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291301291301B001E5E2IGA1KHV6Q0FTCX2IKJB0051338940800Yummmmmmmy!These dried cherries are yummy, juicy, and chewy. They are plump, not dried out like your average raisin. I eat them from the bag or mix them into things like oatmeal or a salad. The only way I would stop buying these cherries is if they made an unsweetened version. Hint :-)
291302291302B001E5E2IGA19UTUEBWKIZFTBernadette0051322956800Delicious and sweet, tartI eat these now instead of candy. They have the tartness of pie cherries but still are sweet and juicy even though dried. They are chewy. Loads of vitamin C in these and The People's Pharmacy says they will control gout and high uric acid in the blood.
I don't know if that's true or not. But as a sweet snack or candy alternative that's actually healthy these are perfect. Yummy and fresh tasting.
291303291303B001E5E2IGA1SQQDUD0MXXVJD. Turner "bald guy"0051236124800Yummy and inexpensive!I have a subscription for this every month. Why? Because I eat both bags every month. Why? Because it's soooo yummy. It's ridiculous. Also it's much cheaper for better quality than you can get in any supermarket or Costco-type place. At least as far as I can tell. Yummmmmmy!
291304291304B001E5E2IGA33587NIPXNJ4TL. Russell "Lou"0051221868800Like eating a piece of homemade cherry pie, without the crust!These tart, yet sweet dried cherries, are sinfully delicious. I can't seem to stop eating them, all though I do feel they are a nutritious and healthy snack. My every other monthly purchase was not enough, had to do an in-between order already. If you try them I promise you will not be disappointed!
291305291305B001E5E2IGA1OQ83V2W1295AJ. Meyer0051214179200Excellent service, excellent cherriesThanks Amazon for providing great punctual service for a great product. Will do business with you in the future!
291306291306B001E5E2IGA1KF832SXV5J3ZT. Bailey0051206403200These cherries are excellent!We first had these Montmorency cherries on a Christmas trip to Michigan. We liked them so much, we hunted them down when we got back home. We have ordered them twice, two bags at a time. The cherries are not too sweet, nor are they tart. They're great in oatmeal or cold cereal, in salads, or just straight up. We'll order them again.
291307291307B001E5E2IGA9DDYVBUY4XQ2Cocky_Balboa0051190246400Holy Moly.I didn't even now what a Montmorency cherry was until I heard of these. They are basically a tart cherry that is a little lighter in color than the Bings. They have a perfect blend of sweet and tart that is just awesome. Great thing about these is that they are perfectly sweetened with a little bit of sugar. I will definitely be a regular buyer of these!
291308291308B001E5E2IGA3RNCB6QSDKHLBP. Green "P. Green"71121223424000AMAZON! Where did all the old, negative customer reviews go?????I am sad to see that Amazon wipes clean negative reviews. SHAME ON YOU AMAZON!

This product if full of HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (HFCS is how they try and hide that fact.) I wonder how long AMAZON will allow this review to be posted?

Notice the disclaimer at the bottom. Amazon no longer list the ingredients! CONSUMER BE AWARE!
291309291309B001E5E2IGA3ULF3MXONGG4PStephanie Gibert "No-L Reviews"2441179360000Highest quality, expensive productDried cherries are of highest quality and taste, But I get along very well with a lesser quality, local product.
291310291310B001E5E2IGA2BUHVJ2G2GRV1Sonflower2451166140800Simply Excellent!!Generally, I don't care for the taste of dried fruit. These cherries were a happy exception!!! They are simply excellent--a perfect combination of sweet and tart. I enjoy eating them right out of the bag.
291312291312B001E5E2IGA38318YGDNC3VQScorekeeper0121243382400Dull flavor, lifeless tasteI found two separate bags of these cherries to be dull and lifeless, with none of the zing I've found from other producers. They were overly sweet in a way that seemed to mask the cherry flavor and had a texture that seemed almost cooked - mushy and gummy instead of chewy.

I much preferred the Traverse Bay brand I purchased (here at Amazon) last year - that sample seemed fresher and less processed than these.
291313291313B001I79GAYA34BPMY9QGZHWRJustin0051340150400Some of the best stuffIf you have to eat gluten free its really hard to find things that taste GOOD. These taste great whether you make scones, muffins, or even pancakes. None of that garbanzo bean flour garbage that tastes awful in this. This stuff is great.
291315291315B0055Q0TF0A1JMKPA2U1X8LVSeattleMama "SeattleMama"0051343347200Heaven in the MorningI've been drinking International Coffee for 35 years now. My elder sister drank Suisse Mocha when I went to her house, and the instant I hit adulthood, she offered me a cup. I really liked it, but later, my budget did not allow for it, so I tried making my own from a combination of cocoa mix and instant coffee. What I got, was sick. After that, I was done with Suisse Mocha, and considered buying other flavors my one little vice in life.

Over the years, flavors I have liked--or not--have come and gone. I loved the Kahlua flavor; it's been discontinued. But every time I see a chance to load up on these hard-to-get coffees (at least where I live, in a major metropolitan city), I grab the best. I think the Vanilla Bean Latte and the Vanilla Caramel are entirely scrumptious. The directions give you an idea of how much to use; I judge by the size of the mug in my hand. I don't mess with hot milk; this is all the coffee I'm drinking, and I am not awake enough to heat milk! Hot water, just like instant coffee, and then, if I have it (so at home yes, at work no) I add a little milk and stir.

I write this in the hope that the product will become more popular and therefore easier to find, but what may happen is that you folks out there will grab up the last few of my delicious brew. Well, it's written now, and I guess I will publish it.

Amazon, thanks for hooking me up with my hard-to-find coffee!
291316291316B00155Z6V2A36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"111151274745600Delicious ORGANIC Cold pressed Coconut oil. Great for cooking and can also be used as lotion or conditioner.Great for inside and out. Love this coconut oil. Organic and natural clean coconut oil can also be used for dry skin, dry scalp, foot rub, many uss for this great oil. Great a shot oil treatment or after shower rub down. Check the internet many uses. *Be aware this is only 1 small jarabout 5 inches tall.
291317291317B00155Z6V2A2UMCGRN8YOU5QHeatherRN "Heather & Stephen"171921311379200Not in a glass containerI had high hopes for this coconut oil. What is not to love? Organic, Extra Virgin, decent price, subscribe and save, glass container???? but there in lies the problem, I was hoping from the image in the listing that this coconut oil was packaged in glass, but alas it arrived in a black plastic container, with the safety seal damaged nonetheless, so I had to send it back. Oh well, I hope it is BPA free at least, but I couldn't see that indicated anywhere? So, if you are looking at this listing hoping to get coconut oil in a glass container, look elsewhere.
291318291318B00155Z6V2A3BWVH2SO7HF27N. Logan111251246233600Great product, highly temperature sensitiveGreat stuff - interesting texture that starts out a bit more dense than petroleum jelly and then with not much heat, turns quickly to oil (that is, after pulling out a chunk with your finger, you have about 4 seconds to figure out what to do with it).

Just be careful to store it below about 75 degrees F, as it will turn to a jar full of oil if you don't. Cooling it back down should pull it back into its more manageable, firmer state.

Smells amazing (if you like coconut)!
291319291319B00155Z6V2A3L46I8VPWFRKFMGMom293311329436800UnusableI purchased this oil for sauteeing. It worked great at first but when I got to the middle of the jar I found a plastic film that is apparently mixed in with the oil. I will no longer be using this for cooking, and as the return window has expired, I will likely be using it only for my skin as a moisturizer. Horrible product, buyer beware.
291320291320B00155Z6V2AILKGH10HFGPEKatzilla0051310083200extremely nice flavorYou can definitely taste the coconut, but it's subtle enough that you can hide it. Sometimes it's a solid, other times liquid, it's kind of fun to open up the jar and see what it's doing. It's also really good for the skin, if you can keep it all from going in your mouth.
291321291321B00155Z6V2A32XGNPWT99Z4M5*Realtor5931283385600Price change, no notification on auto shipmentI ordered this to be automatically shipped monthly. I received the second auto shipment and the price increased over 10% with no notification whatsoever. It was not until I saw the invoice inserted in the latest shipment that I found out they charged my credit card more than I originally authorized.
291322291322B00155Z6V2A8TY2N50VNTUXCottage Wood Hill "nocturna"1351277942400Smells like macaroons!This has a lovely sweet coconut scent, especially when it's liquid (when ambient temperatures are warmer). When it's colder it is very hard but I can scrape it out and it liquifies quickly in my hands. I love putting it on after a shower and it keeps my body warmer when I step out of the shower. Keeps my skin moisturized all day!
291323291323B005BD8AZ8A3N8RB943DMSH7Alisa Marie Fleming ""3341327363200Love the flavorsI am in love with the Rise Bar brand. My favorites are their breakfast bars, which have a chunkier and crispier consistency. The energy bars have more of a "Powerbar" like texture, everything is ground, with some shredded coconut added to some flavors for interest. Little bits of amaranth add some texture too, but they are still more soft and chewy than crunchy. That said, the energy bars taste pretty amazing too, and are a better alternative for strict vegans (sweetened with brown rice syrup and tapioca syrup instead of honey).

To note, the Rise Energy Bars are very sweet, and almost dessert-like in my opinion. I enjoyed them most as a mid-day treat, particularly when I hit an afternoon lull before a workout. Plus, they are the perfect size for a sustainable energy snack.

I love all of the "superfruit" inspired flavors, which are a fun change from the ordinary. That said, I think the blueberry and coconut is still my favorite - the flavors really stand out and are great together!
291324291324B005BD8AZ8A2YKVQ93IV2H6GC. Coburn "Mrs. Devine"2251338249600Delicious!The Variety Pack is delicious and I love that they are all Vegan, Gluten Free, and Organic. There are 3 of each flavor in this box, and each one was yummy!
291325291325B005BD8AZ8A2T7V2S5K5SKQRTriGirl08212251337644800Soy free and delicious!I purchased the bars because they were soy free, I enjoyed the flavor because they are delicious. Great post workout snack for those of us who have allergies to contents in other energy bars.
291326291326B005BD8AZ8ACVEBST34BMAZK. Wopperer2251335916800Delicious and healthyThese bars are great for a snack. They have alot of healthy ingredients and low sugar. The bars have a good flavor from the coconut. It is hard to find bars that don't have soy ingredients as well.
291327291327B005BD8AZ8AKQV03V7M9ZUAkate4551291420800My favorite energy barI've tried a bunch of different energy bars and this is my favorite. It's not as heavy as some, is quite satisfying, and is not too sweet. It is also organic, mostly raw (which I think is healthier), and doesn't have a ton of weird non-food ingredients. It's also fairly tidy to eat - I like the kind bars also, but they are very sweet and very messy. Generally I cut it in 1/2 - as I don't think I need all the calories at once, and use it as an in-between meal snack, or to help fill me up if I've only had a smoothie or salad for a meal. I used to be a big fan of the lara bars, but I prefer these. I've bought this flavor and the coconut flavor - and buy both in bulk on on subscribe and save.
291328291328B005BD8AZ8A1W191S06JICG2Sandra0041347667200RisebarVery good. Great in between meal bar. Keeps me from being hungry and has helped me to shed some more weight. Taste great and is easy to carry with me when I am unable to stop and eat a meal.
291329291329B005BD8AZ8A20WEEYX2YQXW1swans62500051346976000Haven't noticed a lot more energy, but they taste great!These have a great mouth feel-juicy, chewy, sweet without being overpoweringly so. They have super antioxidant ingredients like acai, goji, blueberry and pomegranate that I haven't seen in other bars of this type. They have only a few ingredients which are all natural. No artificial sweeteners and they are gluten-free. Great for an anytime snack or for on the go.
291330291330B005BD8AZ8A24TI0FXW07810ChampagneSipper2541279324800Healthy SnackA bit different taste than the other bars out there. Quality ingredients. Will buy again.

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