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290941290941B005HG9ESG#oc-R1GKUU1PTIDIZ7Barbara Rhoades "Jackie of all Trades"0051343779200Better waterWater is water, right? I thought so until I tasted Essentia. Water is water but this has a clearer, cleaning more refreshing taste.

For those who exercise and worry about replacing electrolytes, this water has been infused with them! What better way to replace electrolytes and get your 8 glasses of water a day at the same time. And if you drink the whole bottle, which is 50 fluid ounces, you have had six glasses towards that goal.
290942290942B005HG9ESGAQZH7YTWQPOBEEnjolras0031343692800taste a bit alkalineThe product description for this water emphasizes that it has a pH of 9.5 (compared to around 7.4 for normal water) and that this somehow cures every disease known to man and drastically improves your health. First of all, I'm always suspicious of a food or beverage company making over-the-top claims about the health benefits of its product without rigorous scientific evidence. Unfortunately, too many people are gullible these days and will buy anything that promises better health.

I don't have the medical expertise to really evaluate these claims. What I do know is that the water does taste a bit more alkaline than regular spring water. The company is at least right in that regard - you can taste the difference. Unfortunately, I'm personally not crazy about the taste - it doesn't taste as fresh. I'd recommend tasting it first and seeing whether you like the taste, rather than investing this for its supposed medicinal value.
290943290943B005HG9ESGAMSSG5FPT8XMURev4u "Rev"0031343692800Good tasting alkaline waterIf you're a believer in the alkaline versus acidic diet for optimum health, this Essentia 9.5 pH drinking water is for you. It is a lot cheaper than the water system that you need to buy for few thousand dollars and install. You can try first few Essentia bottles and figure out if high alkaline water is helpful to your health before you launch into buying expensive systems.
290944290944B005HG9ESGARBKYIVNYWK3CTHATCH "RST"0041343692800Meant to be served COLD.From a health & wellness perspective, I defer to the other reviews which are quite thorough and complete. From a taste perspective, this product must be served cold to have a fresh refreshing taste. Many waters are served warm, especially if you walk or travel with it. This is not one I would suggest for that purpose. Served cold, the taste is clean, crisp and refreshing. If the water isn't quite chilled the taste may edge toward "left on the night stand over night and degassed..."
290945290945B005HG9ESGAVJJ2D4G5I0Z4Michael A. Behr "mabehr"0051343692800Tastes like water. Very good water.I was really concerned that this water would have a weird or salty taste to it, but nope. It tastes just like water... probably closer to Dasani than to Poland Spring, and nothing like Evian (not surprising, since the label indicates they use reverse osmosis to do the purification, which is what Dasani does).

Most surprisingly, there really is something to the "silky smooth taste," it's not purely marketing. Whether from the high pH or something else, this is just good water. (That said, I don't necessarily feel better hydrated than I would with regular water.)

Regarding the health claims of alkali water, YMMV. To their credit, Essentia doesn't really make any of the claims on the bottle, but Google them or look them up on other products here on Amazon. Some people are hard core believers, some think they're bunk. I am not really qualified to give a real scientific judgement on them, but I started looking into alkaline water after reading The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to Eat. There's an interesting rant in the book about the acid/base balance in the body (in short, the contention is that lots of grains lead to the body being to acidic and an acidic body is bad). The suggestion there is basically to eat lots of vegetables, but my immediate thought was "why not just drink alkaline water?" I have no idea of the answer.

If you're curious, the plastic bottle is a PETE 1. Also, these are 1.5 Litre bottles, which are quite big.
290946290946B005HG9ESG#oc-R2W66Y63G88976M. Gravel0041343606400Tasty!The first thing I look for in a water is the aftertaste. Some of them have a metallic, nasty taste that I can not stand! But this one is very refreshing.

Cool, Clear and Fresh!

Definately would buy again!
290947290947B005HG9ESG#oc-R3TZTZQ7UHNM8YBernadette0051343260800Alkaline water for good healthThis is a highly alkaline water of 9.5 pH.

The body is a chemical soup made up of both acid and alkaline substances. Blood in the body is kept at a pH of between 7.35 and 7.45. Most of the things we eat and drink are acidic, in addition to a certain acidity of the air we breath. Therefore, proponents of drinking alkaline water say it helps neutralize the acidity of the body by drinking alkaline water.

According to the Mayo Clinic, "Some studies suggests that alkaline water may help slow bone loss, but further investigation is needed to determine if this influences overall bone mineral density and if the benefit is maintained over the long term." No other studies that I could find have been done to test the health benefits of drinking alkaline water.

We can now buy bottled water that is specifically alkaline, such as this highly alkaline
Essentia bottled water. It has a clean taste and is delicious. I mix it was a little
xylitol Health Garden Kosher Birch Xylitol 1 Lbs. Product of USA (Not From Corn) and use it as a mouth rinse morning and evening to neutralize the acids in my mouth
from food. The xylitol helps harden the tooth enamel.

This water is very pure tasting and refreshing. It is soft tasting. It is perfect if you get frequent acid indigestion. This also is a good way to finish a meal. The alkalinity will neutralize the acidity of the food you just ate, therefore making it soothing to your upper digestive tract including the esophagus and the stomach.

I will keep buying this delicious bottled water and add it to my current variety of bottled waters I keep in the fridge. I also drink Fiji, a very pure water from an underground spring in Fiji, Smart Water which is similar to this in that it also is purified tap water, and San Pelligrino, the most mineral laden spring water you can buy as far as I can tell, but also very refreshing.

This particular water goes well with a meal and helps sooth the digestive tract.
290948290948B005HG9ESG#oc-R11D9D7SHXIJB9Louis E. Emory "hoppy"0051342396800Muscle spasmsMy wife has recurring extreme muscle spasms, usually late at night or early morning. We started to use this water for her about 6 months ago. It has been the best purchase we have ever made [I am not kidding]. I haven't noticed anyone mentioning this benefit, but I can assure you it works!! We ran out a couple of days ago and had to wait and do without for about 3 days. She had awful muscle spasms in both legs last night. Back to where she was before we starting using this water. We were really thankful that we received 3 cases this morning. I have vowed "as god is my witness I will never run out of Essentia water again" {from the movie Gone with the wind, ha ha]. But for real, we are now ordering 4 case per month so that we will never run out again.
290953290953B005HG9ESGA2W9I628I6SE1UKort "Art, Music, Book & Movie Enthusiast"0051332201600Darn Good WaterOkay, I can't really speak to Essentia's claims regarding its 9.5pH balanced water. I just know that it's refreshing and tastes (if water has a taste) pure and satisfying. No off flavors or odors. I know that it has some additives to bring the pH to 9.5, but I can't detect them. One of these large 1.5 liter bottles lasts me all day.

If Essentia's claims are accurate and it does help with things like maintaining normal blood pressure, restful sleep, heart health, muscle strength and boosting the antioxidant properties of your immune system, then so much the better. It does seem to hydrate well and absorb into my system faster than regular filtered or spring water. I also get occasional heartburn after certain meals and find that its more basic pH helps alleviate such symptoms without me having to take antacids.

Essentia does cost a bit more so I will reserve getting it for when I find it on sale or can get a bulk discount. Aside from the price, I have to say it is my new favorite 'brand' of water. I like the taste and find it thirst quenching. Any added health benefits are a bonus.

~ Kort
290949290949B005HG9ESG#oc-R1UO6NAAGVBW7ZJustitia0051342137600The only bottled still water I drink...Some people debate about the high PH - one can Google to find the issues and discussion. I used to drink Trinity water but they went out of business. I found Essentia and found I like it better.

I only drink bottled water -- Essentia is expensive so I use other spring water for making coffee and cooking. But I drink a minimum of four 8 oz glasses a day -- often six. (The recommendation of 8 glasses of water per day has now been found to be excessive. Four to six will do -- but it definitely makes a difference doing so -- my skin becomes smoother and clear within days, it helps when I work out.

I now get it through Amazon through subscribe and save -- it is cheaper than in the stores (even in Whole Foods with a 10% case discount) and it is too much of a hassle to ensure the stores have it -- as they are quite inconsistent with their water ordering.

The taste I find delicious and superb. My partner prefers Glaceaus' smart water. He drinks it at room temperature and it has a lower but still substantial Ph.

In researching for this review I have learned about two other waters with high Ph's: Kagen and Qure. There are differences among all three and I haven't had the time to nail down the differences and which would be deemed more healthy. I probably will do that sometime in the future.

But you can't go wrong with Essentia. Try some (chilled in the fridge) and see if you like it. Your body certainly will.
290950290950B005HG9ESGA26TYDQ2BFD4EGJ. GARRATT0041341446400Big bottle, slightly above average taste50.7 ounces for a bottle.
Ingredients: purified water, sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride.

"Best available pH at 9.5"?

The bottle also boats a "silky smooth taste". I did notice that...but just a bit. I would recommend this to people who are not trustful of their local water sources, like some of my step-relatives in Indiana. A 12 pack of this would come in handy. Otherwise, you're likely just fine and dandy with your usual purifier.
290951290951B005HG9ESGA3N4CUW4UYC9I3MH0041334534400Great tastingI think the Essentia drinking water tastes very good. There are a couple popular brands of bottled water that I think taste funny. The Essentia is very good and "crisp". I can't say much about the actual pH level, because I did not test it. However, I didn't seem to have as many issues with my acid relux on the days when I drank the Essentia. It's awkward carrying the 1.5 liter bottle around, but I did actually find it helpful. I take it to work in the morning and make myself drink it until it's gone before I allow myself to have something "good" (meaning - bad for me). Therefore, I do get a much larger water intake during the day at the office than I normally would. So, I love the taste and the size of the bottle, but it can get expensive. I will probably keep some on hand, especially when my acid reflux is really acting up and the prilosec isn't helping, but I'm not sure if I could really afford to buy it to have every single day.
290954290954B005HG9ESGA1JV4QKTEB7QBLDiana F. Von Behren "reneofc"0041331856000Try It, It May Help . . .I received my case of Essentia bottled water just in time to try out while I experienced a sore throat and upper respiratory congestion. Usually, I battle one of these complete with headache and cough from start to finish for around two weeks at least once every winter season. However, this particular virus didn't hold on for that long--after day three, I was already feeling better and able to function at 98%.

I have no idea of knowing just exactly what aided me so quickly in this battle. I've been experimenting withRainbow Light Counter Attack, 90-Count--taking 1-3 of these a day during the whole period of Eastern Standard Time. I've upped my Vitamin C intake with Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, Box of 30 packets--and slugged down the Nature's Way Sambucus Syrup, 4-Ounce--yes, I do not like to be slowed down by cold or flu--the headaches I experience are debilitating in the extreme. During the cold's initial three-day siege on my body, I also upped my water intake with hope that I would be helping my body expel move the healing process along faster.

Needless to say, the case of water came in really handy, as I was not in any shape to drive a vehicle to even run the most essential errands. I actually heated Essentia to make tea--I have no idea whether or not this effects any of the alkaline properties???--if anyone understands this better than I please feel free to offer exposition. The outcome was a good one--I shook the cold in around 5 complete days, the last two of which I was well on my way to feeling fully functional--without over-the-counter decongestants and cough syrups.

I had originally agreed to try the Essentia in order to test it with my running--I am always looking for something that will help me recuperate faster after a good run. Unfortunately I was not able to do this as the virus took hold'

When I can afford it, I purchasePenta Water Purified, .5 LT Bottles (Pack of 24)r--which actually does help athletes recuperate faster--but as this tends to get expensive--I was purchasing this from my personal trainer--I thought Essentia might prove to be a good substitute. That part of my review is officially in a wait state; I promise to edit this once I try Essentia in relation to athletic performance.

As far as taste goes, this water definitely tastes smoother. Like Penta, it goes down a lot easier. I do not experience acid reflex symptoms, so I cannot comment on the water's effectiveness with regard to this. There is no comparison between the tap water here in the New Orleans area and Essentia water. Essentia wins this taste war hands down. Tap here has a nasty chlorine taste, which I simply do not like.

Bottom line? Essentia water seems to have been one weapon in an arsenal of wellbeing products that recently helped me remain healthy. Supposedly, high-alkaline water aids in promoting wellness in the following way:
* Super hydrates your body
* Alkalizes your body
* Oxygenates your cells
* Detoxifies your body
* Protects you from Free Radical Damage
* Provides the foundation that enhances everything you are doing for optimum health.
Now while there may be no "proof" of these claims--think back in the history of medicine, where practitioners came up with treatments that had no solid backing until more knowledge was accumulated--perhaps, trying something as simple as this will help you feel better and live a better life. In terms of price, this water is considerably less expensive than some of the other ionized waters out there. Recommended.
Diana Faillace Von Behren
290952290952B005HG9ESGA2CRIQOX1SYA3IC. Taylor0041332288000Clean tasteWhen I drank from the first bottle, I wasn't really impressed, and thought it must have been hype. However, a few days later I drank some more and it seemed better. It's refreshing, has no taste whatsoever, and is smooth. Of course it is water, but it doesn't have that plastic taste some get from the plastic bottles. I can't say anything as to its health claims, but it is good, and I would purchase in the future.
290955290955B005HG9ESGA3DZFEICHK5LF2Just Trying to Help "Product Guru"0041331769600Its good waterThis water tastes very fresh and good, I guess because of the pH balancing in part.

After drinking it for a while, that feeling wears off and it just feels like water.

The label says they restructure the water... I'm not really sure water needs to be improved in this way.

I think they would do better to further educate the customer as to why you would care that much about the pH. And "hydrates better" is really a vague statement. Better than what? How much better?

Anyway if you like trying different kinds of water (like my wife does) you will find that it does go down silky smooth.

Overall I think its good, I just think that the benefits outlined are very sketchy, so I remove a star for that.
290956290956B005HG9ESGA1RF9YK4BK5TRHQuality Man "yway6"0031331769600Does it really help?I am used to all types of water including tap water. If you weren't told otherwise, this water tastes 'normal'. However, if you tell someone that it is special water, then the person thinks that they can taste a slight difference. We'd need a blind taste test to figure that one out.

This water though isn't about taste -- it is about the special properties of the water and what it can do for the drinker. For me I couldn't feel a major difference but I am not a power athlete nor do I think I have problems drinking other types of water. My mistake in reviewing this product is that I shared the water with my friends for their opinion instead of drinking it solid for a few days. Such a test may help me better understand if this water makes a true difference. It might be that the creators of this water intend for a person to drink this water over weeks/months to get the true benefits. If that is the case, this is just too expensive for me.
290957290957B005HG9ESGA3BFDEBT5IV4UNGroucho0041329955200It's Water...It Tastes WetEssentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water, 1.5 Liter, (Pack of 12)

I cannot say that the claimed health benefits of this water are true. In order to prove or disprove that, I would have to hire a team of scientists and do expensive and exhaustive tests on myself. I'm not going to do that!

What I can tell you is that I have well water and it is extremely high in iron and has to have a softener added to make the water palatable. My problem with that is that I'm on a low salt diet for a heart condition so I now have to double filter my drinking water. It's filtered once at the beginning of the well and again in a separate filter in my fridge.
This is some of the info from the Essentia web site, and the product description from here- "Drinking Essentia Water helps bring you back into balance and helps maintain normal blood pressure, restful sleep, heart health, muscle strength and more. Plus, Essentia Water boosts the antioxidant properties of your immune system."

I have to admit that I did drink a whole bottle of this for the last few days---and I have been sleeping better (Can't tell you if it's a coincidence). IF the claims of lowering blood pressure and heart health are true that will be a plus for me, but right now as I said only long-term usage and the help of my doctor will tell me if the claims are true.

It tastes better than my well water and actually, it does have a `smooth' sort of taste to it. Of course, since it's bottled it is convenient to tote around and to keep some in my car too.

The problem is, is that I'm not so sure if it is worth $2.40 a bottle without the subscription with the subscription it comes to $2.04 a bottle. If you drink the amount of water Doctors recommend, that will come to approximately 300.00 a month (much more if you want to use this water to make your coffee tea etc. for added health benefits ). In addition, having to haul a heavy case of water up the stairs a few times a month does not turn me on.
290958290958B005HG9ESGA1RRMZKOMZ2M7JSue Katz "Honey Bee"0031329868800It's marketed water that is not at an ideal pH for the bodyThis water purportedly contains 9.5 ph. However, the purported benefits of high pH water are not demonstrated in scientific literature, only in this company's marketing materials. The fact is that the ideal pH level of drinking water should be between 6-8.5. The body maintains a pH equilibrium on a constant basis that is not affected by water consumption of higher or lower pH, unless it's consistent consumption on a regular basis. In fact, our stomachs have a naturally low pH level of about 2, which is helpful for food digestion, and our stomachs will self-adjust to maintain this naturally low pH level.

Yes, it's water, and Amazon will ship 12 bottles to you for about 2 bucks a bottle. If you do choose to get this monster shipment, also consider purchasing carbon off-sets.
290959290959B005HG9ESG#oc-R1HFLTAYDCLBBPJohn Clark Craig "author of Sun Position - Hi...5821341273600Great water, but bogus marketing claimsEssentia water tastes great, and its price is in the same ball park as other good quality bottled water. However, stating that the 9.5 pH is good for you is completely devoid of any scientific substance. In fact, there are a lot of scientific studies that completely refute these claims. There's a page by a retired chemistry professor, who rips into the variety of similar "alkalanized" and "ionized" water marketing claims. Most importantly, his page contains a lot of links to University and other scientific research results that all undermine the important of the 9.5 pH. Having said all that, I do like the taste of Essentia water, so whatever minerals it has in it does make for great tasting, pleasant to drink water. Just don't fall for the pH hype until and unless you read the science reports instead of trusting any marketing hype.
290960290960B005HG9ESG#oc-RUHNHDHN9HG4ZGordon Bell1211349049600essentia6.2I have tested 6 bottles of Essentia with Swanson pH test tape and 6.2 pH is the highest tested...not even close to 9.5 pH as advertised . Very disappointing results so far.
290961290961B005HG9ESG#oc-R3RQNMHS7481DEBryan Carey "Bryan Carey"1251347321600Essentia: Improved Taste, Improved DigestionEssentia 9.5 PH Drinking water is a bottled water made with good digestive health in mind. It takes the ordinary concept of bottled water a few steps further by adding calcium chloride, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulphate, and sodium bicarbonate. It then elevates the PH for better digestion and the reverse osmosis and purification via micro- filtration help make for the cleanest possible taste.

We have all heard recommendations from experts that bottled water is a bunch of hype and not worth the money and for the most part I agree with this assessment. The majority of bottled waters on the market are nothing special and not worth the expenditure. But there are some bottled waters that are enhanced in ways that make them better and Essentia is one of them. The added minerals and improved processes help elevate this water to a level not matched by most bottled water products. The higher PH makes the product more alkaline and this suits someone like me very well, since I sometimes suffer from acid reflux. After a heavy meal, my stomach actually feels better if I drink this water.

As for the taste, I find it very smooth and clean- the way water should taste. I have taste-tested this, side by side, against the water that comes out of my water filter pitcher and I can say that, while both taste good, this product is a little cleaner and smoother in flavor. It does cost more than the water out of my water filtered pitcher, but the taste is a little bit better.

Essentia is packaged in BPA free plastic bottles and it is made with environmental concerns in mind. Combine that with the taste and improvements in digestion and you have a clear, bottled- water winner in my book.
290962290962B005HG9ESGA217CC8F7N5717Patricia Goodspeed1251346112000Essentia Water Pretty GoodI enjoyed the taste of this water whether cold from the fridge or room temperature. I did not notice any aftertaste. I found it very refreshing and felt quite hydrated. Great product!
290963290963B005HG9ESG#oc-R2MG5C3DMRU8Q0J. Robson "Reflective Artist & Product Designer"1251346025600This is the BEST tasting water I ever had - period! (yeah I gave 5 stars to - water!)Ok.. lets get one thing straight.. I can't believe I am raving about.. water!
When I got this bottle I read the bottle "hmm 9.5 ph.? reverse osmosis? electrolytes? yeah ..whatever" and popped it into the fridge
I had some yesterday after cutting the lawn and said "hmm this water tastes.... good?"
It had some kind of I dunno.. taste to it; anyway, I liked it and that was that.

Well today I had to pack 2500 markers.. basically 50 bundles weighing 50 pounds each, in the lovely NJ humid air.
I open this stuff.. and WHOA... this is freaking good water! I literally drank the remaining bottle on the spot.. fast enough it gave me a brain freeze a few times! And you know what I actually *felt* better later.. Refreshed.. definitely hydrated -- and I want MORE of this water!

Ok .. the water has electrolytes added (or "infused") and as you read in the listing:
"Essentia drinking water is purified through micro-filtration, UV lighting and reverse osmosis; No chlorine or flouride; Enhanced with pure minerals; Restructured through ionic separation"
.. I have NO idea what that means..... but I DO KNOW it tastes GREAT.. I can't explain it but it really *REALLY* does taste "Crisp" and there .. and I don't mean it in a bad way - a "mineral" taste to it.. I truly can't explain it.. but I can honesty say this is really REALLY good water..

I would HIGHLY recommend this.. even if you try a small bottle at a local store (I don't know if it is available) and see for yourself.. then come back here and get a case!

Thanks for reading !
-- a very hydrated Jim :)
290964290964B005HG9ESGA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans1241346025600No chemical taste and nice size bottleI found this to be a clean and refreshing bottle of water. I liked the:

1) Taste: I like the taste of this water, especially cold. I did not notice any chemical flavors. It was refreshing and as the label claims, had a "smooth" taste.

2) Bottle size: I love the size of the bottles. The 1.5 liter is a great size to keep by your work desk and while working out. This was the perfect amount of water for an hour long workout.

3) Recyclable bottle: I also like that the company used a #1 Pete bottle, which is readily recyclable in most communities.

While all of the above are true, I didn't find this to taste significantly better than my local tap water. It is convenient and refreshing, but unless you have some hard core minerals or chemicals coming out of your faucet, I don't know if this water will blow you away.

This water is bottled in Bothell, Washington.

Ingredients: Purified water, sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, and calcium chloride.
290965290965B005HG9ESGA25HYPL2XKQPZBBill Garrison1241345939200Tastes great, but it is just waterI've always been a skeptic of water that claims to be better for you than regular water.

The product summary says "Essentia Water provides unmatched hydration, health benefits and smooth taste. Its superior hydrating qualities come from a special electrolyte formula and optimal pH level of 9.5, which gives your body more of what it needs to thrive. Drinking Essentia Water boosts the antioxidant properties of your immune system and helps bring your body back into balance."

I have no doubt that drinking water like this non stop every day might have health benefits. But is it worth the cost or the time to constantly be buying this water. I don't think so.

The bottle I got off Amazon Vine tasted great and was refreshing, but I have other things to spend my money on besides water.
290966290966B005HG9ESGA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"1251345680000Great tasting water. No after taste. Electrolyte infused no chlorine or flouride.This water with Electrolytes infused just taste like fresh water. love that it has no chlorine or flouride, and thus no chemical taste. It tasted good and refreshing. I like smartwater and compared to it, smartwater has a slightly sweeter taste.
290967290967B005HG9ESGA10PEXB6XAQ5XFMichael Gallagher1231345680000At The End of the Day, It's Just Water in a Fancy BottleAt the end of the day, it's just water.

The label claims a lot of things such as a silky smooth taste, better hydration, the infusion of electrolytes, and the "best available pH at 9.5" which I really can't comment on as I didn't have any scientific equipment to test the pH level.

I wish I could give you some flowery comments like you can with wine, such as having the ability to smell a hint of apricots, smoke, and charcoal while drinking this, but I can't. I will tell you the water somehow tastes different (and better) really cold vs. room temperature.

After trying this water myself and being unable to conjure up a "wow" factor, in order to see if there is a taste difference with this water I set up a "Water Challenge" similar to the old Pepsi Challenge with two of my co-workers as follows: I poured equal amounts of cold water in cups containing the Essentia water, water from a Walmart / Sam's-branded bottle of water, and water from the tap that had gone through a filtration device in the office. The results were incredible - you couldn't tell a difference and the limited test subjects were unable to correctly identify the "better" water. For clarification, the Walmart-branded bottle was first for one participant and tap water was first for the other.

In other words, there is nothing wrong with this water. However, if you look at the cost/benefit analysis of purchasing this water - including shipping from Amazon - the accountant in me just can't say I need to make sure I buy this in the future: it's way too pricey per ounce when, at the end of the day, there's probably nothing wrong with the water coming out of your tap if you have basic filtration on it.
290968290968B005HG9ESGA18OUQEK7IZ2F2Jason Kirkfield "The Pride and Sorrow of chil...1241345593600Water.Water. Nectar of the gods, falling from clouds, lost in the oceans of our planet, lost in the depths of our own discontent, like tears in rain.

Water. It flows as the wind blows. Its path can be changed, yet it can wear down mountains.

Water. A paradox. You need it to survive, but too much will kill you.

Water. Ancient element, now our salvation. And as Jake Gittes knows, either you bring the water to L.A. or you bring L.A. to the water.

Aqua, yes. Aqua Velva, no. Refreshing and pure. But no Tuscan Milk, this.

(c) Jason Kirkfield
290969290969B005HG9ESGA1P2XYD265YE21Andrea "Readaholic"1241342051200WaterThis water contains "sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phospate, magnesium sulfate, and calcium chloride". I guess those things are there for a reason, but I would never buy this water because of them.

I did not like the smooth taste; I prefer my water to have a more sharp taste.

Because of the above 2 reasons, I am deducting a star. I am being very nice and generous and only deducting 1 star. Like I said, I would never buy this water. I feel bad about having to deduct a star.
290970290970B005HG9ESGA2UW9WI22QKMZECar Guy "desertgrj"1251330992000Tasty and satisfyingHaving just started a new new workout regiment I was glad to try out this new (to me) water through Amazon Vine. The size is good, though too large for drinking while driving, for instance. Just about right for after a strenuous workout. I'm not a connoisseur of waters but I did like the taste and did not experience any after-taste.

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