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291751291751B000ER3FQ0AJ7FNDOL6OZRYE. Tan "En"0051324857600My kiddo loves this!I'm on the subscribe and save program for this. I've made so many extra deliveries because my kid just can't stop eating them! Cute Elmo & Big Bird shapes. The only con - So cute that the kids play with their food! I've tasted them too & I they are actually quite hard to put down. :)
291752291752B000ER3FQ0A191I0ZLZBN4C8Me "shopaholic"0051321920000great crackersMy girls love these and I would never want to not have them in my house. They are buttery flavored and delicious and I admit to eating them myself!
291753291753B000ER3FQ0AAB8NA7T3PXJCJerry C. "JIR"0041313020800A Nice Snack for the Whole FamilyI admit that I have not looked at the nutrition information, so I can only comment on how they taste. Forget the fact that our little one really enjoys these things. I really enjoy snacking on these myself. They're baby bite-size, dissolve somewhat quickly if taken whole without any bites, nice and crunchy if you do decide to bite into them, not overly cheesy, and all of the pieces find a way to remain intact (including Big Bird's long beak) while in the box/bag.
291754291754B000ER3FQ0A3OKPDXG1PHKMLUrban Mom0051301616000Tasty, Nutritious CrackersMy 13-month-old daughter loves these crackers. They are very tasty and packed full of vitamins. I find that Earth's Best Organics is the best brand in terms of nutrient content.
291755291755B000ER3FQ0A30MQX3B4CIZQ6D. Atiyat0051275696000delicious & healthymy daughter is a picky eater but she loves those crackers. It's a snack I feel good about her eating... it's organic!! :)
291756291756B000ER3FQ0A21NLLBMR6LYASA. Tran0051267488000Sesame Street Organic Crunchin' CrackersThese are super yummy. They taste a lot like Ritz crackers but not as greasy. Both my preschooler and one year old love these.
291757291757B000ER3FQ0A3ARPAACR5MLQFS. Helwick "organic mommy"0051254268800Daughter's Fav SnankMy daughter loves these snacks! They taste great and are heathier for her than other snack crackers. I just wish more came in the box for this price, since my daughter eats so many so fast!
291758291758B000ER3FQ0A1BG12J0XSIDQIL. Thomas0051252713600Yummy and healthyBoth my son and I love these crackers. They are yummy and fun to eat since they have the faces of Big Bird and Elmo! And I can take heart that they are organic and perhaps healthier than other crackers out there.
291759291759B000ER3FQ0AF3DUVCZD7KQ5Jaime Tomeo-sumersille "jaime"0051252713600Earth's Best Snacks are yumm-oI use these crackers as a regular snack or I made hummus sandwiches with them. You could use jam, or chicken puree (if you're hiding meat in your kid's food like i have to!) Very easy to pick up for kids!
291760291760B000ER3FQ0A3N8IP1F8F4J7CC. Williams0051236297600Tasty and healthier option for snacktime!My kids LOVE their 'Elmo crackers'...I do too! They taste like Ritz crackers, but are a much healthier choice. Their small size makes them perfect for toddler fingers. Thanks to Earth's Best for creating healthier alternatives for our hungry kids!
291761291761B000ER3FQ0APR4Z1UOBRGAOD. Sakuma "Sakuma"0141315699200Yummy!These crackers are so delicious that I, the mom, am eating them too! the reason for the 4 stars is that they are a little pricey.
291762291762B000ER3FQ0A2HFJ1EO1EALMAGreen A "Green A"0141254614400Great for toddlers but small boxOnly complaint is that you don't get very many in a box. I guess the box is sized for toddlers but since toddlers tend to spill most of these crackers on the floor a larger size box would be better.
291763291763B000ER3FQ0A2K4K3OW6VENWEC. Greer3611302307200NOT HEALTHY FOR CHILDREN!!!I bought these for my 2 yr old and 11 month old. WHile I love EB products, I bit into these and said OMG these are SALTY!!! Salty like you can taste the granules of salt on your tongue! Come on, you expect EB to be a healthy alternative-yeah right. Wont be buying these anymore and mad I spent my money on them. Like the other reviewer said 'save our children's kidneys and skip these'.
291764291764B000ER3FQ0A3UCKXBO457YD6A. Brewer "AJB"1411302134400SALTY!The first time I tasted these crackers, I thought to myself "Are you kidding Earth's Best?" Really EB should know better. 220 mg of Sodium in a single serving of 20 g. Save your developing baby's kidneys and buy low sodium Ritz crackers which has 30 mg in 16 g (I know it's not organic). I would never each these crackers because they are too salty for my tastes.
291765291765B000ER3FQ0AOMAHL0SE158ZSUNNY0421307836800i just never shop at store expires in a few month.bought in June/11 and expires in October/11.
they just look like old stock.
i just never shop at store expires in a few month. i do not like them!!
291766291766B004KZF39OA3DVZQAVE4NOZRPetra Ortiz "Mother, Author, Entrepreneuer"2251305936000Petra's Review Part II Please ReadI had posted a really great review previously but was asked by a company representative to remove it. So I just wanted to post a new one to give my personal opinion & recommendation, because I feel so strongly positive about this particular flavour & brand. If you are the type of person that loves the taste of rich flavourful coffee, and you are looking for an Organic coffee, and you are not afraid to empty a packet of 'instant' coffee into a mug, and pour 8 ounces of hot filtered water to taste deliciousness, then you really should order this King Of Coffee ASAP.
This is the best tasting coffee I have ever had (I've been drinking coffee since I was 16 yrs young), and within 20 minutes, I feel so darn happy, I can't contain myself. Do you want to taste exquisite organic coffee? Do you want to feel good, if not great, after drinking it? Would it bother you at all, if after drinking this brand and flavour for one month, you noticed any benefits? NO? Then do yourself a tremendous favour and get this brand quick! I cannot say enough about the taste.
291767291767B004KZF39OA2MQ31AM73BUJHGeneva Chapman115131604480010 STARS!!Excellent! There is no better word to describe it. It does what it says and tastes wonderful. I could feel a definite improvement in my health and people kept telling me there was a certain glow about me. I have searched for it at Amazon before and I am so glad it is now available. To the shopping cart!
291768291768B003T5CQZ0A31N1AJ7XMJ8FCW. L. Cossette5541314144000Not a PDQ Tray of 6My dogs love all the Dingo products so when I saw what looked to be a surplus "pdq tray" of six bags per tray under the product features I thought what a great deal! Unfortunately, it was only one bag :( It's too much trouble to send it back for a few bucks...but now I know better. I think the product feature description is very misleading. Guess I should have been able to figure it out if i had looked at the the shipping weight.
291769291769B003T5CQZ0ABIXPO6XT4Z79Richard B. Bernstein "Medical and historical ...3321321920000MisleadingDescription says 6 bags per PDQ tray. In fact, it is one bag per PDQ tray. Different product delivered than advertised. Not misleading, but outright deceitful.
291770291770B003T5CQZ0A3KBAOBG16BGOCShana "Shana"1111334275200Not pdq tray of 6Description says PDQ tray of 6... It is not. Only one package and priced three times a much as in the store. I will take the time today to send it back and reclaim my $8.
291771291771B0065D3L0CAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051330387200Old Fasioned Sodas Made With Cane Sugar.The other day I purchased a 12-bottle case of Vintage Soda that I found at Costco and reviewed it. The selling point was that each of the four brands (Dad's Root Beer, Bubble Up, Nesbit's Orange and Nu Grape Soda) are made with cane sugar, rather than high fructose corn syrup and, as such resemble the good old fashioned drinks we used to enjoy. Well, they're excellent! Very good tasteing1

A day later, while looking it up again, I discovered this case of "All American Vintage Soda." Well, it's thew same thing. Same brands, same manufacturer. Everything is the same except the brand name and the box that they're in. I'm bringing this up because if you can't find one (Vintage Soda Variety Pack), you might be able to find the other (All America Vintage Soda).

Gary Peterson
291772291772B00857T6V4A3Q6Q3ND182BCFMona L. Roth "Life Lover"0051347494400Price burnt a hole in my pocket.Toasted marshmallow cream is delicious. However, for the price I paid I could have bought 17 bags of marshmallows and toasted them myself and still have money left for the graham crackers.
291773291773B000S5VEU2A1XCLIBE2Z0S0Swwwilder1 "wwwilder1"5651200960000Superb salmon.This salmon was received very well by my family (salmon aficionados) back home, but would have appreciated being able to specify when delivery was to be made.
291774291774B000FVYUFAA1BXAIUXCH8F4TAlias Junkie "AJ"2251188950400Delicious but not so nutritiousThese chips are delicious and amazing. They are a wholly satisfying alternative for anyone who left behind potato chips and corn chips.

However, just because they have good ingredients doesn't mean they are good for you. They just aren't as bad for you as the other alternatives.
291775291775B000FVYUFAA195135207HS76R. Hubbard1151244592000best snack chip madeDon't be put off by the "rice" or the "seaweed" or the "sesame." These chips incorporate seaweed and sesame, but that is not what you will notice when you chomp them. They are extraordinarily delicious in the ordinary potato-chip/Dorito level of things. If you crave salty snacks like potato chips or Doritos, you MUST try these. These chips have a mighty CRUNCH. A great depth of flavor that will satisfy the Dorito crowd. And they have an excellent sensation of saltiness. You can check it out. The ingredients will blow your mind. More so after you try them and do a double-take at the label. In my opinion, all of the Lundberg chips are well done, but these are in their own class--by a mile.
291776291776B000FVYUFAA34O5D0QRGV29Na Dallas reader1151188432000Absolutely the best!How can something this good be good for you too? This is my favorite, but Lundberg doesn't seem to know how to make a bad product.
291777291777B000FVYUFAA34VCI9BZ7V8L8Fredrick L. Dunlevy0051340323200Outstanding ChipsI have been looking for a gluten free rice chips that actually tasted good. These chips are great. Not only do they taste great, but are nice and crisp. I keep a bag by my easy chair to munch on all of the time. Just the right amount of salt too. Some chips have too much salt, but these are great. A great snack at a great price. Will be ordering again soon.
291778291778B000FVYUFAA14GBRHWRJJXBTDXer990051334448000Delicious but OverpricedThese chips are delicious but rather expensive at $2.99 a bag at my local grocery store. This 12 pack is no deal at all.
291779291779B000FVYUFAA3N5TG9V3YM37Ileafyliz0051312761600Delicious snack!This is my new favorite flavor of Lundberg Rice Chips. They are so tasty and addictive. There isn't an obvious seaweed or sesame taste or aroma - it's very subtle, while at the same time being very flavorful overall. Not bland or boring at all. They have a great texture and the seasoning is delicious. My second favorite flavor is the pico de gallo but all the flavors are worth checking out.
291780291780B000FVYUFAAU8FXBFSBDF6Qfattymcbuckles0131310428800amazing taste -but extremely high priceAll the Lundberg rice chips are GREAT TASTING,but you get very little chips for how much they cost.I love em' but sadly,I can't buy them very often because of the cost.

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