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291402291402B002WDCEHAAF9D2E3WRK6BHR. Brogan2231320451200Not what I orderedI ordered the new packaging on this product and received the old packaging. The discs in this packaging are defective which I suppose is why they changed it. Many of the discs in the brown packaging have caused problems as did the first disc out of this package. Last time I contacted Maxwell House to complain and they said they would ship me a replacement, never did. And here we go again. I am not happy with this product.
291403291403B002WDCEHAA3172C24I1YDCUVAGolfDad2231313107200It's OKNothing special. Coffee is weak but Tassimo has run out of good options. I liked Seattle's Best, gone! Then Starbucks, gone!
291404291404B002WDCEHAA34XVB0856JYPPLibrovore2221311984000Nasty aftertasteAfter Tassimo and Starbucks parted ways, I tried Maxwell House as a possible replacement. Yes, I get a full cup of coffee (as opposed to the espresso packs that require four to fill a cup), but it has a strange aftertaste that wasn't there in any of the Starbucks varieties I used to get. If you're looking for a Starbucks replacement for a full-bodied coffie, this isn't a good choice.
291405291405B002WDCEHAA2NARTG6UQ2K61C. valladares4511321228800Way Overpiced on this site!!!!!I've had my Tassimo for years now. I buy my coffee at their site or Target's. I can not believe that they are charging $35 for two bags. I purchase it for $6.99 a pkg,
291406291406B002WDCEHAA25KZGV2TFOE4Fire Island Muffin6841288656000close to dunkin donuts with milk and sugarI like Dunkin Donuts coffee and was looking for something similar. I like this Maxwell House "Cafe Collection" House Blend, as long as a add a little more water than suggested and I use skim milk and 2 sugars.
Looking at the choices on Amazon I see that there is a 12oz version but the T disc that I use makes an 8oz cup.
Maxwell House Cafe Collection House Blend Coffee (Medium), 16-Count T-Discs for Tassimo Coffeemakers (Pack of 2)
291407291407B002WDCEHAA2WKM9BXOC4JH9I. Bilynsky "Info Center"1131337644800This is very "medium" coffeeI think some of the negative reviews are coming from people who like strong brews and tried this thinking it would have the same deep flavor. It doesn't, but this really isn't the coffee drinkers' coffee. This is the the coffee you mix with sugar and creamer to enjoy or serve to guests you don't really like (saving the good stuff for yourself). I wouldn't say it is's just average. The flavor is very light and dissipates almost immediately after hitting your tongue. It would be fair to say the resulting beverage is, "water, with a hint of coffee".
291408291408B002WDCEHAABHB25431UKM7N. Kucij1131329436800Depends on what they mean by "cafe"Not the richest or strongest cup of coffee -- I went with the MH House Blend for my office because it was cheaper than some other brands/roasts, but if you like a fuller bodied coffee, you may want to spring for other T-disc options.
291409291409B002WDCEHAA314OMG7D74XKUDawnTaylor1151328918400Price too highI love my Tassimo and the coffee I get from it. However, why would you pay this much for the House Blend T-discs when you can buy them all day long at Walmart for $7.48 for the 16 count?
291410291410B002WDCEHAA1DIFL0333QPEBMarcus T. Brody1151327017600Good coffee - One of my favorites by TassimoI understand that there's no universal coffee that everyone loves. Everyone has unique tastes and preferences. But for me, this coffee is great. I've bought Starbucks and Seattle's Best coffee for Tassimo, as well as other designer coffees as well. Pretty much everything Tassimo T-Discs have to offer.

I guess I don't have expensive tastes or something, because this Maxwell House is the cheapest Tassimo has to offer, and I like it the best. I JUST bought 2 boxes yesterday, and amazon lowered the price by 25% in a single day! What the heck??

Yes, I know this seems expensive to the lay person, who might be new to Tassimo or is thinking about buying one. If you don't have a Tassimo machine yet, don't get one! Unfortunately, I'm stuck with one, so I'm forced to use it, but the coffee T-Discs are just way too expensive. Buy a Keurig. You'll pay more for the machine, but you'll pay less for the coffee, and you'll have a lot more options.

I don't like my Tassimo, but I refuse to buy a new machine when mine works perfectly. I DO like this coffee, however!
291411291411B002WDCEHAA251QRCV76OIZESJones871141323216000Pretty Good TasteThis product is okay. Not my favorite coffee but with the Tassimo you only get so many Brands to choose from on an office budget. I order this for the company and most here are okay with it.
291412291412B002WDCEHAA37UI3MYBHC17UMarilyn Y. Nance1141321056000Favorite BrandI have tried all the other brands and was surprised to find that I prefer the rich taste of the Maxwell House T-Disc coffee over any of the other brands.
291413291413B002WDCEHAA3D9NUCR4RXDPYKathleen San Martino1151290902400Excellent CoffeeThis is excellent medium blend coffee for the Tassimo by Bosch T20 Single Serve Coffee Brewer, White or any Tassimo that takes T DISCs. My boyfriend also tried this coffee and was skeptical of Maxwell House (which he ordinarily doesn't like) until he tried it. He also thought these T DISCs make a great cup of coffee.
291414291414B002WDCEHAA1E4HX9MGQRL2SC. Nespor "Dancing Queen"0051347235200Tassimo Maxwell House T-DiscsThe MAXWELL HOUSE coffee discs work wery well and the coffee is delicious. I prefer the Tassimo machine to the Kuerig because it operates much faster.

Maxwell House Cafe Collection French Vanilla Coffee (Medium), 16-Count T-Discs for Tassimo Coffeemakers (Pack of 2)
291415291415B002WDCEHAA32QMJOUWK2KMCJMUstu010041327017600TastyAfter allowing my Tassimo to collect dust for about three years, I brought it back to life and this coffee selection was my first choice. It smells great while being brewed and has a great taste. For me, I add a little ice and milk for iced coffee from time to time and that tastes great as well with this blend. Maxwell and the Tassimo make a great combination.
291416291416B002WDCEHAA1E5OIQ13B7T7WVictor L. Sacino "vlstpt"0051326758400Perfect Cup of Coffee.I have tried several brands of coffee on Tasimmo . I have yet to find one I did not like.I find that " Maxwell House Cafe Collection House Blend Coffee" (medium) is perfect at any time of day or night.Maxwell House Cafe Collection House Blend, 16-Count T-Discs for Tassimo Brewers (Pack of 3) (VLS)
291417291417B002WDCEHAAHFHXFLJDVW26Kathleen Hambleton0041316908800Best price around.This is the best price out there. It's almost $10 for one pack at the stores. It's also good coffee.
291418291418B002WDCEHAAELL0GJY7X9GDmckrow770051316390400Good StuffIt was great, real happy with the Tassimo machine and this coffee! I'm going to stock up. I recommend this to any regular coffee drinker.
291419291419B002WDCEHAA1NS7DJG481UHOCindy0051308614400Exactly what I expected!These were exactly what I would normally buy at my local grocery store, but they cost less through Amazon and I received FREE SHIPPING! I saved money all the way around!
291420291420B002WDCEHAA2AYPWWCOZDXG1Swamp Fox0051308528000Good CoffeeI have settled in on this coffee after exploring the French Roast varities and the frothy stuff my wife wanted to try. If I need my cup filled more, I just hold the button down after the main brew. walmart sells this same package for $5.60.
291391291391B0000GHXSQA3CJGCQI6RKRNJWiz Dood "Wiz Dood"0521323561600Great sauce....if you have nothing else.Low quality and low flavor hot sauce....not all that hot either.

If you need some hot sauce and have nothing else around, then this will do, but that there are so many other choices, this is the worst choice to make. Even regular tobasco sauce is much much better.

I can only describe it as being similar to watery taco bell sauce.

I would recommend Frontera Hot Sauce, Tobasco, or Cholula Hot sauce over this.
291392291392B001FUQ5EOA1APD6UJH9SUITT. Baldwin2231320624000Is what it is.. I've moved on to things with more dramatic effectsThe great news is I haven't gotten sick!

Unfortunately after a couple months of drinking this product daily I've not felt a huge change either... I've moved on to trying Amazing Grass which has been supplementing my daily vegi intake that I wasn't getting and has had more dramatic effects on my health. I've switched from this product to taking two tablets of Lifesheild mushroom blend at night. Overall I've seemed to have missed my yearly 3 day (or so) crippling sickness

Good will hunting,
291393291393B00826N3C6A2MZ4IC1NH5WLGC. Snyder1151343001600My favorite CBTL capsule yetI had been wanting to try some of the new CBTL capsules, but since there were not sold in stores I held off on trying them. When this one came up on Amazon I thought it would be the perfect chance to try it since it was free shipping. I am so very glad to have tried this capsule! I think it is the best one yet with a great aroma when brewing and a great taste to match. I will definitely be buying these again and I recommend to any CBTL consumer.
291394291394B00826N3C6A2D2XKSXEG3O7FMargo J. Aly0051350864000Pretty goodI love the flavor of creme brulee so when I got my machine, I also ordered a gazillion flavors including this. Amazon has a much better price than the CBTL website and quite a few flavors. The butterscotch is decent too. All these coffees pack a puch, but the flavor is not lost in the strength. Add a little Nestle pumpkin pie spice xreamer and a little sweetener and it makes a very tasty beverage.
291395291395B00826N3C6A2X8FL5FCANIT6Brad Blocker0051347580800Excellent!I'm not one that would typically drink a flavored coffee, however this one is delicious!! The aroma and flavor is fantastic! I highly recommend it!!
291396291396B001DDBL5GACPPS2WVMX3GQCasey0051341360000Olive oil from AmazonI really enjoy this brand of olive oil. Great service also. I love the lemon infusion . Tastes great on fresh greens.
291397291397B001DDBL5GA16W16G3HP8FO8J. Schutte "jen_schutte"0051340150400Love lemony olive oilI must admit I was a bit taken aback at the size of the bottles - they are rather small - but you only need a little bit on a salad, a drizzle on some goat cheese or a bit on some hummus to really liven up the food. I just love this stuff and will make sure I always have it in my larder now.
291398291398B001DDBL5GA19EXVDWPQTXFVMaria0051325635200Makes Excellent Salad Dressing!I keep this ONLY for my salad dressing! It's so delicious and light tasting. I will be reordering and gifting it for as long as it's available. Mantova Lemon Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 8.5-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)
291399291399B002WDCEHAA3SSVI14J5S3UJJudi-Riverside, CA121431317772800Soooo DisappointedLike, alot of others, we purchased the Bosch Tassimo believing what appears to be a great selection of coffees. Well here in America, most prefer a large cup of coffee, this delivers a good size, but this is really weak flavored coffee. Yes I wanted Starbucks, but I have been buying different coffees for the Tassimo machine and have yet to find the coffee I really like. I have purchased almost all that are offered, either they are very short cups, strong, but bitter and you have to use 2, to get the cup size you want, so then the price is not so great. This is really a sad situation, great machine, but really poor selection of coffees, Tassimo really needs to step of their game.
291400291400B002WDCEHAA1T0TCR2ZXX79MDusty Roan5551285200000Good Medium Bodied CoffeeI buy this coffee for my wife as she prefers a mild to medium bodied coffee. We have tried other brands and for the money this is her favorite


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