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290806290806B005HG9ESGA55LS2HWPQB0QJill Florio "Frugal Living writer at Bellaonline"0051346457600Delicious, soft water that seems to work well as an unsweetened Gatoraid substituteWhen I tasted the Essentia water, I thought it had a smooth, soft taste. Not a crisp water; more earthy and gentle. It is very easy to drink, and tasty.

I didn't just want to taste it and review it, though. I put it through its paces. The first thing I did was pick a hot, muggy summer day to test the electrolytes. I spent some time at the beach, in the sun, walking around. While I always love spending time at the beach, I usually get a headache from a combination of sunglare, heat, wind and inadequate hydration. Even if i bring plain water, I tend to get low enough in electrolytes by the end of the day that a minor headache comes on.

I kept the Essentia by my side, drank most of the 1.5 liter container, and got through the day and evening comfortably. That is a real plus in my book, since I don't like sweet drinks like Gatoraid or energy sodas. This was a super easy way to drink water and keep my electrolytes up.

With the rest of my Essentia, I decided to gather as many waters as I could and do a larger scale taste test. In front of me I have: Essentia, Function (with electrolytes, from CVS), Kirkland (from CostCo), Crystal Geyser (bottled in the Sierras), R/O water from my parent's filtration system, and plain Southern CA tap water.

These are all flat waters, not sparkling. They are all at room temperature. The first two are electrolyte waters, and Kirkland's water has added minerals (for taste, the bottle says). And really, those three taste the absolute best. More on those in a minute.

The Crystal Geyser water has the least amount of "taste" than the other three bottled waters. It is a little...flat? Boring? Staid? This isn't like wine tasting, so I am searching around for the words to describe the different tastes of water. This one just tastes like nothing more than "wet". Arrowhead, which I often drink at home, has this same unexciting non-taste. Not bad, not exceptional.

The reverse osmosis filtered water is tastier. It is a step above those forementioned "mountain stream" advertised waters. It is softer and rounder and more enjoyable in the mouth.

The tap water is...ok, blech. Don't drink the tap water in So Cal unless you have to. My parents don't even use it in their coffee.

Back to the top three waters, Essentia, Function and Kirkland all have added items. The added "minerals", in all three cases, are sodium and/or phosphate bicarbonates. Baking soda, mainly. Also magnesium and calcium source minerals. This is interesting, since Kirkland is not advertising their water as an electrolyte replacement fluid. My guess is that Kirland may not have as much electrolyte particulates by volume? Or it could be the same darn thing in each. If anyone wants to call these compankes and find out, I'd love to know.

Which of these three top waters tastes the best? Essentia, to my palate. It is almost creamy, very soft, very delicious. I would absolutely switch over to this brand if the price was right. However, if the Kirkland product was much cheaper, I'd stick to that one. It is still delicious. The Function brand is a little less round, somehow. Less zesty, as far as unflavored water can get. :-)

I do recommend trying the Essentia, at least to see if you can taste a difference, since I don't think most of us get enough electrolytes in a day. Getting more can only be a good thing, and its easier than messing around with adding baking soda on your own.
290807290807B005HG9ESGADLVFFE4VBT8A. Dent "Aragorn"0031346457600Tastes fresh, has electrolytesIf I ever had a choice of bottled 'plain water' I suspect Essentia's would be the number one or close to that. Essentia's is simply 'good water'. It tastes good, the way good water is expected to taste with no aftertaste, it has no odors and it's crystal clear. This being said, I can't see myself paying more for 'water' than I would for the same amount of premium gasoline for as long as I can get 'almost as good' out of my well for 99% less even when I factor in the cost of the filters.

Price aside, consider me impressed. Besides purified water, the ingredients list includes: sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulphate and calcium chloride. And, of course, it's got electrolytes.
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290809290809B005HG9ESGA2H2I5FY1PUHP1Boilermate111421331683200Over Hyped Bottled WaterThe bottle says, "A Difference You Can Taste." For me that would not be a good thing. I don't want my water to taste like anything. Fortunately, this water tastes like, well, water.

Now comes the problem. Essentia's Web site is full of hype, but what it comes down to is this: Essentia is filtered city water, just like Aquafina or Dasani...using essentially the same methods. I suspect the raise in pH is from the second ingredient, sodium bicarbonate, aka baking soda. I compared the water test results provided by Essentia on their Web site and those of my local water authority.

Essentia says, "Electrolytes are dissolved minerals in the body that conduct electricity, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. We add trace amounts of those same elements in a formula that complements the body's naturally occurring mix and concentration." They must be really trace amounts. Reading their water test report, neither calcium or potassium are listed, and only .68 mg/l of magnesium. The sodium level is about the same as in my tap water. Certainly not the electrolyte levels of Gatorade.

I can find nothing in my research that indicates a pH of 9.5 is anything special.

Bottom Line: I'm not impressed. I often buy bottled water instead of soft drinks when traveling. If this were on the shelf in the mini mart, I would reach for the Poland Spring or Aquafina instead.
290810290810B005HG9ESGAJQDIT55SZ3ZXkindred spirit3331331683200Doesn't taste as good as some other watersAfter drinking this for 3 weeks I see no health improvements. The taste is a little off to me. My Pur sink filter water tastes better. As for the higher ph the jury is still out weather it does any good or not. I did a lot of research and you can find both pros and cons. Some very respected Medical researchers say there is no way this water going into the acid stomach can do any good. I wanted to give it an honest try. Myself I prefer FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 16.9-Ounce bottle (Pack of 24) You can get it here at Amazon and in my case it is considerably cheaper to do it subscription vs local purchase. It is the best tasting and I can feel the medical benefits of the silica.
290811290811B005HG9ESGA3AWV00ZU7MSK1Succinct Reviews "Pirulina"81131330041600An options for runners who usually use a sports drinkThe makers of Essential Water claim to deliver "unmatched hydration, health and taste." I'm not sure it delivers all of those benefits, but it is a good option for runners like myself that don't want the calories from sports drinks, but need to hydrate and replenish their electrolytes while exercising. That said, buyers should now that water comes from public water sources.

- Source - The bottle says the water is "purified by reverse osmosis." However, it doesn't mention where they get the water so I called the customer service department and asked. I was told the water came from "municipalities"- in other words public water sources. The person explained that "it doesn't matter where the water comes from, the only thing that matters is the purification process." I disagree. I prefer water from natural springs.

- Taste - I didn't discern any noticeable difference. It tastes like the water I filtrate at home.

- Size - It comes in a 50.72 oz bottle. I drink a lot of water through the day and usually have water at my desk. I find an entire gallon too big to handle and a large cup too small. I like this size because it doesn't take up too much room, but lasts me about 1/2 a day.

I gave it three stars because it is cheaper than a sports drink and provides the necessary electrolytes during a run. However, I wouldn't buy it to substitute another brand that uses natural spring water.
290812290812B005HG9ESGA2MGNLN42OKJHCKali101451325635200Great alkaline water, 9.5pHGot a bottle of this at my local Whole Foods market to try. It has a silky taste as it advertises and it is a great starting water for people -like me- who want to see if alkaline water can make a difference in how they feel and with stomach acidity. I liked it so much, I got a case from Amazon, delivered 2-days later with my Prime account (I love it!). I am slowly going through the case, one bottle every other day, sometimes everyday. I have to say that I have noticed a stamina related improvement but I will have to watch this for more days. I was away for 5 days not drinking it and my stamina was hampered so that is an experiment I can believe, but I need more proof. Tha page says bottles are BPA free but the label on the bottle has no such remark so I am not sure which is true. The price for the 12-case was just $20 when I bought them a few weeks ago, but now I see that Amazon has increased the pricing to $25. I will check with my local Whole Foods market and if price is lower for a case there, will not buy from Amazon the next time around -sorry Amazon.

If you are now starting to get interested in an alkaline diet for improving your health, this is a great introduction along with several books on reducing the acidity of food intake and stomach environment for all of us with GERD, like Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure which I also purchased.
290813290813B005HG9ESGA161BVWC65FWE5Bruce "IT MAN"182651328659200This water is making a difference for meThis water tastes good, and after drinking it for a few weeks, it has most certainly helped with my indigestion and acid reflux. I also feel like I can drink more of it without getting bloated than I did with Evian. It tastes smooth and does well at quenching my thirst, better than some other bottled waters I have tried.

I have now subscribed to a couple of cases of this direct from Amazon each month, as the price per liter works out less than I was paying for Evian from the store on a regular basis, and with a subcription, the shipping is always free. Hard to beat that.

Not sure why anyone would want to get same size bottles from the NutriCity listing for this on Amazon, as the price listed there is currently listed at $66.33, and no option to use amazon prime or to be able to subcribe and save.
290791290791B005HG9ESGAXAJXJZUL2J5PD. Scott0031346630400Strong taste, nothing specialThis isn't bad water; but it's not great, either. I don't like to be able to taste my water much, and this has just too much of a mineral taste for my preference. If there was nothing else around, I could certainly drink it, but I would never go out of my way to buy it, especially at this price.

But everyone has their own preference for water. To give you an idea of mine, I am okay with most bottled waters, but I HATE Nestle Pure Life. If you like Nestle, you probably like a more flavorful water, and you might enjoy this Essentia.

Also, as far as I know, the alkaline pH of this water is a little unusual. If you have a problem with stomach acidity or GERD, it might be worth trying to see if it helps.
290814290814B005HG9ESGA2CMA4DBA44RA4Hebroots1131351036800Nothing noticably specialThe water came very quickly and in good shape. It was quite a bit of water (maybe 40 pounds) to receive via free shipping. From what I could tell by my own pH test readings it seemed to meet what was advertised. As far as effect on urine pH testing I could not see any noticable difference from drinking the water. As a minimum it was just regular bottled water, had no chlorine, and tasted OK, nothing remarkable. I now have second thoughts about buying a product that leaves behind so many plastic bottles. I have switched to another source of bottled water that does not require so many bottles. I am also not so concerned about the pH aspects of the water.

I will try pH buffering tablets, also adopting a diet that emphasizes alkaline producing foods vs acidic.
290815290815B005HG9ESGADP8ROI8NMNL2Russell G. Moore1121350604800WaterWell, here's the thing...

This is abottle of water. It's purified or filtered or whatever it is. It's pretty expensive and there are great waters out there for a fraction of the cost that are just as wet.

Essentia has electrolytes for flavor. Well so does Smart Water and it's like half the price. And really, does it really do anything for the flavor? What does an electrolyte taste like anyway? Do electrolytes come in different flavors?

Water is important. Cost is important. I can't find anything about this water that makes it a value at this cost.
290792290792B005HG9ESGA2PD27UKAD3Q00Wilhelmina Gaudy "coolartsybabe"0051346630400Now This IS WaterEssentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water is the kind of water I've always heard about, a tasteless beverage. Even when I was a little girl and heard someone say water has no taste I would think, "Yes, it does."

I use a Brita Filter system which is fine for making coffee and tea as well as for cooking. But, it does get annoying spending a chunk of my time everyday filling the pitcher so I'm drinking and using water that smells and tastes like it was scooped from a swimming pool with a spritz of this chemical and a splash of that other one. So keeping some bottles of Essentia 9.5 pH in my refrigerator has it ready to go when all I want to drink is a nice, cold glass of water that refreshes without images of the pool at the gym flashing in my mind.

Essentia 9.5 pH gives me exactly what I want. A glass of water that leaves me feeling refreshed and hydrated with no aftertaste.
290816290816B005HG9ESGA1WKQ94M45D8MGDenise Crawford "DC"1141349654400Will drinking this brand make you drink more water?Although the 1.5 Liter size is a bit too large to carry around conveniently, the water does taste good. What I liked about it was that it was not carbonated, it was smooth, and it did not leave an aftertaste.

I really don't think that the pH of water is going to change your overall body health, but many like to think that the water they are drinking is pure and free of nonessential elements. The makers claim that Essentia has a special electrolyte formula but it is difficult to analyze this without a comparative chemical analysis.

The important thing to remember is that getting plenty of fluid is very important to overall hydration. It is felt that water is the preferred fluid (vs soda, coffee, tea, alcohol, flavored drinks, gatorade, etc.) Drinking the proper amount of water, in addition to other beverages in moderate amounts, every day will help you to be more healthy and lose or maintain weight so make sure you know how much you need!

Instructions to determine basic overall fluid need per day:

1) Weigh yourself and write down your weight.
2) Take the number of pounds you weigh and multiply that by 2/3.
3) That is the number of ounces you should drink everyday. The conversion is: 30 mL to one ounce.
4) For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, two thirds of that is 100 and that is how many ounces you should drink daily. So that would be 3000 mL or 3 Liters of FLUID.
5) Add 12 ounces of water for every 30 minutes you work out.

If you are under the care of a health care professional or have conditions that alter your fluid need from the average person, please seek advice.

So, if drinking this particular brand of water helps to make sure you have adequate fluid intake because you like it more than tap water or other bottled water -- go for it!
290817290817B005HG9ESGA30LSAC7UMZDWSRobert L. Hylton "Mindbodysoul"1151349222400Facts you should know about this waterWe all know cancer thrifts on a acidic Ph. So I went out and bought a PH testing kit. And much to my surprise this water was well over 9.5 while tap water read 7 ph. All the other bottled water should acidic with a low ph. Along with the hydration qualities this waters this is a no brainier. Your health is a lot more important the a price of a bottle of water.
290818290818B005HG9ESGA29M09QBG9TZLPShana "That's my opinion- I could be wrong!"0051346457600Refreshing, comparable to SmartWaterThere's not much one can say when reviewing water, but, this is refreshing water. It does have a nice, clear and clean taste. It's purified water with added electrolytes. It's very similiar in flavor to SmartWater. I'm not sure if the 9.5 PH level of Essentia is more than SmartWater. This water is a bit less expensive than SmartWater. I'd repurchase this. Though, I don't like the bottle design as much as I do SmartWater's bottle, it seems to get warmer faster in this type of bottle.
290793290793B005HG9ESGA194K60CWZ371JErin L. Lowmaster0051346630400Good clean water, augmented with science!Marathon running, playing basketball, staking out a drug lord before the big take down, horseback riding in the Grand Canyon, fleeing from the infected, what do all these have in common?

The need for hydration.

Sure, you can drink from that standing pool of mosquito-infested water and die of a horrible disease, or obey your consumerism weakness to advertising and drink a bottle a colored high fructose corn syrup, or you could just throw all caution into the wind and drink a can of soda.

Or you could drink something that's good for you.

Good clean water, augmented with science!

Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water is water and electrolytes and absolutely no sweeteners, artificial or otherwise. What's that, you want sugar? Well, I'll be one step ahead of the zombie hoard while you die from a carbohydrate crash, and I'm still running strong by drinking water the way it was meant to be. Essentia is enhanced with minerals, like water from a pure, cool mountain stream.

Essentia's formula is designed to replenish exactly what your body needs after physical exertion, without anything you don't need.

Plus it tastes great. Could save your life and tastes refreshing. Why would you settle for less?
290819290819B005HG9ESGAN0U0GNJJPEURN. Rogers0051346457600refreshingEssentia water tastes just like my tap water (no metallic taste, no aftertaste). What seems to set this apart from others is that it has a 9.5 pH. I really didn't know what this meant, so I looked it up. Apparently tap water typically has a 8.1 pH and some people need a higher pH for health reasons. I didn't notice any difference in how I felt after drinking Essentia, but some might benefit from the higher pH.
290794290794B005HG9ESGA3EOVXI1VZIHUQZ. Freeman "Zach"0041346630400Tastes great! Like... waterI'm not familiar with the benefits of high pH water like this but if it's better for you than normal water then I'd highly recommend this product because it tastes EXACTLY like regular filtered, bottled water. Some people have talked about different aftertastes or flavors but to me it tastes the same as other bottled waters, even when drunk back to back. If this is healthier than just drinking water it's a great option - no calories, no added ingredients to give flavor, etc. Basically just water with hidden health benefits.
290795290795B005HG9ESGA3JUHP1E3WUHEADr. Stuart Gitlow0031346630400Alkaline Water - Yes it isA blind taste test was conducted among three members of the family ranging from 8 to 49 years of age. We used Poland Spring bottled water and Essentia 9.5 ph water, both cooled to identical temperatures. No family member was able to tell the difference in taste. Comments ranged from, "It's water, right?" to "Did you put the same thing in both glasses?" looks and tastes like water.

We next tested the pH using materials drawn from a 40 year old Gilbert Chemistry set. Remarkably, the Essentia water was, in fact, between pH 9 and 10, quite a bit more alkaline than the Poland Spring or tap water, both of which proved to be neutral in pH. A phenolpthalein solution turned pink when mixed with Essentia water but remained clear with both the Poland Spring and tap water.

A MedLine search did not reveal any evidence for studies that have definitively identified health benefits of alkaline water. One study indicated that patients with metabolic acidosis due to renal failure may benefit from alkaline water, but human studies are still necessary to demonstrate any real value.

Some individuals may enjoy using this water to mix with concentrated orange juice for a low-acid product. Drinking it alongside a high-acid meal such as a meal containing tomato sauce may reduce heartburn/reflux. Your mileage may vary. Otherwise, I'd be concerned about the potential negative impact of drinking large quantities of alkaline pH water without neutralizing it in advance. I don't see that any long term studies have been conducted to demonstrate safety of high volume intake of alkaline water.

But for occasional use, this tastes just like any other bottled water.
290820290820B005HG9ESGA2OCDK0BOW6UCYAntigone Walsh0041346457600A Long drink of WaterThis water is pleasant to drink, tasting clean and fresh. I did not find it to be as smooth and silky as either Smart Water or Fiji water. Frankly, it was on par with the water that I pour out of my Brita Filter. It was palatable chilled and also made a nice cup of coffee. Although the large size is nice to have on hand, I found the bottle unwieldy for anything other than in hyouse, in refrigerator use.

As far as the health benefits claimed, I cannot confirm that the ph is 9.5. It is really just municipal tap water purified. Drinking water is certainly beneficial and clean, purified water is better than the alternative. Would I buy it inlieu of juice or soda? Sure. Would I buy it over Smart Water or Fiji water? Probably not.
290796290796B005HG9ESGA18GJ9MYYO6GCQJust ask me! "bronxgal"0031346630400Good drinking water, need more information about the health claimsWith packaging which indicates Essentia water has been purified and that electrolytes have been added "for taste", the foundation for the health benefit ("boosts the antioxidant properties of your immune system") of this water over filtered tap water or other bottled waters is unclear. Taste is, of course, personal, and to me this water tastes like tap water!
I just used it in my water bottle during a run, and can't say I noticed any increased endurance on my usual course.
All that said, with Amazon Prime, a dozen 1-1/2 liter bottles can be delivered to your door, without additional shipping charges, for less than $30., which would be a reasonable price for ordinary tap water, so there's no reason not to choose Essentia, so long as you don't have unreasonable expectations for its health benefits.
290797290797B005HG9ESG#oc-R2YPVWM76O2TFXJust Loves Books0051346630400Great tasteI admit I have a hard time identifying differences in most bottled water, unless they have some funky aftertaste. But this water is different. It tastes exceptionally clean and crisp. No chemical tastes, no salty taste, just very refreshing water. I like the large size of the bottles, as carrying one of these as I go out would guarantee I meet my water quota for the day. I poured some for my five year old granddaughter and she said, "You have good water at your house, Granny." so I guess there is a difference. When it's good, it's good!
290798290798B005HG9ESGA1SY4X1WWNOBX5theShepherdz "theShepherdz"0031346630400Essentia WaterI was recently sent a bottle of Essentia Water to review. After chilling the water, it was delicious with no aftertaste. I liked the large size of the bottle - my whole days allotment of water was in one place! It was clean and fresh tasting and very refreshing on a hot day - I appreciate the fact that this was good for my body and good for the earth in it's recyclable container.
290799290799B005HG9ESGA3T4OHEAHOJ700B. Colonna0031346544000Good pH Water, So So TasteI don't know that there is anything about Essentia's taste that will wow you. It is high pH, as in its alkaline water, and it is purified. On the other hand its municipal tap water, apparently from a variety of municipalities.
So, while it is probably good for you, as far as its pH and electrolytes, taste wise it is just OK. It doesn't have that "clean" taste familiar to those who drink spring waters. Instead it tastes like what it is, tap water.

You may indeed notice a "silky" taste - it has sodium bicarbonate in it. That's baking soda to you and me.
I am not sure exactly why the sodium bicarbonate is in it, since Essentia advertises that they use electrolysis to split the water into negative (alkaline) and positive (acidic) ions. It may be that the sodium bicarbonate is meant to support the stabilized pH or aid the electrolytes.

Either way, if I want baking soda in my water, I'll add it myself.

IThe bottle size is nice, about the equivalent of three "individual size" (16.7 ounce) water bottles. So this is something you can drink over a few hours, or during physical activity to replenish lost fluids. At the same time, the bottle is not so large as to make it a problem to bring with you.

If you are looking for alkaline water, this might be a good purchase for you. If you are buying water purely for superior taste, this isn't anything special.

Overall, it is what it is advertised to be. I am a little put off by the baking soda content, but other than that, it's OK.
290800290800B005HG9ESGA12X7K54734QXEJanet Perry "Needlepoint and Bargello author"0031346544000HIgh pH (alkaline) Water has bland tasteWater is normally neutral pH. Distilled water is 7, making it neither an acid (low pH) or a base (high pH). For a few years high pH water has been touted as improving performance and being better than neutral pH water. The highest pH of these waters is 9.5, just like Essentia.

I can't say that this water improved anything, but I can say I wasn't impressed. The label said nothing about it being alkaline water just proclaimed the pH. This sent me running to the Internet to find out more about that measurement and what it meant. It would have been nice to have had a little more information on the label.

You might think that with a bottle of water you would have a short list of ingredients. Pretty much I'd like to see a list of one: water. But not so with Essentia. After filtering their water by reverse osmosis, essentially the process a Brita filter uses, they up the pH, I assume, by adding a bunch of bases.

But unlike mineral waters and many other bottled waters, they do not include a mineral analysis, so you don't know what's in there. All you know is that they have been added.

The label didn't make me happy because I felt as if they were being stingy with information. While by buying in bulk on Amazon, I might be able to see more information, I can't see it in the store.

But what about the taste?

As you would expect from something with a high pH, the taste was flat and dull. I trued it cold & at room temperature, with & without ice. The taste actually improved when my tap water ice melted.

Unless you want or like alkaline water, don't bother.
290801290801B005HG9ESGA27O5ZUFAEWT9LAmazon Fan0041346544000Tastes Like WaterThis water tastes good, although not any better than Dasani or some of the others out there. It is an alkaline water and has added minerals, but I did not notice any benefits (taste-wise or health-wise) from that. Perhaps if I drank it long-term, I would. Dasani also has added minerals, and I do notice a difference with that, so I think I'll stick with Dasani.
290802290802B005HG9ESGA277TO3PKKNYDHRhianna Walker "Rhi"0041346544000Great for those on an Alkalinian DietI used to think that all water tasted the same. As in it was all tasteless. Then I went through a pregnancy where I had a very highly sensitive sense of taste and the taste of tap water made me sick. It was embarrassing and I felt stupid lugging bottled water everywhere but only room temperature bottled water was tolerable. I wish I'd known about Essentia at the time because it is the only bottled water I ever tried that I literally could not taste. It's absolutely weird.

I first discovered Essentia through my extended family (mom, grandmother, and aunts) who were all trying to improve their health through the Alkaline 'diet'. They tried to convert me to it but talk about an expensive lifestyle change. It wasn't for me but the only water they'd drink was Essentia which got complicated when I had them all for a visit and had to go to a specialty store for it. Having now given it a try I can see why they preferred it but unless I were going to go Alkaline (or experience another pregnancy with the crazy highly sensitive tastebuds) I don't think I would be that concerned with choosing Essentia over another, less costly, bottled water option.
290803290803B005HG9ESGA35JP8KSV9281Kbezoarrn0031346544000UndecidedIt is true that this water has a smooth, slick taste and mouth feel as I drink it, but there is also a slightly bitter aftertaste that I don't like. I also miss the crisp, clean taste of my current spring water. Drinking this water is almost like drinking air. It is just strange. I understand that the main focus of this water is the effects of alkaline pH on performance and wellness, but I would need to drink this product over a longer period of time to evaluate any personal differences I might experience.

Health benefits are so individualized that basically one has to try a product for themselves to evaluate the outcome. The product is priced right. Unfortunately, the mouth feel and strange aftertaste will prevent me from doing that.
290804290804B005HG9ESGA2WB4OWBUH2VQXHardyBoy64 "RLC"0051346457600I loved this water and I'm not a big fan of bottled waterFirst of all, I hate buying bottled water because I feel like it's such a rip off when I can take a good hydroflask water bottle, fill it with tap water and ice cubes, and have long-lasting cold water. However, I have to be honest and say that I loved the smooth taste of this water. I can't really speak to the "healthiness" of it, but on pure taste alone, I would buy this water for a refreshing drink. The normal metalic or plastic taste of bottled water is not present here (at least I couldn't perceive it) and the water is so smooth! This is stating the obvious, but it tastes better cool or cold and when it's at that temperature, I could not detect any aftertaste. I would buy Essentia at my local convenience store if they carried it!
290805290805B005HG9ESGA235UFZGCFN3J5Eva0041346457600Clean tasting water, convenient bottle sizeI found this to be a great tasting water. It's crisp, clean and has a smooth, refreshing taste to it. I didn't taste saltiness or any noticeable flavor. The larger 1.5 liter bottle is convenient for bringing to the gym to keep hydrated during a workout or for a long day at work. I can't say I could tell if the 9.5 pH or electrolytes made a difference or not, but I did like the taste better than the average bottle of water. I had to take a star off because although it's a good water, the price is a little on the high side for me.

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