Amazon Fine Food Reviews

291717291717B000R4CJQ2AKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige71011332806400Absolutely Awful Cat FoodI bought this cat food because of the wonderful low price and I enjoy they catchy jingle from the commercials. My cats did eat this food, but after reading the ingredients I completely regret purchasing it and feel just awful for feeding it to my cats. The first three ingredients are (which indicates the most prevalent ingredients) are chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, and ground yellow corn. How disgusting is that?! The main ingredient is a corn filler. Basically, corn is just a filler and causes pets to actually eat more to feel full, poop out more (more for us to clean in the litter box), and retain less nutrients. Most inexpensive low-quality foods have lots of these fillers and cheap ingredients with little to no nutritional value. The only meat in Meow Mix at all is a by-product, its not even a real meat! By-products are the stuff leftover once all the actual meat is harvested. We're talking beaks, chicken feet, eyeballs, even chicken poop! I would not recommend this product to anyone, for any reason, ever. It is an absolutely awful cat food. I suppose you get what you pay for. I recommend to stay far away from Meow Mix, as it is simply a very low quality food. Even though the price is quite inexpensive, your cat will actually eat more than if you paid for a better quality food, because they will never feel full. Cats need to eat meat, and there just isn't real meat in this food. High-quality foods tend to be more nutritionally dense, meaning you will be feeding a much smaller amount for the same number of calories. If you do the math to figure out the cost for the number of calories you need to feed your pet, many premium foods are CHEAPER than the awful crap you're buying at the grocery store. When purchasing a cat (or dog) food, the most important thing to consider is the first 3 ingredients; just make sure those first three are decent ingredients that you would eat yourself- provided that you eat a typical (non vegetarian or other restricted) diet. Now that I know what to look for, I usually buy my pets all natural foods such as Blue Buffalo, Halo, Wellness or Natural Balance. All of those brands contain real, whole meats that I myself would eat, with no added fillers or corn.
291718291718B000R4CJQ2A27MBMFMSDQAYDTheHahnz0051349308800The only dry food my cats will eat!Meow Mix original is THE ONLY DRY CAT FOOD my kitties will eat, ever! I've made the mistake of picking up the wrong flavor and would end up having to go back to the store and buy the original. I do mix the wrong one with the original but the portions have to be tons more original than different flavor. My kitties are filled out well, their coats are so heavenly soft and shiny. Being able to have it shipped to my door saves me so much in not having to drag the big bag around getting it home. Thank You, Jill Hahn
291719291719B000R4CJQ2A3PNUU05KRH0UVwatcher0011348876800Meow MixMeow Mix is a very awful cheap cat kibble that has carcinogenic food colorings, and other unhealthy ingredients in it. The price is high and can be purchased cheaper at Walmart, Target or Petsmart but to feed this junk to your cats is like feeding them poison.
291720291720B000R4CJQ2A1VT54NMWWGX0CTracy Shenton "TS"0051334966400yummy!My cats love Meow mix. It is a great value when you buy the large bag. I pour some in a big container that I bought, and fill their bowl from that. I never have to worry about running out, and when you order it from Amazon, you get Super Saver shipping, and its delivered right to your doorstep. No lugging it yourself from the store. Win-Win situation!
291691291691B0000DG55XA9L6L5H9BPEBOEdwin C. Pauzer3351277251200It's the Spice of LifeThis is the successor to "Ass in the Tub" which means it is far hotter than a sauce that is already so hot contact with your saliva is like watching boric acid fizz and bubble, only this one really burns. The reference to the posterior is appropriate considering that after ingestion, an eventual exit in this area of human operation may feel like an Apollo Five rocket at ignition, also known as the Blue Flame Syndrome.

The contents are cayenne pepper, water, salt, acetic acid, oleoresin cayenne, starch and caramel color. You should note that the formal name for pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum. One teaspoon (you're crazy if you use anywhere near this much) has: 1% your daily allowance of fat, 0% saturated fat, 2 grams of total carbohydrates, or 1%. Protein? None.

I have the same 5 oz. bottle I bought four years ago, which shows the enormous respect I have for this product. I take it very lightly which means I don't take it very lightly.

If you like flavor, watery eyes, pores opening suddenly to gush forth with droplets of water, and don't mind smoking without a cigarette, this little red heater is just for you.

It'll definitely put hair on your chest, even if you already have some!

It's the spice of life.
291692291692B0000DG55XA3MPU2J1QQH8P6y2ken "y2ken"2241289001600The Best!I love this hot sauce. Very hot, but not just simply hot, it has good flavor too. To me, the supermarket brands all have a strong vinegar taste which I don't like.
291693291693B005HN364MA334K8RSFZRTPBSpark40051350777600Awesome Product!I got a puppy and he is now 19 weeks old ( English GR).
In the beginning i fed him the large breed puppy food from was a huge project every day (morning & evening) to feed him and sometime he didn't eat at all.
My vet recommended this product and i bought it, its amazing how quickly my pup finishes his food nowadays...
My pup seems to love it....
its been 2 month now i am using this product and i will highly recommend this and will buy my next batch.
291694291694B005HN364MA3N4JAO6EON1F5lauren0051349481600amazing puppy food.This is a really good product for puppy, one of the best I think ! I have a 4 month Akita and he love it , the food keep him healthy and It is all I want. My vet put this food at the best one for large puppy bread.
291695291695B005HN364MA2QHTHGY1918Q7J. Brown0051348272000My pup loves it!My German Shepherd was not eating. I had him on Biljacks at the time and he would rather go hungry than try to muster up the courage to eat that stuff. He was getting sick on occasion too so I tried a small bag of this food and he was back to normal. Eager to eat each time I placed his bowl before him, no more upset tummy, etc. It is a great product! I would definitely recommend this food to anyone with a dog that has a sensitive stomach.
291696291696B001T8W72GA2D97NEZJLWRIPMartin Basiszta "M. Basiszta"0051346544000Uncle Sam's Products ruleOur 40 pound dog just loves these Chicken Drummets. The price here on Amazon is also quite reasonable. We recommend this treat and, really, the whole line of Uncle Sam's products. Amazon is out of them right now, so let's all ask that they restock this item. Thank you.
291697291697B000IEVKNEA3K9WSMC41C3OGDonna Gorniak2241282694400Not too bad.These are actually not too bad. They have a light coating of cheese powder on them. The worms themselves are dry and crispy with a nutty flavor. They taste remarkably similar to the slightly overcooked pieces of rippled potato chip you find at the bottom of the bag. Even my kids did not mind them after a little coaxing to try them.
291698291698B000IEVKNEA33D955EVRPHSJT. Pond "Natural testosterone lover"1131324252800The worst thing about these worms...Is the awful cheese flavoring...they would have been better unflavored with just a little salt. I've eaten many a bug in my day and this particular case it's the favoring that does the worms in, unfortunately. I suggest a seasalt and pepper flavor...keep it au naturale!
291699291699B000IEVKNEA1X3UVRTSQ4KFDJim Skahill0051299542400bugs are yummyI bought these for my kids. They were saying how gross it was that some people eat bugs.
They tried these because I said they can't say it's gross unless they tried it.
Needless to say they love them! I wish they came in family size bags!
291700291700B003YBH3NYALI8TA6HNCBBJAlison Carmichael "Gadget Geek"101051296864000Gluten Free GoodnessI discovered GoPicnic when I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I am so happy that Amazon has such a large range of these handy meals. Small enough to go in a purse, but filling enough to substitute for a normal meal, they run about 350 calories per pack. I have tried all the gluten free flavors, but the Tuna and Crackers is my favorite. There's a container of tasty tuna spread, a small bag of multigrain crackers to spread it on, a tub of the BEST apple sauce (Sweet Perry Orchards - not too sweet, terrific apple taste), a bag of fruit and nut mix and a small but delicious square of organic dark chocolate. The box also contains a folding plastic spork for dealing with the tuna spread and the apple sauce. I have a stash of these meals at work, and use them frequently when I am at all day meetings where lunch is provided. Since the lunch is usually not gluten free, I need to be self sufficient, and this gives me enough indulgence not to feel deprived when I see others scarfing down their sandwiches and cookies. I bought them on Subscribe & Save, which brought the price per meal to just over $3, which those of you who buy gluten free anything will recognize as a pretty good deal! Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock on Amazon, but I am hoping they get them back in and continue my monthly delivery.
291701291701B003YBH3NYA1PCRCKVBPGU91Tree Squirrel101211303344000Slimy tuna, flavorless nut mix= lackluster mealPros:
*tasty applesauce (3 oz)
*hearty multi-seed crackers (.5 oz, only about 7 crackers in a small bag)
*just OK organic chocolate square (.43 oz, two bites worth)
*convenient folding spork for eating
*easy to carry box of food

*slimy tuna with lackluster flavor (1.6 oz, enough for all the crackers), the tuna lacked any body and was unlike any tuna spread that I've made at home, the texture was super-smooth and didn't have any nice chucks or pieces of tuna
*bland fruit & nut mix (.75 oz), tasted like plain (unsalted) peanuts with just a few raisins and almonds, it was so dry and flavorless I couldn't even finish the bag and gave it to the squirrels outside

**I wouldn't purchase this tuna meal again, but their hummus and crackers picnic box is so tasty and fulfilling I purchased multi-packs of the product!
291702291702B003YBH3NYA3EVO3NOV35UH8Nonnie "CJ"1111330732800Not at the airportI had this meal at an airport because I didn't want to pay $11 for a sandwich. I paid $6 for this in a shop and it was not very good. The tuna was the worst quality tuna available. The nuts were stale (probably been there too long.) Couldn't find a freshness date. I had to eat it because I bought it and didn't have time to go back for a refund, and I didn't die or get sick, but even fresh the tuna would have been awful. Don't buy this one. I would be cautious about buying any of them. Not the best quality food.
291703291703B003YBH3NYA1LV4X35A6G5I6JB knows1131311984000OK but tuna is like a pureeVery Convenient. Can easily fit in small bag or purse. Nutritional panel is decent. I like other GF GoPicnic products, but this one is fairly bland and the Tuna is an odd texture - like a puree, which is just the wrong texture for tuna. Otherwise, it is good with a nice variety in the box.
291704291704B003YBH3NYA84W5ACDGPQXEAdamWhite40041350864000Would be 5 stars, except for the bitter dark chocolate...We're a Gluten Free family and love GoPicnic meals. I like dark chocolate, and like that this chocolate is fair trade, but boy is it bitter! If you eat it with the applesauce it tones it down, but the wife and young kids have trouble eating it. I actually make the kids eat their chocolate first to make sure they get it down before eating the other stuff. It is a hard sell for the little ones, especially when they LOVE getting the Almond Roca in some of the other GoPicnic varieties.

We purchased the Tuna & Crackers GoPicnic in a different box design in a grocery store this week, and they had changed the chocolate out to a much less bitter variety by way of a little sea salt. It is better, but still rough for the kids. I understand that milk chocolate doesn't fare very well in a warm box, but surely they could add at least a bit of sugar to take the edge off.
291705291705B003YBH3NYA3ACDV86HJ1CUCJ. Meyer0041348444800fun picnic boxI got a variety pack for on-the-go snacks for the kids. They get excited each time I pull a box out, eager to see what's inside. I was happy with all of the boxes. The kids didn't like the tuna, but I did! I am not sure why other reviewers did not like the tuna- I am quite finicky when it comes to food. Although the tuna salad is not like what you would make at home, it is what I expected out of a box.
291706291706B003YBH3NYA1UWB73FY2INM1Me1231313280000Yummy, but one item produced on wheat equipment!I was really excited to find these prepackaged meals just as I was leaving for a trip. Needing to be GF & traveling across the country can make it a challenge. Eating at restaurants is always chancy, no airline knows whether or not they have GF food (most don't but you can check the peanuts), and the last thing you want is to be sick on your trip. So I jumped at ordering these "gluten free" meals when I found them! And they are pretty good! It would be nice, since they have a lovely little spork included, if they threw a little napkin in too, but hey, it's not the end of the world. What IS a bit of a concern for anyone that has to avoid gluten or contain with gluten at all costs is the fact that the chocolate square is NOT gluten free, as marketed. It is only "no gluten ingredients". There is a disclaimer on the box that states "Organic Dark Chocolate Square: made on equipment that also produces soy, milk, wheat, peanut, and tree nuts." You can't do that when the label says "gluten-free" because you can not guarantee the chocolate in GF. So yes, you could just avoid the chocolate, but I think they either need to put an obvious disclaimer in their product info (all but chocolate are GF or something)or change from the Terra Nostra Organic chocolate to something that truly IS gluten-free.

So if you buy it and you know you can't have something produced on shared equipment, just throw out the chocolate.
291707291707B003YBH3NYA214POB2583GYPshopper0231316217600Wow! Peppery!The product title says pepper but wow!! You really have to love pepper to eat it. I tried removing the peppercorns and then mixing it with a regular can of tuna AND all the fixings to make tuna salad and it was still to hot. The crackers are great though!!
291708291708B0000DG55PA4UKBG3M5U5TIWestley2251071792000Unusual Hot SauceWhen Americans want to add some heat to food, we usually think of Mexican or Louisiana style hot sauces. Sriracha, on the other hand, is a common sauce in Thailand and is named after the largest harbor in that country. This version, made in California, is a wonderful diversion from Tabasco-like sauces. Although made with peppers and relatively hot, the sauce has a generous helping of garlic taste that really perks up food. It's ideal for Asian recipes, but it can be used with any food to which you want to add some heat, including soups, pasta, and chicken wings (the company also has a website that includes some excellent recipes). The sauce comes in a handy plastic squeeze bottle that is ideal for squirting just the right amount into your food. If you're tired of the usual old hot sauce, give Sriracha a try.
291709291709B0000DG55PA2MP302OES9ZYRGoebbels Gerbils0051341792000Best sauce in the worldGreat flavor, heat and texture. It's my favorite sauce in the world and sometimes I eat it from the jar. Send a tank of it with your kids to college. Wash your dog in a tub of it. Put it in the baby's bottle. Just seeing it makes me goofy.
291710291710B0000DG55PAWH6LJCEUG8JFkkr0051315180800This stuff is GREATLots of Garlic and good Heat. Pot Stickers, egg rolls, noodles, anything you want. Adds an excellent kick to skillet breakfast or Breakfast Burritos.
291711291711B0000DG55PARP1Y3B6TKCUERankin Fred0051102550400pick up the roosterThis is a perfect sauce to add to Pho Thai, other Asian noodle dishes and many Vietnamese or Thai shrimp recipes. It has a slightly sweet, garlicky taste with a fair amount of heat that doesn't diminish the flavor or overwhelm food. It is widely available in restaurants and specialty food shops.
291712291712B0008JGWRIA1KN56XYA0FHEKshopping maven1151156723200Great buy!I love Perugina Baci - and these come gft wrapped - perfect for eating yourself or sending as a gift. Since the boxes arrived in the summer, they were wrapped in insulation so that they wouldn't melt. I heartily recommend the chocolates and the source.
291713291713B0008JGWRIA31J8L25ICOB76Dennis W. Colbert1151142467200Fantastic ChocolateI am a big fan of Perugina chocolates. The Baci is outstanding. The quality of the dark chocolate is better than any other that I have tasted. The combination of the whole hazel nut with the crushed nuts adds to the experience.
291714291714B0008JGWRIA3UD4FYZ21ROH5Amy0051346976000DeliciousSuch a tasty treat. Got these as a gift for my father-in-law and he loved them! Would definitely order again.
291715291715B000R4CJQ2A3RW1RBRQEYBZJTeresa Hild2251341619200My cats obviously love it!I've been using Meow Mix for my cats since I was a teenager. They all have seemed to love it and have lived very long, happy, and healthy lives. They eat it very well.
291716291716B000R4CJQ2A2C8E4OJH7EH3A. Black4551331164800Great price and cats love it.I bought this for outside cats because of the reasonable price but of course mine want it, too. Obviously fine flavor and I trust them for good nutrition and safety.

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