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290604290604B007KANTXIAPU5DJFE5NYE1robin rose0051341360000Enlightened GorpI just discovered a close-to-empty bag of these in the cupboard where I'm housesitting...and now it's an empty bag. These are over the top scrumptious. To my tastebuds, a perfect blend of salty, sweet, spicy, fruity, and nutty. The kind of treat to share with a few friends to save yourself from overdoing it.
290605290605B007KANTXIARUS856Y1PQR8J. Lee0041340582400A little different in a good way - the pepper makes it tasty! Savory-sweet. Very filling.I bought a bag of these 15 oz. Sahale Snacks (Pomegranate Pistachios with Almonds, Cherries and Black Pepper) at Costco for $10.89. I was curious about the black pepper listed as an ingredient.

I really enjoyed the taste, especially the savory aspect heightened by black pepper and sea salt. There is a hint of spice...the manufacturers call it "inspired by" their favorite Moroccan flavors. Overall, the mix is a bit sweeter than I like (7g of sugars in 1 serving, which is about 1/4 cup).

pistachios, almonds, dried apples (unsulfured apples, sugar, natural pomegranate flavor, citric acid, fruit and vegetable juice [for color]), organic evaporated cane juice, dried cherries (cherries, sugar, sunflower oil), organic tapioca syrup, brown sugar, sea salt, pomegranate juice concentrate, dried lemon peel, spices, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavor.

This mix is probably a lot healthier than a bag of potato chips, but as I'm trying to cut down on my sugar intake, I'll eat them sparingly. A handful is very filling, so I don't end up eating the whole bag in one sitting. The bag is conveniently self-sealing.
290606290606B007KANTXIA2EYX6RL19TMFNrik2tr0051339718400Yes, these are crazy goodWe got these at a Costco in Birmingham for $10.89 after trying them at a friend's in California. Excellent mix, very exotic!
290607290607B001EO6CSUA225WHO2MHB92WInkitythings1151241222400My favorite French Roast.I like this better than Starbucks, Peet's, or any other brand that I have tried..smokier flavor with citrus overtones...yumm!
290608290608B003NQRFMOA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"2251331251200Delicious and economicalThese Kelp Krunch Seaweed Energy Bar by Maine Coast Sea Vegetables are delicious! I buy mine for $1.69/bar at my local organic grocer. As usual Nutricity is trying to sell them for double the retail; I do not know why Amazon continues to let Nutricity sell on their website. These bars have all organic ingredients: sesame seeds, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, kelp. They taste great and are good for you.
290609290609B001B0TYM8A2AHDF7KAK13G8Grandma010021343520000Kitty ToyA disappointment. I tried many times to get my cats interested in this toy, but they just were not entertained. I even put a little catnip on it, they still showed little interest.
290610290610B000ALLQ52AY1BFKN0GDH3Xcolleenwl2251320364800wow, this is goodIt is a lot for a single user in the home, but I will use every powder particle. This is definitely the white chocolate taste I remember. second sugar product bought from this company, and very pleased I gave them a try!
290581290581B001SBCWEWA11G0VETMPDBT2P. Maertens0051349913600Outstanding...Flavor and texture are outstanding. Much better than regular pasta, this whole wheat is healthy, flavorful and filling. Don't worry about the quantity you have to buy it keeps well and you will enjoy it. Amazons subscibe and save is a good deal for this.
290582290582B001SBCWEWAKRODIY31Y9RGM. M.0031333065600Mislabled Box?I ordered this and, like another reviewer, received something totally different. The spaghetti I got is actually "bionaturae Organic 100 % Durum Sermolina Spaghetti." The box has two labels on each side, that of what I was suppose to get and that which I did get. I suppose it could of been possible that somewhere along the line between the manufacture and amazon, someone dropped the ball.

I haven't actually tasted it yet, but I'm sure it's good; just not what I ordered is all!
290583290583B001SBCWEWAC24XWD4WMQTYGROG "GROG"0051329350400good for ya and actually good:After trying some "whole grain" "whole wheat" pasta from our big box retailer with mixed results we had given up on such pasta until seeing a whole wheat pasta segment on America's Test Kitchen (with Cook's Illustrated EIC) . The winner was this product. Since I'm "value orientated" I took the risk and got this large quantity. We are very pleased. I am not a very accomplished cook but twice now I have cooked this product satisfactorily. 8-10 Minutes in boil'n water for nice firm pasta does it. It does have a very light nutty flavor but we both like it. When buying this in bulk the price premium is about 6 cents/ounce over the store brand WW pastas (which seemed gritty , etc) and 2 cents or less over other "whole grain" whole wheat " products we found that are not 100% whole wheat ( or grain). For whole wheat pasta this is what we will buy going forward.
290584290584B001SBCWEWAIK95997UHT0Zwolf1211330128000Whole wheat?The whole wheat spaghetti I got looked nothing like the picture: mine was pale and smooth, whereas the picture looks like it has a rough surface. Still, I tried it with an open mind because i knew it had two 5 star reviews. It didn't taste at all like whole wheat (i've been eating different brands for the last four years). It tasted awful actually--there was no grittiness and no "fiber" taste/texture. I think they made a mistake and shipped me the wrong kind of spaghetti--i'd be shocked if it was whole wheat because i side-by-side taste-tested two other whole wheat brands and this one, and this one tasted and looked completely different. Not ordering from them again.
290585290585B004N5ILBIALIBPMQBH2DI3Mumtaz2251326067200Very nice tea for a reasonable priceGreen tea`s benefits as an antioxidant and its benefits to digestive system are generally known.

This particular green tea has a smooth taste when you brew it in a porselain teapot. One tea spoon of the tea is recommended by the seller but you can add more for stronger taste or less for milder taste according to your preferance.

You can also watch the flowering ceremony of the hand-rolled pearl green tea leafes in a glass teapot.

I personally recommend this green tea to all tea lovers, especially as a substitute for black tea or ceylon tea.
290586290586B004N5ILBIAZO3BJ2KIBIT4Arisu1151317254400Great PurchaseThis can of tea is sold in the store for more than 20 bucks and I got it on Amazon for less than 10. Yet the tea is still of great quality -- the jasmine flavor stands out so well and maybe taking into account my brewing time, the green tea smells strong yet never comes bitter. It could be an everyday enjoy, if I'm not such a tea mania and got so many cans of different tea leaves I can't take any of them as everyday... what a lovely beauty.
290587290587B004N5ILBIA2GQSKORJSNW74Jaime Stewart2321325808000BlandI ordered this tea because it had decent reviews and was a good price. I am a huge fan of jasmine tea, particularly the pearls. I tried steeping the tea in a variety of ways, using varying amounts and brewing times. I found the tea to either be weak or have a bitter taste. I have owned a number of other low and high quality jasmine teas and they have performed better and had better flavor than this tea. I will not buy again.
290588290588B004N5ILBIA3MRULCAGXPZQRGator0011351036800hair!Let me start by saying I love this tea so when I saw it for this price I had to jump on it, bad idea! I opened it today, when I looked in the container I was like is that a hair! oh yes it was about 8 inches long and attached to two of the pearls so I dumped some tea in my hand (the amount was what I would use for one cup) and found two more hairs rolled up in the pearls. So Dear Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf I have always been happy with both your coffee and Tea and I would be willing to pay more for your products if you promise to make your employees that deal with the Tea and coffee for that matter wear hair nets.
290589290589B004N5ILBIA2GG4JLX97LOFVAnna0051350172800Great antioxidantI love the aroma and flavor of this tea. I drink it every morning after my breakfast and would recommend it as a great alternative to coffee.
290590290590B004N5ILBIA3SXQEQEY8PTE6Joshua Hatch0031349827200An economical, "middle of the road" dragon pearl teaDragon Pearl tea is one of my favorite types of tea. I drink Dragon Pearl several times a week, so this is coming from my experience of a variety of different brands. My favorite Dragon Pearl I buy from a local herb shop for $7/oz. It's fresh, highly aromatic and tastes wonderful.

When I came across this deal at $9 for 4oz, I was curious enough to give it a try. When I first opened the canister, it had the floral-filled aroma I was expecting, albeit not as potent as I am accustomed to. I was about to make my first cup of tea, when I noticed a hair inside. Grabbing a hold of it, I pulled out a 10" long strand of black hair. My first instinct was to return it, but I didn't. I hope whoever was working that day hand-rolling my tea was at least a bit hygienic.

The tea itself once brewed was weak. Don't get me wrong, it tasted good, just significantly weaker than I am used to. If you're looking for a nice, inexpensive gift for someone, this would fit the bill nicely - sans hair, hopefully. However, if you're looking for an impressive Dragon Pearl tea for someone used to drinking it, they will probably be a bit disappointed. I'll probably finish the can, and then head back to my herb shop.
290591290591B004N5ILBIA2YOS2QZB8P8FTchansonw0051338508800excellent tea excellent price good company to buy fromi love this tea. this is the best place to get it. nice size pearls and good flavor and best price...what else can we say!
im ordering more now~
290592290592B004N5ILBIA256DPZ9IKPG7MP. Toivonen "ggnpt"0021337731200Fair Tea for the PriceI have been ordering jasmine tea from various suppliers for a few years now. I found this to be some of the best priced Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea around. The Jasmine scent is definitely on the weak side. I believe this is due to the number of times the tea is "scented". In addition, the tea is shipped in a tin that is not vacuum packed. Over time, the tea will lose its jasmine scent if it is not sealed properly. I would recommend this tea if you are on a budget and you are an Amazon Prime member (free shipping). If you are a jasmine tea aficionado, shop elsewhere. I give 3 stars for the price.

Update... After using this tea for a couple weeks now, the jasmine scent has almost completely dissipated. I have adjusted my rating to 2 stars.
290593290593B004N5ILBIA1EEOZHKMXI6QSD. M. Morgan "D"0021337558400WeakI am going to echo other reviews that call this Tea weak / bland. I believe that the main issue is the container is not airtight. There is a packaging piece that bands over the top to show whether it has been opened; however it is not an airtight container, which causes the tea to lose its potency overtime. You will need to steep this a long time or use a lot of pearls to reach acceptable strength, but then I think it tastes a bit off. Oh, and it is a non-returnable item. Chalk it up to experience. Very happy with the Numi Tea Jasmine Pearls, Flowering Tea, 1 lb. bag alternative, except that it is 4x as much tea.
290594290594B004N5ILBIA2DR24HJVC9DHCSusan Glachman0041329868800Worth the priceGreat quality, especially for the price. This tea is smooth and floral. It has a rich mouthfeel, but the flavor is delicate enough that I don't recommend pairing it with anything but the mildest foods. Very much worth the money.
290595290595B0057OKYM8AAC20E3M25S5Johnny b1151320883200Awesome berry flavor!!I really loved this one, too! The yogurt flavor is really creamy, and not too tart....just like a Jamba Juice smoothie. Plus 10g PROTEIN!!!

But try the peach, first. That one is my favorite. Yum!
290596290596B0057OKYM8ANJ073UTY4KAIpeachsorbet90051349136000Gehl's Main St Cafe smoothieGehl's Main St Cafe smoothie are the best. The flavor and the taste are just like a drinking a smoothie from a smoothie shop. It takes like real fruit and really creamy
290597290597B000FPH1NOA1T2WKMLGSO507Marylou Sakosky "Ms MaryLou"0011341964800plastic and hard as a rocki really do not know where they get beefy as this is so hard it would break the teeth of any dog in my opinion
i would not buy this again and sorry i wasted money on it
290598290598B000FPH1NOA1OVVQHNOV8VJSSharon M. Kahle "Windystar98"0051222992000Dingo's!!!!I have two miniature dachshunds and they just love dingo bones. I usually but the mini ones but they like them all the same!! These are their favorite treat!!
290599290599B003KKK5QGA2KLRV9M5I1AHAMaggie0041286323200Very tastyQuick shipping, well packed..I loved these! They were for a party & everyone enjoyed them. True melon flavor, not sticky & really good! Thank you!
290600290600B007KANTXIASJJWVILLZK4QEllfman3351334016000AWSOME and Gluten-FreeFound this at Costco in California for $10.00 a bag.
I purchased 5 bags one week ago, and today I have no bags left.
This stuff is crazy good.
I even mailed a couple of bags to some family troops in Afghanistan,SCORE!
290601290601B007KANTXIA9UEDDNHFPJHJLynn Reed1151344470400Sahale Snacks Pomegranate PistachiosThis is the best nut combination I have ever tasted. It is just wonderful. Unfortunately, not sure if it is always available.
290602290602B007KANTXIAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1151332633600Unusual but Good Tasting Mix.On my last trip to the local Costco store, I picked up a 15-ounce bag of Sahale Snacks Pomegranate Pistachios Nut Blend. I hadn't noticed it before. Must be a new item. In any case, it represented a strange mixture of pistachios, pomegranates, almonds, cherries and seasoned with black pepper. Strangely enough, it was quite good. Delicious! Good nutrition, too. This won't last long! The calories are a little high, probably from the fat content, but I should indicate that it's the good unsaturated fat. The sodium is a little high, but the fiber content is high also and that's good. It's an unusual but good tasting mix.

Gary Peterson
290603290603B007KANTXIA48WXJUNMD27Ishannan0051350777600so deliciousThese are so darn delicious that, since it seems they are discontinued, I had to hoard 8 bags. Only 1 1/2 left :(. Wait...looks like they are back..YAY!!!

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