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290761290761B005HG9ESGA32XGYDA14KT13Sharon S. Walker "BookLoverAzleTexas"0051347062400What can I say???First of all it's quite a challenge to do a review for water---for Pete's sake. LOL
I received a 50.72 ounce of drinking water to review for Amazon. I refrigerated it since I prefer to drink my water cold and then also pour it over ice. What can I tell you? I don't think it's my imagination when I tell you that it does taste smooth. It is refreshing and even though I am not a big water drinker I would choose this product again if I had a chance to buy it.
Therefore I give it a recommend to buy.
290762290762B005HG9ESGA1JMR1N9NBYJ1XMad Ethyl Flint0041347062400Unflavored Gatorade?The label said this water is 'smooth'. Dont know about you but I've I've never had water that wasn't smooth.

Kind of like tap water in that it really isnt as tasteless as spring water. Essentia, according to the label contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, as well as spring water. The label says it's best available ph at 9.5. (Not a clue what that means.)

The label also says it hydrates better. I'm thinking this may be true as my thirst was quenched with less of Essentia than of regular tap or spring water so I drank less. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. Also, I did not have to run to the bathroom in a half hour. This could be coincidence of course.

I have to admit I did feel a bit more energized by Essentia. Not sure if this was my imagination or just another coincidence.

All in all I found Essentia to be a good experience. I would buy more.

Thank you.
290763290763B005HG9ESGA1ZPY91VE3IDN1J. Offenbach0041347062400Tastes like water, electrolytes help rehydrateI'm all for the larger than most size (1.5 liter) bottle of water targeted for athletes, the mineral components and the simple taste of Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water, 1.5 Liter, (Pack of 12), but I've deducted a star from this rating because I consider its price to be exorbitant. In its defense, not only is this water good for rehydration after exercise, but for the times when one is sick and requiring an infusion of electrolytes, I would choose this product over another "sports" drink in a heartbeat. Will keep a bottle on hand for emergencies, but at the current high cost, I will not purchase for daily consumption.
290764290764B005HG9ESGA1F1A0QQP2XVH5TomWilly0051346976000Love it for hikes great alternative to sports drinks
290765290765B005HG9ESG#oc-R3EDGA2893DM4YEdward Walker "ednpatty"0051346976000Great tasting waterThis water taste great. We love the bottle. Perfect water for everyone :) I love that it is 1.5 liters because I am trying to drink more water. You will love this water.
290766290766B005HG9ESGA234X1MVIMPMMCA. Rolle "Book Junkie"0031346976000Re-hydrates Quickly!The Essentia 9.5 ph drinking water taste similar to Aquafina or Dasani water and those brands I don't like, but this water was a little better tasting than those other brands. I wanted to give this water a chance and not compare it to those brands so, I drank it and monitored myself to see if there were any added benefits but there wasn't.

The added electrolytes came in handy when I was on the treadmill and it seemed to re-hydrate me almost immediately without any extra calories that I would usually take in if I drank a sports drink. The water was smooth but I didn't really care for the taste. The water didn't give me any other benefits other than quickly re-hydrating my body and that's a good thing for me. I would drink this rather than sports drinks, but other than that I don't know if it is doing my body any good.
290767290767B005HG9ESGA3FMPT5IH0CJ50Lindsey0041346976000Good WaterThis water is smooth, but not overly soft. It is very drinkable with a good clean water taste. 1.5 liter bottles are a little awkward for drinking straight out of, but a cup solves that problem easily.
290768290768B005HG9ESGA1V3TRGWOMA8LCJames Beswick "In my day, we had 9 planets."0031346976000Tastes good but quite expensiveI tested this water against my regular tap water and Whole Foods spring water - it does have a smooth and almost silky quality and a pleasant taste. We blind tested all three and could reliably identify each of them (just checking it wasn't my imagination!). I only received one sample bottle so I can't comment on its claim to 'hydrate better' or any of the supposed health effects, though some other reviewers have noted long-term benefits.

I like the oversized bottle - if you're trying to drink more water each day, it's ideal for taking to work to measure how much you're actually drinking. It's a good product though the biggest downside is the cost compared with other bottled waters or home-installed filtration systems.
290778290778B005HG9ESGA3M06TE1J42O3Terugifog "erugifog"0051346889600Clean tasteFirst off, I normally don't buy bottled water, so I'm not an expert on the taste of bottled water. I do, however, buy a lot of sports drinks for drinking while cycling and working out. I wasn't sure how to review plain ol' water, but I decided just to compare it with the water I get out of my faucet. The Essentia does indeed have a better taste to it. By comparison, my tap water has a slightly bitter taste (I'm guessing from chlorine or other chemicals added to purify it). Essentia's water really has no taste, which is actually a good thing. I'm not sure of the benefits its pH balance has for your body. The addition of electrolytes does mean this product can do more for you than plain tap water if you're working out and losing a lot of water through sweat. If you won't miss the sugary taste of a sports drink, this is a good zero-calorie alternative.
290779290779B005HG9ESG#oc-R2M17G7NB9RAIVScott Asher "ashertopia"0051346803200Great Tasting, Good Stuff InsideFrankly I wasn't sure what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised. This water is exceedingly smooth, no after-taste water that has no weird after taste. I shared this with my daughter after a cross country meet and she said she felt much more hydrated than with drinking "regular" water and less sugary than sports drinks.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the quality and taste of this water and recommend it.
290780290780B005HG9ESGA2RHV42BTJSVONLiolania "In2Jesus"0041346803200Pretty Decent Water :)I have tasted a lot of different types of bottled waters, and most are little more than once or twice purified city water, and the taste shows, they don't taste good at all, some even have a plastic-like taste... Thankfully, that is not the case with this water, in regards to taste.

The bottle doesn't really say how many times it has been purified, and what process it uses to purify the water, but it does state it is Alkalized, which is supposed to be very good for your body. I have a local Asian restaurant where all of their water (they do this themselves, they have a purifier and what-not) is purified through reverse osmosis and is then Alkalized, which they say, has been known to cure illnesses in countries like Japan for a very long time. Water processed that way does have a pretty good taste.

I would have to say, although this water may seen expensive, it really isn't, the bottles are a little smaller then two liters, so they last a while, as well as the way it is processed as well. Since the bottles are so large, this is more of a water you would drink around the house rather than take on the go with you, unless, say it was at work or in your car.

God Bless ~Amy
290781290781B005HG9ESGA1MKPMJPD22YYS. Cline "Retired Fed"0031346803200HEY GUESS WHAT? IT TASTES LIKE ..... BOTTLED PURIFIED WATER!It was okay, not the type one would expect; but a bottle of purified tap water, for I had provided even a sample of this water to the local Department of Agricultural Division to be tested for clarity and only to find out the report was this:
It was filtered tap water with some chemicals added to it, pretty much what one could get from your own water system here except since we no longer provide flouride any longer so there were no differences but as far as the PH Balance, it was lower than it should be. (End of Report)
Personally, I have had many bottled waters, but this one falls to a rating of a 2.5 stars, I prefer Spring Water and was hoping that this would be a much better bottled water than I hoped it would be being the Touring Cyclist that I am.
290782290782B005HG9ESGA1W60EW7Q6A75CNiki Collins-queen, Author "author"0051346803200Love the soft, smooth tasteMy husband and I loved the soft, smooth taste of the Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water and how it quenched our thirst better than other drinking water. We also liked how we felt afterwards.
The Essentia Water's bottle label says the special electrolyte formula and optimal 9.5 pH level has superior hydrating qualities that boost the antioxidant properties of the immune system. It brings the body back into balance, provides unmatched hydration and helps maintain normal blood pressure, restful sleep, heart health and muscle strength.
The water is purified by reverse osmosis; infused with electrolytes for taste; alkalinized and restructured using Ionic Separation Technology.
Th ingredients are purified water, sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride.
A 20-Ounce bottle of Essentia 9.5 pH drinking water comes in a pack of 24 for $31.00.
290783290783B005HG9ESGA44OY8EFDM4IPTiffany A. Harkleroad "Tiffanys Bookshelf"0041346803200Tasted great to meI must admit, although it is bad for the environment due to the plastic bottles, I regularly consume bottled water. I have tried many versions, and while one would think that water is water, they really do taste differently.

In terms of taste, I thought this water tasted good. I chose to chill mine before drinking it, and found it to be very refreshing, without any chemical or metallic taste that I was able to detect. It tasted, in short, like water. I did not think the change in pH made it taste any differently, so that is a real positive for me.

While I cannot speak to the accuracy of the claims of the benefits to this particular formula of water, I can say that if the water does indeed contain the additional electrolytes, this provides a good alternative to sugary high calorie sports drinks.

Many reviewer commented that this is merely treated water from municipalities, as opposed to spring water, and therefore not worth the cost. If this were the sole source of my water intake, I would agree. I would not purchase this for the whole of my drinking and cooking water. But when looking for a bottle of water to take on a trip or throw in a backpack, or a source of electrolytes after athletic activity (or illness) I think this would fit the bit quite nicely.
290784290784B005HG9ESGA2WN1QF8GSVHYVAltmed0051346716800Tastes clean - like regular bottled water, but w/ minerals to increase pHTastes like regular bottled water, clean. pH is 9.5, higher than most bottled water (some is acidic).

Nice to have in a 1L bottle, which is more like what one needs for hydration, especially in hot weather, instead of smaller bottles.

Great to have around the house to keep hydrated.

*Note: no measurable minerals for nutrition, yet enough to change the pH.

Tastes great (really tasteless, as water should be!)

Much like other higher pH bottled waters, yet in a 1L bottle, which seems to encourage water drinking, much like a big plate of food encourages some to over-eat, yet I think most people need to drink more water, so nice to have a big bottle to encourage drinking more water, + the high pH is supposed to be better for you.
290785290785B005HG9ESGA37DXIENIDHTVYD. Wortham0051346716800Pure clean tasteYou can't say better than that about water.

I can't say that I felt more refreshed than drinking, say Nestle Pure Life, but I didn't feel less refreshed.

I've found that not all bottled water taste the same. If you are bit picky about bottled water like me then I think you will like this water if you like Nestle Pure Life.

For contrast, to compare my taste to yours:

I like Nestle Pure Life, Fiji and Dasani.

I don't like Ozarka or Sam's Choice or Wal-Mart Brand.

If you are in a position where buying water on line makes sense for you then this is a good choice.
290786290786B005HG9ESGA1E5WXNTI7EO2AS. Brooks0041346716800Tasted good, didn't notice any real differenceI have to be honest. I'm not entirely sure how water's PH impacts the body. I haven't really heard very much information on the subject. The Essentia Drinking water tasted good - it has a nice smooth taste and I like that it has added electrolytes. I'm a long-distance runner and so I drank some of this water following a workout. I can't say that I noticed a huge difference between the water that I usually drink and this one, but it wasn't bad. Good taste and the electrolytes (and zero calories) made this a good post-workout drink.
290787290787B005HG9ESGA34UVV757IKPVBjustsomeguy0031346716800Tastes fine but kinda leaves your mouth dry??You know how when you drink gatorade, you've never really quenched your thirst? Do you know what I mean? When I drink gatorade, or anything else with electrolytes in it, my tongue always feels kinda dry afterwards. Like I should have just had plain water instead.
This stuff tastes fine. I don't think it tasted "silky smooth" like the bottle said, but it was fine - tasted like water. (You want "silky smooth" water? Try Fiji water! It rocks!).
I didn't get anything out of this. I didn't feel any different or notice any tangible difference.
I mean, if you're big into getting electrolytes but don't want to drink gatorade or any of those other goofy products, then this is for you. Me, I'm sticking with Poland Springs, or Fiji when I can get it!
290788290788B005HG9ESGA39WWMBA0299ZFC. Hamilton "Latsyrc728"0051346716800Great Tasting WaterI am very picky about my water. I moved to Florida at the age of 15 and I quickly realized that I could not drink the tap water. I can actually taste the difference at restaurants when they serve tap water versus purified or bottled water. Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water is the best water I have ever tasted. It tastes completely clear and delicious.

I only received a 1.5 liter bottle, so I did not notice any of the medical benefits of the 9.5pH water. I do have GERD, but didn't notice a difference with drinking the 1.5 liters of water over 2 days. The price is a little steep on this water, but I would consider buying more for the taste and to see if it really helps my GERD.
290789290789B005HG9ESGA19WEEGB05YAZ3J. Weaver0031346630400Nothing SpecialI have to say from the beginning that I was a bit skeptical about the claims on the bottle of this product, the primary one being that it is "Doctor recommended to protect, improve and enhance the quality of your health." There is no information as to what kind of doctor is making the claim or as to what the specific recommendation is for. I have to wonder if, in fact, the claim, is simply in reference to the fact that most doctors recommend water over any other hydration source.

The label also claims proprietary technology in the bottling of this water. However, that technology is described as reverse osmosis, which is pretty standard in the water bottling industry (it's what keeps most bottled waters from being nothing more than tap water). The claim this water makes that is missing from other bottled waters is that it is "infused with electrolytes" and "alkalinized and restructured using ionic Separation Technology." Now, it's been a long time since I've had a science class, but the fact that the ingredient list includes "purified water, sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride" lead me to believe that this is nothing more than water that has been basically filtered and had some salt added to it to keep it soft.

That being said, the taste of the water was just fine. It didn't have the chemically taste of tap water, but it wasn't as crisp as other bottled waters I've had (I'll take Aquafina or Arrowhead any day). I tried the water both chilled (as I prefer it) and at room temperature. Even chilled, it missed the crispness that I like in my water. It may simply be that I was expecting more considering the claims on the bottle; it may just as well be that it was over alkalinized. In either case, the taste neither bothered nor pleased me.

As far as the size of the bottle itself, I'd say it's quite generous. At the current price of 28.25 for a dozen 1.5 liter bottles, it's a good value in comparison to other comparably sized bottles of water on the market. This makes it convenient for the mini-fridge at work, but much, much too large for the cup holder in the car where I'm more likely to want to grab a bottle of water for when I'm on the go.
290790290790B005HG9ESGAYNAH993VDECTbsg20040041346630400Water taste, sturdy bottleThis Essential bottled water comes in a 1.5 Liter (50.7 fluid ounces) recyclable bottle, which roughly translates to about six servings of water (8oz servings). Zero calories. The bottle promotes a silky smooth taste, better hydration, electrolytes infused and pH of 9.5 which is on the alkaline side of things.

On the first claim, I liked the taste, it tasted slightly different than the water I usually drink, but no big difference. To me, the Essentia water tasted better cold/iced than room temperature, it has a nice crispness (for lack of a better word) to it. I drank this at different times and different days, before and after and in-between meals, so as to get a more rounded and averaged out taste. I did not taste any plasticiness.

On the other three claims, without having access to a research lab, scientists, and hundreds of test subjects, I am afraid it is above and beyond a customer review to answer those claims. On the plus side, nothing bad happened to me after I drank this water :)

The bottle appears to be a sturdy one, it arrived undaunted and undamaged. I don't know if it is reusable, but it is definitely recyclable.
290769290769B005HG9ESGA1TR1R2QKWRSRAD. Chou0031346976000About the same as normal filtered water.There are wide selections of bottled drinking waters available. This current trend of high pH water claims many "healthful benefits including being a natural antioxidant, flushes out toxins and neutralizes acidity in the body, more hydrating than conventional water, etc." from online health and nutrition websites. Let's give this Essentia 9.5 pH drinking water a try.

>Decent taste; similar to my home water filter system with the Watts Premier 531105 RO-Pure Annual Filter Pack that also uses reverse osmosis purification.
>I drank the sample 1.5 liter bottle for two evenings during my after-work workouts and didn't notice any improvements in performance but it did quench my thirst very well and seemed to have shortened recovery time with less sore muscles (perhaps from some lactic acid buffering properties AFTER the workouts).

>I appreciate this sample but the cost of Approx. $5 for each 1.5 liter bottle is very high. My Ro-Pure system filters the same amount of water for far less.
>Healthful benefits are only claims and not proven through scientific studies with proper clinical research methodologies. It's difficult to draw conclusions by just drinking 1.5 liters.
>Possible long term effects of high pH drinking water with ingredients of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, and calcium chloride (salts/electrolytes).

Overpriced "trendy" drinking water that tastes about the same as home reverse osmosis filtered water. Claims of high pH water health benefits questionable. Works OK as regular drinking water but doesn't improve performance during workouts.
290770290770B005HG9ESGA226VGZWOEBPGLmicroeconomics0041346889600Good. Seems just like "soft" waterThis is nice bottled water. It does have minerals added - and the taste is slightly different. It reminds me of "soft" water. So if you like that type of taste or prefer it, then this is for you. If you like a crisper (the only way I know hoe to describe it) or "harder" water, then you wont like it.

The other good news, is that the bottle it self is strong, like the old water bottles used to be. Not like the thin flimsy stuff you get today. So if you like to reuse your water bottles (like me) this one is great!
290771290771B005HG9ESGA31COKWABW2WH2JohnnyK0051346889600Good, refreshing waterThe water is great. Tastes crisp and clean with no aftertaste or "vitamin smell". In fact, if you didn't know better, you'd think you were drinking spring water! Works good for anything from drinking to cooking (although heating of the water might cancel out the health benefits). Very good and I will buy.
290772290772B005HG9ESGAJRFZ0VZ0LD26Reader "cvrcak1"0051346889600Not just any kind of waterThis is not just any kind of water. It is 1.5 L size bottle. Water feels "thick" yet silky to swallow. Apparently it is infused by electrolytes and has Ph factor of 9.5. This water bottle comes in plastic container which can be recycled.
290773290773B005HG9ESGA1BAJ6JXU8PSZHLRK0031346889600Like the Idea...Not Sold on the ProductTastes good, smooth...I thought (husband thought it tasted salty and chalky compared with our reverse osmosis system). I like the idea of the alkalinized pH and electrolytes...but I'm not willing to spend the amount asked for this product. For pennies on the dollar I can mix an electrolyte formula at home, add some gatorade powder, or eat a salted banana or some prunes to restore electrolytes. I also am certain that the pH will make no difference long term if one's diet is not also addressed (in which case this water is no longer needed). There is a lot of information available online about the acidity of foods and the types of symptoms one can expect if they have trouble with pH...and what to do about it. I'd rather spend my money on the right food than on expensive bottled water that is likely no better than what I already have under my kitchen sink. I did like the 1.5L bottle, I liked the water...I just am not convinced it is worth the price or the convenience.
290774290774B005HG9ESG#oc-R11O5J5ZVQE25CPenguin Chick0051346889600Refreshing!This will be the bottle that you grab from the fridge if you are really thirsty! The bottles are big! I like that about them because I can grab one and drink from it for a couple of hours and really stay hydrated. The taste is just cool, clean and refreshing. No aftertaste at all. This is good water.
290775290775B005HG9ESGA26LD9FQHTM8ZHOlyNomad0041346889600Essentia 9.5 pH 1.5 LiterI really like this water and did notice a difference in how I felt after drinking it. Whether that was science or a placebo effect, I don't know. I have tried a variety of different brands of bottled water and I thought this one had a nice, clean taste and I would pick it over the majority of others that I've tried. I refrigerated it before drinking it as I prefer cold water. I can't handle drinking tap water so we had to put a filter on our water at home. This water tastes as good as our filtered water with the added bonus of electrolytes and best available pH at 9.5.
This 1.5 liter is the size I would order. Perfect size to get through a day of work or to put in the backpack for a hike.
290776290776B005HG9ESGA3AQO91DYWF8R0Seth Caddell0041346889600Great drinking waterI'm not really a bottled water expert, but this stuff was good. I like the 1.5 Liter size. It's large, but not uncontrollable. As far as the water, I found it to be really good, just like any other bottled water.
290777290777B005HG9ESGA7WH560VVUXB2Kevin M. Derby0031346889600Solid Taste and Refreshing--But Pricey for Reservoir WaterEssentia's 9.5 pH water is pleasant enough drinking water with electrolytes to spare--perfect to keep refreshed after exercising or spending all day outside. Unlike many bottled waters or sports drinks, I did not find a metallic aftertaste and I did not detect an odor. I was a bit concerned with the price--though the Amazon price of almost 30 bucks for a 12 pack of 1.5 liter bottles seems a bit more reasonable than some of the other prices out there. Still, this is reservoir water--as other reviewers note. While the water was refreshing enough and kept me hydrated, if I'm going to pay this much for water, I would prefer something a bit more natural.

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