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291352291352B0000GHXSGA1TJT6GXDGNN8QOpinunated0041326499200A nice blend. Medium heat - not too much vinegar and a smart buy in the 32 oz sizeI really like this sauce. It is a great blend! While there is nothing truly remarkable about it - more importantly - it has no obvious flaws. It simply has a nicely balanced flavor and that alone is quite rare in hot sauces!!!! This sauce could or should be a staple in any kitchen. I'm glad to have a bottle in my pantry.

I would rate this sauce somewhere between mild and medium hot. You'll need more than a couple of drops but not much more than that to generate some heat in any dish. Compared to Tabasco's original you'll need about twice the number of drops.

Ingredients (as copied from the label): Water, Red Peppers, Salt, Spices, Garlic, Acetic Acid (a component of vinegar), etc ......

Note the relatively low level of vinegar within the sauce. That is a good thing. The type of red pepper is unknown but there is a natural sweetness to this sauce which I find quite pleasant. That sweetness balances nicely against the heat. View this sauce as a superior alternative to a very common benchmark - the original Tabasco hot sauce.

Minor flaws: There is a bit too much salt in this sauce but that only becomes evident when used in an already heavily salted dish. For example: This is not the best choice for a Bloody Mary due to the heavily salted nature of most vegetable/tomato juices.

Since this sauce is available in 5 oz, 10 oz and 32 oz sizes - you'd be wise to pick up the 32oz size given the fact that it often costs little more than the smaller sizes.

This is a fine basic hot sauce with a natural sweetness to it. This sauce is worthy of being a staple in any kitchen. It is better than most. What it lacks is that rare sense of freshness and, as noted, there is also a bit too much salt.
291353291353B0000GHXSGAINWDSHLD3WSMdpapa5500041324080000Great product, quick shippingI received this product from a friend of mine who is from AZ and immediately fell in love with it. It's slightly thicker than Tabasco and Trappey's, but not as sour, and with a little bit more heat. It goes well with almost EVERYTHING. So, I knew what to expect.

I bought two large bottles. The seller shipped the package quickly, except that the cap on one of the bottles was loose, so the hot sauce leaked a little bit; otherwise, I would have given them 5 stars. But that won't stop me from buying from them again next time I run out.

Highly recommend to those who want a little bit of heat, without having too much of a vinegar base.
291354291354B0000GHXSGAA9MMEOXVICBEEl Chango0051322784000I love salsaOnce again this is the only way I can get this salsa in japan. It was shipped fast and ahead of time, munchas thank yous
291355291355B0000GHXSGA2S3ZODBPE4XI5Sergio A. Rodriguez0041303516800Top Sauces Out ThereI've tried many different sauces. Tapatio stands at the top of the pack. It's not as spicy as Tobasco, but spicy enough without the vinegar taste. You can use it with lemon on Doritos Chips, and Ramen Noodles.
291356291356B0000GHXSGA2DVFHG099GUGEsauerkraut0041297728000A favorite hot sauceFor well over a year, I have been using different types of hot sauce on different types of food. Before I started doing this, I only ever remember using hot sauce on barbeque sandwiches. Even though I have tried numerous types of hot sauce during this period, Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce has set itself apart from the others and has become a favorite. When I was given a bottle of this hot sauce for the first time, as far as I remember, I was just expecting a typical hot sauce--this is not typical hot sauce. It is hotter than the other hot sauces that I like, but it is not overpowering and does not have a searing heat--more like a peppery heat. In addition, Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce has a pleasing, exceptional flavor. This is a hot sauce that I prefer to use only for special occasions. It is recommendable.
291357291357B0000GHXSGA1FHUYGO3OWWRFA photographer1251298332800Superb sauceA little more heat than cayenne pepper sauces like Tabasco but nowhere near as hot as the hotter habanero sauces. It has a great flavor that goes well with a variety of foods, flavors salad dressing, sandwich spread and barbeque sauces and make the blandest dishes come to life. It ranks in the upper tier of my favorite sauces.
291358291358B0000GHXSGA284PF4RQFRJ6QRed0151326931200Made My DayIm doing this review for my husband since he ordered it for me, we dont have tapatio overseas so getting it made my day I was so so so happy :-D but what really made me happy the seller put in a little note that said "THANK YOU FOR YOU SERVICE. PLEASE ENJOY FREE SPICY MANGO SUCKERS" that made my husband smile and is well appreciated I love the support you given my husband. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SELLER AGAIN ALREADY TELLING MY FRIENDS :-D
291359291359B0000GHXSGA32BF66SNPV710hancock90151324684800Top product, top companyThis company's picante sauce is top of the line. We are living abroad and it is one of the few things that we always find a way to get shipped or carried to us. The company is very helpful and delivery is fast. You cannot beat the taste of this salsa!
291360291360B0000GHXSGAKFI4DIWDV7VLRobin0251330387200Yum! Best Deal Per Oz and Good Customer Service!If you've ever had Tapatio, obviously you'd know it's wonderful. My boyfriend and I use it so much that it was getting kind of pricey to buy those small bottles at grocery stores for like $4 for a couple ounces! So, we bought it in bulk! This was the best deal out there that I could find, even with the shipping included. Good customer service, too. The first shipment arrived damaged and they replaced it right away.
291331291331B001NDHLEGAS93R6CZO7M2RWestgate0051350950400So fresh you think you just made it at homeI am so glad we found this product and we are happy with it, if you have ever bought jar/pouch baby food you will have a better appreciation for the fresh taste of yummy spoonfuls, it smells and taste so fresh, boy is this food good, love how my baby enjoys his meal time, broccoli is actually his all time favorite so far, we love the squash and now mix it with peas, sweet potato to create more variety, we have also added it to his quinoa. I am so happy to be able to give my baby this high quality fresh food that I would make if I had the time. Love this
291332291332B0028AGA2WAXQBIC8P94P7XSteve S.1131289606400Spicy, but also a little too salty for my tastesAfter looking for new spicy nuts on amazon, I came across these peanuts. Having heard good things about the Williamsburg Peanut Shop, I figured it was worth a blind buy and see how things go. When you taste the nuts, you first get a salty initial flavor, then immediately the jalapeno kicks in giving it that spicy taste. Not being a big salt fan, I wish there was less so the jalapeno flavor dominated more.

The quality of the nuts they select are excellent, so if you're good with salt and spice, this might be good for you.
291333291333B0028AGA2WA2OT3R5EQ85Z2LM. Bauer "M."1151280966400exceptional (but not "extreme spice")These peanuts are delicately spicy. If you are looking for a mildly different snack to enjoy everyday or when entertaining, look no further. If you're looking for "fist pumpin' hot snacks", look elsewhere.
Strongly recommended for those who love peanuts, would like a slight twist, and are looking for a snack they can serve to "mild" and "spicy" fans alike!
291334291334B0028AGA2WA1K2SW51UCW2RIDan0011337644800Small Plantersesque peanutsSmall but crunchy peanuts in this off-white powdery coating that gets all over the place and doesn't taste very good. I didn't love these.
291335291335B0028AGA2WA3MALBWCWTEONHMad Animator0051317772800Best Peanuts everFirst time I ran into these Jalapeño flavored peanuts was in Williamsburg at the shop that makes'em. They are instantly addictive. Finding them available through was highly exciting. They were delivered with all speed, and I have been frolicking with them happily since. Great price.
291336291336B0028AGA2WA1BJY4RBFJYZPDdnel0051311811200Favorite SnackI love these nuts! Used to get them at my local grocery but now can only find them here. Hot southern nuts and a glass of pinot gris, my favorite snack!
291337291337B0028AGA2WAEEQQ52YMYD4Achefmate1411268006400disappointedHaving had some delicious Jalapeno peanuts in a gift basket last year, I wanted to get some more. The brand I'd had were a similar price but the shipping was the same price as 3 cans of nuts! so I ordered this brand on amazon instead. Opened them and was sorely disappointed. They just tasted like regualr peanuts, with a tiny hint of spice, but certainly not a jalapeno flavor! contacted amazon and they were great about returning and refunding. I intend to shop around for better ones or even learn to season them myself
291339291339B005PPYVGOA2DFMOIP38VUJNRegina Marie Clark1211329350400fluffy cloud of synthetic flavortastes like a failed willy wonka experiment from the 80s made when the oompa loompas went on strike then repackaged as this salad dressing because to dump the vats of this syruppy concoction would be tantamount to the worst environmental tragedy in history. tastes like diabetes wrapped in a coma surrounded by a diabetic coma lying sideways in fanta strawberry soda if it got up and walked onto your otherwise perfect salad and grimaced at you.
291340291340B005IGXZ3KAWSWM9HJBAM651Venus3451346716800Yummy flavor!While I don't think this makes my homemade coffee drinks taste just like the Pumpkin Spice drink offered by Starbucks, I do think it's very good. It may be my favorite syrup for home use because it really tastes like pumpkin pie filling. I also love to put it into my soymilk. Silk makes Pumpkin Soymilk, but it's seasonal and hard to find in my area, not to mention expensive. I add two or three pumps of Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup to a glass of Vanilla Silk soymilk and made something very close for less $$$.
291341291341B0000GHXSGA3S583K80QN1VGG. M. Handlon "the brewfisher"192151170374400A *must-have* household stapleThis sauce is medium heat for everyday use. It has an excellent roasted pepper flavor, and there is *NO VINEGAR* to get in the way. Consequently, you get exactly what one should expect from a pepper sauce...versatility and flavor that does not try to smother the character of the food you season with it.

An every-day sauce should not leave a patina on your tongue. This is not a boutique novelty, it's a household staple. The 32 oz. size is the right size for a hot sauce household.

You want good? Try Tapatio on cottage cheese. You'll never eat cottage cheese any other way again, I promise.

I use it on just about anything except cereal and ice cream, but my personal favorite applications of Tapatio are:

anything creole (forget tabasco!)
cottage cheese
most rice
mac cheese
and of course...Mex

In my opinion, this is the best sauce in your local grocery store.
291342291342B0000GHXSGA39NTI5NUNFJ48Lee Harstad5551180310400If there were any more stars to give that 5 stars...I would give it. This hot sauce is the best hot sauce that has ever been made with human hands. To compare this to Tabasco is an utter mockery, but that is the most common "hot sauce" that most Americans have experienced, so that is the one that I will compare it to. Anyone that would try to genuinely compare the two should have a CAT scan done. A 7 out of 10 as far as hotness, Tapatio can go on anything that you need to make spicy and tasty. Try putting a couple of squirts of this Mexican nectar in a bag of Doritos and you WILL NOT be able to put them down. Buy the 32 oz. size, you will not regret it!
291343291343B0000GHXSGA1KE7V25KMX5DJRobert Braylock3351270512000Tapatio is GreatTapatio is great! I can always use more.

I wish it could be spicier, or that hotter sauces could taste more like this and less like habanero-mash.
291344291344B0000GHXSGA319UY53H0E4AYRhubarb2251317772800Best hot sauce I've ever tastedThis is without a doubt the best-tasting hot sauce I've ever had. I first encountered this sauce at a Mexican restaurant, among the other condiments on the table, and decided the cheap, simple-looking logo and foreign-sounding name merited a try for curiosity's sake. Boy, am I glad! I'm so used to the tongue-scathing, vinegary sourness of brands like Texas Pete and Frank's RedHot. This was so refreshing, it tastes so peppery and flavorful. The heat is definitely still there, but not overpowering like other sauces I've tried. I highly recommend giving this hot sauce a try.
291345291345B0000GHXSGA3W09FIMAYFUI8K. Fitzpatrick1151329868800Absolute Favorite Hot SauceHave tried many hot sauces over the years, but Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce is my favorite. After my local grocery discontinued it, I was bereft. Was so very pleased to discover that I could order it through Amazon. The first listed ingredient is chili peppers (in contrast to so many whose primary ingredient seems to be vinegar); it is hot without be mouth-numbingly so. It really is a delightful addition to a Bloody Mary (but, I must admit, I use it on many, many other things, from scrambled eggs to tostadas to all kinds of soups). I purchased this product from Amazon through Mex-Grocer; recently one of my shipments was lost in transit. They were so very great about following through, rectifying the situation, and apologizing that I wouldn't consider ordering from anyone else in the future. Would have to admit that I am somewhat addicted to this salsa.
291346291346B0000GHXSGA18LLMRVBULCI2mark1151317600000WonderfulJust a solid red pepper-based all-purpose hot sauce. I go through this 32 oz bottle about every 3 months, and am always excited to get a new bottle. It's like christmas morning.

I use this stuff on almost everything I eat, particularly sandwiches and pizza. This, plus a bottle of rooster sauce should leave almost anyone contented with their spice options.
291347291347B0000GHXSGA36VXW4M390A0UPeidmonte891151316736000#1 For Microwave Burritos HANDS DOWN!!!!!I love this stuff so much, not as hot as tobasco but more so than texas pete and lousiana! But thats not why its good, it tastes so authentic! And it is the best for burritos! Everything else tastes like something is out of place but with this I skip the restaurants and eat at home!
291348291348B0000GHXSGAJCTGKPXYG8DYJames Seger1151300752000The absolute best hot sauce availableI like spicy food, but usually avoid Tabasco-like hot sauce because it tastes like I poured vinegar over my food.

Tapatio is not made with vinegar. As a result, the hot sauce adds flavor instead of taking away.

In fact, it may taste too good. The heat has a way of sneaking up on you. I'd say it is about as hot as Tabasco, but you won't notice the heat at first.

Tapatio is hands down the best hot-sauce available and I use to to add flavor to everything from pizza to spaghetti to mac and cheese.
291349291349B0000GHXSGAL0S5HHCKNVCUBizzy Bizzy1151289520000Great hot sauceI got introduced to this hot sauce by someone who gave me a bottle...this will definitely be something I buy once it's gone. It's a great staple as others have mentioned. I would certainly recommend it. Great flavor without too much heat. It's just right!
291350291350B0000GHXSGA2AB2Z0GB4GGSKJoker-7250051338940800My Troop Loves It!!!!Oh my God, these bottles are coming overseas for my troops. There are only a few things we look forward too, and Friday night (WING NIGHT) is one of them. TAPATIO sets the evening off, and in fact, it tastes great on EVERYTHING!! I have even tried it on Vanilla Ice Cream, yes it does taste good. TRY IT, better than Frank's.
291351291351B0000GHXSGA3FNRG5RO6Z9AJem0051337212800Favorite Hot SauceI'm no expert, but I think this is the best hot sauce around. I have tried expensive and unique hot sauces but Tapatio will always be a staple in my home. I put it on everything, my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy. Like using ketchup on eggs? TRY THIS INSTEAD! You will never look back! This is a medium heat hot sauce, not enough to burn your tongue but enough so you notice the heat.

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