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291841291841B001EO5Y8YA39IH8ZNJB2MFLMatthew P Stewart0041330646400Good Bold TasteI've had Dark Magic, Starbucks Pike's Place, and Starbucks Sumatra. Out of the three, I prefer the Dark Magic, especially given the price.
291842291842B001EO5Y8YA1RMNIVY7BSJKNG. E. brown0051330560000Good..Excellent almost the ONEThe aroma is exquisite andnthe first sip reminds one of smoky dak coffee your "Granpa" use to brew on the ranch back in has a mellow yet rich after taste...I was in coffee heaven..but there was something missing..and will keep looking for the perfect blend for my quite times....BUT ..until i DO..THIS Dark Magic blend is my daily choice of caffeine bliss!
291843291843B001EO5Y8YAUHM3WCYV8YMJPIII0051329955200Nice BlendThis is a very good blend if you like your coffee strong and dark. It has a very nice flavor that's a bit earthy and smooth. The aroma is a "wake up" one for sure and it will bring a smile to your face. You can't go wrong with Green Mountain anyway.
291844291844B001EO5Y8YA2386MGRP3FW9GK. Schlinger0041329782400Coffee podsSeems good, gave to family and they seem to enjoy it with no problems. No complaints of spillage.So far so good.
291845291845B001EO5Y8YA26NFIQ7KWI8Y7kt rose0051329696000another Green Mountain hitI really enjoy the Green Mountain bold lineup and this is another great one. Flavorful without being bitter, grind-y or tasting like conference coffee.

For reference purposes my in store drink is a Starbucks Americano.

My favorite k-cups are:
Starbucks French Roast
Starbucks Caffe Verona
Starbucks Pike Place Roast
Green Mountain Xtra Bold Sumatran Reserve
Green Mountain Double Black Diamond
Green Mountain Revv
Green Mountain Dark Magic

Other k-cups I've tried: Coffee People Jet Fuel ,Green Mountain Dark Magic Decaf, Emeril Jazzed up Decaf, Starbucks Caffe Verona, Coffee People Black Tiger, Starbucks House Blend, Starbucks Breakfast Blend, Starbucks Sumatra, Wolfgang Puck French Roast, Green Mountain Lake and Lodge, Green Mountain French Roast, Caribou Mahogony, Wolfgang Puck Sumatra Kopi Raya, Emeril Big Easy Bold
291846291846B001EO5Y8YAP1E6M7YPUDPGA. Carrier "Wicked pissah"0051328486400Dark MagicGood seller, on time shipping, and very delicious coffee. I'll continue to buy this product from this seller. Purchase with confidence and enjoy.
291847291847B001EO5Y8YA73NDXPHRL651Gift Card "old dreamer"0051328486400best of the k-cup strong coffeesGreen Mountain brand flavors Are THE best tasting coffees.The dark roasts are the best tasting strong coffees.
I prefer the dark roasts, and my cousin likes a weaker coffee,so one Dark Magic K-cup works for both of us...
the first brew is for me, then I open the top of the Keurig, turn the same K-cup around, and brew a second cup for my cousin.
291848291848B001EO5Y8YA2NVDIXUP9E6BWD. Lopez "A dude."0051328400000Excellent dark coffee...I think what I like about the Dark Magic blend is that it has a slight complexity in its flavor that isn't there in just regular "bold" or dark roast coffees, at least none of the k-cups I've tried. Some people here and there insist that it's terrible, but I guess that's just how it goes with varying tastes. It didn't come off to me to be over acidic or any of that stuff, and I'm usually pretty picky and sensitive about my coffee. The flavor is definitely at its peak with an 8oz brew maximum, but you can still make 10-12oz cups without really losing much of the quality. I love it.
291849291849B001EO5Y8YA1LFZWEQVZWG75Optimistic0051327104000Nice and BoldMy Husband is a Starbucks only person. He tasted this coffee and said it was good. He made 2 cups right then and there. Nice Flavor.
291850291850B001EO5Y8YAEQOINY0XGN7PCasey "KC"0051326585600Good Morning CoffeeWe have to say, great taste, and a wake up in the morning. Due to our commute each morning we are limited during the work week on how much coffee we can consume before leaving the house during rush hour. This coffee provides a rich taste, and is not bitter. If you love the taste of coffee and a quick wake up this coffee is for you.
291851291851B001EO5Y8YA3MARXBKZPWSDNWesW0051326412800Great taste, but cheaper at Bed Bath (WO tax)This is really great tasting coffee, I can't say enough good things. Bed Bath and beyond sells an 18 count for 11.99. Odd we wouldn't see it less expensive here.
291852291852B001EO5Y8YA2QNHF6YQIU82PBender in the Burgh0051326240000Kcups Green Mountain Dark Magic Extra BoldIf you like a bold coffee that's strong but not bitter, this is the coffee for you. It has a great full-bodied flavor that's very enjoyable to taste.
291853291853B001EO5Y8YA1WT6MOY56TUQODavid Bar0051326067200My girlfriend loved theseShe is a regular coffee drinking and I thought since we own a Keurig we should give this a shot. She loved it!
291854291854B001EO5Y8YAU3KAOBPEEE3ZC. A. Kluwe0051325808000Nice and DarkGood bold flavor, should be a staple of any keurig drinker. A little bit lighter than the Italian Roast, but not acidic.
291855291855B001EO5Y8YA226ZAAYSGQGWVVeaches0051325808000great-tasting coffee!This is one of my favorite K-cup varieties, along with Starbucks French Roast and Barista Prima "Italian" Dark Roast. The price of this coffee is usually quite a bit cheaper than the other two, but the quality of it is very comparable. If you're a fan of dark, bold roasts, you will like this one. I have always liked coffee from Starbucks, and anyone that has had their coffee knows that they brew their coffee really strong. Hence, that is why I like the dark, bold roasts for my Keurig. Even though I use creamer and sweetener, I really like the taste of coffee to be prominent. The lighter roasts just don't do it for me. This is a great-tasting bold roast!
291856291856B001EO5Y8YAFFZ050W8OE7Umrb0051325635200Excellent strong coffee!My husband loves this brew! Not too weak, though not too strong, either. Just a wonderful, dark cup of coffee.
291857291857B001EO5Y8YA1BDZ07DYV01AUDTG0051325548800Smooth and BoldIf you are looking for the perfect combination of bold and smooth coffee, look no further. I ordered the 24 pack to try it out and man did it deliver. I would highly recommend this coffee!
291858291858B001EO5Y8YA1PK56LXG2WHMEJonathan0051325376000DeliciousI received a Keurig brewer from my wife for Christmas. I like a nice, bold, coffee and had never tried this one but went for it based on great reviews. This stuff is delicious and it is a perfect cup every time thanks to the Keurig brewer. I have been happy with all Green Mountain k-cups I have tried thus far. Highly recommend this to those that like a bold cup of coffee. My wife doesn't like hers as strong and she went with the Green Mountain "Nantucket Blend" and she loves it.
291859291859B001EO5Y8YAW7JSI0YNMD7Qdalova1@rocketmail.com0051325116800Great Tasting CoffeeI bought this for my hubby, he loves dark rich coffee & Dark Magic offers it. Great convenience of the Kcup makes it that much nicer.
291860291860B001EO5Y8YA31B049UPN0OX5Kev720031324252800DecentThis coffee is a packaged as a dark roast, however, I find the flavor to be more of a medium roast. It is also a bit acidic.
291861291861B001EO5Y8YA1BJLHVT32LUK2Elliott Cohen0051323907200The bestI've tried most of the "extra bold" offerings from the different vendors. This is by far the best: aromatic, rich but not bitter. It's the best.
291862291862B001EO5Y8YACBUXBO62HO3KBetsy C0051323561600Loved it!I like really strong coffee, so when I got my Keurig there were a lot of coffees to try. As I have tried them there were only a few that I won't try again, although when I tried the Green Mountain extra bold dark magic I really found my favorite one. I like others but this one I love.
291863291863B001EO5Y8YA1BQDW64U8VMPWTelcomguy0031323561600Not as full bodied as I likeIn my mind, coffee should be strong, bold, and well balanced. Not so much a slap in the face, but more a strong limb to grasp (I guess I'm feeling poetic). If you feel the same way, you may be a little disappointed with Dark Magic. While it comes close, it has a slight acidic after taste which I'm not fond of. In other words, it doesn't meet my criteria for "well balanced". I hope that helps.
291864291864B001EO5Y8YAOEELWRSBOCTUmarose10051323388800A Strong K-Cup of coffeeSome people may feel disappointed with their choice of a K-Cup coffee, because it seems weak or watered-down. If you are looking for a strong and flavorful K-Cup coffee with a caffeine kick, this is a good choice.
291865291865B001EO5Y8YA120BPRX233DLLGreg "smitz0327"0031323302400Good but strongI love strong coffee but this is a little to much for me. Kind of has an after taiste to it also
291866291866B001EO5Y8YA1VGXHHR08G044FlyingPolarBear0031323302400Strong but flat, lacking definitionThese k-cups are certainly bold and strong, but the finish is flat and thin. It's lacking in overtones after the inital dark wave. I just started exploring k-cups since my machine arrived last week. Initially I was surprised how watery the house blends are. I wanted something dark and rich in texture. But so far, I'd rather drink Tully's French Roast extra bold k-cups which is just about as strong as Dark Magic but with a wider spectrum and better finish.
291867291867B001EO5Y8YA2U2CTEZ27REFPS. Heller "suecq"0051323216000nice & darkPurchased for the husband who likes his coffee strong. This one was the winner.
Not bitter and strong enough to run cup again with a smaller amount of water to make a 20 oz cup of coffee.
291868291868B001EO5Y8YA1ERWR5A8OVLDHM. R. Reynolds0051322438400Dark Magic has a real caffeine kickGreen Mountain Dark Magic is my #1 favorite K-cup coffee. Two cups make for a perfect wake up. Three cups and I am totally caffeine wired tight for the rest of the day.
291869291869B001EO5Y8YA284MZZ9TQRKTIpeanut740051321574400Big Bold Flavor!If you want a good strong flavorful coffee, this is it. Emeril's Big Easy Bold is also good, but I like this blend better. Don't buy this if you don't like it strong, though. You will be disappointed
291870291870B001EO5Y8YAEHOGH8B6QMREBrogie-UP0051321401600Green Mountain Dark Magic Coffee for KeurigThis is one of the best brews we have ever tried since we bought our Keurig. After trying a dozen different kinds and blends of coffee, plus dark and milk chocolate and different tea, this is at the top of the list. Now we only but our two favorite kinds of coffee from Amazon.

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