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291781291781B001HTN9DSAGAZDE8UKVCAPNorina1111336435200Why?I feel like I am missing something, why is the price so high for this. I am not trying to be mean I seriously am wondering if it's a 12 pack or is it more that I am not seeing. I am looking to get on a monthly shipping plan so I am interested in understanding how this works with price. Thanks for any info.
291782291782B0038292TMA8I88SQIFHEWXRad Mom0051275523200Excellent kibbleMy female havanese is incredibly picky, and will turn her nose up at even chicken breast at times, much less kibble. After spending a small fortune on the premium foods (Evangers, Merrick, Taste of the Wild,Orijen, Fromms..)this is the ONLY food she will consistently eat. She has been on this kibble for over a year and her coat is amazing and she is super healthy. I'm transitioning my male havanese puppy to his food. He loves it too-must be pretty tasty stuff. A 6 star rating on dogfoodanalysis makes me like it even more. Great stuff!!
291783291783B0038292TMA3MRWCBCHN31A7Kar0051269129600Excellent nutrition AND great taste - PICKY dog approved!!We are determined to feed our lab nutritionally sound food whether she likes it or not, and before this it was the former. We'd mix Taste of the Wild (great nutrition) Duck and then Salmon with pureed liver to get her to eat it, and she'd actually suck off the liver juice and SPIT OUT the food. She'd eat right before bed when it became clear that she'd eat that or starve. Not fun for any of us. And, I wanted her to eat DRY food as it's much better for her teeth. (Oh, and we found out from our vet that her feet were itching because she is allergic to the duck formula.)

Wilderness Chicken is the FIRST dog food we've fed her that she's actually eaten before the end of the day (even before 9:00 AM!) and licks the bowl clean asking for MORE. I literally have to cut her off so she doesn't overeat, and before Blue Buffalo we were wondering if she had a stomach problem she was so finicky and waited until so late in the day to eat.

Great nutrition, great taste even for an extremely picky eater who almost would rather starve than eat food she doesn't like. I'd say you can't go wrong if your dog likes chicken...which I knew ours does.
291784291784B0000DG554AOS5GE2U2DLSEM. J. Roth "Tool User"0211285286400Don't waste your time - for the faint of heart onlyAnd don't let the "XXXtra hot" fool you. I was so disappointed I had to try it a second time, and that confirms it - this sauce is lacking in both heat and flavor. Less of either one than Tabasco, for example, let alone many serious hot sauces that don't brag about their heat. It's also runny, lumpy and seedy. They do deserve credit for not using a stupid or obscene pun for a name.
291785291785B0000DG553A17LNHJ2CBTA52J. Orsillo0141138492800one of the best flavored and some good heat!!!one of my top 5 favs, it's a good one!!! you will not be dissapointed if you like habanero peppers!!! not the hottest but 6 out 10 for heat
291786291786B008EL6Q28A5RUCXBS4R261R. Gorham0041350172800You'll have to sweet'n it up a bit...I purchased these cookies because I liked the ingredients list, and shopping various cookies I kept going back to this one so I bought it. I also like how each cookie is individually wrapped. So I took one to work for a snack, and with my mouth watering,... because it looked SO good, and soft and was screaming - EAT ME! (Before I continue, I will more than likely buy these cookies again). I took a bite and was like - OMG, there is NO sugar in this at all. It was like eating Carrot Cake with no icing, and someone forgot to put the sugar in.

My fix: I just happened to have some whipped cream cheese icing from a Carrot Cake that I made. The 2nd cookie I ate, I warmed in the microwave for about 10 seconds, then spread some icing on it.


(even better than Cheryl & Co)
291787291787B000XU7C76A601XQ1ZBPW0LNetty5551294704000very good sugar free productI bought this by accident attempting to get the toroni sugar free chocolate. I am pleasantly surprised. There is nothing fake tasting about this sugar free product. I use it in coffee to make a sort of home made mocha. espresso from our areopress coffee maker with a little of this and some milk has eliminated my expensive coffee shop habit.
291788291788B000XU7C76AIULVCUBD4ALAMaria Guerra "mdguerra"5551241049600Yummy-licious!Maybe I'm getting used to sugar free stuff but this syrup is great. I needed something to punch up the Mocafe sugar free frappe mix and this syrup did the trick. The frappe was smoother, blended well with the ice and really improved the chocolate flavor. I'm glad I bought three bottles - I love it!
291789291789B000XU7C76A2V3060TTAY6RYE. Hurst4441315526400Great Taste for any Chocolate lover!I discovered the Monin Sugar Free Dark Chocolate sauce at a local frozen yogurt place. I am currently on a weight loss diet and have a No Sugar Added / Non-Fat yogurt occasionally. This Sugar Free syrup really makes the usual Vanilla Frozen yogurt a real gourmet treat.

I purchased it and found that it works great in turning plain coffees into yummy mocha's. Add it to your milk and heat it slightly, then whip it to make a really tasty mocha latte.

I gave it only 4 stars because it is sweetened with Maltitol, a "sugar alcohol" which can upset your stomach if you're sensitive, but I haven't had the problem, but I think if you use enough it can force frequent trips to the bathroom, if you know what I mean. If it was sweetened with sucralose (Splenda) then it would get 5 stars from me.

I look forward to trying their other flavors as this was a winner... I have since re-ordered in the "6-pack." It is also available in a larger size bottle that you can use a hand pump to dispense.

I recommend it for any chocolate lover who is looking to top ice cream, yogurt, even coffee drinks!
291790291790B000XU7C76A31KGQ4J26U5ZCS. Wright "Nana"3351280880000chocolate syrupThis is the best tasting sugar free chocolate syrup I have ever tasted. You definitely can't go wrong adding it to anything that needs a touch of dark chocolate - ice cream - smoothies etc.
291791291791B000XU7C76A1JBFDDE2SEGHKShirley Hedglin0051345420800Love itLove this product works great for making mocha's as it is sugar free I like this better then
the sugar free syrups as they have a funny taste.
291792291792B001EO5Y8YA2TYIYLNZVV5H8Bald1here0051346112000De LiciousThis is very Bold and strong! Just the way I like it! No bitter after taste, just good coffee! It is good breakfast coffee for me. I like that Kick-start option.
291793291793B001EO5Y8YA2X674TN3P7AVUMS fanatic "MS fanatic"0051346025600Pretty good dark roastI wasn't expecting much of this product given that I generally don't like Green Mountain Coffee, but to my surprise this was a very good tasting dark roast. It has a strong flavor and nice aroma but not too bitter or watered down. It also had a good pricing for the 18 pack compared to other products. I think I'm going to purchase this again.

*Note: I drink my coffee black so my tasting of the flavor is exact.
291794291794B001EO5Y8YA10UIIZS7YW78YGary D. Perez0051345939200Bold yet not too bitterThis coffee is BOLD. If you want a kick in the pants then this coffee is for you. At the same time though it only leaves a very mild bitter aftertaste. I would have expected it to be more bitter than it is but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. I would definitely recommend this coffee for people who like a bold taste but without the bitterness.
291795291795B001EO5Y8YA3HD4EZXQ6VK0QSurreallyReal0051345334400Perfect for Espresso Drinkers Needing STRONG Coffee!!I've suffered through having to always go get coffee out as my other half likes/needs the lower strength Donut Shop mild stuff, and I finally broke down and got me a case of 50 of these WONDEFUL Green Mountain Dark Magic K-cups. THEY ARE PERFECT for someone that likes a strong, bold, delicious cup of coffee (and not that mild brown water some others drink)! If I could afford espresso all the time, I'd do that, but this is a very close second and the taste is consistent. Not one ground has come through into the cup (whereas other k-cups do). This is some good, bold, flavorful coffee!
291796291796B001EO5Y8YA388J4OI68CF94Robert J. Bieber "bookworm dad"0031345248000Love the coffee but...My wife and I love the Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic (Extra Bold) coffee and have been ordering it for our Keurig for months but have always purchased it in the smaller boxes (25 K-cups). When we saw this box of 50 K-cups for about the same price per cup, we decided to order two and that way place fewer orders.

However, we have thrown away more defective K-cups from this one box than we have from everything else we've purchased in the 6 months since we bought our Keurig machine. And we have bought A LOT of coffee & tea, much of it from Green Mountain. I don't know if its a problem at the factory or if its an issue with the packaging but 1/3 of the K-cups in the first box had to be thrown away. Frankly, these things are too expensive to accept that kind of waste...not to mention the hassle of cleaning up the mess they make first thing in the morning when all I want to do is sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and wake up.

I hope that its from the packaging (the K-cups are not as tightly packed and therefore get bounced around a lot more during shipping - I HOPE that's the root cause of the problem) and not an issue with manufacturing because I would HATE it if we had to stop buying Green Mountain products altogether. Dark Magic and Triple Black Diamond have become our two favorite coffees, replacing Newman's Own Special Blend. As it is, I will go back to ordering the smaller packages and hope that this solves the problem.

I give the coffee five stars but only one for the packaging so I compromised by assigning 3 stars to this product.
291797291797B001EO5Y8YA1HXKL2DATTKX7Tiki0051345161600Wonderful Strong Bold TasteGreen Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold Coffee is a Great Coffee that when Brewed actually still tastes like coffee instead of flavored water.
291798291798B001EO5Y8YA30Z1HJSU3O31ILewis D Ford0031345075200Had to downsize because K-Cups were so weakThe coffee is pretty good at the smallest cup size, but it gets weak fast the larger serving size you use. For a brand claiming to be "Black", I expected more coffee per cup.
291799291799B001EO5Y8YA3T5JPES8UQYYYProud Grandma0051345075200Bold coffeeI buy extra bold coffee and brew it on the mug size in my Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System, it makes the perfect cup of coffee. This coffee has a rich flavor, just perfect.
291800291800B001EO5Y8YA23WIZX2TZ220S. LEECH "BudgetAudiophile"0051344816000Good coffeeJust finished off my first Amazon packaged (50 count) box, and am impressed with the quality of the k-cup (ZERO wasted cups - no cups with broken seals, and no cups that resulted in a cup full o' grounds).

My 5-star rating comes with a caveat. It's not the best coffee I've had, but it is very good. I almost gave it 4 stars, but then realized that out of all the x-bold offerings I've tried (and I've tried quite a few), it's one of my favorites at its price point. It is a good coffee with good, bold flavor... and I did just put in an order for a second box. My favorite from Amazon was Coffee People's Oraganic x-bold coffee (yellow foil cap). Not sure what happened to this one, but I only see it rarely, and then at a ridiculous price (just saw it at $99 for a 24 pack... that's over $4/k-cup!!).
291801291801B001EO5Y8YA2EXT8FXO9E24ELarry8 "Larry8"0051344643200Good Strong CoffeeI found this coffee to be full flavored when brewed at 3/4 cup. Not really bitter at all with a smooth flavor. Not as good as Timothy's World Coffee Rainforest Espresso but pretty close.
291802291802B001EO5Y8YA2GLAS20ZF64VRDonna L. Seremet "dedeone"0051344470400My go to brew when I need a kick in the amIf you like good bold coffee to get you moving, look no further. A bit smoother than Green Mountain's Double Black Diamond but stronger and more complex than both Nantucket Blend and Newman's Own Bold, it is full bodied even when brewed on the 14 oz setting. It is my first cup, make that mug, in the morning as I sit in my sunroom and watch the fox make tracks into the woods and the finches and cardinals arrive at the bird feeder. It's coffee to greet the sunrise and help you face the day ahead.
291803291803B001EO5Y8YA86EW2K3CCL9FMary Henry "books4me"0051344297600great coffeethis is my favorite k cup flavor and it is used on a daily can even reuse this kcup for a refill....which is not true for many of them.,,,will be buying more in the near future
291804291804B001EO5Y8YA1XJL3DRUVL0SBsrsmckay0051344124800Excellent flavor if you like dark coffeeMy grandson and I love to flavor our coffee, so we prefer the darker brands. It was a hit! I would purchase this coffee again. I highly recommend it.
291805291805B001EO5Y8YA28M72THB979BXNoel F. Truty0051344124800Great CoffeeThis has to be the one coffee that I'll purchase most often, has a good strong flavor and rich dark appearance
291806291806B001EO5Y8YA1LKTFF38KPP5KJanet S0051343779200My favorite brewLOVE the flavor of dark magic... Of all the many flavors of KCups this one stands out to me and all the others pale in comparison. Great price And also cool flavor name
291807291807B001EO5Y8YA2HEFKR3769OMMR. Atkinson0041342915200Definately InterestingI don't know that I've ever tried anything quite like this. I like it though, although I probably wouldn't drink it every day. I find it a little difficult to describe, but it's kind of like the difference between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, with the Dark Magic being the dark chocolate. I intend to pick up a box for those days when I feel like something a little different.
291808291808B001EO5Y8YA1QI6WTAUB6L6SMP0051342915200Dark Magic is a great cup of coffeeI am just 1 week into owning my Kuerig B60 and this was in the sample pack. When I brewed it up, coffee grounds were in the cup and I was hoping this was just one faulty package. It smelled so good and I didn't want to throw it out I strained it twice added my cream and it was really good! This was a keeper and I went back today after church to B3 with my 20% off coupon and purchased a box and promptly had a cup while I was preparing my lunch. I determined I could buy 3 boxes-18 count each with coupons for $24.28 once I finish this box and the two others (French Roast and Butter Toffee) I bought at the time I purchased my Kuerig. Dark Magic along with French Roast are my morning travel mug brews, and I will usually finish the evening with a smooth Butter Toffee.

Update 7/25/12: Dark Magic is the only K Cup I am drinking.Truly a great cup of coffee, I have a 10 oz travel mug on my morning commute and then a 6 oz in the evening either before or after dinner. At either amount and a little cream it taste great, not bitter or weak. Love it!!! New owners definitely want to register your Kuerig and receive the buy 2 get 2 free k cup offer, I paid $29.68 for 4-(24)count Dark Magic k cups
291809291809B001EO5Y8YA34R4YWLLE8TO1Michael Crowe0051342828800As DescribedGood stuff. Love the flavor. Very strong, but not bitter. Arrived on time. Makes so much more sense to purchase these k-cups in bulk.
291810291810B001EO5Y8YA9Q5MGCDT8TTKJoshua J. Flores0051342396800Dark Magic is MagicDark magic is the only Kcup I buy anymore. It's a dark rich blend that really can get you going in the morning. This is decent price for this many kcups.

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