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291481291481B0009F1JQKA193T01W764AUWG. T. Sosnowski "Web Designer"3351120953600LIKE ORANGE JUICEThese are GREAT!

It's just like drinking a good glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice
291482291482B0009F1JQKA5L1DFVIC7C22adobe princess1151163030400Best one I have tried out of 3I am not sure I agree with the other person on the OJ taste, but these do have a very intense orange taste. I love citrus fruit, so that is good. These are not sticky as sweedifsh fish or gummy bears. I was supprised. Out of Kiwi and lychee this it the best. No sticking in the teeth. I really like them and will get more. I really like the Japanese candies because a small amout is very satisfying which does not lead to over indulging. Great if you love citrus I would highly recomend.
291483291483B0009F1JQKA1GWT7T7IC83GJCory Giretti0051325894400Best Gummies EVAR.These gummies are so amazing juicy and tasteful. Your basically eating an orange when you chew these little heart gummies. They are great and i wouldn't pass having some of these up.
291484291484B0009F1JQKA1HROV5P4DB5VOLaura L. Larsen0051238976000Tasty candiesI love these Kasugai gummy's -- every flavor I've tried tastes very strongly of the fruit it's meant to represent. The kiwi gummy's even have real kiwifruit seeds in them! They're also individually wrapped, so it's easier to share them and/or find a way to refrain from eating the whole bag in one sitting.
291485291485B0009F1JQKA1YXEYOWESHVLJM. Bergeron "Muziclvr"0041169769600A tasty (if pricey) fruit gummyA pleasant, orange flavored gummy candy. Not as artificial as most domestic (US) candies, very bright flavor. Good texture, soft, not sticky (no lost fillings here). A bit pricey for my taste.

Well worth a try if you like this kind of candy.
291486291486B001VJ3LXWA3L8ZQ0E35SAY9Bruce M. Westrate4451318464000My cats love this!!My four cats beg me for this. I give it to them in the evening as a special treat and they don't leave a single kibble!
291487291487B001VJ3LXWA21Q5VJ87SLOGOR. Springer2251339545600Cats' ReviewBrownie says she likes this food and Big Red is willing to eat it but prefers canned. What does my opinion matter if the cats say YES. However, I do have an opinion on the dry companion product, Filet Mignon Flavor With Real Seafood and Shrimp. The cats really liked that flavor but I won't buy it because it has a food coloring(?) in it which turns the carpet pink when Brownie upchucks on the carpet. If you have a regularly upchucking cat you might want to choose this flavor and avoid the Filet Mignon flavor.
291488291488B001VJ3LXWA5800RCABKG78Pen Name0051350432000Can't go wrong with Fancy FeastMy cats love this food above all others, even the expensive Nutro and Science Diet. The price is perfect for a multi-cat household.
291489291489B001VJ3LXWA9BWUH9XKZ2DQGUSR19 "JimE"0051348963200As dry foods go ...This is one of our cats favourites, the bowl (small to try to reduce over-eating) can need filling more than once a day.
291490291490B001VJ3LXWA3C2BZRZQ3YFH8Ramiro &0051335657600My Cats Love It
291491291491B000EFZKNSARA6R1JXB2R6RBarbara Barnhart1151297555200WONDERFULThe best find ever
291492291492B0002SA9AQA26N5RB0YTD44VRobert E. Johnson Sr.4451267056000Pigs EarsImmediate delivery, product is wll below store price. Will be buying on a regular basis.
291493291493B0002SA9AQA1WGYKPN35WZVYAnne M. Lehmeyer "Hoth Survivor"4451168819200My Boys favorite treatMy boys love these treats. They are not sticky and are very chewy. I love how easy it is to order in bulk on line and have it shipped right to my door. Now I have my dogs favorite treats always on hand.
291494291494B0002SA9AQA2EAIRRUWEPVUVpb302251328745600The best pigs ears on the marketCadet pigs ears are the best on the market...our dog loves them. These pigs ears are have less fat on them and are healthier than others we have tried. Would recommend them to any dog owner.
291495291495B0002SA9AQA5UZ5S21DWTTLJ. Scharlemann2251322179200My dogs love them :)The quality, size, and (from the way my dogs devour them) the taste are better than any other Pig Ears that I have ever bought. The price is good too!! I will always be buying these for my dogs from now on!
291496291496B0002SA9AQA26E0L53DCO42UPeter Barber1151337644800Always as promised and Price actually is going down!!!Been using Vendor for more the a year, product consistent in size and very competitively priced, pricing big issue ....enables us to buy the extra bag and save $$$$
291497291497B0002SA9AQA1B0M8DV476IKJTodd T. Derby0051348185600Solid product.Item as described. Zoe, my dog, goes nuts for 'em. Much better value on here than at Petsmart or the like.
291498291498B0002SA9AQANG75IDEZZSTVMelissa Taylor2851099353600pigs earsits an amazing product an my dog love them .. The graphics on the package are fantastic!!!
291499291499B007HP6FJ6A3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0051336608000Oh my goodness, this tea...Cranberry. Cranberry is another one of those flavors that brings out very distinct memories for me. Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house, not for the cranberry sauce (which I loathe), but for the cranberry juice she always had on hand. I loved it! And she'd mix it with a bit of ginger ale for me and oh, I felt so grown first cocktail! Virgin, of course. We lost her the year I started college, so every time I taste anything with cranberry, I think of her. Then growing up, my mom taught me how to make this delicious cranberry-orange bread with fresh cranberries, and that bread is why I always have cranberries in my freezer. I made it for my in-laws the first Christmas after the wedding and now they look forward to it every year. Maybe after I've tried this straight I'll need to try it with some orange juice. But cranberry is a flavor very near and dear to my heart, so I am very much looking forward to trying this one. The health benefits of cranberries aren't such a bad thing either, and since I don't drink juice anymore, this might be a good way for me to get them.

This blew my socks off. The scent when the package is opened is a sweet cranberry, not the tart berry I was looking for, but I can't bring myself to complain. I put about a quarter of a teaspoon in a small mug, added about 75-80 C water, some sugar, and frothed it up. Then I added robots (by which I mean ice in the shape of robots) and a touch of cold water to make a beautiful iced tea. I am so far from disappointed it hurts. This is lovely. I didn't expect to like this one nearly as much as I do, but I am in love. I'm definitely seeing the berry in cranberry, but there's also a hint of tartness in the middle of the sip. I am so surprised, I honestly didn't expect to be wowed by this. But I am and I am going to restock on it ASAP. I can't wait to try it blended with some vanilla matcha or some orange juice...yum. I don't have a lot of experience with cranberry outside of the little fruits baked into muffins, but I think I need to branch out and try some new things!
291500291500B006J1F8ZQAZ47KTRRB50A2rebecca0221334793600did not care for themNot horrible but did not care for the taste of this chocolate personally. Ate one and gave the rest to my son and his family.
291501291501B00186Z0GYA3DPSCGU111PKAdbny6641271808000Great convenience, but stuck with quality for entire shipmantI eat sunflower seeds almost every day, and David's is my favorite brand. Just finding the large bags in the stores can be difficult, and the price has been creeping upwards for the past year, so I am getting a great deal and wonderful convenience in buying bulk via Amazon. The only problem is that the quality of the seeds varies naturally, and in getting a dozen bags at a time, one gets the same quality in that entire shipment. My first shipment were all large, tasty seeds, which was great. My second shipment seems to be all small seeds; still tasty, but not really as good as the larger ones. I guess it's really no worse than buying five bags at a time at the store, and then hoping for the same or better quality the next time. The savings are significant, and if I can finish a shipment before the next one is due, I'll definitely stick with it.
291502291502B00186Z0GYA20EEWWSFMZ1PNbernie "webviator"5651252540800Hours of fun chewing and spittingI was raised up on these animals. As a child I used to go down to the farmers market and buy them by the pound. Now they come conveniently delivered in just the right size package.

The neat thing about Sunflower Seeds in the shell is that they are like buying three different products or tastes; you can eat them in the shell, out of the shell. Or just suck on the salty shells after consuming the seed.

Opening the shells is a skill in its self. Some people pry it open with their finger nails. Others bite down on it sideways making a cracking sound.

Another gross fun thing to do is spit the shells all over the place.

Any way you look at it there is lots of fun from this little package.
291503291503B00186Z0GYAG21NYW4MWCS6Cher1121339545600Small seeds, more shuck than seed.The sunflower seeds are very small. Not much to them. I have purchased David's in the past and I don't remember the seeds being this small. I don't think I will order these again. At least not without getting a look at the package and what is inside it before purchasing, which is hard to do with an online purchase.
291504291504B00186Z0GYA1AC6MVVGQPIW1Frasier Nutzov1141334534400Delicious with wonderful PACKAGINGI love David sunflower seeds. They have that genuine sunflower seed taste & smell. The big bags are a real plus. After the first bag, I use the empty bag to put the shells in for the second bag of seeds I enjoy. Then I use the second bag for the shells from the third bag, and so on. The trouble is what to do with the shells from the first bag? I thought about it and put the shells from the first bag I enjoyed into a candy jar, to save until I finish enjoying the twelfth bag, which I will then fill with the shells from the first bag, which are now in my candy jar. The bags are very colorful and air-tight, which can cause mildew if the shells are moist. So if you are going to save the bags of empty shells I recommend that you split the shells with a tiny nut-cracker (or needle-nose pliers) which is what I have always done after an unfortunate experience some time back with mildew in the bags. Don't split them in your mouth or they will become moist and then you have to dry them in your oven set to low heat (I don't have an oven!). If you can't afford a fancy Japanese pillow filled with oat-husks for your posture, the bags of sunflower seed shells make a great substitute. While I definitely CAN afford the Japanese oat-husk pillows (I'm a PROFESSIONAL person) I think the David bags add a lot of color to my bedroom, plus the waterproof plastic doesn't absorb my night-sweat (avoids more mildew). My group and I discussed theories about which David these seeds are named for, it would be nice if the company would put a picture of the right David on the bag so we would stop arguing. Other than that, this is the perfect food, the perfect product. Put a picture of whoever David is on the bag and I will give you a fifth star! Thank you so much for bringing these sunflower seeds (and the colorful reusable airtight packages) into my life!
291505291505B00186Z0GYA18QTEHHJUA380Paul1121333152000Very DissapointedThis is my second order of David Sunflower seeds from Amazon. The first order contained well sized seeds and I was very satisfied with the product. I just opened the first bag from the second order and the seeds were extremely small and on average less than half the size of the seeds in the first batch. Hopefully this second batch wasn't the norm. I will try one more time and if this next batch is as bad as the second batch I will no longer purchase the sunflower seeds through Amazon.
291506291506B00186Z0GYA2C0O9XSHYJL3OSeeder1141304640000awesome productI LOVE these seeds they are my habit like cigarettes are to most people. I was paying over $2/bag at walmart i'm glad i found this online. Only complaint i have is that when i ran out so early i didnt have the money to order another case til today but my old subscription wouldnt have shipped til May 23rd so i had to cancel and re-scubscribe. The seeds themselves have been great so far i havent gotten a bad batch so far like other reviews i've read.
291507291507B00186Z0GYAWGQNU8UT0INJustin D. Mount "bigmount"1151248307200Caffeine free alertnessI work on a swinging schedule upwards of 80 hours per week. I had always enjoyed seeds and as I saw my waistline growing due to pounding back energy drinks, sugar, anything caffeinated, I grabbed a bag of seeds to keep myself preoccupied and alert while I worked. These seeds truly are a "snacktivity" as they say on every bag. Enjoy every last seed in these big, money saving bags!
291508291508B00186Z0GYA2UL6FFXVLRVX0Alberto I. Hamade1151215648000Tasty Huge Bag of SeedsThese bags are much better than the smaller 5.25 oz bags. You get almost 3 times the amount of seeds for less than double the price. For experienced seeders like me this is a no-brainer. Tasty seeds that last forever!!!!
291509291509B00186Z0GYAWX7LSE1BX06MAbraham0051345766400Baseball & David Sunflower Seeds ... Favorite PastimeI am of the opinion that this is a very good buy for the "seeder" ... it has worked out to be a considerably better value per ounce than purchasing at the grocery store; particularly if a buyer subscribes for periodic deliveries. This may not be the case for everyone, but I have also had difficulty finding these bigger bags at local grocery stores / retailers.

Eat. Spit. Be Happy!
291510291510B00186Z0GYA3KP4KX9K10Y8CBruce "Bruce"0031343260800Small SeedsThe reviews you see about these seeds being small are true. Some of them are so small and undeveloped there is almost no seed inside the shell. I am highly disappointed in David. I would expect a higher quality product.

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