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291121291121B002SR0EYAA29MZTA1F46NMZTimothy Hogan1111294617600it was given as a gift and the receiver did not like itI wished I had bought some other kind I was believing that Ghirardelli would be the best you could buy but not when it comes to peppermint bark this is NOT their best effort.
291122291122B002SR0EYAA1GNFW3N9ULOOHKCC1131272844800The product was fine - the shipping was notThe product was fine, but when the company shipped the product they did not put any message on the packaging that would have assisted in protecting the product - consequently the FedEx driver left the box directly in the hot sun and melted the product. There would be no way for the driver to have known there was a risk.
291123291123B002SR0EYAA3S6AZBAKUW3Z5Oleander0041292803200Very delicious!These are highly addictive and so delicious! They come in a beautiful, festive box, and each piece is individually wrapped. While that does keep it all extra fresh, it also produces an awful lot of wasteful trash, hence the rating.
291124291124B001KQA922A1FLPUUHUGD9UPN. S. Lowry4451302998400Hard to findThis has become really hard to find in the stores, so I was delighted to see it on Amazon.

Love this tea. Has just enough spicy taste without being overbearing. The touch of vanilla adds a soothing quality too.
291125291125B002WWNLSMA1G84IQN41L3HHELPDESKGUY "HELPDESKGUY"2251286150400Wow!I don't know how to describe how wonderful this tea taste! It has a floral aroma.

Try it you'll be happy.
291126291126B002WWNLSMA26JDJ5C90LY2PEpetai1151306886400Smells just like rosesThis is not strictly a "rose tea", it is neither black tea flavoured with roses, nor rosehip tea. It's more like a herbal infusion that smells like perfume and roses without being overpowering.

It brews quickly - if you're in a rush, a few dunks in boiling water produces a lovely drink, so it's perfect when you need to make a quick cuppa and don't have time to brew a proper pot of tea.

I order this by the case!
291127291127B002WWNLSMA1I0WK5OCKQSKNDUSA "DUSA"0051348790400IT WORKSThis tea sends me to sleep. Within half an hour, I feel drowsy and can drift off into the arms of morpheus. Try it!
291128291128B002WWNLSMA20J0DIWGYOQHJteaqueen0051339718400sleepy timeTazo Rest is my favorite herbal concoction, that has beautiful gentle aroma, fine taste and has a very subtle calming effect on me.
The best part is that it contains no camomile, the taste i dislike.
I find it that even a half a cup of Tazo Rest helps me fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.
For a restful night everyone, cheers!
291129291129B002WWNLSMA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"0031317600000Relaxing but Weaker than most Tazo TeasI've tried most of Tazo's teas and this is by far the weakest tea. I have to use at least two teabags per cup in order to get enough flavor. I may even try four teabags at some point although then I think the floral elements would be too strong. The ingredients include: Lemon balm, rose petals, honeybush, orange peel, lemon myrtle, lemon verbena, licorice root, lavender, valerian root, natural flavors, ginger, orange oil and geranium oil. The taste of honeybush and rose come through the strongest. If you kissed someone after drinking this tea they would say you tasted like delicate flowers. Despite this not being as strong as I prefer, it is relaxing. I think I much prefer Tazo Calm to this tea.

~The Rebecca Review
291130291130B002WWNLSMA3C1RS6BPHMGCHStain0151312848000Perfect When MixedI love this tea, but only when I mix it with other "regular" teas. I have an iced tea maker and I throw one of these in with a regular Lipton, black, and green. Alone, I find this a little too flowery, but mixed...perfect.
291131291131B001SAQEYWA2GWRHSC35QW63Graham Wills3341318982400Very tastyUsed chicken rather than beef [saving of around 3g of fat per serving]. It was tasty but I do think that the beef would have enhanced the meal more. Very easy to prepare. Cooked the dish on high for 5 hours, left it to warm for 30 mins and then cooked it on low again for 30 mins. Beans were just about done; they were still a little bit crunchy which mightn't be to everyone's taste. I'd make this again.
291132291132B004V3INE2A2Z52ITPO8CKWUL. Johns "Gadget Geek"3321325030400Nice cup of coffee but thats about itThis coffee might taste like Kalhua if you added some, but I couldn't taste anything but a nice medium strong cup of coffee. Only my opinion and I'm not a coffee expert, so take it for what it is.

Update: I may have been a little more critical than I should have, I guess I was expecting a little more flavor like some of the other flavored coffees. There is a slight taste of Kahlua, not much but it's still a good cup of coffee, just don't count on a strong Kahlua taste. I'll have no problem buying it again just for the taste of the coffee in general.
291133291133B004V3INE2A2QFMDFM2SH864Susan "Susan"2241322438400Nice flavor but not very strongIf you enjoy the flavor of Kahlua, there is a good chance you will like the flavor of this coffee. However, while I always use the smallest setting on my Keurig (5 oz), this is definitely one of the weaker coffees. I still enjoy it for the flavor, more as a second cup or an afternoon cup, rather than a "wakeup cup".

If you prefer stronger coffee and more flavor, I would recommend using White Coffee Kahlua Original Gourmet Ground Coffee, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2) with a reusable filter such as Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.
291134291134B004V3INE2ALRJ3PZCFW72Ehomer1141317168000Kahlua K-CupsNice, pleasing flavor for those who like flavored coffee. The flavor and aroma of the Kahlua is enticing. Overall a good medium strength coffee k-cup.
291135291135B004V3INE2A33MGVMAE00AXEluvlaughter990051346976000Timothy's Kahlua K-cupsLoved it and thought it was delightful. Will purchase again. Almost like having dessert. Love it especially as a pickup for a bad day, or in the evening, or even in the morning to start my day off.
291136291136B004V3INE2A2WXS4OG6MTBUNT. Briscoe ""LadiT""0051343174400Very nice change from my stronger brews. I Like it A LOTI just tried this coffee for the first time, and I have to say, I really like it a lot. I normally go for the really strong robust flavors everyday, but was pleasantly surprised with this one. When brewing, the smell is mesmerizing, and the taste is very smooth. Yes, true it is not a very strong cup of coffee, but it's very nice. Oh yeah, you can taste the Kahlua in it also. Give it a try, I don't think you will be disappointed. This will definitely be one of my new flavors. By the way, I did not buy mine off Amazon, but somewhere else. I got a great deal on mine for an 18 pack!!!
291137291137B004V3INE2A2PA5FA728R9C5David Overstreet0031341360000Exploding K-CupsMy wife is a huge fan of the Kahlua K-Cups. The problem with this batch is that we have had two of the K-Cups so far explode inside the machine. I don't know if it's just bad luck or if it is something with this particular brand that is causing it. Other than the exploding, it's a tasty cup of coffee.
291138291138B004V3INE2A1D9MRUWGH1NV5Karen L. Thomas0041340150400Kahlua K cupsI love having a large slections of flavors to choose from. This is ne we like & I try to keep on hand.
291139291139B004V3INE2A34S3QXAEPPY2TKAREN Simpson0041339459200Kahlua is one of my favoritesI am not normally big on the flavored coffees, but Kahlua is an exception. This is not a strong, bold coffee; but then you don't want the coffee to overpower the Kahlua flavor. Yes, I know that Kahlua is a coffee liquor, but it still has its own unique flavor which I like. It is not overpowering and it is not artifical. Just right.
291140291140B004V3INE2A1Z8PJHMP4W9JJrnjimerson0041338336000Timothy's Kahlua K cupThis product has a strong taste but is easy to get use to. The product came before date and was as described.
291142291142B004V3INE2A2DBIZZV7PNQPImnorris410031332115200Love it!I love the flavor of this product and as with any k-cup coffee it is great when enjoyed right after brewing. It's a good after dinner coffee in my opinion.
291143291143B004V3INE2A3ENUE5XMMPJSMDennis Martin "Den"0011329955200No Kahlua flavor.I love Kahlua and coffee, and I looked forward to having that flavor without the alcohol for the morning. Unfortunately, the Kahula flavor was not present. Reminds me of how my aunt fixed Kahlua and coffee. One tablespoon for an entire pot. It might as well not have been in there as I could never detect the flavor at all. I would sneak back into the kitchen and pour a shot in like you would get if you ordered it at a restaurant or bar.
291144291144B000KHMWMCA138JP53K0YCYCF. vallecillo "el-sardinero"2231265500800smoked oysters from Chinamid quality. the break apart when taken from the can and should stay whole. most come from China which bothers me but unless you want to spend a gazillion dollars, you don't have much choice. The US does not can them. you get what you pay for.
291145291145B000KHMWMCAMGUPF3F5M9UZM. Francis "drmikef"0051267574400The best smoked oystersJust like the Polar smoked clams, their smoked oysters are the best around. The brand is hard to find in stores here in the Southern USA but Amazon made things eary. Great price, fast delivery and the best great smoked oysters.
291146291146B000KHMWMCAOSW6KLUWI9LWScottMn "Hunt-n-Fish"1211347753600Never give them to a friendI bought a 24 can case of these and will never do it again. I should have heeded others reviews but I thought "I'm not that finicky". You don't have to be finicky to disapprove of these. (1) They've got a stringy thing hanging off of them. (2) They are small (3) If they haven't fallen apart by the time you open the can, they will by the time you get them to your mouth. Probably more wrong too but I'm trying to stomach my way through them by making stew. I have to put them in a strainer first to rinse off whatever crap that is on them, cook them in butter and lot's of salt & pepper before I put in milk. Then close my eyes & try to palate them. I would never feed them to a friend. I think Amazon would take them back but they have been so good about that on bad products I hate to ask them.
291147291147B000KHMWMCA2943XNTMVETZQGSD-Mom "Zayla"0211304121600Made in China - Remember Poison Pet Food & Poison MilkThe important issue is that they are made in China. Remember the pet food from China that poisoned American dogs and cats in 2007. Remember also poisoned milk that killed Chinese babies in 2008. I'd rather buy food from another source with a better track record.
Unfortunately, I read the box after I'd eaten some oysters. The other person's comment is correct - the texture is icky and they crumble when you try to get them out of the can. I can not recommend this product to anyone.
291148291148B006ZE56CCA3S1MT0LIQS6H2Karen Hart0051347408000wonderfulLime candy is becoming difficult to find. These old fashioned candy sticks are wonderful! They are pretty and taste great, just like the ones from happy childhood memories.
291149291149B0012S96OKA1GP0C8FDO8RO2Willie0051304380800Great trainingg treat!I have three puppies about 18 months apart. I am crazy about them but they can be hard headed in a group. I trained each one by themselves initially and then as a group. These treats are small, moist and perfect for a reward! Now my guys will do anything to get treats! And the friends they have made on their walks love them too! MUST HAVES! Pups love them and they taste good too!
291150291150B0012S96OKA2XDP1RJCKCTZ8ttboy1411280275200do not buyordered and paid for these treats but never delivered after 2 months. do not buy, these sellers are crooks.

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