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291991291991B001EO5Y8YA1G4FJTSDJK2JITK "technical knockout"2241163203200Almost PerfectThe extra bold hints at a flavour that is strong with solid highpoints and this selecion is close to ideal. I have been using the Sumatran for a while but it was not strong enough. This selection is a little stronger but it tastes like a bit more roasting is all that separates the two. If you use this for a travel cup (8oz or more), it will not be as flavourful. I found that this flavour "grows" on you and a work colleague of mine absolutely loves this one.
291992291992B001EO5Y8YAFHPOLYQCNRGPL. Malmquist2251162771200Great coffee for Keurig BrewerThis extra bold coffee is one of our favorites. The "extra bold" could be compared to a bold coffee in a regular coffee brewer.
291993291993B001EO5Y8YA1KCP42CDKB64KDuck Girl4551232668800The Best Bold K-CupI purchased my Keurig B60 Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System for myself for Christmas and liked it so much I bought the Keurig B40 for my Office. I like my coffee bold and stong and have tried the Bold K-Cups from several different companies and my favorite is the productGreen Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold K-cup, 12-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
291994291994B001EO5Y8YA1LZZGK4QI3VEUR. Friberg4551160870400Flavorful, strong, excellentI have tried many flavors of the K-Cups since purchasing my machine a month ago. Day in and day out I reach for the Extra Bold Dark Magic. My wife and I both like coffee with flavor and richness. Most of the other flavor choices are too bland for us. We keep many of the other flavors and choices just for our guests.
291995291995B001EO5Y8YAHBQWBLSBKH6HElora B. Hayes "Elora"6851280448000Mother loves it!I buy this coffee for my mother. She has a Keurig. She likes a "bold" coffee and she really likes this one!
291996291996B001EO5Y8YA34YL36NCRLSQTConnie Rawlinson1151351036800Great Morning CoffeeThis is a great morning starter!! If you love dark yet smooth coffee with no bitterness. I love it Green Mountain Coffee, Dark Magic.
291997291997B001EO5Y8YAQ8QHS9G3D8RMAmazon mom1111349654400Not the same quality!I compared the 18 cup Dark Magic (from Target) to the 50 cup Dark Magic(from Amazon), since the labeling and k-cup is markedly different. The coffee did not taste as rich, so I became more curious.

I opened the k-cups to find the 50 cup filters have a visible cross hatch pattern, as compared to a dense firm paper style. I used a microscope to see the difference in density, as well. The weave of the fibers of the 50 pack is not as closely bound.

The coffee granules are finer in the 18 cup, giving the coffee a different texture on the fingers. The 50 pack ground coffee appeared 50%-100% larger under the microscope.

I hope that Keurig can shed some light on my findings! I have photos I can submit. I notice amazon is out of stock, currently. Perhaps, Keurig is looking into the matter.
291998291998B001EO5Y8YA3TFTEALTN7AATJill Gloger "Glogirl"1121348963200Disappointed that they changed the productI have been buying Green Mountain Dark Magic for a long time....not only did my recent shipment have different packing inside, but the coffee too has changed, and not for the is much weaker, and I am sorely dissapointed....I even emailed Green Mountain regarding this change, and they did not even have the courtesy to respond! I will not be buying Green Mountain anymore.
291999291999B001EO5Y8YA3RJWVHLZ5HGRQjbreauchy1111348617600Not the same qualityI just received the 50 count frustration free package of Dark Magic K-cups this am and I am extremely disappointed. I usually purchase this at Publix, Walmart, or Target in the smaller boxes. I had the first cup and it tasted stale, so I thought I would give another one a try and same taste. I would not recommend this product to a true lover of Dark Magic; the coffee is inferior, disappointing, and nonreturnable.
292000292000B001EO5Y8YA3KJ0LYG1AOVZLFrank Villasenor1141347753600Good coffeeGood coffee. The pods are very high quality and traditional (I've received pods that are not - use caution when shopping for k-cups online).
292001292001B001EO5Y8YA9BZXELSE4T0KSusan R. "rsuejo"1151347148800best k cup coffeeGreen mountain Dark magic is bold and dark without being bitter. Thats why it is my morning wake up coffee.
292002292002B001EO5Y8YAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson1141344643200Nice bold tasteMy partner was getting distressed with the lack of taste in her K-cup coffee (my bad, since I'm the one who buys the coffee), and she requested something with a bolder taste. So, I tried this. We have used Green Mountain Coffee before, but not this particular product.

Bottom line. My partner really enjoys this. The taste meets her expectations. Indeed, although I am supposed to keep my intake of caffeine fairly low, I have also tried this on occasion--and I, too, am satisfied.

So, if you want a bolder flavor, this is worth considering.
292003292003B001EO5Y8YA2ARW8UWGXQO33liftpro1131338595200Deep rich flavorThe blend is very strong and full flavored. I was expecting more of a French roast flavored blend. This coffee is the harshest I have tasted. If you like a coffee that is super dark and will give you a kick this is the one for you. I'll finish this batch and try the French roast next.
292004292004B001EO5Y8YA2OUQIMO57QH7Vcalf "calf"1151327536000The BestMy husband is the coffee drinker in our family. He has tried over a dozen flavors since I got the Keurig for him last year. This is the one he prefers out of all of them. He says it is full bodied with lots of flavor without the stoutness of something like Starbuck's. We buy over 100 K-cups at a time!
292005292005B001EO5Y8YA3HNL3LQA9JJJNchris holzapfel1131327017600Less than 12!2 of the 3 boxes had less than 12 Kcups! 1 box only had 7!! how does this happen??!?!?!?! Coffee tastes Good.
292006292006B001EO5Y8YA2OVRR1V0AKQX3Victoria Stuppy1151318550400Dark and lovelyThis is a robust, aromatic and satisfying blend with balanced acidity and no bitterness. It's a complex roast that's reminiscent of espresso with a subtly sweet taste, I love it. I have had a difficult time finding truly strong, yet flavorful coffee for my Keurig brewer--Timothy's coffees are too acidic and Van Houtte blends lacked complexity--and I've finally found several extra bold flavors from Green Mountain roasts that really deliver that morning one-two punch. For comparison, my other favorites are the Espresso blend (sadly now discontinued) and Double Black Diamond (a bit more of a smoky flavor). And for the most potent flavor profile, the Barista Prima Italian Roast is magnifico!
292007292007B001EO5Y8YA12GOUX0P09UF3dmama1151318550400SO happy I found these!Wow, I am thrilled with this coffee. I received a sample of Barista Prima K-cups and fell in love--tasted like rich, dark coffee you'd get in a coffeehouse. I went onto Amazon to purchase a box and discovered they were at least $1 per cup! I couldn't justify spending $1 per k-cup when I usually drink several cups of coffee each morning. I did a search for extra dark coffee and found these for significantly less. This coffee is perfect. Rich, dark, flavorful, not at all bitter. Smooth and delicious. If you like dark roasts (French, Italian, etc) and have a k-cup machine, this is the coffee for you.
292008292008B001EO5Y8YA39MQ3DXA9QRNReal Pilot ""1151316217600EXTRA BOLD, STRONG AND EXCELLENT TASTEI was previously using Timothy's EXTRA BOLD MIDNIGHT MAGIC. It is a very good flavored coffee. Along came this coffee introduced to me by a friend. I immediately liked the bold dark roast and flavor. I will now alternate between the two brews. I strongly recommend you try this Green Mountain coffee if you like a strong, dark, extra bold roast.
292009292009B001EO5Y8YARQB38AZJBQN0Maureen Federico1151309824000Great coffee!This is a full bodied, delicious blend of coffee. The package came quickly and in perfect condition. I'll order this again and again. Makes mornings much more bearable.
292010292010B001EO5Y8YA3EUDRID5N2JTKmelanie11221151309651200Magic Indeed!I love this delicious, brews perfectly in my Keurig machine, socially responsible and organic so I can use it to fertilize my garden!
292011292011B001EO5Y8YA23GVPZJLVGS4NMary Compagno1151309392000The best pod on the marketThis is by far the best flavor on the market. The flavor is perfect. Not to weak like most available products.
292012292012B001EO5Y8YA1KDYZH79Y0I08Robert Davis "Always 'fixing' something that ...1151308441600Fantastic Bold but Smooth FlavorsI have found two coffees that have bold, but smooth aroma and from tongue to the back of the pallat.

Newman's Own Extra Bold, and now Green Mountain's Dark Magic, which I discovered at my MD's office!

The Dark Magic contains even more sweet, bold smoked fruit and nutty aromatics than Newman's but both are tops in my book.
I have tasted nothing else that compares to these, though I may keep testing!
292013292013B001EO5Y8YA317SV5PMCQ2PHAdam G1151307404800A Liquid Cigar.A great cup o joe!

Full bodied but non-offensive, Dark Magic is the perfect cup for coffee drinkers who want a bold flavor who's presence is something to consider. Not just the generic warm black water you'll get at the Waffle House.

Many different tones and hints in these cups, great after a big meal or to help kick start your day.
292014292014B001EO5Y8YANWFMAB3EOVAAObron "Obron"1141284681600Excellant coffee Price is out of lineExcellent coffee, bold with no bitter after taste.
Price is way out of line. You can buy it for $11.00 to $14.00 per box, 24 count.
292015292015B001EO5Y8YA3MLJMUBX0K5U0S. Bell1151247788800Green Mountain Dark and Extra Bold Dark Magicboth work very well in a Keurig brewing system.
i noticed a few others had mentioned the smooth
taste strong taste for this blend.

i agree. for a strong coffee, it is smooth
and has a minimum of the acidity others have
at this level.

good drink! i cheat and use milk or cream by
the way.
292016292016B001EO5Y8YA2W9BX9RCAC4I8Victor Vasconcelos "Vic6string"1151246492800Coffee house flavor for about 40 cents a cupI just recently got my first Keurig machine (I say first because I love it, and plan to get the bigger pro model eventually), and a couple of sampler boxes. This was the best of the flavors I sampled, and that says alot because I loved most of them. I am a lifelong espresso drinker (Cubans start giving their kids sips at like age 3) so I like a strong coffee. This one is definitely that. It doesn't, however, suffer from the bitter aftertaste or "burnt" flavor of many bold blends. Best of all, with the Keurig machines you get the same flavor EVERY time.
292017292017B001EO5Y8YA2QBXMYLRWGKV8Kevin C. Oneil1151245456000One of the better KCup CoffeesIf you are a Starbucks fan, and like their bold blends, this is a good option. My Keurig brewer has options to make three sizes of coffee, and I choose the middle option for a good cup of coffee. I prefer this over Starbucks coffee in the optional KCup "make your own" filter.
292018292018B001EO5Y8YA2BD62XBUIS6KLStephen Smith "TechSmith"1141239148800Dark MagicThis coffee has made me forget Starbucks. It tastes a lot like the grande lattes I had been drinking. I'm using it in the Platinum Keurig and making the largest cup size (travel mug size.) Wonderful.
292019292019B001EO5Y8YA2BD62XBUIS6KLStephen Smith "TechSmith"1151231027200Full flavor at largest cup settingI tried this from the sampler pack and couldn't get over how great it tasted when brewed at the largest (travel mug) setting in the Platinum brewer. Although I like the Breakfast Blend from Green Mountain for my actual breakfast cup of coffee, this is the one that is keeping me out of Starbucks!
292020292020B001EO5Y8YA2N3TWRCHCH0UIYosemite Sam1131197072000Not BadStrong coffee with average coffee taste. In the Starbucks category as I see it.

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