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291658291658B000W7WQX0A2DJ5R7SYQ2G4UDr.'J'2241289865600Brings back good memories!!This is a great product. I can't find corn nuts around here. They are sooo great. I can't remember the manufacture from years ago, but these are very close. The only difference I note is that these are a tad less salty, but that's o.k. we all get way too much salt.

I will continue to purchase these lovely, crunchy, nuggets of corn!!
291659291659B000W7WQX0A1ZZOGND093G6VJuan Arroyo "Romans 8:18"2251253059200Great Snack Great PriceThis is just another great snack and good alternative to chips and popcorn. For those of you who like crunchy snacks without the oily hands, this is it.
291660291660B000W7WQX0A33R5P618X7MG7J. Piper2251252713600Hadn't seen these in years...For some reason, I couldn't find them...until now. A great snack and somehow they've made them a bit less 'hard' on the teeth which is good! Highly recommended for those who love Fritos but want a different 'crunch' and less oil...
291631291631B004H1WJEIA2MG4L0KMGFCR1T. Beauchamp "Terri"4451260576000Healthy & holding powerSpirulina and great flavor, what more can you ask of a snack? I use them at work as a meal substitute when it's necessary to work through lunch. Sometimes they are great for an afternoon snack. They are always fresh when I buy them from Amazon.
291632291632B004H1WJEIAV8HGBJ1OORNFMrs. Murphy3351276732800Great tastingGreat snack when im out biking. Gave several to my friends and they enjoy them too.Would recommend them to anyone. Great product.
291633291633B004H1WJEIAFOEOYSYD04J5Gerald M Crowley1141322611200contains Fo Tiwhich is why I purchased it for a snack. But the dietary fiber or something disagreed with me. gas.. I still ate em all but.. not again.
291634291634B004H1WJEIA1R5H10CM5F1X5Tram Nguyen3451235174400Good Timing! Tasty and good as alwaysIt took a while for this product to become available. The almond butter (regular, not high protein) ones are better, but are not available - wish they were. But as soon as the spirulina balls were on sale, I received them soon after my purchase.
291635291635B004H1WJEIA90THXDJK53Z8JUST a READER0041350691200yumthese are really good. but kids and others who like sweeter treats might not like them. they are not very sweet. just more 'green.'
291636291636B004H1WJEIA3RRSQO1ZLZDT2L.A. Lawyer0031311984000I Like Betty Lou's Peanut Butter Balls BetterSo far I have tried Betty Lou's Coconut Macadamia Nut Balls, the Spirulina Ginsing and the Peanut Butter.

I found the Spirulina Ginsing a litte too sweet (although drinking it with bitter tea helped to cut the cloying sweetness) and the taste a bit odd.

So far, the Peanut Butter are my definite favorite of the Betty Lou's nut ball products. I ordered the Spirulina Ginsing because they have less calories than the Peanut Butter (170 calories versus 190 calories), but I think I will stick with the Peanut Butter, which I found more palatable.

I do find that the Betty Lou's balls make a great afternoon snack -- they are very filling and can stop a junk food craving in its tracks.
291637291637B004H1WJEIA1YJ8LZ6RD6GNLMr. Scott Grover "advice guru"1341240790400buy for nutrition, not for tasteBoth spirulina and ginseng are less than palatable, and the nut butter only partly obscures their taste. Expect nutrition, but at best it is an acquired taste.
291638291638B000HNEX80A2LJ22JHGSVW6BCharles3351299628800Maybe I'm just confused......So, I was looking for Mars bars. And here they are, a 4-pack listed for

Price: $8.50 ($0.57 / Item)

Now, maybe it's just me. But if you had asked me, how much does each item cost separately if a 4-pack costs $8.50, I don't think I'd come up with $0.57 / Item as the answer.

Maybe it's British math, I don't know.
291639291639B000HNEX80AT17C6CLPGIQDPj Dupuis1111326067200Unexpected QuantityThis is 4 Mars bars, not 15 Mars bars.

From the
"Product Information
Brand: Mars bar
Item Package Quantity: 15
Manufacturer: Mars
Country of Origin: Gt Britain"

and the math $11.99 ($0.80/item), I expected 15 Mars bars.

The Product Description reads "The original Mars Bar from England, milk chocolate with soft nougat & caramel center. Each bar is 2.3 oz. You get 4 bars in a pack. "

I thought they were selling Mars bars from a shipment of 4-packs. Instead they are selling 4 Mars bars. Don't understand the ad as I did, be aware this is 4 Mars bars for $3.00/Item.
291640291640B000HNEX80ATM4SOZ6XC2L9Jim Moore "Jim Moore"1151209945600Found at lastThis is my friends favorite candy bar,& he hasn't been able to find them for over 2 years. When I took them to him he didn't know what to say so he took us out for a steak. Pretty good deal for 16 candy bars! Thanks Jim.
291641291641B000HNEX80A1301TRTSL3XXHKim Miller3441196208000Mars BarsThese were good, but not like Mars Bars in the U.S. These are more like Milky Ways.
291642291642B000HNEX80ADOWGXDQZU1BRMaggie "mags"0051277337600Favourite Candy Bar of all time.In Georgia I found the Mars Bars on the shelves in the Ethnic food counters of my local Publix store, was so happy that they had started to carry a lot of english products.
291643291643B000HNEX80A22XIAQIX0VWH6Olivia Green0051225584000Mars bars are a hit!We can't get these candy bars in the U.S. anymore. I bought them as a surprise nostalgia gift and they were a great hit. I didn't get a chance to try one but I was told they are similar to Milky Way bars. Every bar was eaten so I assume they were yummy.
291644291644B000HNEX80A5B5JEWQDM0UFJames D. Dancer1251261958400A Great Christmas Present!My mom thought the Mars Bars did not exist anymore... until I bought a four pack for her for Christmas. She loved them. I have not tasted a mars bar, and I probably won't for a while longer. I want my mom to have all of them. She loves them, so, they must be a fantastic product!
291645291645B000HNEX80A2SKOQ1MVM53Y9Jean L. Layne "Jean Layne"0131233792000Retro candyI bought theses for my friend.She said they are not as she remembers. The original had almonds on top. I ate one and liked it. I'm younger than her and don't remember these.I see they are comparing these to Snickers almond,yummy.
291646291646B0017JAR2OACTZIVK4HR2ZGMoxiegirl1131334880000Large?Compared to a couple other brands of dental chews that I purchase for my dog, (a favorite-Dancing Paws Breath-A-Licious, at Swanson Health Products online, also less $), I wasn't much impressed with the Twistix brand. My dog is a 45lb. Border Collie that is considered medium and these are labeled "large"...they are small for her. To me, the "Twistix" are also quite a bit thinner than they appear on the ad page, and they were quickly devoured by her. I would compare it to eating a "Twizzler" in our human world. I'm happy that she liked them, though I wouldn't purchase the Twistix to help improve her oral hygiene. Looking back, I should have reviewed and recognized that the ad describes the package at 5.5oz. which is light for 7 chews. Also, I've noticed in the 2 weeks since I purchased them, the price is up over 70 cents. I don't feel they are worth it.
291647291647B0017JAR2OA271XRYIJZ70S8F. Koczian1141325289600I thought it would be a bigger, but price and healthy treats was awesomeThe treats I bought were affordable and healthy. They came just after christmas, but that's okay. I thought it would be a bigger bag, but it was rather small, only about 7 chews in a bag.
291648291648B0017JAR2OA1QQ8WKHGUBR36J. Starr "q.e.d."1151283299200Very good for terrible doggy breathWe have a 13-year-old cocker spaniel/poodle mix. Over the past year, his breath was getting really foul. Could smell him from 3 or 4 feet away.

Tonight, we gave him half of one of these Twistix. Already, we've noticed a huge difference. We're very happy with this product and what it does for our little darling's bad breath.
291649291649B0017JAR2OA21AUK8NLKBM8HJulie Miller1151255046400MY HUSKY LOVES THESE STICKSMy husky is very fussy so it's not easy for me to find a wheat-free treat that not only she loves but is healthy and cleans her teeth too. I bought about 10 packages from this vendor and plan on buying more when I run out.
291650291650B0017JAR2OA1PSGVLEWHW3AMKay Carbone0051336521600My two toy poodles love these!I just purchased a container of 25 for $9.99 at TJ Maxx. Poodles build a lot of tartar on their teeth so I thought this would be a great way to help their hygiene. Seeing the cost online for just a few "stix"... I'm happy to see that I got a great deal. Possibly I'll go back today to purchase a few more containers of them. My two dogs
absolutely go nuts over these. For a toy poodle, one "stix" seems large... so I break them in half. However, they would devour a whole one in no time if I let them have it. The ingredients look healthy.... starting with Rice flour, protein concentrate, vegetable glycerin, water, etc....
291651291651B000WFSQQSA3OYEIKNCOBIXZCourtsy0142251298246400Best and Worst Purchase I could have ever made.A lady at small pet store who is always trying to push me onto all the extremely expensive cat anything with the lectures about their health and so forth (youve prob all had one of those sales people before) keep putting these on the counter trying to convince me to purchase. I nicely said no, they are fine with their own treats and as she continued to ring up my order, she threw a few of them in the bag to try.
I got home, unpacked my items and almost forgot they were in there, so I pulled them out, called the cats over and tossed them on the ground. I have three cats. One, who will eat anything and push the others out of the way to get it, one that likes almost everything but is a slow eater, and the third who never eats treats, he walks away, not wanting a thing to do with them.
Never in the years Ive owned these boys have I seen such a reaction. All of them, grubbing them down, searching for more and then started to whine. I knew I was doomed. They followed me around for awhile harrassing me for more.
I broke down, ordered them (shipping was alot faster than I expected) and now those are the only treats they will eat. They sit and stair at the shelf of my bakers rack making sure I notice them everything I walk into the room. They are so obsessed with them, the youngest(the pushy one) has learned to take his turn and they are thrilled everytime I grab the jar.
Positive Points for their love of the treat.
Negative Points for the price, quantity given and the whining and begging
291652291652B002SZRREWA36WZ64CFXCSYFByrd "Montazhjawn"1151273536000Switched from CoffeeThis tea is amazing. It tastes so good I switched from coffee to Teavana's tea. I feel lost with out a cup in the morning and a couple more throughout the day. The teavana travel mug is worth the $$$ invest and you will have delicious warm tea with you all day.
291653291653B002SZRREWA2OB1D0P93GW6WGlyphix030051330473600DeliciousI am brand new into brewing loose leaf tea and this was the first cup I tried. Delicious!! I will never be going back to tea bags again. I brewed it in a french press actually because I got this in the mail before my Adagio Ingenuitea arrived, and both my girlfriend and I instantly had to have a 2nd cup. Great tea!
291654291654B002SZRREWA2PIDI3LJKGISLKrista0041316476800Delicious--very fruityThis tea is very good. I'm a religious green tea drinker, so I decided to branch out and try this fruity variety. I'll have to admit that it doesn't have quite enough of the green tea taste that I was hoping for and I don't taste any Jasmine, BUT it is still delicious and I would recommend it to anyone who likes fruity teas.
291655291655B000W7WQX0A2QCITU3O6BAYYMary A. Scott "movie junkie"9951244505600Tasty, yummy snackIf you've never had Cornnuts, you don't know what you're missing. Of course you do have to love corn and have a good, strong set of teeth. One of the best snacks on the planet!
291656291656B000W7WQX0A1VXDUIFTBYCRXMichael Stclair5551259193600Everything you expect.I enjoy corn-nuts from time to time, one day (while eating cornuts) i decided to see if i can buy them in bulk to save a couple of Dollars. Fortunately had most of the flavors online in a convenient 12 pack, and these are the 4oz bags which are almost a meal alone. The packaging was in a corn-nuts box with a cutout for easy access. Plus you can use the subscribe and save feature of and save even more money. Great product great service.
291657291657B000W7WQX0A2KELEG2C5GS2IL. Tigay2251297209600I Love Corn Nuts!I find Corn Nuts the perfect snack for me. I need good crunch and salt, but not too much. Eating them I'm reminded of the semi-popped nuggets at the bottom of the popcorn bowl, which I love, but Corn Nuts are ever so much better!

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