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291241291241B004095GS8ASIT71SAALRJNValue Shopper0051324339200Friend was happy with shipmentMy friend received the shipment and I was pleased to know it arrived on time and the contents was well worth the price! I am happy with my purchase. I have read the reviews of less fortunate buyers and the skimpy products they were sent. Even that the contents was not what was advertised. That is sad and is a chance you take. I am glad for the buyer reviews!
I purchased several of these and will post the response when I find out how they liked the shipment.
291242291242B000XERN9EA28GFYXITGDWX6Omar1151313971200My Favorite Chocolate in the world!Even thought the chocolates where sort of melted because I live in the desert the chocolates where tasty. It should be the sold everywhere. This Toffi fay are exquisiteness..
291243291243B000XERN9EA1N8XSYOE20AZ2dan300z0051280966400Just what i was looking forMy wife reallys enjoys Toffifay candy and your place was the only place i could find it thank you so very much on how fast you got the product to us the only problem we had that when the product arrived it was melted it was stilll eatable but not a pretty sight i intend on ordering again but will wait till later on towards fall so it will be cooler thank you Danny Anderson
291244291244B000XERN9EA25CSF97TON3PGIvan Matic "Ivan"0051224806400Absoultely addictiveI would like to second this 'german' review, this candy is really great. And I'm sorry to see that it's so much more cheaper in US than in Croatia.
291245291245B000XERN9EAIOPD46ZIV8K2Rick V "Bargain hunter by day, shopaholic at ...0051221609600A childhood favorite from GermanyThis candy is very popular in Germany and both wifey and I are absolutely addicted to this kind of candy: soft chewy outer caramel shell, cruchy whole hazelnut in the center covered with rich dark chocolate with high cocoa content. If you haven't ever tried these please do so: it has been popular in Germany for decades under the same name (although spelled the 'German' way).
291246291246B00016XL40A110IIBZMZG6R1marie "mother of 5"1141260230400good snackEasy to take with you and low in calories. The chocolate mint also satisfies a sweet tooth.
291247291247B001EJNF1MA13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire0051350518400This Tea is LovelyI'm a fan! This tea is not bitter, and forgives a wide range of temps and steep times. In fact, my favorite way to drink it is to throw a bag into room-temperature water to flavor the water. This works well through 3-4 refills, by which time I tend to forget and leave the room. Steeping for hours does finally bring the bitterness out, so that's when I toss it.

The "green" flavor of the tea is much stronger than most white teas. It reminds me of a white and green 'fusion' tea by Stash, though I prefer this Revolution tea. The pear flavor is delicious, tastes like real pear, and matches the strength of the strong white tea (that sounds funny as I type it - strong white tea?!) well. If you like green AND white tea, and you like pears, give this a shot. I'm really very fond of it.

The package comes with a "resealable freshness bag," though I've never felt the need for one before and I'm not sure I need one now. It doesn't get in the way, and it's there if I want to travel without risking leaking tea dust . . . not that there is any tea dust. The tea leaves are as large as loose leaf tea, which might be why it holds up through more steeps than anything else I have in a teabag, and they're very green. I suspect it still has more moisture in the leaves than most teas, but since I'm reluctant to rip a bag open to perform tests, that will remain a suspicion.

There's no string on the teabags, and they're the fancy pyramid type. They feel very nice. This is a distant concern compared to the flavor (which, as I mentioned, I am very fond of), but it's worth a mention.

291248291248B001EJNF1MA14NMO8PM73389Rockhead "just me"0041307923200YummoThis is a Delicious Tea. We both like it a lot. It has a
wonderful pear aroma and an almost sweet flavor. Both thumbs up
291249291249B001EJNF1MA3X42YS47HNBUfloridagirl560051294876800fragrant and lightI found this tea to be the perfect blend of white tea and delicate pear flavor. It was a calming tea in the afternoon as well as refreshing in the morning.
291250291250B003P8UOVEA2EAXA2EFPEFHVAlexandra M. Jamieson "Health and Nutrition E...3351287532800AlexandraNutritionGnosis chocolate bars are unreal. I actually recommend them to my health counseling clients because the quality is so amazing. Often hard-core choco-holics find they can reduce their chocolate binges by indulging in one fine square of Gnosis. One little piece equals the taste and flavor, satisfaction and yumminess of a whole mass-produced chocolate bar.

The raw ingredients also have a less harmful affect on the body, and I've noticed I can indulge in small amounts without any ill side effects like acne, energy roller-coaster-rides, or spacyness.

I adore the original and flur de sel bars - xoxo
291251291251B003P8UOVEA2GBLGM4LX2Q26A. Crombez "GenevaMom"2251276732800Unexpectedly delicious!I received this as a gift, and wow! What a surprize! I would never have imagined the combination of salt and chocolate, but this is an entirely new experience. Love it!
291252291252B002GWHECMA31JZQSUQOXU4UM. Gray "Consumer"0051342137600Decaffinated Apricot Flavored Loose TeaI bought this before my parents visited because decaf apricot iced tea used to be their go-to beverage and the brand they used to use stopped offering decaf apricot. This was a good price and was available with Amazon Prime shipping. It makes a very nice tea, with plenty of apricot favor without overwhelming the tea. My parents loved it, and will be ordering their own!
291253291253B002GWHECMA2GOTW3U8IIR7JKatarzyna S. Kieltyka "kskasia"0051306454400Great decaf tea with very nice strong flavorI like the taste of black tea and since I am pregnant I didn't want to be drinking caffeinated tea. But from the taste of this brewed coffee, I can't tell it is not caffeinated at all. Tastes very strong so you don't need a lot to brew a great cup of tea. Nice full flavor with a hint of apricot. This is a great price for the get a lot.
291254291254B002GWHECMA16H3JNMR9EWLAGaius Julius Ceasar0051282694400Excellent!This is totally excellent. Subtle, yet rich flavor. I brew full teaspoon for 2quart pot of ice tea. 2 1/2 table spoons of sugar + 2 lemon slices. Please note that the tea is naturally sweet, so add 20% less sugar or so.
291255291255B0002XAG40A1DNDOSIF07ZCUcinnemen "cinnemen"0051246233600what a great treat for your poochie !this is a special treat , NOT fattening that our dogs love. they are picky eaters, so some time a crumble up a few on top of their food .like they need to eat more.(smile) I have a choc lab & golden retreiver. any way, they love these!
291256291256B0002XAG40A13QCXZ272X3DXV. Coffey "Ladybird"0041182816000puppyrifficMy dog, as well as my cat, both love these!! They cant decide which they like better, the beef or the chicken
291257291257B0086FQYAQA3UF4K552BJ1VCHappy Rafters3331346716800Pu Era Tea PremiumWe did not like this Pu Era Tea as well as the Prince of Peace Purea tea. It is not as strong a flavor as Prince of Peace. Thought we would give it a try but will go back to Prince of Peace from now on.
291258291258B0086FQYAQAGOMMAVFJI0SNF. flowers2251343001600fan's viewI prepared it as Dr. Oz suggested. I began to lose weight but had to stop drinking it because it raised my blood pressure.I am hypertensive.
291259291259B0086FQYAQA3VB1J8V7JWM7CMary K.2251338681600Great Pu Erh tea!Top quality pu erh tea. Taste rich with great aroma. It's a great price for 100 bags of them. Love this tea!
291260291260B0086FQYAQA4UIAGVDHJ4ZFTerenzu 4 America1151344297600As seen on Dr OzAs seen on Dr Oz, this Pu Erh Tea is supposed to help prevent fat accumulation and provide "energy" without too much caffiene. This is the third box I have purchased. It always has been delivered thru Amazon Prime before the date promised.
291261291261B0086FQYAQA246HSYTSTXORZCarlos Trejo0041349654400Good for the priceThis is a honestly good tea given the price, it doesn't have the complex aroma and aftertaste of the more expensive teas, but for this price is amazing cosidering it's 80% as good for less than half of the price.
Pu Erh is a polarizing tea: people either love it or hate it. An advantage of the reduced price is that you can give it a try without expending too much, if you like it you can try the more expensive and flavourful blends.
If you're looking for an everyday Pu Erh tea without breaking the bank or just want to find if it's for you this is an excellent tea, but if you're a connoisseur maybe you'd like to try somewhere else.
291262291262B0086FQYAQAWZXE683BNLU9tiny0051349308800goodTea was surprisingly tasty! I drink two cups first thing in morning,and I have energy all day! would recommend it.
291263291263B0086FQYAQA1DPZAU2M6PUIBElizabeth J. Brutosky "tigger girl"0041348099200Pu Erh teait taste okay but alot of the tags fall off and it does make you pass your water a lot so you loose weight
291264291264B0086FQYAQA3Q0H3C4QKO14UGinny0051346112000VERY GOODI have never been a tea drinker before. I desided to try the Pu Erh tea after reading a back issue of Womans World that had an article of Dr. Ozz. I am now a confirmed tea drinker. The flavor of this tea is so different than the usual teas you buy in the store. I start mt day with Pu Erh instead of coffee. Great tea.
291265291265B0086FQYAQA2N1GWY752T4J3Mother Bun0051345766400good teaThis was my second box of Pu Erh tea but this tea brand was much smoother than the one I got at the health food store (and cheaper). I have enjoyed adding it to my morning routine.
291266291266B0086FQYAQA1PCORG2LEFY0YG. W. McDiarmid0041344556800Very good for the priceI prefer pu'erhs that are earthy, slightly smoky, and finish smoothly. While this tea doesn't completely fit this profile, it will do. It isn't as good as some pricier pu'erhs but it's as good an everyday tea as I have found. Other tea lovers in my family have adopted it as their regular morning tea even though they are not the pu'erh aficionados that I am.
291267291267B0086FQYAQA2H1BTDZ7VETXODeeDee0051344384000I have found the weight loss "Holy Grail!"I have found the perfect combination that is helping me lose weight. First off let me tell you that I lost 50+ pounds the good old fashioned and exercise. Then I hit a plateau and it refused to come off. For 3 months I have gone up and down 6 pounds. Desperate to get over the hump, and lose the last 60 pounds I researched all the different products that are touted as "miracle" remedies. And I actually think I found the perfect combination for me. I have lost about 1 and a half pounds a day since I started!

What you ask? Drumroll please. My combination is:

1. HCG diet and homeopathic drops
2. Pu Ehr tea
3. Raspberry ketones
4. Green coffee bean extract
5. Konjac/Glucomannann root

Its expensive, but works... at least for me.
291268291268B004D0T4JGAM34RLKG6N31Nbbdabad0011328832000Such a disappointment...Colby is our favorite type of cheese, so I had high hopes for this. Unfortunately, it was horrible. It had a weird, rubbery texture, and the taste was bland and nasty. For the high price I paid for both the cheese and the shipping, I expected so much more. The cheese at my local deli is far superior, and for the price of 1 lb of this, I could have bought at least 5 lbs of it.
291269291269B004LYU6QEA16V3EN9C3K83WSweetiewee0251308700800just what we neededMy daughter is having a Japanese them Grad party and we are making these little 'take out' food boxes with faux sushi in them. These will be perfect as 'chop sticks' sticking out of the boxes.
Shippin from this seller was very fast, item packaged well too.
291270291270B007HP6G4AA3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0051336608000Oh my goodness, this tea...Cranberry. Cranberry is another one of those flavors that brings out very distinct memories for me. Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house, not for the cranberry sauce (which I loathe), but for the cranberry juice she always had on hand. I loved it! And she'd mix it with a bit of ginger ale for me and oh, I felt so grown first cocktail! Virgin, of course. We lost her the year I started college, so every time I taste anything with cranberry, I think of her. Then growing up, my mom taught me how to make this delicious cranberry-orange bread with fresh cranberries, and that bread is why I always have cranberries in my freezer. I made it for my in-laws the first Christmas after the wedding and now they look forward to it every year. Maybe after I've tried this straight I'll need to try it with some orange juice. But cranberry is a flavor very near and dear to my heart, so I am very much looking forward to trying this one. The health benefits of cranberries aren't such a bad thing either, and since I don't drink juice anymore, this might be a good way for me to get them.

This blew my socks off. The scent when the package is opened is a sweet cranberry, not the tart berry I was looking for, but I can't bring myself to complain. I put about a quarter of a teaspoon in a small mug, added about 75-80 C water, some sugar, and frothed it up. Then I added robots (by which I mean ice in the shape of robots) and a touch of cold water to make a beautiful iced tea. I am so far from disappointed it hurts. This is lovely. I didn't expect to like this one nearly as much as I do, but I am in love. I'm definitely seeing the berry in cranberry, but there's also a hint of tartness in the middle of the sip. I am so surprised, I honestly didn't expect to be wowed by this. But I am and I am going to restock on it ASAP. I can't wait to try it blended with some vanilla matcha or some orange juice...yum. I don't have a lot of experience with cranberry outside of the little fruits baked into muffins, but I think I need to branch out and try some new things!

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