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291601291601B0017141NSA18XH05EP76D7SFred Everett0051350086400Omaha Ribeye SteaksMy first concern was the condition the meat would arrive in. No problem. It came in a tightly wrapped container solidly frozen. The steaks were beautiful and delicious. Nicely marbled a good size. I would do this again. We also ordered the BBQ package at the same time. It was equally as good.
291602291602B0000DG55MAKIGOUPTB86KZDoug Brunell "America's Favorite Son"6651165017600Destruction for Your MouthMy first run-in with this product was nothing short of amazing.

I had finished up my Blair's Death Sauce, which I found to be very pleasant on eggs, so I decided to crack open this bottle. Usually I do a small taste test first before using the product, but I figured it would be fairly similar to Death Sauce in taste and intensity. So, like I did with Death Sauce, I put it on my eggs as if it were ketchup.

Big mistake.

With that first bite, I knew I was doomed. My lips swelled up (I used a lot of it), my glasses fogged over, and I had trouble breathing. I actually almost called 911 because I feared my throat was going to swell shut.

Yes, it's that good.

I don't use nearly as much now. I learned my lesson. My tongue was destroyed for weeks after that, and I'm amazed I actually didn't have to go to the hospital. It is as hot as it is delicious, and I couldn't recommend this more ... unless, of course, the hottest thing you can handle is Tabasco. In that case, steer clear.
291603291603B0000DG55MA3NRYRENDLPI1SKW1151309651200great balance of heat and flavorI'm somewhat of a pepper head, but not 'hard core'. I've tried quite a few 'ultra' hot sauces like Dave's Insanity, Mad Dog 357, etc., but find that they are generally too hot to use except for cooking or to put just a couple of drops on a sandwich or burrito. A couple of drops of sauces like that adds plenty of heat but not much flavor.

This sauce is very hot but not as extreme. To make a dish respectably hot, I can add enough of this sauce to also add flavor. This sauce has a wonderful flavor, so it has become one of my favorites for sandwiches, wraps, burritos, tacos, etc.

If you think grocery store hot sauces are hot (or perceptibly spicy at all), you may want to look for something milder or use this only for cooking, ... if you are a hard-core pepper head then this may be too mild, ... but if you can handle a fair amount of heat and want something potent but flavorful, this is a great general-purpose sauce.

My favorite hotter sauce is Mad Dog 357 Ghost, but it has a different flavor and adds less flavor for a given amount of heat. My favorite milder sauce is Mad Dog 357 Pure Ghost, but it has a much different flavor and adds a lot more of it for the same amount of heat. Blairs After Death has a great flavor that goes well with a lot of dishes, and it has a respectable but not insanely ridiculous amount of heat.
291604291604B0000DG55MA1JPMK4MAWUS7Paul G0051338422400Hot but tolerable and tasty.This sauce is very hot but it also has a very good flavor. This sauce is not hot to the extent where you cant keep eating it. great on just about everything.
291605291605B0000DG55MA21LIU69Q2SEK7seth0051331424000very nicePretty hot, with a taste you can keep eating with. I would say this should be in any collection. I use it at least every other day. Good stuff!
291606291606B0000DG55MA1VDPAUBS71M1BDean Swiatek "fps_dean"0051322870400Perhaps my favorite hot sauce ever?Let's start off by saying I love hot foods. I cook rice, chicken, burgers etc just so I can have something with my hot sauce. That said, Blair's After Death is arguably my favorite hot sauce; my other favorite is Blair's Pure Death. Pure Death is straight tomatoes, peppers and vinegar, but After Death contains no ghost peppers, but contains Chipotle peppers so it has a very distinct Chipotle flavor (much like the original Death sauce, only hotter). On some items, I prefer the chipotle flavor and on others I don't, which is why I put this as a tie for my favorite hot sauce.

After Death is not so hot where I can't really use it, but it is hot enough where it can provide more than adequate burn, and a bottle lasts me quite a while (unlike Pure Death which I go through very fast).

I highly recommend Blair's After Death on a burger. It is hot enough where if you use enough it can make your eyes water, but not so hot where you can't taste the burger and the Chipotle flavoring goes very well with a good burger.
291607291607B000E7VK9YA1EJ03SN42YAA7W. Lukehart "lawayne"9951168473600Savory, Flavorful, and EASY!If you like Thai food or peanuts and slight-to-medium spicy food.....this is a product I highly recommend. This product is a dry coating that sticks to moist meat.

I use it with skinless/boneless chicken breasts....and let it cook for 40 minutes or so covered at 350degF, and the last ten minutes take the cover off, lower the heat to 325degF and let the juices condense to a syrupy consistency that your guests/family can spoon over potatoes (mashed or baked or sweet). Careful, it burns easily past a certain point. I was so glad when I saw this product available on Amazon as not many markets carry this product and while you must buy 12 packs, it is about 30% less than buying the individual packs at the market. The packets are foil, so the product will have a long shelf life. I have been using it for five years and my family and friends always compliment me on the meal. This product is the REAL me.
291608291608B000E7VK9YA1DME2EMMFW036T. Iglesias7751153353600Taste of Thai Spicy Peanut BakeI like spice, so it's great for me, but if you are using it for meat and are in the habit of marinading and seasoning the meat before preparing it, tone down your own spices, this spicy peanut bake is spicy enough on its own and tangy and doesn't require additional seasonings. So be careful.
291609291609B000E7VK9YAVQ4LM4AIM7QCurmudgeon5551164326400A great product!I have been buying this item at a local supermarket, but they stopped carrying it. It is also significantly more expensive locally. I use it in stir fries, usually along with some sweetened Indonesian soy sauce (Kecap Manis). It is a great flavoring and so easy to use.
291610291610B000E7VK9YA3JKXNOLX2QRJ7darlene conright "alaskan darlin"3351163203200Good and spicyMy husband and I both enjoy this product. We usually have it a couple of times a month and use it on chicken. Just follow the dirctions on the package which is very simple. While it's baking in the oven, fix some rice and a quick vegetable. Dinner is served. If you use boneless chicken, watch your baking time. Very tasty product and Amazon has it at an excellent price.
291611291611B000E7VK9YA2MNB77YGJ3CN0L. Mountford3351199404800Wonderful for singles/couples ...This comes packaged in a packet that contains two envelopes of the peanut-spice coating mix, each one covering 2 large chicken breast halves. You can use one, and save the other for a later meal. This is a VERY nice touch for those of us who cook for only one or two people.

The mix itself is very good -- mildly spicy with finely chopped peanuts. It bakes into a yummy "sweet"-spicy sauce, a little like barbecue sauce. It's much better than the usual "shake and bake" coating mixes. I've had it on chicken breast halves, chicken tenders, and pork chops so far, and really like the flavor. It isn't too salty, either.

I'll definitely be purchasing more of this in the future.
291612291612B000E7VK9YA3ESIT9UBID938Glenn A. Auve1151332979200great but expensiveI really love this stuff. Gives my chicken a bit of zip, but not too crazy spicy. The only problem is that it is outrageously expensive. I don't know what's in it that makes it cost so much. Maybe they put gold dust in there or something?
291613291613B000E7VK9YA2GC2ES46CAZW2bfris1151283299200Temporary cure for depressionI swear this stuff has anti-depressive properties. It gives me a little pick me up whenever I have it.

I like it on pork chops. As long as you don't overcook, you're set. Yum.
291614291614B000E7VK9YA3QFLUR6L470D6Carolyn J. Seguin "Cary"1151256515200A Taste of Thai Spicy Peanut BakeThis is such a useful and delicious product for anyone's kitchen. Try using it when you make your own (oven baked) sweet potato fries, or add it to your mix for Buffalo type chicken. The packets are a handy size, and it can be added to all kinds of main dishes.
291615291615B000E7VK9YA3V59YZPC0IRHJMarcia Fishbein1151249776000Have loved this stuff for years!Our supermarket stopped carrying this product and am so glad to find it on Amazon! I use it routinely for fish (Tilapia) and chicken. We eat it at least once a week, and I love that it's tastely, easy, not unhealthy. If your like sweet with a hint of spicy....this is the product for you!
291616291616B000E7VK9YA22EONXMKVPG5JR. Patel1151241827200Spicy Thai Peanut BakeExcellent flavor and an easy to make recipe. Just be sure to add plenty of lime to your dish with this mix. It really brings out the best in the recipe.
291617291617B000E7VK9YA22MMACLKTNBU9Maya1151192924800Sweet, spicy and very yummy!This tastes great on chicken and shrimp and is very easy to use - just like Shake 'n' Bake but so much tastier! It is not too sweet or too spicy.
291618291618B000E7VK9YA2GRW5JIR7SGTHK. Waltz1141182816000Very tasty and easyThis is a great, low-fat way to prepare chicken, and is great with an Asian style cucumber salad on the side. It is not, however, spicy at all. It is sweet and delicious, but could use a little more spice. I recommend pounding the chicken breasts before you coat them in the peanut mixture. If you do not overcook them, they come out perfectly juicy and delicious every time.
291619291619B000E7VK9YA11NA1Y95J21MZWolfaman0051347667200Amazing!I make this using shrimp and it is by far mine and my wife's favorite meal! I make sticky rice for a side dish and top it with sweet Thai chili sauce... Heaven in my mouth!!
291620291620B000E7VK9YA2DTZUZK9YRJVKclearanceman0051345766400If I got this in a restaurant, I would be happyIt's best with good chicken, I try to get the free range chicken at the grocery store when it gets close to the date and goes on clearance. This stuff actually flavors all the way through the chicken. And the flavor is so good spicy but not too spicy. It's so good I admit I dip bread in the left over sauce on the aluminium foil covering the baking pan. And that's amazing too. It's one of the best things I ever had.
291621291621B000E7VK9YA30QMNHLS0YTKIL. Ferguson "WineChick"0051338249600Great on chicken or fishWe looooove this peanut bake. It's not available locally anymore, so I ordered it bulk on amazon. We enjoy it on chicken, tilapia and especially steelhead trout. I cover a cookie sheet with foil, spray with EVOO or Pam. Lay fish or chicken on sprayed foil, sprinkle peanut bake on protein of choice to coat well, pat seasoning on, if needed. I usually bake extra coated boneless chicken breasts to slice on salads the next day. (Awesome with a thai peanut or sesame ginger dressing.) Not spicy, very peanutty. Use foil to save yourself sticky, baked on clean up.
291622291622B000E7VK9YA381FU85EDHQFMFirengiola0051334534400Soooo tastyWe all love the Thai peanut bake. It's so easy. Just follow the instructions on the package. Serve with sate sauce, white rice and cucumber salad.
Dinner succes guaranteed.
291623291623B000E7VK9YA2N5F2LBP2E6AUPantheist0051324512000Simple coating - Superb tasteYou can't mess this up, simply coat the food with the coating then bake in oven.
The taste is unbelievable, authentic Thai with a mild-medium spice.
I can't get enough!
291624291624B000E7VK9YA2YH0385L2FNZQMaria0051270598400Easy and deliciousMy local store stopped carrying this, and I was a little concerned about buying the 12 pack as I usually only cook for 1 or 2. There was no need to worry, I went through them all and am back to reorder. I use it on boneless, skinless chicken and serve it with rice and a vegetable, a great meal is on the table in 30 minutes.
291625291625B000E7VK9YA28TAU0EAOK8UDM.S.0051241222400delish!great topping for chicken and fish - quick and easy for a weekday meal and looks/tastes good enough for company. serve w/rice and snap peas and you're all set. enjoy!
291626291626B000E7VK9YA33DM97YUPCBZFE. C. Preston0051240531200An Easy FallbackThis is nice to have on hand. It's quick to throw together (you just need the 40 or so minute chunk of time). We put down some rooster (srirachi) sauce in a casserole dish, the coated chicken breasts and top it off with a little more sauce. That makes it fairly spicy (the peanut bake itself is not very spicy at all - unless you're super sensitive). Also you can throw brown rice in the oven and everything's ready at the same time (cheat with a little microwaved-steamed broccoli and your well rounded meal is ready with no real effort on your part!).
291627291627B000E7VK9YA3C8UW61E7W38DA. Levitt0051233792000Simple and DeliciousI've cooked this dish for many people and have gotten amazing feedback from everyone. It's a simple and excellent meal.
291628291628B000E7VK9YA3Q3ALFEJVEND7Rebeccawa0051230249600QUALITY PRODUCTThis is a hard to fimd item and well worth buying the case lot. Excellent on chicken and shrimp. If you love thai food this one's for you.
291629291629B000E7VK9YA1OTUFJDVQBXEcassandra "cassi"0051173916800Great taste, not too spicy not too sweet, perfect.Im a thai fan so finding this was a real treat. It is getting harder and harder to find in the stores so I'm stocking up from Amazon. My toddler loves it and we use it on all meats. I make rice using coconut milk to serve with this and it's yum!
291630291630B000E7VK9YA1SD8FS9H9AZ4RSB "Short cut cook"0051173312000Thai Peanut Bake - greatAnyone who has used this brand knows how tasty all of the products are.

I could not find this one in any of my local shops in my new neighborhood - so it was a great convinece to have it sent to the house.

I used for a dinner party & all guests left w/ a packet - all very happy.

Its an easy way to make a big impression.

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