Amazon Fine Food Reviews

291721291721B000I6PZ92A3GQ2MFJUMPH8TDan Carrick0041203206400Coffee MastersI had never tried this company's coffee before and was pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality.As good as Starbucks,Peet's,etc. and a much better value.I will definitely try more varieties in the future.This review was based on the Breakfast Blend(whole bean).
291722291722B001MQB7Q2A2JVOFBAWNVGUWbailey010051346716800Sunflower Seed - it really is a great dealI bought the sunflower seed thinking the ad must be a misprint - fifteen two-pound bags for $9 or so (~$17 including shipping). When they sent me the sunflower seed - they did send just one bag. But, I wrote and said the Amazon ad said 15 bags. So, they sent me 14 more bags which was the amount I was supposed to get. Thus, the sunflower seed with shipping cost about $0.60 a pound. You can't beat this bargain! And the birds love the seed -so it must not be old. I (and the birds) couldn't be more pleased.
291723291723B0029XMH1QA10F1J8MPEM1EKMarla Luben0151271808000Leek dish a disasterI am not sure I want to purchase anything from you all again. It was like a quarter slice instead of a round shape like on the catalog. I was suppose to pay $7.49 for shipping and the product cost was $5.71 which would be a total of $12.00 and it was to be delivered in two days, it came like four days after. So you all took $25.00 out of my credit card. So if you would like to retain me as a customer please resolve this matter as soon as possible. ASAP. Looking forward to a favorable reply. marla luben.
291724291724B0029XMH1QAIXTYXYFFTAOKLuiza B. Amodeo "adobedweller"0111258329600Bel Paese overageThe Bel Paese cheese that I received was old and dry--not anything like what I expected. I could not use it for guests or for serving to my family.
291725291725B007ZDL0Q8A2EXDM2MANVIB9Cheryl Ahonen1111342137600Nightmare!What a nightmare. I received a couple samples of the Cafe Escapes Cafe Caramel K-Cups direct from the manufacturer and I was so excited to try them. I use my Keurig everyday and routinely clean the thing. I put in the first cup this morning and it made the regular noise, then stopped. I thought maybe something was wrong with my machine so I took out the K-Cup (a mess!) and ran water through the Keurig a few times to "clean it". I tried again with another Cafe Caramel K-Cup and got the same results. I think whatever is in the K-Cup itself is too thick to push through the machine. It sputtered a few times spraying caramel everywhere. I tried a third new one with the same results so I just gave up. I tried one of my regular coffee K-Cup right after and it brewed just fine. Such a disappointment that I couldn't try the caramel flavor. Maybe they'll release an updated formula that will work better!
291726291726B000XZA09IA11XM28179SPOSMiss Elle5551255305600Excellent for Allergies in Bulldogs!I have an English Bulldog, who is now 1.5 years old. He has suffered since he was about 6 months with terrible scratching. He will chew on his paws, lick his legs, do the fancy 3-leg-standing belly scratch, and often would lay on the brick hearth and scrape his chin back and forth. Needless to say, this would cause his skin to be red, raw, often broken, etc. Hot Spots weren't really a problem, but we could tell he was miserable. Ear infections plagued him for about 3-4 months repeatedly...

The vet was no help - the did try to alleviate his symptoms, but never tried to find the source of the problem. I decided after researching for a while, that a food allergy was to blame. I eradicated all corn and chicken from his diet, as these are common Bulldog allergens in food. I slowly switched him to Blue Buffalo Fish and Sweet Potato formula.

Previously, he had been on Eukanuba adult maintenance formula. I had raised many dogs in my life with this food formula, and they had led long and healthy lives. With a proper, slow integration of food, he did not encounter any loose stools, and his itching has greatly subsided. i have had him on this food now for 3 weeks, now eating only this food.

Bulldogs are BIG chewers, so I traded all his chicken basted rawhides for beef basted rawhides, and changed from Milkbone treats to another one made from Cranberries and Oatmeal with NO corn or poultry products.

He was tentative at first with the food change, as he would normally eat once a day around 4:30. Now, with his new Blue Buffalo food, he eats the food as soon as it hits the bowl, and is a much happier dog. His coat is healthier, and his shedding has slowed to a crawl!!!

I highly recommend this food to anyone!
291727291727B000XZA09IA3PJFPUZM2K8VDHope Zelasko0041348272000Excellent Product and Prime Shipping from AmazonI mixed my dog's old food with BB Fish & Sweet Potato-50/50-to allow his system to adjust. I chose the small size bites after I read a review by another customer. My big dog prefers larger crunchies so next time, I will buy BB with large size kibble for Max.
291728291728B000XZA09IA38GOEVEU3A1LWMatt "MattMatt"0051325376000Dog likes it!My dog doesn't like the Chicken/Rice food but he likes this Fish/Sweet Potato food. I'm glad I can stop searching for the right dog food and buy this from now on.
291729291729B000XZA09IA2PHFFN9EQVU25Sarah P0051319760000Love this dog food!We love this dog food because of the great high quality ingredients. No corn filler here! Our dog Shadow loves this food because of the great taste. She started out on the puppy formula can has grown in the adult foods. She's strong and healthy with a beautiful, shiny coat. We'll never go back to grocery store brands. We love our dog too much!
291730291730B000XZA09IA13HFX0MKRNX0JT. Bernard "Dogsrule"0051319587200Dogs didnt like the sweet potatoI had my dogs on the Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish and decided to try the same in Blue. The dogs would pick every piece of the dark pieces out and drop on the floor. I am assuming this was the sweet potato. They have never done this with the Natural Balance. They did this thru the entire bag. yippee. I just swept it up and fed it to the squirrels. The cats wouldnt eat it either. Picky snobs!
291731291731B000XZA09IAECDRQB9XVYB4T. E. Lawson "filmflam"0051318982400The Best!!!This review includes all varieties and bag sizes of the dry Life Protection Formula - Since switching, my Jack Russell not only gladly consumes it, but her coat and teeth are in much better condition. Don't recall any bowel issues when switching initially. She been on this food for about three months now. Amazon price with Prime membership is an excellent value as well.
291732291732B000XZA09IA2XQX2G2RN9FHNSharon Peters-Gentles0051317254400Love Blue BuffaloBlue Buffalo is the best pet food out there. My dog Bailey loves the Fish and Sweet Potato flavor. He eats it down so fast I am amazed that he doesn't choke! I have tried other brands with him and while he eats them, it's not with the same relish that he eats the Blue Buffalo. I also like knowing that the ingredients are healthier for him than Science Diet or Purina. He is 3 years old and I want him to have a long healthy life, and I believe that with a diet of Blue Buffalo, he will.
291733291733B000XZA09IA3LVWMBRUQKSLWSisse0051296777600My Dachsies love itHaving gone through some of the top most dry foods, this is it for my two little boys.
Mixed with some fresh cooked ground turkey, they are in 7th heaven.
291734291734B000XZA09IA2ZNIKXT764IV4Sue "suezieqt"1251262131200Rave reviews from my Airedales!!A few months ago we adopted two adult Airedales. They had been pretty neglected and were overweight. Both frequently limped when they walked and neither would run and play. The female groaned every time she had to get to her feet. They were lethargic and had been fed a supermarket brand dry food. We immediately switched to Blue Buffalo Adult Fish and Sweet Potato food - they absolutely love it. Both have lost weight and the change in their energy level is remarkable. I'm a believer! I can't recommend this food highly enough. The Blue Buffalo cookies are a real favorite around here, too.
291735291735B000XZA09IA8FJHPCMKR28FLinda0151291248000Love Blue BuffaloBlue Buffalo has a superior dog food. I feel confident when using it that my dog is getting high quality food.
291736291736B004QKRHKGA2K32ANHX6IB3YSpence Fisher1151316736000Excellent! exactly what I wantedThe cup and the Bombilla showed up within a few days, I cured it over night bam! good to go.
My Yerba Mate Store sent a hand written thank you along with a lot of free samples.
I would definitely recommend the store and the product.
291737291737B000ER3FQ0A3192KK8U0MZBPRyan Burger3351313452800EXCELLENT ProductThere are a couple of poor reviews on this product that attack the amount of sodium in these crackers. Firstly, I don't know what the regular diet or pallet of these parents are, but according to my family, these are on the bland side, the last impression I got when I tasted these crackers was that they were overly salty. You want salty, go eat a Ritz. The nutrition information states that 30 crackers will provide 220mg of sodium. Well, unless you pile half a bag in front of your kid and plop them down in front of a TV and thereby introduce them into the life of the American couch potato, there should be nothing to complain about. (In addition, any competent medical authority will state that a child should average around 1 gram of sodium per day, that means 1000mg.)

These crackers are small and that needs to be taken into consideration, observe your child closely and ensure they are ready for them. Our daughter started these when she was 9 months and has done perfectly fine with them. She usually consumes 2-3 crackers per feeding (nothing near 30). They are 'plain' flavored, I would describe them as buttery in flavor.

Again, thanks to Earth's Best for a great organic, non-GMO product without the nonsense ingredients, Good Job and keep up the good work!
291738291738B000ER3FQ0A3NHUQ33CFH3VMCitizen John3341255824000The 6 box set of tiny crackers is a very long-lasting supply. They're salty but better than others I've seen in terms of healthI think this is the best choice for babies in the cracker category in terms of health and likability. I had tried other types of crackers and they just threw them after biting into them. They like these and eat them and only sometimes throw them. Babies are amazing at how expressive they are when they don't want food offered to them.

My ten month old twins eat these crackers, but not every time they're offered, and they're fairly healthy with the possible exception of saltiness. They're by far the saltiest thing they eat.

Considering that they need to put things in their mouths due to teething and basic discovery of the world, this is a great product to have on hand just to give them something edible that can go in the mouth.

Getting it in a pack of 6 at this discount beats buying them one box at a time at the store. I haven't seen this in a big box store yet, so I believe this must be one of the better deals at the moment.

One box of these for babies around the age of mine (10 months) will last a long time. The crackers are tiny and since they're so salty, they don't gobble them up. When you get the 6 boxes, you've certainly got a long-lasting supply.
291739291739B000ER3FQ0A2US1IBLHT6RM9soren1213351245283200Buy them!Amazingly good crackers. We were looking in the organic food aisle at Kroger a few months back for the little ones and found these crackers. They taste better than Cheez-Its and Cheese Nips, AND they're organic and healthier for you. I wish they sold these with less of a baby/toddler theme, though; they'd probably sell more if they did.
291740291740B000ER3FQ0A2T0MC8HIVG0A6S. Slagle "I-just-want-it-to-work!"3351222300800Yummy, yummy!My children (and I) LOVE these cheese crackers. I love the ingredients: organic and non GMO, no MSG, etc. The flavor is great and they are fun to eat! We have been purchasing these for over a year and highly recommend them! (Just wish they were available for subscription purchase, hint, hint)
291741291741B000ER3FQ0A3G5VUKCE2AH25Music lover "Ann"2251231545600kids love themMy 2 1/2 yr old loves these crackers as do most kids who come over. They have Elmo and Big Bird faces and a good cheesy taste without grease or messy hands. Not as easy to break as fish crackers and I think they taste better.
291742291742B000ER3FQ0A16TV3V31IHMMNS1151302393600baby likes it, i am afraid mom and dad may like it more!This is good stuff. baby loves it and asks more, more all the time, the problem is hard to limit it. I read reviews before and i wondered how tasty could it possibly be that everyone is raving..hell yea, how is a baby cracker so delicious?? isn't baby food supposed to be bland:p i always sneak in a few or more...ummm...good thing this the a 6 pack from amazon....
291743291743B000ER3FQ0AEOWNXT5K8WGAbag1151295913600Great value for a great productMy 2 yr old loves these crackers, however, he won't eat them everyday. I was a little worried to purchase these in such a large quantity but couldn't pass up the great price on amazon. I received them in November 2010 and they expire in May 2011 which will be enough time for them to be consumed.

They taste great, love the Elmo and Big Bird shapes, and they are Earth's Best which means that they are organic!
291744291744B000ER3FQ0A2H7LPPL3ZDO0PRo1151295654400Cracker MonsterThese have been perfect to carry around in the diaper bag. We give them to our daughter when she gets fussy while we're out. It buys us time to finish our meal or do what we have to do. The taste like Ritz Crackers with less salt.
291745291745B000ER3FQ0A1FDVT0DLJWV78D. A. J.1151290816000Kids love theseMy kids love these crackers. They are more healthy than your high sugar high salt alternatives usually found in the store. They taste really good (about what you would expect from a Keebler cracker), but the ingredients are all things you recognize and would put into crackers you make at home. They are organic, so if you care about that - this would be a plus as well.
The price is fair, especially if you use subscribe and save. My kids have been eating these since they were toddlers and even though they are older now, they still enjoy them. Yes, they do have Elmo crackers, so they may not be welcome in your older child's lunch bag, but would be a great guilty pleasure for them to have as a snack at home.
I will also admit that I LOVE them as well!
291746291746B000ER3FQ0A1QSR7NM0VHMF3SamIam1151289779200Sons favorite snack plus Best price could findThese are my 18 mth old Son's 1 of 2 favorite snacks plus this is the Best price I could ever find for these.
291747291747B000ER3FQ0AZUBW08KH8GE5A. Frank1151260316800Excellent deal!My children love Earth's Best products and it's hard to find them around our area. I was glad to find them at and for such an excellent deal. I've already purchased another pack of the vanilla cookies and will continue to buy these products from Amazon as long as they are available. I also want to note that the products shipped on time and came in excellent condition. Thank you!
291748291748B000ER3FQ0A3KB1H0S7T6JX1L Gontzes1151247961600So good I had to buy some more!I bought these crackers for my 15-month old baby thinking that they would be a healthier version of Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish and he sure loved them. It turns out now that I need to get some more, after I found that I couldn't refrain from helping myself to the last few boxes... In short, they are well worth your while!
291749291749B000ER3FQ0A1GON5NGOPZ56MErika Welch "Natural Mommy"1151233792000Hard to not sneak a bite myselfMy daughter is 1 and I prefer to give her healthy organic snacks. I had already been giving her Earth's Best baby food and this was a natural next choice. I taste everything i feed her, and these are really tasty little crackers. I would say they are as good as a ritz, without the yuck factor!
291750291750B000ER3FQ0A2KZRK2T9KFA0XSarah0031338681600Like that it's Organic but can find same item with that quality with larger quantity.Like that it's Organic but can find same item with that quality with larger quantity. My son likes the taste. It's an option for a dry snack or travel snack. So there are pluses, but the price for the small amount doesn't make it a total win.

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