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292021292021B001EO5Y8YACF0R20MDK259PDXNative "PDX Native"1141173312000good cup of joeWe have tried many different kinds of k cup coffee. This is one of my favorite. It is very strong and has a great flavor. It is similar to the bold flavor of a americano
292022292022B001EO5Y8YA86BBGM0BWI3LM. Collier1151168300800great if you can get itThis is the BEST coffee for the Keurig coffee maker. The ONLY problem with it seems to be getting it. The stores in my area and now Amazon don't seem to have it! Must be because it's SO GOOD!!!
292023292023B001EO5Y8YA23MZH48RYHI4QLeanora Whitted "Lea"3451294876800great tasteI'm grateful for my Keurig coffee maker! The taste of Green Mountain brand Dark Magic is terrific & got used up real fast!
292024292024B001EO5Y8YA3BC0A9DCELDUEKaryn Gilbert2311348272000Product has changedI've bee subscribing to this coffee for months now and have had multiple shipments, all quality until this last shipment. I opened the new box today, made a cup, and wondered why it was so watery. Made a second thinking it was a fluke. It was not. Seems now 3 kcups into the box, the whole box is full of kcups with about half the coffee in them there should be. Instead of it being strong and bold like dark magic is supposed to be (I've drank this coffee daily for two years now so I should know)... It's weak and watery even on making a smaller cup of it. Amazon won't let me return it. I'm a dedicated amazon customer and use subscribe and save for many items. If they won't treat me like a dedicated customer I might be stopping my membership. Hoping they'll make it right.
292025292025B001EO5Y8YA292V1K7VLNQF0A. Show2351284163200Bold and Satisfying!I like a fairly bold cup-o-joe and am completely satisfied with this blend in our machine. I even brew it for the largest cup (12oz) and it tastes wonderful. Other blends were too weak for me, but this one hits the spot!
292026292026B001EO5Y8YA2GE5C1WR3MACRhorkybubba2341273881600If you like Starbucks ...If you like the earthy, kinda sheep-manure flavor of Starbucks, then you will like this. Not my favorite, but it is okay.
292027292027B001EO5Y8YAR7TXBRR5M79VM. T. Bowers2351267056000Great Bold CoffeeThis is my favorite caffeinated coffee (Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf is my fav. decaf). It's rich and bold without being bitter. In general, I find K-Cup coffee to be too weak for my taste. This one is just right.
292028292028B001EO5Y8YA11PY6CDF37TDPCat0041350950400Strong but not BitterI liked all the K-cup coffees. This one was strong/dark but was not overly bitter. I used it with the travel mug setting on the coffee maker and it was just right.
292029292029B001EO5Y8YA7363DMO16VKJMoondoggie "Jeff"0041350950400A nice smooth bold brewI regularly use this coffee, and it is smooth, and fairly bold. It is a good addition to my coffee selection.
292030292030B001EO5Y8YA220R3YGCKPTBHAnthony Stevens0031350691200favorite 50 cent KCup is still elusiveAm still searching for a 50 cent K-Cup with decent flavor. This particular Extra Bold K-Cup is ok but is not anything special. Looking for discounts is tedious and tiresome. Have pretty much decided that the 50 count or 100 count "value" packs offer the best price available. Others swear by CostCo so it does help to shop around but the 50 cent K-Cup is still elusive. Extra Bold K-Cups as a whole seem to have better flavor than the regular variety.
292031292031B001EO5Y8YA18XPD5BM4U6B1The SARGE! "MSG, USA, (Ret.)"0051350604800AWESOME COFFEE!We ran out of K-cups and I absolutely cannot begin my day without my coffee-jolt. (WAY better than Red Bull, etc.) Green Mountain Coffee is our preferred brand/flavor, so I decided to scan through to see if they carried it. A 50-count box of Green Mountain Coffee, Dark Magic, (Extra Bold), was available at a crazy-low price, so I ordered it. Not only did it arrive in perfect shape, before the promised delivery date, but there was 51 K-cups in the box! A bonus! Great coffee and great service at a great price!
292032292032B001EO5Y8YA1TN8WPRUTRM2Ajosieb730041350604800yumI love dark coffee. Its my fave. I wouldn't mind a dark variety pack though, that would be great. The flavored coffee is good as well, just needs more dark roast.
292033292033B001EO5Y8YA2EBMYVJAEIK75Hobo Jan0051350518400Coffee loverI am one of those people who like for their coffee to "walk and stand alone". This one does. Great taste, no bitter after taste. Very dark roasted color, smell and taste. It does have backbone. I even put cream and sweetner in a cup to see if "watered" down. It didn't. Stayed true to taste and flavor. Oh yeal! I see a lot of this in my future.
292034292034B001EO5Y8YAZE0EQEBAS5F5pjay0051350518400PJ's CoffeeI very much enjoy Green Mountain coffee and I especially love the darker blends.
It is great to receive these products so quickly!
292035292035B001EO5Y8YA2FO40PQHVG7L6amazon junkie0051350432000Awesome coffeeI bought the Keurig because when I wake up in the morning I'm a zombie that runs into walls and can't see past my nose, so I wanted a machine that would take any possibility of brain power needed out of making coffee for that oh so needed caffein punch in order to wake from my stupor. I have found though that the k-cups tend to produce watery and bland coffee at best, which is why it was such a nice surprise to find these dark magic extra bold k-cups! These things actually taste like decent coffee and aren't watery or acidic. Thanks green mountain for an awesome product and for curing my morning zombie woes! Oh and although a small gesture, I noticed that they shipped me 51 k-cups, thanks for the 1 extra!
292036292036B001EO5Y8YAYJBQXK46DIFABXC0041350432000the best coffeeit's the best if you like dark and bold. my wife thinks it smells foul but i like dark coffee, chocolate, and beer. this is a rich coffee experience.
the only caveat is all K cups are, in my estimation, overpriced. AND they are not recyclable.
292037292037B001EO5Y8YANPIA442LC7N3LisaBee0051350345600Good coffeeThis is a good "bold" coffee, which we like because we like to use coffee flavorings. It came quickly and was good quality coffee.
292038292038B001EO5Y8YA3P3U6G39ROEMOCher660051350345600Keurig Dark MagicIf you enjoy a full bodied coffee that is neither heavy nor does it leave an after taste than this is the coffee for you!
292039292039B001EO5Y8YA164Q95DLO5REHRachel0011350000000tastes horribleI have been drinking dark magic for a long time, this in no way compares, its horrible, watery. I should have been suspicious when the coffee pods were floating free in the box rather than packed in the company box. I thought the first cup was an accident but today it tastes just as bad. Very disappointing and no return policy. Don't buy it its junk.
292040292040B001EO5Y8YA4BU0TXFL4271Nico570051349913600Boldest of them allI love this type, its really bold and beautifull has a great taste without any bitterness.Untill now I believe this is the strongest coffee available for thw KEURIG machine
292041292041B001EO5Y8YADR8NNHDP3FV1Linda McDowell0051349481600Love it, love it, love itThis bold robust coffee is my new favorite! Rich, dark but not bitter - just perfect for a morning wake up!
292042292042B001EO5Y8YA2OP7P3NZX8ARVp0051349222400green mountain coffeeGreen Mountain Coffee, Dark Magic (extra bold) k-cups is an awesome product and i order it on a regular basis. It was shipped timely. overall my experience was "excellent". i will continue to purchase this item on amazon and would recomend this product to others.
292043292043B001EO5Y8YA28ALECV0HN4YRCarol0051349136000Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic K-cupsThis is the best K-cup coffee we've ever tried. My husband and I like coffee - not colored water - and this definitely fits the bill for us. My husband didn't know that I had ordered this and when I made him a cup he commented on how good the coffee was. We love it!
292044292044B001EO5Y8YA2JCTH2LDJ3K4CJ. Garofalo "Joey G."0041349049600Good cup of coffeeDark Magic is a good cup of coffee, a little bitter, but good and strong, for anytime of the day.
292045292045B001EO5Y8YA2R62M0NK9GHLWChere L0051348963200Yummy coffeeI love the taste of this coffee, when it touches my tongue the flavor explodes in my mouth. I will buy this coffee again, and soon.
292046292046B001EO5Y8YA2UQXRR458CWZVShari Best0051348617600Green Mountain Coffee, Dark Magic k-cupI've been drinking this for quite awhile now and have not been disappointed. If you like a strong cup of coffee, I think you will like this.
292047292047B001EO5Y8YA3OX420994NQCYConnie Hayes0051348531200Awesome CoffeeI have sampled sooo many different K-Cups and this is by far my favorite! If you enjoy a strong, yet smooth cup of java without bitterness, give it a try!!!
292048292048B001EO5Y8YABU6UNWUJ2JK3chase0051348444800Great Coffee!This is a great blend and I loved the concept of having it shipped rather than going out to purchase!
292049292049B001EO5Y8YA3HJXOFTS7CDGRM. Hiller "yellowbug"0051348099200GREAT COFFEEThis coffee is really great. I need a strong,bold cup to wake me for my day, and this stuff fills the bill. I am on auto delivery. I get Jet Fuel by Coffee People one month, and this on the opposite month. If you are looking for a bold coffee this woule be the one for you.
292050292050B001EO5Y8YA35XQBEXZND824Brandon0051347926400Pretty good stuffI think a lot of the coffee the Keurig makes is kinda weak, but this stuff is the way I like it! Good flavor and it's strong!!!

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