FPOBNLfake name5721308182400Not original flavor as advertisedI recently visited a Cracker Barrel and bought a box or Dubble Bubble Original Flavor bubble gum. I remember chewing this gum as a kid, it was my favorite gum because of its great flavor. After I had a taste for the gum again, I wanted more and I am 100 miles away from the nearest Cracker Barrel, so I checked on Amazon, my go to place. I was excited to see they had it and two separate listings. One for "original" and a regular flavor. The tub that I received is not the original flavor bubble gum, even though it specifically states that it is on the product listing. This is the plain, old, gross, generic flavor they changed to a couple of years ago.

If you are looking for the cinnamon/clove flavor you remember growing up, this is NOT the gum you are looking for, you will be disappointed.
290335290335B000NMCOYKA176R90IMDV0E4Michael "specular"2321287446400This is not the Fleer Dubble Bubble of oldI bought this tub expecting the nostalgic Dubble Bubble smell and taste I loved as a kid. That gum was packed in the old Fleer Baseball Card wax-packs. Concord Confections bought the rights to the name from Fleer. (Subsequently Tootsie Roll bought Concord.) Anyway, The flavor formula was changed by Concord. It's now just generic bubblegum. Not only that, the size of the gum has been reduced. With clever packaging, it looks about the same size wrapped, but the gum is no longer a solid "barrel" shape. It is now a smaller barrel with gear-like teeth around it which holds the packaging out so it seems like a substantial piece than it is. The logo is misleading too. It says, "America's Original". Well the name is the same but the product is completely different.
290336290336B000NMCOYKA3THVR0Y37M182ben0051349395200AWSOMEIf you are looking for the best bubble gum in the world here is your chance to get it! Like the front says the bubble gum is its original flavor and it tastes really good. In my opinion I think its super good. I would definetely reccomend this item!!!!!
290337290337B000NMCOYKAHW3ERPR2YKI1Lizzi0041349049600its fresh and coolI really love this gum I chew it about everyday. And I could not beat the price for how much I get. Also it was really fresh witch was really cool to. I will be ordering it here again.
290338290338B000NMCOYKAQGRGY8487GT3J. Greenberg "judge43"0051348185600Dubble Bubble Still The BestBubblegum lovers listen up!
Better than Bazooka. Flavor lasts longer,texture for bubbles has more elasticity and snaps better too!
Worth the sugar.
290339290339B000NMCOYKA65YP8J4XHSIGTiger Devore PhD0041339113600don't know whyI love my dubble bubble. So I guess it isn't a surprise that I wonder why this product looks like it was pushed through a pasta maker when the "real" gum I love is smooth as a cylinder. Not sure why this one is serrated.
290340290340B000NMCOYKA3EDX82531ZWDDTirza0051335225600Great dubble bubble if your addicted to chewing it every single dayThis is an AWSOME dubble bubble gum. I order 6 dubble bubble gums. When i first got the first one in the mail, and when i opened it i was like HOLY COW WHAT A BIG TUB. No lie i literlly said that. and also my mom said WOW THATS A BIG TUB. So when i opened it was sealed like it was said. And now when i opened it, i can smell this STRONG sweet scent. It smelt AWSOME. As i opened it my mom says oooooo that smells good. I wanted to be the very first person to take two pieces and chew them. So my mom tried it, and she liked it and i LOVED IT. But after a while it does loses its taste and it goes into rubbery chew. But i dont care i really do like it. I like the taste AND the rubbery feeling too. So i chew gum constanly like i chew 6 pieces then in half hour i chew another 6 pieces or 10 and spit it out. I go over and over again. So to be honest i LOVE THIS DUBBLE BUBBLE GUM. I do really do HIGHLY recommend this to ANYONE who likes the taste and rubbery chewy gum. And to people who are addticed to gum like i am.
290311290311B000PIMS16A1JUPR7LPMYG1XK. Washington "So Cool!"3341332720000Warm or Cold it works!This product is an excellent source of energy and good tasting too. I try not to run out! I don't use it that often, but only when I think I really need it, sometimes to continue on with my day after leaving my job.
290312290312B000PIMS16A1EAZM12LH2AQLS. Brown "SF"0111343606400Tastes Like DirtI know Ginseng teas can have an earthy flavor and I have tried a few different brands but this one just tastes like dirt. Not a good flavor and it gets stronger the longer is sits.
290313290313B003H86P60A35B353AZBCIPNDonna0051307059200Great productMy husband has a heart problem so finding salt less and good is hard. Heintz tomato ketchup is great I love it would recommend this to anyone who wishes to cut back on salt.
290314290314B001UGMWM2AXQZEBT6Y9LRJPenny1151279929600Great Product!This item effectively eliminates 90% of shedding and leaves coat clean and smooth. If you have multiple pets the assorted blade sizes are a plus. Highly recommended!
290315290315B001UGMWM2A3UQU4WK36GG38Flecksable Flyer0051331683200Half the price of a FURminator - Works just as well!I had heard all of the accolades of the FURminstor, but on Social Security and feeding a large Service Dog, I couldn't pay what the distributors were wanting for it. After reading the reviews for the FurBuster, I decided to try out the combo set because it was still half the price of one large FURminator. I LOVE IT and so does my sensitive-skinned Golden Retriever mix! I just raked out a compressed ball of hair 6" across! Where were these things 25 years ago when I was breeding and showing Giant Schnauzers? They would have been a godsend.
290316290316B001UGMWM2A3GS8VFQXTNT06Donovan Weaver0051329004800Worth the price!With the first swipe, you will see it work. The fur just comes off!
While brushing your animal, keep in mind that the brush creates some static, and the tuffs of hair will more than likely be attracted to your pet. So make sure you clean the blade off after every pass.
290317290317B004BJVLWCA3TK68QBLWM5QSWilliam Buckingham4451314489600Amazing Packaged RamenThis is by far my favorite ramen, and when I have some in the house, they're always the first to go. The last batch I bought from Amazon I started adding some additional toppings to in order to make it more of a meal. I found that I really liked sliced hotdogs, frozen broccoli, and an egg poached in the center of the noodles for the last two minutes or so. It was an incredibly filling meal combined with the noodles.

A few things people might want to know about the noodles on their own:

-The noodles themselves are not the fried white noodles you see in most instant ramen. They're air dried yellow noodles that cook up with a nice firm chewiness to them.

-The soy sauce/oil mixture has a very nice flavor and combines well when it's hot, but the oil starts to separate as it cools, so if you're going to drink the broth, eat quickly.

Again, this is my favorite ramen, and well worth the ~$2/each price tag, especially if you add some protein to make it a full meal. I can only hope Amazon restocks soon, as I've had a craving for these lately only to find them out of stock.
290318290318B004BJVLWCA6KL17KKN0A5LK. Harper4451307923200Traditional Soy Sauce Ramen!Grew up in Japan, what I miss most is the ramen restaurants. It's very hard to find a good ramen restaurant where I live, so only way I can get these great dishes is that I have to prepare myself. This ramen has very firm noodle compared to other cheaper kind, and soy sauce flavor of the soup is almost as good as the ones you can have at ramen restaurants in Japan! Very easy to prepare, only few minutes of boiling, and you can add boiled egg/ham/sea weed/spinach/imitation crab/steak/ground beef/tofu (just a few example), or whatever you'd like! Hope it'll come back in stock again!
290319290319B004BJVLWCA14AZICA6QKR22carolG3351316822400noodle agogoAfter reading my "Lucky Peach" magazine I couldn't wait to get started on my Ramen project. The noodles I needed I received from the amazon store and they were excellent. In fact I need to order more.
290320290320B004BJVLWCA2OY3MCJQSRSUOMusashi&Koyama0051335052800Very good shoyu ramenFor instant ramen, this is wonderful. All you need to add is toppings of your choice such as charshieu pork, menma (bamboo braised), chopped green onion, boiled egg, chingensai, etc.
290321290321B004BJVLWCA124T8YA1QTGOEOoo0021333065600Too badIt was greasy. It was salty. I don't think I would buy more of them. But I still have 5 of them left and dont know what to do with them
290322290322B004BJVLWCA2MZRCGX947V40eric_the_redder1511321401600Oh my God the SALT SALT SALT! And NOT RETURNABLE!Bought this due to a writeup in Readers' Digest plus the other reviews. But on arrival, I noticed on the package that it contains 2400 milligrams of salt! Jeez, that's even way more than Cup O Noodles, my blood pressure rose just reading that.

To top it off, Amazon says it's not returnable, although the policy that leads to does not explain why :-(
290323290323B007OYSY9OA1AM1KCK77SM6L. Spencer "avid consumer"1111336780800Possibly the worst latte ever!First you put in the frother, then the coffee. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
I tried to put the coffee in first but the machine wouldn't let me on the cafe setting. You end up with an overly sweet cup of a milkly yucky substance. Stay away.
290324290324B007OYSY9OA1NQBOYEO5TCE4Stunnaz0051336780800My favorite flavor so far!This tastes very good in my opinion. I've tried a few different flavors of vue cups already. So far my favorites are the two Cafe flavors. One being the Vanilla Latte and the other being the Cappuccino. Keep in mind the cafe drinks cost twice as much, as you need to use 2 vue cups, first the frother and then the coffee. It is correct to add the frother first, as when you add the coffee the frother will float to the top. This is pretty standard (I see another user complaining about this.)

The Vanilla flavor is very milky/sweet, which I like. If you want something that's not as sweet, try the cappuccino. The online pricing is more expensive so far (may, 2012). I got mine from BedBathBeyond and you can use the 20% off coupon that they mail you all the time, those coupons don't expire (even though it has an expiration date).
290325290325B005OCRFAMAYRLTARGERT91drew664200011333497600rip offadvertised as a cheesball yes i seen the mix but it is portrayed as a cheese ball but i received a very small packet of what appears to be dirt and imitation bacon bits
290326290326B008MZ9L8MA1JTQCIL88W9JVS.A. "bham"0051345680000Delicious tiny taco shellsI am so happy to find La Tiara Taco shells on Amazon! They are not available in my area and I used to buy them on ebay. While they are not considered a reduced carb product, their small size and super thin profile make them ideal for those trying to control their carbohydrate intake. 4 carbs and only 40 calories per shell. Because they are so thin they can be hard to eat without breakage, so they are not a recommended choice to serve on a first date or to impress company! But they are very tasty and a great way to add mexican food for those who are watching blood sugars or on restricted carb diet.
290327290327B000YVMIHIANQBM59QYUZ0CE. Good "goodworks1"1151267574400Just like the restaurants use....Good garnish for salads and oven meals. I put the unopened bags in my chest freezer as we don't use them quite fast enough! Very fun addition to your cooking arsenal.
290328290328B003ZYA0HGA2Z0XWX21CR3Z1mark1151316908800good cheap foodI bought this to donate to our local food bank. They were very happy to receive and it serves their needs.

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