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290341290341B000NMCOYKA132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"0051327708800Great gum....Great gum....Dubble Bubble Tub Original Flavor 380's sweeter than Bazooka brand....kind of like Pepsi is sweeter than Coke. Much cheaper to buy it this way!~
290342290342B000NMCOYKA1B4TKU40U01EEAnna T0051300924800Overseas treatWe have a dear friend in the Army in Afganistan. He really enjoys the gum and shares it with anyone who wants some. It is a little taste of home and is one of his favorite treats. The guys have it tough enough,a box filled with his favorite things helps. We will continue this until we get him home.Double Bubble-America's Original Bubble Gum, 380t Bucket
290344290344B000NMCOYKA7RISA5DGK4J6SensualDelight0051270252800So much yummy bubble gum!It finally came and I was so happy. It tastes great and there is still so much Bubble Gum left. Thanks!!!
290345290345B000NMCOYKAWBFRGM84B20WGordon Dietz "sleep mode"0051265500800candy 2The kids I gave this to, enjoyed the gum and it took a couple of days before they finished off and wanted some more. Cheaper than buying it at a store.
290346290346B000NMCOYKA35W3JQYP0M655Ambergris "John Thomas"1251250726400Great Gum!I decided to buy some Dubble Bubble after seeing a tub of it in the Red Sox dugout on TV. For some reason I always thought they chewed Bazooka since that was just about all there was growing up as a kid here. I ran out and got a couple of packs of each for my own taste test. I gotta admit I like the DB better. Like the other reviewer here I noticed that its not as sticky on the teeth as Bazooka. And I actually thought it was sweeter and lasted a tad longer. Its sorta like comparing Coke to Pepsi for their both good and very similar. But I do have to give the final nod to DB. (Even considering you still get the Bazooka Joe comic with Bazooka.) Besides, if Dubble Bubble is good enough for the Red Sox, its good enough for me!...
290347290347B000NMCOYKA9VQIN5TH4PZ1Stephanie Kirk1251210291200Fantastic!!!This product was perfect. It was shipped on time. Also the bucket is sealed with a fresh product seal so the gum was nice and fresh!
290348290348B000NMCOYKA1WFV8Y7RP0B29Lesia K. Schroeder2421254700800cost too muchGood as brand always is, but find bags in grocery of 120 pieces for 2 for $5.00
290349290349B000NMCOYKA24IGYPBA4Z3XDIman0151316649600fresh and smells goodI live far away and its hard to find this gum in my country. When i got the package, i could smell the original dubble bubble coming out of the box. Simply.... Its original and tastes great and fresh.
290350290350B000NMCOYKALDTZQ2OZBDDUEdward J. Bianchina "eddieb6455"0141315872000Great Gum butgreat tasting gum but, strangely, not as good as sugar free. Still I recommend it. It is tasty but the texture of the gum is lacking. However great service and fast delivery
290351290351B000NMCOYKAXRNIIESIW3HBTradewinds "Harley"0151255305600Great BubbleI love Dubble Bubble chewing Gum. Wasn't happy about how much it cost to have this product shipped.
290352290352B000NMCOYKA2BAXZHG8TYL2PEllen Reed0151211846400Great Dubble BubbleThis is great bubble gum. It does not stick to your teeth like other brands.
290353290353B000NMCOYKAQ4T4FQM4146WGaryman1321322524800Not much flavorI ordered this gum and was shocked at how big a bucket of 380 pieces is. Its a lot of gum which is good. The flavor tastes great for a couple of minutes but I noticed that the flavor is gone in just a few minutes. I would not reorder this because after about 3 minutes it just tastes rubbery. All the flavor is gone. This was disappointing to me. I don't recall how long the original lasted but this just does not last long enough for me to recommend it.
290354290354B000NMCOYKA1JJE0V1DWHSGIncognito4831288396800This is *NOT* original flavor!This product as sold as "original" but it is modern fruity bubble gum flavored, *not* the "original" Dubble Bubble gum flavor from 1928 which was a mixture of cinnamon and wintergreen. That flavor was stopped when the manufacturer, Fleer, was sold to Tootsie Roll. Someone still makes small batches of the original flavor -- but this product is just ordinary modern Dubble Bubble, the same as sold in stores throughout North America. Amazon and/or the seller were kind enough to refund my purchase price but they continue to sell this product with the misleading label.
290355290355B000NMCOYKARDICSIGOU4H5Mister G0221324252800Very Very SlowYou have got to be kidding me! Over three weeks to get a tub of bubble gum shipped to Pennsylvania. Next time I will order from Belgium. Then I might get the product prior to Christmas.
290356290356B000NMCOYKA2RSQL64A3U7BSLisa A. Demaria "Ken & Lisa DeMaria"0251315353600No muss, no fussI purchased the product over the weekend and by Thursday it was in my hands. Great price, and great service, 'cause it made it to me well wrapped. Did I mention I was overseas?
Thanks Lakewood Candy!
290357290357B000NMCOYKAKMBDKZUSJHBCuglyluggage0351283040000It's gumWhy are you reading a review on Bubble Gum? I only by gum online because I work at an APO. Super Bubble is better but they don't send to APOs.
290358290358B000NMCOYKAUDQQBR8J2RTLK. Skaggs2711313798400Buyer Beware!!!This gum and its very pink color ended up costing me $549.00 In dental work. It turned the front tooth pink and the dentist worked on it for 2 hours first getting the pink out of the tooth then working on the material that he had to use to fill the tooth back in to return it to it's orginal color. The was no cavity and brushing was done. Just be careful unless you don't mind the dental bill.
290359290359B000NMCOYKA31IMB3SEK700Afroogy0411331337600SCAM***SCAM ALERT***First of all the description says 5 lbs net weight with is a lie, maybe 2 lbs of gum at the most. ***SCAM ALERT***Secondly the individual pieces are half the size or smaller than what you buy at the big stores, so 380 pieces is actually around 100 pieces. ***SCAM ALERT***The tiny individual size means the flavor lasts 2 minutes or less. You have to chew 5 pieces to blow a double bubble. ***SCAM ALERT***My order was thru some fly by night seller but fulfilled by Amazon (shame on you Amazon). ***SCAM ALERT***
290360290360B006QFV28WA25G0G49SDD9UOA. Brewer1151338940800Excellent gluten free all purpose flour mix!This flour mix is great! I was worried about replacing regular flour, but it worked like a charm! I will be back for more I'm sure. The shipping was very quick & it arrived in excellent condition.
290361290361B006QFV28WA32B6A532454UDD. Taylor "Tech Gadget User"1151334707200Works well converting regular recipes to GF recipesLearning to cook GF has been a big adjustment. It takes time and patience to find solutions that work. With my wife as a Celiac it has required diligent searching for good options. On a recent trip to Utah we picked up several New Grains GF breads and found them the best GF breads we have ever had. I decided to pick up some of this flour and use it to see how baking some of our favorite recipes would turn out.

The flour works well as a GF substitute for regular baking flour. I've used it in many recipes and have been happy with the results. As is typical for GF cooking, there's a little less of a rise in the cooking process. I'll upload a picture from a recent Pineapple Upside down cake we cooked in a 12" Dutch oven that turned out really great as a GF desert.

5 stars, we love having a GF flour to cook and bake with.
290362290362B0053EZ6J8A8B6PO81VH31GBearMama5551320364800Great Gift for the Holidays!!I am a BIG fan of Numi and have been searching for an affordable and tasteful (pun intended) holiday gift for my neighbors, friends, gardener, stylist - you name it...and, I have finally found it! I ordered one of Numi's Tea Portfolio for myself to see if it lived up to it's description on As usual, Numi has delievered a beautiful package and the teas are a nice selection to choose from. I like that the box can be reused to store more tea or it may even make a good crafts storage box for buttons, beads, etc. I will be ordering plenty more for the Holidays! Thank you Numi and for making my holiday shopping a breeze this season!
290363290363B0053EZ6J8A2DQ2T5IMJ6K4GUmYum22251322611200perfect for the Numi "beginner"I first tried Numi at a cafe I was at in Portland and fell in love with my selection. It was their jasmine green tea. I wanted to try more flavors so decided to buy some stuff from their website. I didn't buy the portfolio on Amazon but since their site doesn't have a reviews section and I am so happy with my purchase, I thought i'd write a review on here.

The tea portfolio comes with 30 tea bags and a variety of flavors. If you're new to tea or new to Numi, I would recommend this item. So far I like all of the flavors I've tried but my faves are the jasmine green, moroccan mint and breakfast blend.

What's even more amazing about the portfolio is you can reuse the portfolio itself! Perfect compartments for my earrings and rings :)
290364290364B0053EZ6J8A3J4Q63Y58EJV9Virginia2251322352000Numi Tea Portfolio AssortmentI love this variety box of Numi Teas, especially for my bridge group or anytime I have company. The box itself is a perfect size,lightweight and has a great snap-close lid. My friends and I adore Numi Teas. The only thing that could be better would be a variety box with all caffeine free and low caffeine teas for the over 50 crowd.
290365290365B0053EZ6J8A6C9XOI5G55S3Sara Carroll2251321315200Delicious gift for tea loversMy dog sitter is a big tea drinker, and I wanted to find something nice for his birthday. This gift set of organic teas from Numi was a hit!

I recommend this gift if you are looking for a great assortment of organic teas in an attractive, reusable box.
290366290366B0053EZ6J8A183D6DNH8H74QCiawy2251321056000You Won't Be DisappointedI've always been a fan of Numi Tea after a cousin of mine introduced me to it. Although I like all the flavors, my favorite is still Earl Gray Tea. Just love it with creamer and sugar. Whenever I try other teas, I just gotta compare them with numi tea, and the non-numi-tea falls flat and not up to par. Their teas smells so great that as soon as the tea bag dips into hot water, it's an experience by itself already.

About the Numi Tea Portfolio - I thought it to be a good Christmas present when I saw it online, but I wanted to get a sample first before giving it as gift. Love the box that came with it. I took out the teas, put it in another container, and used the box as a jewelry box. Voila - instant organized jewelries and watches. It's really great. Whoever will get this for Christmas will surely not be disappointed.
290367290367B0053EZ6J8A32Q19TZRTVWTVdmamseaside2251320883200Love the new packaging!Been giving away Numi tea products as Christmas presents for the past three years. Glad to see the new packaging - very elegant! The portfolio contains three of my favorite tea flavors - earl grey, jasmine green, and chamomile. The big difference between Numi's organic teas is that they don't taste like you're drinking boiled sand like the other brands I've tried. Thank you, Numi and Amazon for making it very convenient for me to do my Christmas shopping!
290368290368B0053EZ6J8AM9KR6W384QSVLittle Miss Murphy2251320710400My Favorite Things GiftLast year I was the winner of a great Secret Santa gift of a Numi Tea sampler kit that looked similar to this item. After digging into the goods, I fell head over heels for their tea and am now absolutely addicted. I now buy their tea regularly at the store, but haven't seen this cool gift item anywhere except on Amazon.
I just received a personal order of this new Tea Portfolio from Amazon and have decided that this will be "the gift" that I get all my friends and extended family this year. I love having something small and simple to send out with a card; and it truly is one of my favorite things, which is always fun to share. Since everyone's knows I am a tea lover, this feels like the perfect gift from me.
290369290369B0053EZ6J8A2Q9B8X03EL21TLuser1151331164800Great Assortment and Well ReceivedThe portfolio itself was lovely. The person that received this as a gift said she enjoyed the assortment and the tea was delicious.
290370290370B0053EZ6J8A1JCNKG73S95B1Veronica Rabuy1151328659200A perfect cup on a rainy day or any dayI recently bought this Numi tea portfolio because I frequent cafes and coffee shops in Oakland and have been exposed to Numi tea. My cousin was gifted a box of Mint Puerh tea from her work and upon visiting with her I have enjoyed this mint tea. I finally decided I needed my own!
The thing that I like most about this product is the variety. I am traditionally a black or white tea drinker and buy from tea shops such as Tevana and Lupicia for loose leaf varieties, but every so often I like the convenience and ease of a good 'ole tea in a teabag.
After my tea portfolio came in, I tried one tea a night for six consecutive nights. I was pleasantly suprised and delighted by the green jasmine tea because I always was under the impression that green teas are too mild with not enough tannin. The combination of the jasmine with the green tea made it flavorful even without honey or milk.
My favorite tea of the assortment is the earl grey tea. It has robust flavor and the bergamot adds a calming quality.
Another great thing about this tea portfolio is that it can be refilled. If you so desire, you could put other selections. I think that Numi even sells tea sampler boxes.
This product would make the perfect gift for that favorite aunt or uncle, or for a well liked co-worker who was leaving the department on a promotion.

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